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Kenny Barron/Dave Holland Trio with Johnathan BlakeWithout Deception ... CD
Dare 2, 2020. New Copy ... $12.99 13.99
This isn't the first time that pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Dave Holland have played together – but there's definitely something special about the record that really grabs our ears – and it's not just the excellent work on drums by Johnathan Blake! Barron's at his roundest, most soulful sort of tone – really grabbing the notes out of the air in this wonderful way – and Holland really follows suit too, with this very personal, organic approach that's such a change from some of his more experimental work of years back – and which makes him a stunning part of the group, especially at all those many moments when he and Barron dance around each other's sound with this beautifully resonant vibe. Titles include "Until Then", "Porto Alegre", "Without Deception", "Speed Trap", "Secret Places", "Worry Later", and "Pass It On". CD
Also available Without Deception ... CD 9.99

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Karl Berger/Dave Holland/Ed BlackwellCrystal Fire ... CD
Enja/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1991. New Copy ... $16.99
A wonderful album from vibist Karl Berger – much more rhythmic than some of his other records – but maybe that's no surprise, given that the trio features Dave Holland on bass and Ed Blackwell on drums! Yet even both of those players have more of a pulse than you might expect – and the whole thing is very groovy, almost funky at points – as Berger switches between vibes and piano, and the trio work in a set-free mode that has some of the rhythmic pulses of early Ornette, but maybe more straightly swinging too! A great surprise, and a real delight – with titles that include "Cutting Through", "Drinking Fire", "Breathing Earth", and "Primordial Innocence" as part of the Crystal Fire Suite – plus "Go With It", "Buddha Eyes", and "North On 87". CD
(Part of the "Enja – Real Jazz Classics" series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sam Rivers/Dave Holland/Barry AltschulRicochet – Sam Rivers Archive Project Vol 3 ... CD
No Business (Lithuania), 1978. New Copy ... $14.99 18.99
A searing live performance from Sam Rivers – never issued before, and recorded as one non-stop improvisation with a really amazing trio! Rivers plays tenor, soprano, flute, and piano – and the record is a great example of the constantly creative energy that he can bring to the fold – especially when working with Dave Holland on bass and Barry Altschul on drums – two players we've always loved, but who we're still blown away with in the company of the leader! The energy here matches classic 70s Rivers records on Impulse and Horo – and the single long improvisation, titled "Ricochet", runs for 52 minutes in length. CD

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✨✧ Dave Holland/Kevin Eubanks/Obed CalvaireAnother Land ... CD
Edition (UK), 2021. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Guitar, bass, and drums – coming together here on a set that lives up to the strong legacy of creative music we've come to expect from the legendary Dave Holland! Holland plays both electric and acoustic versions of his instrument – which makes for a nice shift in the way he interacts with the guitar of Kevin Eubanks – different sorts of sonorous interplay between the strings, given different sorts of emphasis by the drums of Obed Calvaire! Many tracks seem to have Holland leading the action out front, then opening the door to the contributions of the other two – but the album certainly feels like a group effort throughout, with nicely triangulated energy on tunes that include "Grave Walker", "20 20", "Quiet Fire", "Mashup", "The Village", "Another Land", "Gentle Warrior", and "Passing Time". CD
Also available Another Land ... LP 26.99
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Franco AmbrosettiTentets ... CD
Enja/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1985. New Copy ... $13.99
