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Nat King ColeComplete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio (18CD set) ... CD
Capitol/Mosaic, Late 40s. Used 18CD ... $399.99
A true treasure trove – a wealth of material only issued on 78s, with full book and discographical details! CD
(Out of print – hand numbered limited edition! Includes all CDs, book and box!)

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Jane FromanJane Froman On Capitol ... CD
Capitol/Collectors Choice, Early 50s. Used ... $6.99
... CD
(Out of print. Rear tray card has a slight crease.)

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Woody HermanComplete Capitol Recordings Of Woody Herman (6CD set) ... CD
Capitol/Mosaic, Late 40s/Early 50s. Used 6CD ... $124.99
Great material from both the 78rpm and LP generation! Woody Herman is amazing – bridging earlier swing with the worlds of bop and jump blues – way hipper than you might expect, as is his band! CD
(Out of print. Box and book are in nice shape!)

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✨✧ Buck OwensComplete Capitol Singles – 1957 to 1966 ... CD
Capitol/Omnivore, Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $24.99 26.98
Buck Owens ruled country music in the 60s – especially on the west coast – and these seminal singles for Capitol Records are a great demonstration of his talent at its height! Buck was a hell of a talent right from the start – sharp, soulful, and graced with a good sense of wit and strong intelligence – all of which ably guided both his performance and choice of material – which is especially perfect when it comes to his 45s! And while most of Owens' albums from this time have been reissued on CD, this is the first set to really look at the special world of his singles – which includes a lot of numbers that never made the full-length sets. The package features a whopping 56 tracks on 2CDs, complete with a and b-sides of all the singles – including a few duets with Rose Maddox. Titles include "I Know What It Means", "Over & Over Again", "Sweethearts In Heaven", "Cryin Time", "Waitin In Your Welfare Line", "Heart Of Glass", "No More Me & You", "The Way That I Love You", "House Down The Block", "King OF Fools", "I Can't Stop My Lovin You", "Second Fiddle", "Walk The Floor", "We're The Talk Of The Town", "My Heart Skips A Beat", "Together Again", "Don't Let Her Know", "No One But You", "Til These Dreams Come True", "High As The Mountains", and "Loose Talk". CD

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Buck OwensComplete Capitol Singles 1967 to 1970 ... CD
Capitol/Omnivore, Late 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $24.99 26.98
Buck Owens at the height of his powers – stepping out here on a huge amount of singles cut for Capitol Records in a stretch when the country legend could do no wrong! Buck had already been burning strongly for the label in the years before these sides, but during the last few years of the 60s, Owens came on with an edge that he never seemed to have before – not the ebullient confidence of the mid 60s, but maybe this sense of honesty and experience that comes as even more of a surprise at a time when his rising celebrity could have just had the man sitting back on his heels and phoning it in. Buck and the Buckaroos are in perfect synchronization here – with instrumentation that's as tight as the vocals – and the 2CD set features a-sides, some b-sides, and even duets with Susan Raye and Buddy Alan. Titles include "There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made", "Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass", "Sam's Place", "One Of Everything You Got", "Turkish Holiday", "I'll Love You Forever & Ever", "How Long Will My Baby Be Gone", "Sweet Rosie Jones", "What A Liar I Am", "The Great White Horse", "We're Gonna Get Together", "Big In Vegas", "Sing That Kind Of Song", "Tall Dark Stranger", and "I Wouldn't Live In New York City". CD

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Minnie RipertonCapitol Gold – The Best Of Minnie Riperton ... CD
Capitol, Late 70s. Used ... $2.99
Nice 17 track compilation of Minnie's classic work for Capitol! The selection is excellent, and the CD features most of the stuff you'd ever want to have by her, including "Perfect Angel", "Memory Lane", "Lovin You", "Stick Together", "Inside My Love", "Here We Go", and "Adventures In Paradise". CD

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✨✧ Frank SinatraComplete Capitol Singles Collection (4CD box set) ... CD
Capitol, 1950s. Used 4 CDs ... $24.99
A key look at a side of Sinatra that's all too easily forgotten in the passage of time – the singles he cut in the 50s for Capitol Records, at the same time he was recording his classic full length LPs! Much has been said of Sinatra's LPs for the label – and together, they have stood the test of time as a tribute to one of the greatest vocalists of the 20th century. But next to those albums, Sinatra also recorded a heck of a lot of singles – often in styles that were different than those used on the LPs, and often in modes that are a bit less "classic" than might be remembered. Some of these tunes are goofy and novelty type numbers, but others are quite striking slices of the singer's rich talents – numbers from soundtracks, duets with other artists, lost recordings of standards, and even a few tunes made uniquely Frank's own – and which are every bit as classic as his album recordings! A few of these numbers appear on the LPs that comprise the Facets box set, but many others do not – and a huge amount of them are from albums that used to be singles-only collections that Capitol let go out of print years ago. 96 tracks in all, with a booklet that goes through the tunes one by one! CD
(Out of print. BMG club pressing. Book is detatched, but included, and in good shape otherwise.)

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Jack TeagardenComplete Capitol Fifties Jack Teagarden Sessions (4CD set) ... CD
Mosaic, Late 50s. Used 4CDs ... $64.99
A great period for this legendary trombonist and singer – includes material from the albums Shades Of Night, Jazz Ultimate, Swing Low Sweet Spiritual, This Is Teagarden, Coast Concert, and Big T's Dixieland Band – plus other tracks too. CD
(Out of print hand-numbered limited edition. Includes original box, book and all CDs in their caces – all in great shape!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Sonny TerryWhoopin The Blues – The Capitol Recordings 1947 to 1950 ... CD
Capitol, Late 40s. Used ... $2.99
... CD
(Out of print, small cutout notch through spine.)

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✨✧ Jimmy GiuffreComplete Capitol Capitol & Atlantic Recordings Of Jimmy Giuffre (6CD set) ... CD
Mosaic, 1950s. Used 6CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Some of the most sublime modern jazz of the postwar years – material that ended up on the albums Four Brothers, Tangents In Jazz, The Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet, Modern Jazz Quartet At Music Inn, Jimmy Giuffre 3, The Music Man, Travlin Light, Four Brothers Sound, Historic Concert At Music Inn, Wester Suite, and Third Stream Music. Features a few unissued tracks, too! CD
(Out of print hand-numbered limited edition. Includes original book, box and all CDs with cases – in excellent shape!)

