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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CymandeCymande (colored vinyl) ... LP
Janus, 1972. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $12.99
Nicely priced reissue of this classic first album by the legendary British dub funk outfit Cymande – done with that gatefold cover and everything! A key part of the crumbling British colonial network that produced some excellent music in the postwar years, Cymande was comprised mostly of West Indians who'd emigrated to England in the 60s, eventually meeting up under a shared musical vision – a completely new blend of funk, dub, jazz, and soul that was unlike anything else that had been recorded before, save for the work of a few other Brit groups of a similar nature. This first album's one of their greatest – and it's a refreshing batch of tunes that mix together heavy basslines, laidback drumming, and a righteous soul vocal style that's got a bit of a stoner touch. The album includes the group's massive cut "The Message", a bit of a minor hit when it was released (and later sampled quite famously) – plus the funky classics "Dove", "Zion I", "Listen", "Bra", and "Rickshaw". Pick this up, and sample one of the 70's most unique funk groups! LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Cymande ... LP 11.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Cypress HillPhuncky Feel One/How I Can Just Kill A Man ... 7-inch
Ruffhouse, 1991. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... $12.99 14.98
The stone(d) classic debut single that introduced the world to Cypress Hill, and one that still holds up after all these years – with 2 sides of Cypress at it's finest. "Phunky Feel One" is funky alright, with a thickly atmospheric sound that's a bit Bomb Squad reminiscent. "How I Can Just Kill A Man" deftly mixes an ominous tone with a headnodding funk beats. Perfection. 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DaltonAlech/Soul Brother ... 7-inch
Habibi Funk (Germany), Early 70s. New Copy (pic cover, reissue)... $13.99
Dalton hails from Tunisia, and they've got a very groovy sound – a mix of 70s funk and some elements that almost remind us of Turkish rock – all wrapped up in a totally infectious groove on "Alech", which has a great group vocal on the cook! "Soul Brother" is a bit mellower, but maybe cooler overall – this laidback, slow-stepping funk track with sweet Fender Rhodes grooving alongside English language vocals 7-inch, Vinyl record

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eddie DanielsFlower For All Seasons ... LP
Choice, 1973. Near Mint- ... $3.99
Not the typical early 70s record from reeds player Eddie Daniels – a warmer, more appealing than a lot of his work! Blue Bossa finds Daniels working as duo with guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli , with Daniels on clarinet, bass clarinet, flute and alto flute on some really nice bossa inflected numbers, to more of a Latin style on others, and an easygoing jazz feel throughout. It's a pretty laidback effort, fitting nicely in the duo setting, but Daniels getting some nice little solo workouts, but always within the groove. Sweet stuff! Titles include Kenny Dorham's "Blue Bossa" and Les McCann's "Samia", plus "Wistful Moment", "Emily", "As Long As I Live", "Two For The Road", "Afterthought", "Shine", "A Flower For All Seasons" and more. LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has small discolored spots.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Anthony DavisHemispheres ... LP
Gramavision, 1983. Near Mint- ... $9.99
LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Anthony Davis/Paul Plimley/Al Neil/John Kameel FarahPast Piano Present – Live At Western Front 1985 to 2015 (with download) ... LP
Western Front (Canada), 1985/1989/2015. New Copy ... $15.99
A series of different solo piano recordings from the vaults of The Western Front – a long-running venue for experimental sounds on the Vancouver scene! Anthony Davis begins the set with the amazing "Behind The Rock" – a performance that has him resonating the piano with these bold, intense waves of sound – while finding a way to occasionally pull notes out of the air, and throw them into the larger mix of sound! Paul Plimley plays at an almost opposite end of the spectrum on "Ripple By Drops Magnified" – a piece with flurries of single notes that really live up to the poetry of the title. Al Neil is next on "The Piano Tuner" – a piece that really opens our ears up to the overlooked Canadian avant talent, as he works with a brilliance that almost reminds us of John Taylor at his best. Side two is completely taken up by John Kameel Farah, who provides the only 21st Century performance here – two long works on Disklaiver piano with additional electronics – titled "Fantasia" and "Fugue". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download code.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles DavisAgharta ... LP
Columbia, 1975. Very Good+ 2LP Gatefold ... $34.99
A seminal 70s side from Miles Davis – originally a Japanese recording, and one that returns to the solid push of the initial electric years! The record's a completely cooking little session – one that mixes the raw, noisier styles of other Davis albums with a focus, funked-up energy that's really set loose in the freer standards of the Japanese scene – all to come up with a sound that's completely otherworldly, and which is light years ahead of most mainstream fusion from the period. Pete Cosey plays some really wicked guitar and synthesizer, Al Foster kicks tremendous energy on his drums, Sonny Fortune brings a soulful depth on soprano sax and flute, and Michael Henderson creates massive flow on the bass. Titles include "Prelude", "Interlude", and a long version of "Theme From Jack Johnson". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a sticker mark.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stanton Davis' Ghetto MysticismIsis Voyage ... LP
