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✨✧ Cloud One & OthersFlying High – Patrick Adams P&P Masters ... CD
P&P/Octave (Japan), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Tremendous grooves from one of the coolest club labels of all time – the legendary P&P family of labels, home to some of the weirdest, wildest, most experimental tracks to ever hit the dancefloor – yet all tracks that are pretty darn funky too! This 2CD collection is heavy on cuts from Cloud Oneone of the most well-known P&P acts, often working with weird moogy electronics over funky club rhythms – a combination that still sounds as fantastic now as when Patrick Adams got the group going way back when – especially in the company of some of the other cool cuts that are on the collection too. Cloud One tracks include "Music Funk", "Funky Track", "Disco Juice", "Dust To Dust", "Spaced Out", "Charleston Hopscotch", "Atmosphere Strut (parts 1 & 2)", "Doin It All Night Long", "Jump Jump Jump", "Flying High (part 1)", "Patty Duke", "Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me By", "Atmosphere Strut (1979 rmx – part 2)", and "Happy Music" – and other tracks include "God's Greatest Gift To Man Is A Woman" by Marie Lomax, "My Baby's Got ESP (orig 7" mix)" by Four Below Zero, "The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us" by Golden Flamingo Orchestra, "Dance Dance Dance (disco version)" by Maria Acuna, "God Save & Protect Children" by Margo Williams, "Ain't Gonna Be A Next Time (short version)" by Magnetic Touch, and "It's Rough (dub)" by The Imperial Three. CD
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Leroy Kirkland & OthersI'll Be Rockin – Arranger, Writer, & Session Musician – The Rhythm & Blues Producers ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
A great look at the mighty talents of Leroy Kirkland – not much of a lead star on his own, but a fantastic force in the worlds of soul, blues, and R&B in the postwar years! Leroy's one of these guys who really starts to show up when you pay attention to credits on older singles – a great songwriter, a hell of an arranger, and a sometime producer too – a talent who really finds a way to take older bluesy styles and modernize them for the growing urban postwar audience – often mixing raw vocals with jazzy instrumentation, at a level that brings forward some of the jump blues modes of the late 40s too. The set's overflowing with gems from a variety of different labels – 27 tracks in all – including "Sloppin" by Pearl Woods & The Gems, "When You Dance" by Billy Storm, "All In My Mind" by Maxine Brown, "Who's That Knocking" by The Genies, "Night Ride" by King's Henchmen, "Stay A Little Longer" by The Equadors, "Sentimental Daddy-O" by Brook Benton, "The Bear Hug" by Mr Bear & His Bearcats, "Stop Talkin & Start Walkin" by Annie Laurie, "I'll Be Sittin I'll Be Rockin" by Larry Darnell, "Give A Little Time" by Milt Trenier, "You Can't Stay Here" by Melvin Smith, "Flip & Skip" by Claude Cloud & His Thunderclaps, and "Mumbles Blues" by Big Connie – plus "Paramount Rock" by Leroy Kirkland himself. CD