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✨✧ Peggy LeeCapitol Collector's Series Vol 1 – The Early Years ... CD
Capitol, Late 40s/1950s/1960s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
25 tracks. CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Fats Navarro & Tadd DameronComplete Blue Note & Capitol Recordings ... CD
Blue Note, Late 40s. Used 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great set of early modern bop material – 37 tracks that bring together the complete Blue Note recordings of Tadd Dameron and Fats Navarro – about half of them featuring Navarro in Dameron's group, the other half featuring Fats on his own, working with Bud Powell, Howard McGhee, and Benny Goodman. The set includes a few alternate takes, and titles include "Stealin Apples", "Focus", "John's Delight", "The Squirrel", "The Chase", "Our Delight", "The Skunk", "Double Talk", "Boperation", and "Wail". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ George ShearingComplete Capitol Live Recordings Of George Shearing (5CD set) ... CD
Capitol/Mosaic, Late 50s/Early 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A really wonderful collection – filled with lots of unreleased tracks, and featuring some early work on vibes by Gary Burton! CD
(Out of print. Box, book, and everything else is in great shape!)
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Ashford & SimpsonHigh Rise ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1983. New Copy ... $13.99
Always-great work from the team of Ashford & Simpson – the kind of a record that has them at the top of their game, even though they'd changed their overall sound over the years! The vibe here is more in an 80s groove mode than some of the duo's Warner albums, but they've still got an undeniable talent for a massive hook – the kind that makes even the simplest tunes really go over the top. Plus, they're just about one of the only male/female duo teams that you can hear on record and actually believe that both singers are on the same page! Titles include "Side Effect", "Experience", "It's A Rush", "High-Rise", "Still Such A Thing", "It's Much Deeper", "I'm Not That Tough", and "My Kinda Pick Me Up". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)

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Ashford & SimpsonStreet Opera ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1982. New Copy ... $13.99
Dang, these guys could never miss! Even in later years, Ashford and Simpson were still going strong – working here in a wonderfully mellow style that's as soulful for the moment as their mid 70s groovers were for that time. The album's got a sweet modern style that's pretty much in the Capitol Rare sound of the time – a matured version of 70s soul, with wonderful depth and sophistication that really suits the pair well. Side two features the extended "Street Opera" suite, side one has some shorter more straightforward tunes that include "Mighty Mighty Love", "Love It Away", "Make It Work Again", and "I'll Take The Whole World On". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)

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David AxelrodSongs Of Experience ... CD
Capitol (UK), 1969. Used ... $14.99
One of the greatest albums ever by studio genius David Axelrod! The album's one of Axelrod's first on his own – cut for Capitol Records at a time when he was working with some of the label's biggest selling soul acts – like Cannonball Adderley and Lou Rawls – turning their already-successful sounds into super-hit material by adding some nice funky touches, and excellent baroque production. This album lets Axelrod fully explore his talents for larger studio arrangements, and complex yet soulful instrumentation. The record is subtitled "an anthology of awareness after birth, based on the 18th century poems of William Blake" – and it features incredible arrangements conducted by Don Randi, played by a host of excellent LA jazz and studio players. The overall sound is spacey and dark, with nice touches of funk, and plenty of cool instrumental passages that have been sampled over the years by hip hoppers and other producers. Titles include "London", "The Fly", "The Human Abstract", "A Divine Image", and "The Sick Rose". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BandBest Of The Band ... CD
Capitol, Early 70s. Used ... $2.99
Titles include "Up On Cripple Creek", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", "Stage Fright", "Ophelia", "Twilight", "Stage Fright", "Don't Do It", "It Makes No Difference", "The Shape I'm In", and "Life Is A Carnival". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BandGreatest Hits ... CD
Capitol, Late 60s/1970s. Used ... $3.99
... CD

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Beach BoysBeach Boys 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow (Wild Honey stereo/Smiley Smile sessions/live unreleased tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1967. New Copy 2CD ... $13.99 21.99
An amazing treasure for fans of the Beach Boys during their highest moment of genius – a huge batch of unreleased tracks from their important year of 1967 – plus the rare stereo mix of Wild Honey! We love the Wild Honey album – a back-to-basics album of sorts – shorter, catchier songs recorded by the group after the collapse of Smile – but a record that still has some really wonderful moments overall – and which shows that The Beach Boys would never be the same after Pet Sounds! There's a mix of older rock themes and new adult ones here – sung by a group who's really growing into their emotions, and approaching things from new directions than in the past. Heartbreak and happiness are both center stage here – often at the same time – on titles that include "Wild Honey", "Country Air", "I'd Love Just Once To See You", "Darlin", and "How She Boogalooed It". The 2CD set features 20 more amazing tracks from the sessions for the record – all very cool alternate songs or in progress compositions – of the sort that you've heard in the Smile or Pet Sounds collections – really showing Brian Wilson's genius in the studio. Plus, there's also 10 more songs from the Smiley Smile sessions – which are equally wonderful too – never issued before! Then, there's a full unissued live album – Lei'd In Hawaii - with a total of 13 tracks – then 5 more live tracks from Hawaii in 1967, and another 5 more unreleased tracks from an east coast tour late in the year! The total for the set is 30 unreleased studio tracks, 23 unreleased live tracks – and 11 more numbers from the Wild Honey album! CD

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✨✧ BeatlesSgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ... CD
Capitol/Apple, 1967. Used ... $3.99
Hard to deny the lasting power of this crucial album from The Beatles – a set that unleashed some of their trippiest sounds and most tender moments too! The mix of wit and honesty is wonderful – and the sonic range is dynamic as the archetypal cover image – a package that's had an undeniable impact on modern music for the past few decades! Titles include "With A Little Help From My Friends", "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", "She's Leaving Home", "Lovely Rita", "When I'm Sixty Four", "A Day In The Life", and "Fixing A Hole". CD
Also available Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bandv ... LP 19.99

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Angela BofillIntuition (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/ (UK), 1988. New Copy ... $6.99 13.99
A great late 80s comeback for Angela Bofill – and the kind of record that shows that she was still head and shoulders above most of her contemporaries! There's a richness here that most of Angie's contemporaries couldn't muster at the time – a style that stretches back to her deeper vocal roots, with some nice touches of jazz brought into the mix from Norman Connors, who produces a few tunes here. But the real strength of the set comes from Bofill right from the start – that bold, righteous approach to singing that still seems to find just the right space to send home the hooks of the tunes – all-adult, yet filled with a youthful sense of power too. Benjamin Wright handles some of the arrangements, and Vincent Brantley produced a bit too – and titles include "I Just Wanna Stop", "Love Is In Your Eyes", "Long Gone", "For You & I", "Intuition", "Festival/Down The Line", "Special Lover", and "Love Overtime". CD features two bonus tracks – "I Just Wanna Stop (single edit)" and "Love Is In Your Eyes (12" single edit)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roy BrownComplete Imperial Recordings ... CD
Imperial/Capitol, Late 50s. Used ... $9.99
... CD
(Out of print, digpack case has some light edgewear.)