Outrageous/Cultures Of Soul, Late 70s. New Copy 2LP ... $16.99
A great counterpart to the rare Stanton Davis Ghetto Mysticism album – and a set that was recorded right around the same time, with a number of previously unreleased tracks! The spiritual energy of that group has been well-loved by collectors for years – and enjoyed by others thanks to a recent reissue – and this sweet batch of rare cuts really augments that rare musical moment, by offering up a further set of completely cosmic grooves! The style is spacey jazz funk with some deeper elements in the mix – all recorded and arranged with an indie vibe that reminds us a lot of the classic Oneness Of Juju albums on Black Fire, but without as much vocals – just a strong focus on the sweet keyboard lines and soaring horn passages. Some tracks are brand new, others are different versions of themes from the Brighter Days album – and titles include "Delta Six/Brighter Days", "Isis Voyage", "Odwalla", "Things Can Not Stop Forever (Al Kent version)", "High Jazz (reprise – alt mix)", "Things Cannot Stop Forever (inst mix)", and "Funky Fried Tofu (alt inst version)". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tyrone DavisTurning Point! ... CD
Dakar/Brunswick, 1975. New Copy ... $4.99 10.98
One of Tyrone Davis' last albums for Dakar – and a great one too – issued in 1976 before the demise of that label, and Tyrone's big move to Columbia Records! Tyrone's still working strongly here in that great Chicago mix of smooth and rough – a sound first forged on his early Dakar hits, and carried through strongly here by arrangers Tom Tom and James Mack – who still keep a lot of the indie elements that made Davis' music for Dakar great right from the start. The centerpiece of the album is the title track "Turning Point", and it's situated in a set of other nice tunes, a number of which have that smoothed-out feel that Tyrone brought to his work in the late 70s. Includes a remake of "Turn Back The Hands Of Time" (done at a nice ballad tempo), plus "It's So Good (To Be Home With You)", "Saving My Love For You", and "I Can't Bump" (parts 1 & 2). CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
dCprGFranz Kafka's South America (CD & DVD) ... CD
Voodoo/Sony (Japan), 2015. New Copy CD & DVD ... $19.99
A record that's every bit as compelling as its title – an unusual hybrid of jazz elements, electronics, and some offbeat production – all served up in a blend that reminds us of some of the most adventurous work from the late 80s New York scene – like some of the early groups who helped get the Knitting Factory started! The lineup features two keyboardists, two drummers, two saxophonists, and guitar, bass, and trumpet – but even these core elements are used in very unusual ways – so that the instrumentation usually criss-crosses in angular passages that are sometimes determined by the quirky rhythms of the tracks, sometimes moving much more of their own volition. There's also a bit of recitation and acoustic percussion on the set – which almost gives the whole thing an early American Clave vibe at times too – and titles include "Ronald Regan", "Verse 1", "Junta", "Gondwana Express", and "Immigrant's Animation". Comes with a bonus DVD – featuring a live performance by the group! CD
(DVD is NTSC, Region 2.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DeathFor The Whole World To See ... LP
Drag City, 1975. New Copy ... $16.99 18.98
A pre-punk bit of charged, hard grooving Motor City rock from Death – a lost record that takes a tightly coiled, blazing approach to their influences of garage rock and psychedelia – and a record that's all the better in that it was recorded way back in 1975! To put it bluntly, music didn't really sound like this in '75 – and it would be as easy to label the sound as something like, "mid 70s Detroit African American precursor to Husker Du", etc, but this is a honestly a pretty remarkable album for its time that we don't want to trivialize it with a lazy nutshell description. The group does distill their influences in a way that's reminiscent of some midwestern post punk, but Death is pre-punk, making it a really fascinating record, and a blast to crank up in your headphones! Titles include "Keep On Knocking", "Rock-N-Roll Victim", the longer, seemingly Arthur Lee influenced "Let The World Turn" (eventually nailing a fiercer sound the likes of which Love never messed with), "You're A Prisoner", "Freakin Out", "Where Do We Go From Here???" and "Politicians In My Eyes". 7 songs, 27 minutes, and pretty awesome. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Deep PurpleFireball (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Warner, 1971. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $22.99 24.98
A definite fireball from the legendary early lineup of Deep Purple – a record that has the group soaring to the skies in a blazing blend of guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums! A set like this is seminal for understanding just how far rock music stepped in just a few short years – because back in the mid 60s, these guys might have been slavishly laying out blues riffs, or trying to copy their American heroes – but those roots are completely subsumed in the band's own style, and delivered with a dexterity that's truly amazing – a brash, balls-out quality that should be given everything it's trying to claim – because a record like this doesn't need to answer to anyone! Titles include "Fireball", "No No No", "Anyone's Daughter", "Demon's Eye", "The Mule", and "No One Came". LP, Vinyl record album
(Beautiful pressing – textured cover, heavy vinyl, and bonus insert!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sam DeesHeritage Of A Black Man ... CD