We're not sure why, but it always feels like Franco Ambrosetti sounds even better in a larger group than a small one – and that's definitely the case here, where his work on flugelhorn soars out wonderfully in a ten piece lineup, one that's driven by all these great arrangements that are full of color, joy, and life! All the horn players are pretty wonderful too – and the set features work from Lew Soloff and Mike Mossman on trumpets, Steve Coleman on alto, Howard Johnson on baritone, Mike Brecker on tenor – given a nice kick by the trio Tommy Flanagan on piano, Dave Holland on bass, and Daniel Humair on drums – all working together perfectly as a unit, as if they've been that way for years – while still allowing all these great breakout solos along the way. Titles include the tunes "Ten & Eleven", "Ode To A Princess", "Yes Or No", "Rio Morena Allegro Con Brio", and "Autumn Leaves". CD
(Part of the Enja 50th Anniversary Campaign!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kenny BarronScratch (with bonus track) ... CD
Enja/Solid (Japan), 1985. New Copy ... $13.99
A slightly more aggressive trio session than usual for Kenny Barron – still done with that round, warm tone on the keys that we love so much – but hitting the tracks with a stronger punch that's a bit unusual, and which might be the result of using Dave Holland and Daniel Humair as part of the trio! All but one of the tunes on the set are original numbers, and there's a mix of Monkish and modern modes sitting next to some more traditional Barron approaches to the piano. Kenny really takes off at some points – playing fast, free, and with incredible intensity – and titles include "Scratch", "Water Lily", "Quiet Times", "The Third Eye", "And Then Again", and "Song For Abdullah". Includes the bonus track "Jacob's Ladder". CD
(Part of the Enja 50th Anniversary Campaign!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Anthony BraxtonFreedom Years (Complete Braxton/Silence/Time Zones) (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Freedom/Muzak (Japan), 1969/1971/1976. New Copy 2CD Gatefold ... Just Sold Out!
A trio of fantastic recordings from Anthony Braxton – all of them at a pivotal time in his career, and each with his reed work in a very different setting! First up is the double-length album The Complete Braxton – a record that's something of a document of Anthony Braxton during his brief period with the group Circle – but a set that also offers up an expanded take on their new idea of freedoms in jazz! Braxton plays alto, soprano, clarinet, and bass clarinet – using his angular reedwork amidst his own fantastic "equation" compositions – which allow for plenty of improvisation from shifting lineups that include Chick Corea on piano, Dave Holland on bass and cello, and Barry Altschul on percussion! The tracks also feature the great Kenny Wheeler on trumpet and flugelhorn – playing mostly at moments when the piano of Corea drops out – and one tune also features the London Tuba Ensemble, who make for an especially bracing sound! Titles include "67M F-12", "R76", "JNK", and a bunch of those compositions that just have pictures for the title! Silence features Anthony Braxton, recorded in Paris at the end of the 60s – but in the company of two very familiar talents from his hometown – Wadada Leo Smith on trumpet and Leroy Jenkins on violin! Unlike some of Braxton's other Paris recordings, there's a very strong Chicago vibe going on here – as both of the album's long tracks unfold with thoughtful, almost gentle improvisation at times – a very different current of spiritualism than the post-Coltrane world, with all players picking up other instruments at times – in that mode-shifting way that made the early AACM so wonderfully creative! The set features two side-long titles – "Silence" and "Off The Top Of My Head". Time Zones is one of Anthony Braxton's most compelling albums of the 70s – a series of sonic explorations recorded with electronic music artist Richard Teitelbaum – whose work on a variety of moog synthesizers makes for a very groundbreaking accompaniment to Braxton's work on soprano, alto, and bass clarinet! The album features two long improvisations – "Crossing" and "Behemoth Dreams" – both of which are maybe more in the organic territory of the AACM than some of the later experiments that have electronics and improvisation – a really special space that the pair create together that's different from earlier electro-acoustic work, and even the sound of MEV or AMM – a completely fresh approach to electronics in improvisation – graced with some very interesting moments from Braxton as well. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chick CoreaCircling In ... CD
Blue Note (Japan), 1968/1970. New Copy 2CD ... $28.99