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Serge ChaloffBoston Blow-Up! (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1955. Used ... $7.99
One of the few key recordings issued by baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff before his untimely early death – a tremendous little record that really helped redefine the place of his instrument in jazz! The album is one of a number produced by Stan Kenton for Capitol at the time, but it's far from the cooler jazz outings of other "Kenton Presents" sessions – a real Boston Blow up that has Serge standing starkly out front on the baritone, hitting some tremendous notes that show a command and dexterity on his instrument that few other players could match! Also noteworthy is the presence of the great Boots Mussulli on alto sax – a sharp-edge player with a lot of Charlie Mariano touches, and an artist who's rarely heard in a setting so stripped-down as this. Other artists include Herb Pomeroy on trumpet, Ray Santisi on piano, and Jimmy Zitano on drums – and titles include the original numbers "Kip", "Unison", "Bob The Robin", and "Sergical" – plus versions of "What's New", "Yesterday's Gardenias", and Jaki Byard's "Diane's Melody". CD features 3 bonus tracks that include "Boomareemaroja", plus long and short takes on "Herbs". CD
(Out of print original CD pressing, not a CDr.)
Also available Boston Blow-Up! (with bonus tracks) (CDr on demand pressing) ... CD 5.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Serge ChaloffBoston Blow-Up! (with bonus tracks) (CDr on demand pressing) ... CD
Capitol, 1955. Used ... $5.99
One of the few key recordings issued by baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff before his untimely early death – a tremendous little record that really helped redefine the place of his instrument in jazz! The album is one of a number produced by Stan Kenton for Capitol at the time, but it's far from the cooler jazz outings of other "Kenton Presents" sessions – a real Boston Blow up that has Serge standing starkly out front on the baritone, hitting some tremendous notes that show a command and dexterity on his instrument that few other players could match! Also noteworthy is the presence of the great Boots Mussulli on alto sax – a sharp-edge player with a lot of Charlie Mariano touches, and an artist who's rarely heard in a setting so stripped-down as this. Other artists include Herb Pomeroy on trumpet, Ray Santisi on piano, and Jimmy Zitano on drums – and titles include the original numbers "Kip", "Unison", "Bob The Robin", and "Sergical" – plus versions of "What's New", "Yesterday's Gardenias", and Jaki Byard's "Diane's Melody". CD features 3 bonus tracks that include "Boomareemaroja", plus long and short takes on "Herbs". CD
(On demand CDr pressing.)
Also available Boston Blow-Up! (with bonus tracks) ... CD 7.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
June ChristyMisty Miss Christy (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, Mid 50s. Used ... $6.99
One of June's all-time classics – and perhaps her most famous album, next to the sublime Something Cool. The set, like that one, was arranged and conducted by Pete Rugolo – whose icy and modern touches are the perfect foil for June's sad and dark voice. Familiar tunes are completely transformed by the pair's masterful handling – and titles include "The Wind", "There's No You", "For All We Know", "This Year's Kisses", "That's All", and "Maybe You'll Be There". CD features some bonus tracks too! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
June Christy/Jeri SouthernSomething Broadway, Something Latin/Jeri Southern Meets Cole Porter ... CD
Capitol/DRG, 1959/1965. Used ... $14.99
A couple of excellent vocal sets – June Christy's Something Broadway, Something Latin and Jeri Southern's Meets Cole Porter album from 1959 – back-to-back on CD! Something Broadway, Something Latin finds June taking on a number of Broadway tunes, a soundtrack song or two, and other great tunes of the early-to-mid 60s with some strains of samba and other Latin inspired sounds – with her lovely vocals shining brightly or in a sultry coo, depending on the mood. A fine showcase for one of our favorite female vocalists of the 50s & 60s! Titles include "Do I Hear A Waltz", "He Touched Me", "Love Theme 'The Sandpiper'", the bonus track "One Note Samba" and more. Jeri Southern Meets Cole Porter is a set of lovely, beautiful vocals from Jeri – with good natured, brass flavored arrangements by Billy May – excellently done, with a variety of moods from sweet and playful, to grand and romantic. Great stuff! Titles include "Don't Look At Me That Way", "Get Out Of Town", "Looking At You", "It's Bad For Me" and more, plus the bonus track "Love is The Sweetest Thing". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nat King ColeAfter Midnight – The Complete Sessions ... CD
Capitol, 1956. Used ... $5.99
A great album, and one in which Nat King Cole returns to his roots as a jazz singer! The session differs greatly from Nat's other schmaltzy ones from the time, and it features a very "after midnight" sound – with Nat playing and singing backed only by a small combo that includes jazz greats like Harry Edison, Willie Smith, Jual Tizol, and Jack Costanzo. Plus, if that's not enough, this fab CD adds a whopping batch of extra tracks to the original LP – for a total of 18 beauties that sound perfect on a warm summer night, long after the sun has gone down. Titles include "Caravan", "Candy", "What Is There To Say", "You're Looking At Me", and "Blame It On My Youth". Great stuff! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nat King ColeVery Best Of Nat King Cole ... CD
Capitol, 1940s/1950s/Early 60s. Used ... $4.99
... CD