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William ParkerUniversal Tonality ... CD
Centering, 2002. New Copy 2CDs ... $18.99 20.99
A majestic large group performance from bassist William Parker – one that was recorded near the start of the century, and with a large lineup that mixes jazz luminaries with up and coming musicians, and spiritual sounds with global elements – all at level that makes the album one of Parker's boldest statements from the time! The bassist is a hell of a player, no matter what the setting – but we especially love it when he can let loose, and let his musical vision soar out and embrace the talents of others like this – really elevating the efforts of all involved, in a magical performance that must have been something to witness in person! Players include Billy Bang and Jason Kao Hwang on violins, Grachan Moncur and Steve Swell on trombones, Rob Rown on alto, Cale Brandley on tenor, and Daniel Carter on a variety of reeds – next to the great Dave Burrell on piano, Roger Blank and Jerome Cooper on balafon, Miya Masaoka on koto, and Leena Conquest on vocals. Gerald Cleaver plays drums, further adding to the magic of the performance – and titles include "Cloud Texture", "Silver Sunshine", "Leaves Gathering", "Open System One", "Tails Of A Peacock", and "All Entrances". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousJ Jazz 3 – Deep Modern Jazz From Japan ... CD
BBE (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $19.99 32.99
An ear-opening set of Japanese jazz from a time when that nation's scene was really taking off – a period in the 70s when all sorts of new artists and new ideas were really flying around – and leaving behind a huge recorded legacy that's been mostly out of reach for us in the west! Japan always had a few big names in jazz that got exported overseas, but the work here is from some of the smaller names who were still turning out incredible music – much of it only issued on vinyl, and not reissued later – brought together here with copious notes that really tell you a heck of a lot about the music! There's definitely a post-Coltrane vibe going on – lots of spiritual elements, mixed with both moments that are funkier and more soulful, and others that are a bit more freewheeling – often stretched out on extended tracks that really let the artists take off and find their space. Titles include "Black Nile" by Hideyasu Terakawa, "Kirisame" by Ryusei Quartet, "Honey Sanba" by Katsuyuki Itakura, "Cumulonimbus" by Shigeharu Mukai, "Song Of Island" by Yasuhiro Kohno Trio + One, "Phoebus" by Hiroshi Murakami & Dancing Sphinx, "Morning Tiede" by Kohsuke Mine, "Kemo Sabe" by Masao Nakajima, "Song For Hope" by Aki Takase, "Planets" by Masaru Imada Trio + 1, "1/4 Samba" by Tatsuya Nakamura, "Acoustic Chicken" by Koichi Matsukaze, and "Cumorah" by Eiji Nakayama. CD features bonus tracks – "Wolf's Theme" by Seiichi Nakamura, "Burning Cloud" by Ryojiro Kurusawa, and "Groovy Samba" by Hideo Shiraki. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousKatanga/Ahbe Casabe – Mo Blues & Rhythm, Popcorn, Exotica, & Tittyshakers (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Captain High (Germany), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The "exotic" in the title is certainly well-placed – as many of these tracks take a familiar instrument, and use it in a slightly unusual way – a saxophone, piano, electric guitar, or something else – often set to grooves that start out in an R&B, early rock, or jazz-based style, but move into much groovier territory too! Some of these numbers have the spirit of the cuts we love in the Jukebox Mambo series – and others draw in elements of postwar Latin or exotica styles – while still keeping things pretty soulful overall! CD brings together material from the long-deleted Katanga and Ahbe Casabe 10" vinyl releases – with tracks that include "Nene Aman" by Artie Barsamian, "Green Onions" by Claus Ogerman, "Classie's Whip"b y Classie Ballou, "Cleopatra Kick" by Jack LaForge, "Lucky Is My Name" by Bruce Cloud, "They Took John Away" by Steve Arlen, "Shadow Street" by Kip Tyler, "Cleopatra" by Jamie Coe, "Katanga" by Ike Turner, "Lucky Me" by Chance Hallyday, "Ahbe Casabe" by Marti Barris, and "Thirteen Women & One Man" by Dickie Thompson – plus two bonus tracks "Riddle Of The Papawhos" by Danny Staton and "Pu Chun Ga (Sweet One)" by Elena Madera. CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousMore Perfect Harmony – Sweet Soul Groups 1967 to 1975 ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $9.99 18.99
Harmony soul – our favorite kind of soul – served up in a sublime batch of 24 rare tunes from the late 60s and early 70s, presented in an all-legit package with great sound and well-done notes! As with the first volume, there's a strong influence here from mid 60s Impressions – a crackling vocal approach that's honest, personal, and heartfelt – and never too smooth, even when the sound is sweet and warm. There's also a few well-chosen female group soul tunes on the set – nicely offsetting the mostly-male approach to harmony with some key cuts that remind us that the girls could often go a deep in the genre as the guys. The whole thing floats along on a heavenly cloud of vocals and lightly-done backings – perfect late nite listening, and a must-have set for any fan of the genre! Titles include "Keep On Trying" by The Invincibles, "Chapel Bells Are Calling" by The Insiders, "You're Gonna Make It" by The Festivals, "Daydreamer" by CC & Company, "I Like The Way You Love Me" by Foxy, "So Glad You're Home" by The Superbs, "Things Will Be Better" by The Just Brothers, "I'm Still Here" by The Notations, "Never Will I" by The Magnificent Seven, and "Someone Else's Arms" by Channel 3. CD

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Pucho & The Latin Soul BrothersHeat/Jungle Fire ... CD
Prestige/BGP (UK), 1968/1969. New Copy ... $9.99 18.99
A pair of killers from Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers – back to bck on a single CD! First up is Heat – a record that's beyond definition – as it combines Latin, soul, jazz, and even a few funky touches – all into one totally amazing sound! This one really gets all the elements right – and the fantastic Pazant Brothers (Eddie & Al) are on sax and trumpet (respectively), and a young Neal Creque is on piano, really bringing a sharp edge to Pucho's groove that other Latin combos of the time never had – and the set also features some vocals by Jackie Soul on a few cuts, who's a great singer that really helps cross a few cuts over into Latin Soul territory. Titles include the soul jazz cuts "Heat" and "Psychedelic Pucho", plus other great Latin soul cuts, like "Payin' Dues" and "Candied Yam". Jungle Fire is one of the greatest albums by this funky Latin combo! The record differs from some of their earlier Prestige albums in that the tracks are longer, more instrumental, and have a hard fuzzy electric groove. The band jams hard in a way that's more like some of the funk combos of the early 70s, than the Latin groups from which they came – and that's no problem by us, because the results are wonderful! Includes two funky numbers written by Sonny Phillips – "The Spokerman" and "Jamilah" – plus a great extended cover of "Cloud Nine". Great horn work from the funky Pazant Brothers, plus Seldon Powell, who also plays flute and tenor on the album – and other jazz funk stars on the album include Bernard Purdie, Billy Butler, and Neal Creque, Pucho's right hand man! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Brian EnoRams – Original Soundtrack ... CD
Opal/Universal, 2020. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Great soundtrack work from Brian Eno – a record that's maybe more stark than some of his other work of the past few decades – but in a way that's no surprise, given that the music is for a film about the brilliant minimalist designer Dieter Rams! There are sounds here that recall some of Eno's late 70s collaborations with Cluster, while others have more of the organic, acoustic qualities of his own ambient work – and the pairing of two thoughtful geniuses for one project is a perfect match. Titles include "For A New Design", "Generative Lounge", "Designer Piano", "A Warm Sweet Bed", "Beautiful Metals", "Bright Clouds Of Metal", and "Harmonic Guitar". CD

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