Groundbreaking early work from pianist Chick Corea – a set of unissued material that's very different than much of what he'd record during his later, more successful years! The set's especially noteworthy in that it features the amazing pairing of Chick and AACM reed genius Anthony Braxton – working together here during the short space of time when they were together in the group Circle, and really making some sublime sounds together! Some of the tracks feature a trio – Chick on piano, Braxton on clarinets and alto, and Dave Holland on guitar, cello, and bass – and some feature the full Circle lineup, with the addition of Barry Altschul on drums and percussion. The package also features some other unique early sides – a trio track with Altschul and Holland, and a few more trio tracks with Miroslav Vitous on bass and Roy Haynes on drums – equally groundbreaking, but in a different sort of way. Titles include "Duet for Bass & Piano", "Bossa", "Gemini", "Starp", "Chimes", "Danse For Clarinet & Piano", and "Samba Yanta". CD
(SHM-CD pressing – part of the "Forever Chick Corea" collection!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Chick CoreaCirculus ... CD
Blue Note, 1970. New Copy ... $18.99
Amazing stuff – and work that will have you changing your opinion about Chick Corea! Around 1970, Corea was part of a groundbreaking group called Circle – an amazing avant quartet that featured his own piano next to the reeds of Anthony Braxton, bass of Dave Holland, and drums of Barry Altschul – a really groundbreaking group, one who was able to tie together so many new strands of jazz – even though they only were around for a few short years! Circle are one of those groups who always gets talked about, but who left behind almost no recorded legacy – which is why this set of recordings from 1970 is so important to an understanding of Corea and Braxton's career. The double length set features three sides worth of Circle material – including "Quartet Piece 1, 2, & 3", and the shorter "Percussion Piece". The 4th side of the set features the trio of Corea, Holland, and Altschul performing the haunting "Drone". CD
(SHM-CD pressing – part of the "Forever Chick Corea" collection!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Chick CoreaSong Of Singing ... CD
Blue Note (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... $18.99
A key album in Chick Corea's shift from Latin jazz to arch-modern – recorded with Circle bandmates Dave Holland on bass and Barry Altschul on drums, and done with a free sound that's quite unusual for Blue Note at the time! Chick's out on this one – way out – in that free mode of his first great rise to fame, without any of the silly Scientology of later years – and Holland and Altschul are in some of their greatest form ever, working with Chick to craft a starkly compelling album of tunes that showed that jazz piano still had a lot of room to grow at the start of the 70s! Titles include "Toy Room", "Ballad I", "Flesh", "Rhymes", and "Nefertitti". CD
(SHM-CD pressing – part of the "Forever Chick Corea" collection!)
Also available Song Of Singing ... CD 12.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miles DavisFilles De Kilimanjaro (bonus track) ... CD
Columbia, 1969. New Copy ... $8.99 9.99
A dark blend of acoustic and electric modes from Miles Davis – a set that still has him working with elements of the classic 60s quintet, but which also brings in a stronger emphasis on electric piano too! The rhythms here are really fantastic – ready to burst forth into a whole new direction, yet still not hitting the Bitches Brew level of freedom – and drummer Tony Williams may well be the real star of the set for his tremendous work on the kit – even though, as stated, the album's got some heavy electric piano contributions both from Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea! All titles feature Miles on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on tenor, and Tony Williams on drums – and the titles with Herbie feature Ron Carter on bass, while the rest with Chick Corea feature Dave Holland. Titles include "Frelon Brun", "Tout De Suite", "Petits Machins", "Mademoiselle Mabry", and "Filles De Kilimanjaro". CD also features a bonus alternate take of "Tout De Suite". CD
Also available
Filles De Kilimanjaro (with bonus track) ... CD 3.99
Filles De Kilimanjaro (180 gram pressing) ... LP 31.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Joe HendersonIn Pursuit Of Blackness/Black Is The Color ... CD