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Natalie ColeNatalie ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... $13.99
A record that really has Natalie Cole finding her groove – not needing any help from her famous familial legacy, thank you – and instead stepping out with a tight, proud mode that really helped refine the sound of female soul in the 70s! The album's got plenty of influences from the Chicago soul scene – including songwriting and production from the team of Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy – and work from key session players like Richard Evans and Gene Barge, who worked in the Curtom Studios to craft the grooves on the set! Titles include "Keep Smiling", "Mr. Melody", "Heaven Is With You", "Can We Get Together", "Touch Me", "Hard To Get Along", and "Good Morning Heartache" CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)
Also available Natalie ... LP 1.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tommy CollinsThis Is Tommy Collins/Words & Music Country Style ... CD
Capitol/Rural Routes, Mid 50s. New Copy ... $7.99 15.99
Two full albums from the many who was an important influence on California country giants Merle Haggard and Buck Owens! The first album is pure genius from the young Tommy Collins – an early figure on the Bakersfield scene, and an artist who almost single-handedly shaped the sound of the west coast scene with his Capitol Records material included here! Collins had a wonderful way of updating older hillbilly modes – traces of Texas and Arkansas, moved over to postwar Cali – where things got tightened up, became a bit more confident, and were given a razor-sharp sound by the excellent Capitol production. Every tune here is a classic – and many have a sense of double-entendre that rivals the hippest R&B work of the period, but with a very different sound overall – on titles that include "You Better Not Do That", "How Do I Say Goodbye", "It Tickles", "You Gotta Have A License", "Smooth Sailin", and "Whatcha Gonna Do Now". Words & Music Country Style features the wit, wisdom, and wild twang of the great Tommy Collins – brought together in a killer collection of early work for Capitol! The music here is the ultimate peak of the hillbilly generation – not the codified country of the Nashville scene to come, but much more rough-edged and wooley – with more than a few elements that could influence the sound of rock and roll as well! Titles include "The Feet Of The Traveler", "How Do I Say Goodbye", "Think It Over Boys", "Are You Ready To Go", and "All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Danger Mouse & Daniele LuppiRome ... CD
Capitol, 2011. Used ... $4.99
Sonic adventurer and avant pop mood-setter Danger Mouse teams up with Italian composer and soundtrack guru Daniele Luppi for the atmospheric Rome – a rewarding effort that demonstrates once again how pretty much no one is taking as many brilliant creative risks on a major label than Brian Burton in the early aught tens! Danger Mouse's stamp as a writer and producer is all over Rome, but it bears the hallmarks of Luppi even more profoundly – material crafted by Italian musicians up to and including the great Edda Dell'Orso on voice! Jack White and Norah Jones contribute, and if the pop star names made the project an easier pill to swallow for Capitol, that's all the better, because their warm voices and obviously genuine affection for the material truly serves it well. Titles include "The Rose With A Broken Neck", "Season's Trees", "Roman Blue", "Black", "The Matador Has Fallen", "The World", "Her Hollow Ways" and more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby DarinFrom Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1964. Used ... $11.99
One of Bobby's best records for Capitol – a straight set of pop tunes and standards, arranged and conducted by Richard Wess (who arranged Darin's hit "Mack The Knife" for Atco), and featuring jazz players that include Bud Shank, Plas Johnson, Pete Candoli, and Lou Levy. Titles include "Look At Me", "Where Love Has gone", "Sunday In New York", "Goodbye Charlie", "Call Me Irresponsible", "Days Of Wine & Roses", "Charade", and "The End Of Never" and "Look At Me", both original tunes by Darin. CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby DarinFrom Hello Dolly To Goodbye Charlie/Venice Blue ... CD
Capitol/Exemplar, Mid 60s. Used ... $6.99
One of Bobby's best records for Capitol – a straight set of pop tunes and standards, arranged and conducted by Richard Wess (who arranged Darin's hit "Mack The Knife" for Atco), and featuring jazz players that include Bud Shank, Plas Johnson, Pete Candoli, and Lou Levy. Titles include "Look At Me", "Where Love Has gone", "Sunday In New York", "Goodbye Charlie", "Call Me Irresponsible", "Days Of Wine & Roses", "Charade", and "The End Of Never" and "Look At Me", both original tunes by Darin. This CD also includes the album Venice Blue! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bobby DarinSwinging Side Of Bobby Darin ... CD
Capitol, Mid 60s. Used ... Just Sold Out!
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby DarinWild, Cool, & Swingin – The Artist Collection Vol 2 ... CD
Capitol/Ultra Lounge, Mid 60s. Used ... $1.99
Although Bobby Darin cut most of his big early hits on Atlantic, his move over to Capitiol in the early 60s yeilded a nice share of groovy tracks that rightly pull on his strength as a jazz-inflected vocalist. This very nicely selected set of 20 tracks will give you some of the most swingin' Darin material you'll ever hear – lots of which is way better than some of the stuff that always seems to turn up again and again on the usual ol' greatest hits comps. It's even got a few nice unreleased tracks, and a lot more than you'll only find on Darin's rare Capitol albums – including the cuts "More", "I Wanna Be Around", "Gyp, The Cat", "Charade", "The Good Life", and "Look At Me". And sure, most of them were big hits for other singers – but Bobby's fantastic here, and his interpretations of the material is always sparkling! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Miles DavisBirth Of The Cool ... CD
Capitol, Late 40s/Early 50s. Used ... $1.99
Legendary work from Miles Davis – large group sessions that virtually define the "cool" in cool jazz! The work's quite different from Davis' earlier bop sides with Charlie Parker – and show a distinct influence from modernists like Gerry Mulligan (who is on the recordings) and from the experiments of the Tristano school. Miles is less the leader than the creative visionary – as all players come together in a perfect blend of sound, perfectly polished, and with a very dark edge. Titles include "Jeru", "Move", "Venus De Milo", "Budo", and "Deception". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Blossom DearieMay I Come In? ... CD
Capitol, 1964. Used ... $2.99
A great album from Blossom Dearie – done with a soaring jazzy groove that makes it one of her best! Blossom's working here with Capitol arranger Jack Marshall – and he gives the album a much more upfront approach than some of Blossom's sparer sides for Verve – a groove, a bounce, and a sweeping sort of sound that works wonderfully with Dearie's sweetly-crafted vocals. We love the sound a lot, and wonder why Blossom hardly ever recorded in this mode again – save, perhaps, for her excellent British sides from the end of the 60s. The album includes a wonderful vocal version of Henry Mancini's "Charade", plus other great cuts that include "Love Is A Necessary Evil", "I Wish You Love", "In Love Again", "Quiet Nights", and "May I Come In". CD
(Out of print.)