Kent (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Killer soul from the 70s! Sam Dees was one of the decade's greatest unsung talents – and his work as a writer and arranger has appeared on countless recordings from the time, even though he himself didn't cut many under his own name. As part of his creative process, though, he would often cut very professional private recordings to work out his songs and his musical ideas – and nearly all of those recordings had a quality that was as good (or better) than most of the soul material that was being issued to the commercial market at the time. This great 22 track CD (a follow-up to Kent's other set of Dees' demos) brings together some of Dees' best private recordings, and the set's filled with some of the best 70's soul tracks we've heard in ages! Titles include "Why Must I Live In Chains", "Black Tattler", "Meet Me Half Way", "Where Is The Love", "Only Lonely People", "Just As Soon As The Feeling's Over", and "Lovers Or Enemies". Highly recommended! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DegoMore Things Stay The Same ... LP
2000 Black (UK), 2015. New Copy 2LP ... $24.99
Brilliant work from Dego – a rich continuation of the 4Hero groove, but set to styles that are very much Dego's own! The vibe here follows nicely from some of his well-circulated mixes from a few years back – but Dego's directing all the music himself in this flurry of skittish beats and cosmic keyboards – the latter of which are played wonderfully by Kaidi Tatham! In fact, the album's got some of the spiritual currents that we love in Kaidi's music – although the overall focus is definitely more in the 4Hero mode, especially when vocals from Sharlene Hector come into the mix, and really set the tunes home. Titles include "Shine A Light", "It Don't Get No Better", "Greed & Power", "Help Me Out", "We've Been Here Before", "Feminist Meetings", and "The Middle Ground". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Desmond DekkerThis Is Desmond Dekker ... CD
Trojan (UK), 1969. Used ... $16.99
Blistering rocksteady from the man largely responsible for bringing Jamaican soul to the rest of the world with his huge hit "Israelites"! 31 outstanding jams from Dekker, produced by Leslie Kong for his seminal Beverley's label, non stop easy rockers all culled from Dekker's crucial late 60s output. Includes "007 (Shanty Town)", "Shing A Ling", "Beautiful & Dangerous", "Intensified '68 (aka Music Like Dirt)", "Rudy Got Soul", "Mother Pepper", "It's A Shame", "You've Got Your Troubles", "Keep A Cool Head", "Mother Long Tongue", "Bongo Gal", "Fu Manchu", "Ah It Mek", "Writing On The Wall", "It Is Not Easy" and "(Poor Mi) Israelites". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Desmond Dekker & The AcesIsraelites (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Trojan (UK), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... $28.99
A landmark album from Desmond Dekker – and a seminal slide of Jamaican music that really broke big on the global scene in the years before reggae! The set's a bit ska, a bit rocksteady, and completely sold all the way through – thanks to near-perfect production from Leslie Kong, who has a way of letting the basslines bubble in a pre-dub way – while Desmond's high-reaching vocals really take off over the top! The blend of sounds is completely wonderful – with a richness that makes the whole album as fantastic as the classic title track – and which has us wondering why Dekker never hit these heights again. Titles include "Israelites", "For Once In My Live", "Tips Of My Fingers", "Intensified", "It Is Not Easy", "Too Much Too Soon", "Rude Boy Train", and "Nincompoop". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
DelgadosUniversal Audio ... CD
Chemikal Underground, 2004. Used ... $5.99
(Punch through barcode.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Deltron 3030Deltron 3030 ... LP
75 Ark/Deltron Partners, 2000. New Copy 2LP (reissue)... $16.99 18.98
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Kid Koala, and Dan The Automator pool their skills for this dawn of the 2000s sci-fi hip hop classic – the masterful Deltron 3030! The guest list is almost too long to get into, but Money Mark, Prince Paul, PB Wolf and Mr. Lif are all here, along with many others. One of the benchmark albums in the leftfield underground hip hop canon – and a hugely influential set that burst the doors wide open for the more creative spirits in the hip hop and even experimental pop. Tracks include "State Of The Nation", "3030", "The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza", "Things You Can Do", "Positive Contact", "St Catherine St.", "Virus", "Mastermind", "National Movie Review", "Time Keeps On Slipping", "Turbulence (remix)", "Battlesong", "Memory Loss" and more. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eumir Deodato, Tom Jobim, & OthersBossa Nova – Original Soundtrack ... CD
Polygram (Brazil), 2000. Used ... $6.99
Kind of a painful movie, but a pretty sweet soundtrack! The set features a number of new works produced by Deodato, very much in the spirit of his Inutil Paisagem 60s bossa recordings – with wonderfully complex airy melodies, and a touch so light you can't believe there's actually a conscious act behind the music. The new titles feature vocals by Barbara Mendes and Carol Rogers – and include "Samba De Uma Nota So", "Mary Ann's Theme", "Suddenly", "Soul Mates", "Amor Em Paz", and "Juan's Theme". Most of the rest of the CD features older work from Jobim's years at Verve and CTI – including the tracks "Wave", "Aguas De Marco", "Chega De Saudade", and "Inutil Paisagem". Also features a semi-painful duet between Jobim and Sting – ouch! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Depeche ModeStrangelove (highjack remix, remix edit)/Nothing (zip-hop mix, dub) ... 12-inch
Sire, 1988. Near Mint- (pic cover)... $7.99
12-inch, Vinyl record
(Cover has a cutout notch and some marker on both sides. Labels have a name in marker.)

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