Milestone, 1971/1972. New Copy ... $11.99 12.98
2 electric soul jazz classics from Joe Henderson! In Pursuit Of Blackness features both live and studio material, all of which show Henderson at the height of his powers! George Cables is on electric piano throughout, and his backing of Joe Henderson is excellent – bringing out a whole new edge for the saxophone giant – one that's spacious, and searching, and much more open than before! The album features 2 tracks from the legendary 1970 Lighthouse concert with Woody Shaw on trumpet and Lenny White on drums – plus 3 more from a studio session that includes Curtis Fuller on trombone, Pete Yellen on saxes, and Stanley Clarke on bass. Titles include "Gazelle", "Mind Over Matter", "Invitation", and "A Shade Of Jade". Black Is The Color is some of the most ambitious electric work from Joe Henderson to date – a record that really has him stretching out from his previous small combo keyboard sets, into a space that's much fuller and even more righteous! Frequent partner George Cables is very much in force on electric piano – helping create that floating middle-level sound that really lets Henderson find some new space on tenor – as well as soprano sax and flute. Other players are a range of different musicians with a similar spirit – and include David Horowitz on synthesizer, Ralph MacDonald and Airto on percussion, Jack DeJohnette on drums and electric piano, Dave Holland on acoustic bass, Ron Carter on electric bass, and Georg Waldenius on guitar. Some of the cuts have a Brazilian tinge, others have a moody fusiony feel – really stretching out with intensity! Titles include "Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Mind", "Terra Firma", "Current Events", and "Vis-a-Vis". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sam RiversZenith – Sam Rivers Archive Project 2 ... CD
No Business (Lithuania), 1977. New Copy ... $14.99 18.99
A fantastic lost slice of work from reedman Sam Rivers – recorded at a point when he was really able to let loose and go for a long stretch of a time – and with a mode that's a bit similar to his better-known late 70s recordings for the Circle label! Some of the elements here are the same – such as the presence of the enigmatic Joe Daley on tuba and euphonium – both instruments he blows with stunning dexterity, to create a lower end of tone next to Sam's biting work on tenor, soprano sax, and flute! The group also features the mighty Dave Holland on bass and cello – and double drums from Barry Altschul and Charlie Persip, the latter of whom was really discovering a freer side of his talents at the time. Rivers also plays a bit of piano – and the set features one very long improvisation, titled "Universal Message". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bennie WallaceBig Jim's Tango ... CD
Enja/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1982. New Copy ... $16.99
A stunning showcase for the tenor talents of Bennie Wallace – a lean trio date with Dave Holland on bass and Elvin Jones on drums – served up with the kind of boldness that we love on some of Jones' records that really feature a strong tenorist in the lead! Wallace can be sweet at times on other records, but he's got a nicely sharp edge here, even when playing inside – and most tracks are nice and long, and really open up with plenty of expression from all three players – a great thing too, as both Holland and Jones sound wonderful on the album! Titles include "Monroe County Moon", "The Free Will", "Green & Yellow", and "Big Jim Does The Tango For You". CD
(Part of the Enja 50th Anniversary Campaign!)

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✨✧ Anthony BraxtonTown Hall 1972 ... CD
Trio/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1972. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Seminal work from Anthony Braxton – a crucial concert recorded at Town Hall in the early 70s – originally only issued in Japan, but a date that's ended up getting some real global attention over the years! The first half of the set features Braxton's alto in a trio with Dave Holland on bass and Phil Wilson on percussion – working in lots of open, angular space – on two very long readings of Braxton compositions "Composition 6N" and "Composition 6(O)" – plus an incredible take on "All The Things You Are" – done around the time Braxton had recorded some straighter material, but really pushed outside here by the trio! The second half of the set features work by a quintet – still with Dave Holland on bass, but also a Circle appearance by Barry Altschul on drums, plus John Stubblefield on tenor, flute, and bass clarinet – and even Jeanne Lee on vocals. Braxton plays a number of horns – alto and soprano sax, flute, bass clarinet, b-flat clarinet – and even some percussion – and the group play one long track, "Composition 6", in two parts. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Joe HendersonMultiple ... CD