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DjavanDjavan/Alumbramento ... CD
Capitol/World Pacific, 1978/1980. Used ... $7.99
2 classics from Djavan – back to back on a single CD! The first album is sublime early work from Djavan – a bit of jazz, a bit of samba, and a bit of soul – all wrapped together in wonderfully warm arrangements! The sound here is sophisticated without being sleepy, and there's still a lightness to Djavan's music at this point – a style that manages to plumb the depths of his vocals, yet without some of the too-emotive moments of later work – a very careful balance that makes for an album that's lovely and delightful all the way through! The set includes loads of nice tracks – like the jazzy "Serrado", plus "Minha Mae", "Numa Esquina De Hanoi", "Alagoas", "Samba Dobrado", and "Dupla Traico". Alumbramento is a great album from Djavan – quite ambitious and sophisticated, but in a way that leans heavily on his amazing vocals and great songwriting skills! As on most of his best albums from the time, he's working with a small core group of jazz players – sensitive musicians who provide some incredible accompaniment to his songs – in ways that are almost a second generation take on the styles first laid out by Milton Nascimento a few years before, but at even deeper levels. The record features a guest appearance by Chico Buarque, and tracks include "A Rosa", "Tem Boi Na Linha", "Sim Ou Nao", "Aquele Um", "Meu Bem Querer", and "Sururu De Capote". CD
(Out of print, artwork is wrinkled from some light water damage.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dr HookBankrupt (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $29.99
Dr Hook were always one of the weirder groups in mainstream rock during the 70s – a group who were maybe founded in roots rock modes, but who often had a funky current in their rhythms – and this very weird blend of catchy tunes and the offbeat lead vocals of Ray Sawyer! The sound's a bit hard to describe, but surprisingly compelling over the years – kind of like the hippies taking over the corporation – which is a bit like the image on the cover! Titles include "Let Me Be Your Lover", "Levitate", "Everybody Loves Me", "Cooky & Lila", "Everybody's Making It Big But Me", and "The Millionaire". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

Close matches40
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rachelle FerrellRachelle Ferrell ... CD
Capitol, 1992. Used ... $3.99
... CD
(BMG club pressing.)

Close matches41
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Judy GarlandLondon Sessions ... CD
Capitol, Late 50s/Early 60s. Used ... $3.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches42
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lars GullinPortrait Of My Pals (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol (Sweden), 1964. New Copy ... $0.99 12.99
A genius album from Swedish baritone giant Lars Gullin – and a set that's from a period that was much less documented on our side of the Atlantic! Gullin was one of the undisputed masters of the instrument, and his American recordings on Mercury and Prestige stand as proof to his talent – but his work from the 60s, done back in his native Sweden, has been lost for years – and is often deeper and more complicated than his US sides of the 50s! This set from 1964 features Gullin in the company of a host of very talented "pals" that includes some of the greatest talents in jazz in Sweden at the time – Rolf Billberg on alto, Jan Allan on trumpet, Harry Backlund on tenor, Torgny Nilsson on trombone, and Lars Sjosten on piano – all artists used by Gullin in varying combinations, working through these wonderful arrangements of original tunes that are among some of the best he ever wrote. The set features haunting arrangements that defy description, and which allow the soloists free room to express themselves in a manner that skirts between hardbop and modernism, but which always manages to swing! Titles include "It's True", "I've Seen", "Prima Vera", "Decent Eyes", "Gabriella", and "Portrait Of My Pals". CD also features 4 bonus tracks too! CD

Close matches43
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Richard Groove HolmesGroove ... CD
Pacific Jazz/Capitol, 1961. Used ... $9.99
An early cooker from Richard Groove Holmes – and one of the most important Hammond jazz sets to come out of the west coast at the time! At a point when most folks think the east has a lock on the instrument, Groove bursts forth here with a great hard-edged sound – proof that the LA scene didn't just go for cool jazz and the occasional hardbop date – and the start of a great run of records that would have Holmes sounding great all through the 60s! The lineup is nicely unusual, too – with guitar from Chicagoan George Freeman, then on the west coast – and a key part of Holmes' group for years – and trombone from the excellent Lawrence Tricky Lofton, a player who rarely recorded, but made some great sides with Carmell Jones. The group also features Les McCann on piano, a nice combo with the organ – plus Ben Webster on tenor and Ron Jefferson on drums. Titles include "Good Groove", "That Healin' Feelin'", "Them That's Got", and "Deep Purple". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches44
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Richard Groove Holmes & Gene AmmonsGroovin' With Jug ... CD
Pacific Jazz/Capitol, 1961. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Groove and Jug wail away in this classic set of tenor/organ tracks recorded for Pacific Jazz in the early 60s. The backing is spare, with only Gene Edwards on guitar and Leroy Henderson on drums, and tracks include "Morris The Minor", "Good Vibrations", "Hey You, What's That?", and "Groovin' With Jug". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches45
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Van HuntVan Hunt ... CD
Capitol, 2004. Used ... $0.99
The smashing debut of Van Hunt – a smoky-voiced singer with a really great sound! The album's one of those "instant classics" that grabs us right away – put together with a sweet and seductive feel that's got roots that stretch back past D'Angelo into the 70s work of Al Green – and which has some really great touches on the instrumentation and production, giving the set a nicely trippy feel! Think of this one as neo-psychedelic soul – and get ready to be hearing a lot more from Van Hunt in years to come – because with a sound like this, the guy's gonna break out big! There's loads of compelling little tunes on the set, and titles include "Highlights", "Dust", "Seconds Of Pleasure", "Hello Goodbye", "Down Here In Hell (With You)", "Out Of The Sky", "Hold My Hand", and "Her December". CD
(Promotional stamp on CD.)

Close matches46
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jethro TullBenefit ... CD
Chrysalis/Capitol, 1970. Used ... $4.99
An early gem from Jethro Tull – and a set that has the group really reaching forth with some of their more complicated, jazz-based musical impulses – while still holding onto some of the rawer power of the early days too! The album's lesser-known than some of the group's earlier hits – which may well make it even fresher all these many years later – a really stunning set of sounds that showcases the newly lyrical sensibility of Ian Anderson – both vocally and on flute – as well as the searing guitar of Martin Barre, which was really becoming a core element of the group at this point. Titles include "For Michael Collins Jefferey & Me", "Inside", "Play In Time", "Sossity You're A Woman", "With You There To Help Me", and "Nothing To Say". CD
Also available Benefit ... LP 9.99