Milestone/OJC, 1973. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Fantastic electric work from the great Joe Henderson – one of his most free-wheeling sets for Milestone, and one of his best as well! The album's got a much more open, fluid groove than some of Joe's earlier electric sets – one that has Henderson working through longer tunes that almost have a Gary Bartz-ish sense of soul. Joe plays flute, soprano, tenor sax, and percussion – and also manages to do a bit of vocalizing on the record too – singing in a cool, angular mode that almost has traces of Andy Bey. Other players include Larry Willis on electric piano, echoplex, and ring modulator – plus James Ulmer and John Thomas on guitar, Dave Holland on bass, Jack DeJohnette on drums, and Art Jenkins on percussion. There's even a slight touch of funk on a few of the tracks – but not in a way that's overdone – again in keeping with the gentler soulful mode you'd expect from Bartz. Titles include "Tress Cun Deo La", "Me Among Others", "Song for Sinners", "Bwaata", and "Turned Around". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sam Rivers TrioBraids – Sam Rivers Archive Project Vol 4 ... CD
No Business (Lithuania), 1979. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Unissued work from the fantastic Sam Rivers – a live date recorded in Germany in 1979, with a vibe that's somewhere in the territory of Sam's late 70s albums for the Circle label with Joe Daley – but handled here in a nicely different way! Daley is in the group on euphonium and tuba, blowing these deep lines that are very moody and filled with a strong sense of "bottom" mixed with surprising melody in the improvisations – and other players include Dave Holland on bass and cello, and Thurman Barker on drums – the last of whom has a great way of pulsating with intensity, ala Rivers. Sam blows tenor, soprano, and flute, and also plays piano – and the set features one long improvisation that stretches out for almost an hour, divided into two sections. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Muhal Richard AbramsComplete Remastered Recordings On Black Saint/Soul Note Vol 2 (Sightsong/Shadowgraph/1-OQA+19/Lifelong Ambitions/Duet/Colors In 33rd/Familytalk/Duets & Solos/Song For All) (9CD set) ... CD
Black Saint (Italy), Late 70s/1980s. New Copy 9CDs ... Out Of Stock
Music from one of the greatest periods ever for AACM legend Muhal Richard Abrams – a time when the pianist was opening up in so many different creative directions! The first volume of this Black Saint/Soul Note series was great, but we almost like this one even better – as it features some of Abrams' more personal, more intimate recordings – which are a real revelation if you only know his bigger compositions or work with large ensembles. We love this side of Abrams as an improviser – and albums include Sightsong, with bassist Malachi Favors; Lifelong Ambitions with violinist Leroy Jenkins; Duet with pianist Amina Claudine Myers; and Duets & Solos with saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell. Other albums include 1-OQA+19, with Anthony Braxton (as you might guess from the title), Steve McCall, and Henry Threadgill; Colors In Thirty Third, with John Blake, Dave Holland, Fred Hopkins, and Andrew Cyrille; Song For All, with Eddie Allen, Craig Harris, and others; and Familytalk, with Jack Walrath, Warren Smith, and Patience Higgins. Also includes the great date led by trombonist George Lewis – Shadowgraph 5 (Sextet) – which also features Anthony Davis, Douglas Ewart, Roscoe Mitchell, Leroy Jenkins, and Abdul Wadud. All albums come in tiny record-style sleeves – and the box features 9 records in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ed BlackwellComplete Black Saint/Soul Note Recordings (Walls Bridges/Old & New Dreams/Tribute To Blackwell/Transit/In Willisau/Morning/Bad to) (8CD set) ... CD
Black Saint (Italy), 1980s. New Copy 8CD ... Out Of Stock