Close matches47
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Louis JohnsonEvolution (with bonus track) ... CD
Capitol/FTG, 1985. New Copy ... $7.99 12.98
A Johnson Brother, working alone – but in some bassy territory that's right up there with his more famous material! The best cuts here have that jazzy, jaunty undercurrent that made the Brothers Johnson sparkle right from the start – a sound that's hard to describe in words, but which is completely charming on record – and which really makes Johnson-styled grooves stand out from the rest! Other numbers bring in the beats a bit more, and turn up the guitars – showcasing perhaps a bit more of Louis' ego in the music, which is no surprise for a solo set like this – and guest vocals are by Denise Wise, and Tony Haynes – the latter of whom delivers a rap on the cut "Midnight". Other numbers include "Our Love", "Might As Well Make Love", "I Tried", "A Touch Of Class", "I Wanna Take You Away", and "Your Vain & Shallow Love". CD also features the bonus cut "Kinky (extended 12" mix)". CD

Close matches48
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stan KentonCity Of Glass – Stan Kenton Plays Bob Graettinger ... CD
Capitol, Early 50s. Used ... $6.99
A seminal work in the development of the American jazz avant garde, and one of the most "out" records that Kenton (or Capitol) ever released! The whole album is based around two startling compositions by Robert Graettinger – "This Modern World" and "City Of Glass" – and both are chilling longform works in a distinctly modern idiom. The pieces have been cited often in the development of American avant garde jazz, and they represent a postwar crossroads of ideas that incorporates atonal composition and bop-oriented approaches to instrumentation. Titles include "Thermopylae", "A Trumpet", "Modern Opus", and "City Of Glass". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches49
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Peggy LeeBewitching Lee! – Peggy Lee Sings Her Greatest Hits ... CD
Capitol/EMI, Late 50s. Used ... $0.99
Includes both early Capitol material from the late 40s, and late 50s tracks from Peggy Lee's return to the label – with titles tha tinclude "Manana", "My Man", "Fever", "Golden Earrings", "Don't Smoke In Bed", and "While We're Young". CD
(Mastered by Steve Hoffman.)

Close matches50
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Peggy LeeLatin Ala Lee! (Japanese pressing) ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1959. Used ... $2.99
Very groovy work from Peggy – a set of tunes tone with a nice little Latin flair! The tunes themselves are all Broadway hits of the late 50s and early 60s, but they're redone wonderfully here – so that they often bear little resemblance to the originals. Jack Marshall handled the arrangements with a swinging and jazzy sound – really throwing in some tight syncopated rhythms to make the album crackle more than most of Peggy's other work from the time. Titles include "Hey There", "I Am In Love", "Heart", "On The Street Where You Live", "The Party's Over", "Dance Only With Me", and "I Enjoy Being A Girl". CD
(Out of print, booklet has some light wear.)

Close matches51
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Peggy Lee & George ShearingBeauty & The Beat ... CD
Capitol, 2003. Used ... $1.99
A very nice small combo album from Peggy Lee – singing here with live backings by the George Shearing Quintet, in a style that's very different from a lot of her other work for Capitol! The set's got a slight Latin feel, thanks to George's mix of percussion, vibes, piano, and guitar – and Peggy's never sounded better, stepping out strongly on tunes that include "Do I Love You", "Get Out Of Town", "There'll Be Another Spring", and "Mambo In Miami". Features 2 bonus tracks. CD

Close matches52
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ LisztFaust Symphony/Orpheus (Symphonic Poem)/Psalm XIII/Les Preludes/Tasso – Beecham/Silvestri/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ... CD
Capitol, Late 50s. Used 2CD ... Just Sold Out!
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches53
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Julie LondonBest Of The Liberty Years ... CD
Liberty/Capitol, Early 60s. Used ... $6.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches54
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby LyleNight Fire ... CD
Capitol/Soul Brother (UK), 1979. New Copy ... $9.99
A stone classic from Bobby Lyle – and a record that really has him stepping out strongly, both as a keyboardist and a singer! Bobby's strength at this point is undeniable – and he's got a perfect sense of balance that rivals contemporaries like Roy Ayers or Webster Lewis – both of whom work in a similarly jazzy groove! Lyle plays some great Fender Rhodes on the set – plus other more way-out keyboards too – and production is by the At-Home team, who really know how to bring in a strong sense of focus to the grooves, while still letting the best jazzy elements flourish. Titles include "Space Place", "Stop Running Away From Love", "Getting Into Love", "Dream Lady", "Stop Running Away From Love", and "For Love". CD

Close matches55
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George Martin/Paul McCartney & WingsLive & Let Die (with bonus tracks) ... CD
EMI/Capitol, 1973. Used ... $6.99
Arguably one of the most successful James Bond soundtracks of the 70s – written for one of the most successful Bond films of the decade. The real standout, of course, is the title cut by Wings – the excellent "Live & Let Die", a sublime rock number that manages to capture the same soundtrack flourish as John Barry's older work in the genre. The tunes by George Martin are quite nice too – especially the groovier instrumentals. Titles include "Bond Meets Solitaire", "Bond Drops In", "Sacrifice", "Fillet of Soul", and "James Bond Theme". CD

Close matches56
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul McCartneyFlowers In The Dirt ... CD
Capitol/MPL, 1989. Used ... $4.99
... CD
Also available Flowers In The Dirt ... LP 19.99

Close matches57
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Paul McCartneyPipes Of Peace ... CD
Capitol/MPL, 1983. Used ... $16.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches58
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Paul McCartney & WingsBand On The Run – 25th Anniversary Edition (2CD set) ... CD
Capitol, 1973. Used 2 CDs ... $6.99
One of the most brilliant moments of genius from Paul McCartney & Wings – and a set that has Paul working with the group in perfect album formation – able to craft enough songs that became hit singles, yet also fit the whole thing together in a superb sonic reality that made the whole thing even more wonderful as a full length record! The shift of moods, tones, and sounds are as varied as the choice of celebrities appearing with the group on the cover – and the interplay between Paul, Linda, and Denny Laine has really hit its stride – on titles that include one of our all-time Wings favorites, "Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five" – plus "Band On The Run", "Bluebird", "Jet", "Mrs Vanderbilt", "Let Me Roll It", "Mamunia", "No Words", and "Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me)". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Band On The Run ... LP 19.99

Close matches59
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Mississippi Fred McDowellI Do Not Play No Rock 'N' Roll – The Complete Sessions ... CD
Capitol, 1970. Used 2 CDs ... $11.99
Includes unreleased tracks! CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches60
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Steve MillerBorn 2B Blue ... CD
Capitol, 1988. Used ... $3.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches61
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Os Tres Brasileiros (aka Os Tres Morais)Brazil LXIX ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... $13.99
Excellent work from Os Tres Brasileiros – better known in Brazil as Os Tres Morais! The group, like many, were a Brazilian ensemble who recorded in America under a different name – one that might be more "catchy" for the American audiences – but apart from that shift, their music is all authentic all the way – with a wonderful harmony vocal sound that follows in the tradition of Quarteto Em Cy or Tamba Trio! Even better, the album has an organist backing the group up – with sweet bubbling notes that sound a lot like the work of Walter Wanderley, and which give the album an even nicer groovy touch! The whole thing's incredible – a real treat all the way through, with great originals like "Sambamor", "Jequi-Bach", "Outono", and "Brincando De Samba" – plus sweet covers like "Days Of Wine & Roses", "Moon River", and "The Shadow Of Your Smile". CD

Close matches62
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Freda PayneStares & Whispers (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/ (UK), 1977. New Copy ... $6.99 14.99
Sweet club grooving from the legendary Freda Payne – a very different album than her initial hits for Holland-Dozier-Holland, and a set that has a mature mix of disco and modern soul! Production is by Tony Camillo and Frank Wilson – and the tracks are long and nicely stretched out – getting Freda past the hooks and into territory that almost rivals the best on Philadelphia International at the time. The best cuts here are the ones that are slightly mellow, grooving in a midtempo mode – really letting Payne show off this new style to best effect. Titles include "Master Of Love", "Stares & Whispers", "Bring Back The Joy", and "I Get High On Your Memory". This edition has 3 bonus tracks: "I Can't Live On A Memory" Baby You've Got What It Takes" (both US single B-Sides) and "I Wanna See You Soon" by Tavares feat Freda Payne (UK single B-Side). CD

Close matches63
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Perry & SanlinFor Those Who Love ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1980. New Copy ... $13.99
A fantastic moment from the Capitol Rare generation! The album is the first Capitol effort from Phil Perry & Kevin Sanlin – two excellent harmony soul singers who were part of the legendary Montclairs who recorded for Paula earlier in the 70s – and it's a slick batch of modern soul tracks produced with a nice jazzy tinge. Charles (ex-Independents) Jackson handled the album, as he did work for Natalie Cole on Capitol, and so much other great stuff for the label around this time – and the record sparkles with the best modern soul that was coming out on Capitol at the time. The duet style is a bit in the mode of The Valentine Brothers, with either singer taking the lead, and the other coming in on the choruses – and the album's very well handled throughout. Includes a great remake of "Can't Hide Love", plus "Since You (Came Into My Life)", "I'm So Glad There's You", "We Belong Together", and "It's Alright". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)

Close matches64
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lou RawlsLou Rawls Anthology ... CD
Capitol, 1960s/Early 70s. Used 2 CDs ... $9.99
We love Lou Rawls – and this is some of his best stuff! Lou's got a voice that can't be beat, and he cut a wealth of fantastic material for Capitol during the long stretch he stayed on the label. And while it's hard to include all that stuff on one set, we're pretty pleased at the selection of tracks that Capitol made for this one – as the 33 tracks feature some of Lou's best singles, album cuts, and groovy monologues from the old days! Titles include "My Ancestors", "Memory Lane/Old Man's Memories", "It Was A Very Good Year", "Trouble Down Here Below", "Dead End Street/Monologue", "Hang Ups", "Down Here On The Ground", and "I Can't Make It Alone". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches65
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lou RawlsSoulin' ... CD
Capitol/Elemental (France), 1966. New Copy Gatefold ... $13.99
One of the best albums that Lou Rawls cut with the team of HB Barnum and David Axelrod – that incredible duo who made some of his 60s Capitol albums so great! The style here is wonderful – upbeat grooves from Barnum – who brings more soul into Lou's music than before – recorded by Axelrod with the right sort of sharpness and punch – that special quality he brought to Cannonball Adderley's 60s soul classics too! Rawls is really at home in the setting – stepping out in some points with these hip monologue passages that are as great as his singing – maybe even better, too – as they show a whole new side of Lou's personality – that badass, totally hip quality that people might never have expected from the early days. One of the best of these is the excellent "Old Man's Memories", about a guy sitting on a bench in Washington Park on the south side of Chicago, which then rolls into an amazing version of "It Was A Very Good Year". Other tunes have a great mix of soul and jazz – and titles include "Love Is A Hurtin Thing", "A Whole Lotta Woman", "Don't Explain", "Old Folks", and "Breaking My Back (Instead Of Using My Mind)". CD
(Limited edition!)

Close matches66
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lou RawlsYou'll Never Find Another – The Very Best Of Lou Rawls ... CD
Capitol, Used ... $8.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches67
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lou Rawls with Les McCann LtdStormy Monday ... CD
Capitol, 1962. Used ... Just Sold Out!
One of Lou's most jazz-oriented albums – featuring backing by Les McCann's famous trio with Leroy Vinnegar and Ron Jefferson, perfectly suited to Lou's soulful renditions of the tunes on the album. Most of the numbers are bluesy ones, but as usual, Lou manages to give them his own hip twist – always a pleasure for us! Titles include "In The Evening", "Sweet Lover", "Willow Weep For Me", "Stormy Monday", and "'Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do". CD features 3 bonus cuts – "A Little Les Of Lou's Blues", "Blues Is A Woman", and an alternate take of "Stormy Monday". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches68
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ann RichardsMany Moods Of Ann Richards/Two Much ... CD
EMI/Capitol (UK), Late 50s. Used ... $6.99
2 great albums from Ann Richards – an excellent jazz-based vocalist who worked frequently with Stan Kenton! The first album on the set – Many Moods Of Ann Richards – is exactly what the title implies: a mixture of modes handled by different arrangers that include Ralph Carmichael, Bill Holman, and Tak Shindo – all of whom do a good job of pushing Ann past the standard torchy female singer styles of the time. The second album – Two Much – has Ann working with Stan Kenton in a great set of tunes that are touched by the dark and moody tones we love so much in Kenton's work of the time, and which show why he'd pegged Richards as a strong successor to the work he'd done with June Christy. The set features 22 tracks in all – with titles that include "The Morning After (The Night Before)", "My Kinda Love", "No Moon At All", "All Or Nothing At All", "Something's Coming", "Lazy Afternoon", "Be Easy Be Tender", and "I'm Late". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches69
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Linda RonstadtHeart Like A Wheel ... CD
Capitol, 1974. Used ... $0.99
... CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Heart Like A Wheel ... LP 2.99