A great run of work from legendary drummer Ed Blackwell – pulled together from his creative projects for the Black Saint/Soul Note label! The set features two albums from the Old & New Dreams group – Old & New Dreams and Tribute To Blackwell – both of them great! Like Blackwell, the other members of the group all were once associates of Ornette Coleman – an all-star combo that features work from Don Cherry on pocket trumpet, Dewey Redman on tenor, Charlie Haden on bass, and Ed Blackwell on drums! The sound is quite Ornette-inspired at times – with a definite late 70s harmelodic groove – but given the organic, acoustic nature of the lineup, the sound is almost more faithful to Coleman's vision than Ornette's records of the time. The album also features a compelling trio date – Transit – with Karl Berger on vibes, Dave Holland on bass, and Blackwell on drums. In Willisau features wonderfully soulful duets – with Dewey Redman on tenor next to Blackwell's drums – and the Walls/Bridges album features a trio with Redman, Blackwell, and Cameron Brown on bass. The set also features Morning Song – recorded under the leadership of David Murray – one of Murray's straighter sides from the early 80s, and exactly the kind of record to prove to the world that he could be a strong tenor traditionalist while still bringing an inventive sound to play! Murray's tone is deep and soulful, and often quite lyrical – set nicely in a quartet that features warm piano from John Hicks, bass from Reggie Workman, and drums from Ed Blackwell. The Workman/Blackwell component ensure that things still have an edge at times, even when swinging – and the tunes are a mix of Murray originals and a few standards. Last up is the album From Bad To Badder – played by The American Jazz Quintet – a group with Blackwell on drums, plus Alvin Batiste, Harold Battiste, Ellis Marsalis, and Richard Payne – as well as a guest appearance from New Orleans legend Earl Turbington! 7 albums, 8 CDs, and a heck of a lot of music! CD

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✨✧ Alice Coltrane & Carlos SantanaIlluminations ... CD
Columbia/Vocalion (UK), 1974. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A really mindblowing collaboration between two of the most spiritual mainstream musicians of the early 70s – legendary guitarist Carlos Santana and spiritual jazz guru Alice Coltrane! The set came at a time when Santana was reaching for much deeper ideas in both his music and his personal life – and Coltrane turned out to be a perfect creative fit, as she'd already been down the path with her own music for years – and helps Carlos here find an incredible setting that really lets his new vision take flight! The album's a very collaborative effort – with Alice on piano, organ, and harp – but Coltrane also brings in some fuller arrangements on half of the tracks – really opening things up, alongside other musicians who include Jack DeJohnette on drums, Dave Holland on bass, Jules Broussard on soprano sax and flute, and Tom Coster on both acoustic and electric piano. The strings are sublime – as heavenly as on Alice's own records – and titles include "Angel Of Air Angel Of Water", "Bliss The Eternal Now", "Angel Of Sunlight", "Illuminations", and "Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism". CD
(Hybrid Super Audio CD pressing – also works in standard players!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Terumasa HinoHino's Journey To Air (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Love/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1970. New Copy Gatefold ... Out Of Stock
Trumpeter Terumasa Hino at a level that's quite different than most of his early work in Japan – recording in New York, and using a very spiritual approach – one that's clearly influenced by some of the other players in the session! The album features one long track – a bit improvised, and almost free at times – but also given a strong sense of direction, too – that balance between completely unbridled expression and structure that can make some of the best spiritual jazz sessions so great! Hino's on trumpet, and also plays some flugelhorn – and other players include Steve Grossman on tenor and flute, Pete Yellin on alto and flute, Dave Liebman on alto and tenor, Olu Dara on trumpet, Bob Moses on drums, Dave Holland on bass, and Mike Garson on piano and Fender Rhodes. CD
(Part of the Nippon Jazz Spirits series!)
Also available Hino's Journey To Air (2020 Record Store Day Release) ... LP 18.99

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✨✧ Kenny WheelerComplete Remastered Recordings On Black Saint/Soul Note (Flutter By Butterfly/Welcome/All The More/Tales/Guest) (5CD set) ... CD
Black Saint (Italy), Late 80s/Early 90s. New Copy 5CD ... Out Of Stock
Five later albums from trumpeter Kenny Wheeler – each presented in a tiny record-style sleeve, and packaged together in a sweet box set! First up is Flutter By Butterfly – warmly expressive work from trumpeter Kenny Wheeler – a set that's got the same depth of tone as his work for other labels, but which has a bit of a different feel as well. The record has maybe a bit more bite – not necessarily on Wheeler's trumpet or flugelhorn, the latter of which still retains its wonderfully airy sound – but instead on the overall conception, which makes careful but creative use of other group members – especially John Taylor on piano and Dave Holland on bass, as well as Billy Elgart on drums, and Stan Sulzmann on soprano, tenor, and flute. All tunes are originals by Wheeler, and really lovely ones at that – and titles include "Gigolo", "The Little Fella", "Miold Man", "We Salute The Night", and "Everybody's Song But My Own". Welcome has Kenny Wheeler working in a group with Claudio Fasoli on reeds – in a piano-less group that also includes Jean-Francois Jenny Clark on bass and Daniel Humair on drums – on titles that include "If Only", "Invisible Sound", "Epic", and "Oblivion". All The More is a dark quartet side that features the great John Taylor on piano – alongside Furio DiCastri on bass and Joe LaBarbera on drums! Taylor really brings out some moody moments alongside Kenny Wheeler's trumpet – and titles include "Phrase One", "Summer Night", "All The More", and "Kind Of Bill". Tales features a quartet with Paolino Della Porta, Stefano Battaglia, and Bill Elgart – on tracks that include "Night Breath", "Lullaby For Ugo", "A Place To Sing", and "Mbira". Last up is Guest – a record that features a larger group – the European Music Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Fasoli – with solos from Kenny Wheeler and Aldo Romano. Titles include "The Sweet Yakity Waltz", "Lyrical Touch", "Horizons", "Alex & Tom", and "WW". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Joe FarrellJoe Farrell Quartet/Outback/Moon Germs ... CD
BGO (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A trio of classic LPS by Joe Farrell – in a 2CD set! The self-titled quartet set is one of his first LPs as a leader – and a stellar session that's easily one of the early high points for the legendary CTI label! It features a key quintet of like-mined up-and-comers that includes Chick Corea on keyboards, John McLaughlin on guitar, Dave Holland on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums – players who definitely know the farther reaches of jazz, yet hang just on the inside here with Joe – providing some amazing accompaniment for his lines on soprano, tenor, and flute. Titles include "Molten Glass", "Song Of The Wind", "Motion", "Follow Your Heart", and "Circle In The Square". Outback is another killer set – a drawn-out quintet side – with Chick Corea on electric piano, Buster Williams on bass, Elvin Jones on drums, and Airto on percussion. It's got some strong choppy reed/percussion interplay – but with a sharpness and focus that you don't always hear – and the are all nice & long. Titles include "Outback", "Sound Down", "November 68th" and "Bleeding Orchid". Moon Germs is one of the best records ever cut by funky sax man Joe Farrell! The album's virtually the blueprint for later 70s funk of this type, and played perfectly by Farrell and a very hip quartet lineup! Players include Joe on soprano and tenor sax, Herbie Hancock on keyboards, Stanley Clarke on bass, and Jack DeJohnette on drums – playing with a very angular sense of rhythm that really dives the record! Titles include the great cut "Great Gorge", which has a tight modal sample groove, plus "Times Lie", "Bass Folk Song", and "Moon Germs". CD

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✨✧ TrapezeMedusa (3CD edition – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Threshold/Purple (UK), 1970. New Copy 3CD ... Out Of Stock
The second album from Trapeze – stripped down to a trio here, and coming across with a quality that really showcases the hard rock directions that lead singer Glenn Hughes would have in years to come! The drums are great – thanks to work from Dave Holland – and the guitars burst in with just the right searing moments, as Hughes sings with more soul than before, and maybe a quality that sounds a bit like Paul Rodgers on some of the more hard-rocking tunes. The album's probably the group's best-remembered – and the one that got the most circulation over here on this side of the Atlantic – an overlooked hard rock classic, with very strong vocals in the lead! Titles include "Seafull", "Black Cloud", "Jury", "Your Love Is Alright", "Makes You Wanna Cry", and "Medusa". This edition features loads of bonus tracks – with mono and stereo edits of "Black Cloud" on CD2, plus live material from a Pop Workshop and Flushing, NY performance – and CD3 features five more tracks recorded live in 1971! CD

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