Close matches70
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
SeatrainMarblehead Messenger (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1971. New Copy Gatefold ... $29.99
The third album from Seatrain – a record with a title that refers to their move to Marblehead, Massachusetts from their original home in Marin County, California! That geographic shift maybe signals a bit of a musical shift too – some slightly stronger bluesy currents mixed in with their roots rock elements – fleshed out with songwriting that feels a bit more complicated and personal too! As with the previous album, George Martin produced – and has a sense of compression that really helps the sound of the set – and titles include "Gramercy", "The State Of Georgia's Mind", "Marblehead Messenger", "London Song", "Losing All The Years", "Despair Tire", and "Lonely's Not The Only Way To Go". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

Close matches71
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dinah ShoreSomebody Loves Me ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1959. Used ... $18.99
Warm Capitol magic from Dinah Shore – a singer we sometimes forget about, then fall in love with all over again when we hear a record like this! Shore's got a sound that's unlike anyone else we can think of – a sense of flow that really sets her apart, and a way of being slightly sentimental, but without ever being hokey – especially at this maturing point in her career. If you only know her early work with bands, or her later TV personality, you'll find a whole different artist here – singing with lush Andre Previn charts on tunes that include "My Buddy", "East Of The Sun", "When I Grow Too Old To Dream", "Somebody Loves Me", and "I Hadn't Anyone Till You". CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)

Close matches72
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraClose To You (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1957. Used ... $3.99
An oft-forgotten gem in Sinatra's catalog – a sad, somber late 50s session conducted by Nelson Riddle, with additional backing by the Hollywood String Quartet, who give the record all the weepiness it needs to make the songs hit home. Sinatra's in that post-revival mode vocally, hitting a mature tone that really brings the best emotional quality out of titles like "Love Locked Out", "PS I Love You", "Close To You", "Don't Like Goodbyes", and "Blame It On My Youth". Still entirely at the top of his game – and more proof that there never was a better singer! CD reissue features 15 tracks in all. CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches73
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraFrank Sinatra Sings The Select Cole Porter (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1950s. Used ... $4.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches74
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraNice & Easy ... CD
Capitol, 1960. Used ... $3.99
Frank's last solid album for Capitol, and an easily swinging set that points the way towards the confident maturity of the Reprise years. The title tune, "Nice and Easy", is a classic swinger with great backing by Nelson Riddle – and the rest of the album's selection of tunes is a bit more in the sad late nite mode of some of Sinatra's other end of the 50s sessions, but handled with a bit more flair, a bit more of that ass-pinching machismo that would creep into his love songs in the 60s. Titles include "Dream", "She's Funny That Way", "Fools Rush In", "That Old Feeling", and "I've Got A Crush On You". CD

Close matches75
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraPoint Of No Return (original master recording) ... CD
Capitol/Mobile Fidelity, 1961. Used Gatefold ... $14.99
Sinatra's final album for Capitol – a contemplative set of tracks that reunites him with arranger Alex Stordahl, a frequent partner during the Columbia years, and an artist who's matured as much as Frank by this point, making a perfect fit for the sadder tone of the material. Tracks are in that "older man let alone" style of some of the Reprise recordings, and selections include "These Foolish Things", "When The World Was Young", "I'll Remember April", "September Song", "A Million Dreams Ago", and "Somewhere Along The Way". Plus, the CD reissue includes 4 bonus tracks – recorded with Stordahl in 1953, Frank's first years at Capitol, nicely reunited with the later material on this set. Titles include "Lean Baby", "I'm Walking Behind You", "Day In Day Out", and "Don't Make A Beggar Out of Me". CD
(Numbered, limited editon hybrid-SACD pressing. Penmark through barcode.)

Close matches76
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraSinatra's Swingin Session (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1960. Used ... $4.99
A Swingin Session indeed – as Frank steps out with Nelson Riddle on one of his last great albums for Capitol! The record's got the bounce and lilt of Frank's earlier gems with Riddle – a sly mix of jazz and strings that's every bit the best fit for Blue Eyes' vocals at the end of the 50s as it was back when he and Riddle cooked up the comeback sound earlier in the decade – and as before, although the tunes are mostly familiar, they're spun out by Frank as if they're his own – phrased beautifully, punched up nicely, and swung in just the right way to fit the spirit of the session! Titles include "I Concentrate On You", "Blue Moon", "When You're Smiling", "It's Only A Paper Moon", "Always", and "September In The Rain". CD features 3 bonus tracks – "Sentimental Baby", "Hidden Persuasion", and "Ol MacDonald". CD
(Out of print.)

Close matches77
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraSings Rogers & Hammerstein ... CD
Capitol, 1940s/Early 50s. Used ... $1.99
... CD
(Out of print, punch through barcode.)

Close matches78
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank SinatraSongs for Swingin' Lovers! (gold CD) ... CD
Capitol/Mobile Fidelity, Mid 50s. Used ... $18.99
A near-perfect session of 50s Sinatra – upbeat, lively, and with an undeniable punch that completely transforms every tune! The great Nelson Riddle is backing Frank up on the set – and the album's one of their liveliest from the time, filled with familiar tunes that Frank slips into like an old glove – then runs with as if they're his own! Titles include "It Happened In Monterey", "Love Is Here To Stay", "I've Got You Under My Skin", "You Make Me Feel So Young", "Old Devil Moon", and "How About You?". CD

Close matches79
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frank Sinatra & Tommy DorseySong Is You (5CD box set) ... CD
Capitol, 1930s/Early 40s. Used 5 CDs ... $19.99
... CD
(Out of print, BMG music club pressing.)

Close matches80
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Keely SmithGreat Ladies Of Song – Spotlight On Keely Smith ... CD
Capitol, Late 50s. Used ... $5.99
... CD
(Out of print, small cutout notch through spine.)

Close matches81
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe SouthIntrospect (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1968. New Copy ... $29.99
A breakout moment for the great Joe South – a songwriter who'd given a few songs to other artists in the 60s – but who also turned out to be a hell of a singer on his own! Joe's got this style here that's a bit country, or maybe a bit southern – but which also crossed over to the world of soul as well – almost an odd fit, although maybe there's some country soul elements in Joe's music that makes the whole thing work! Whatever the case, there's a vibe here that really set the tone for mainstream rock to come – pop with some rootsy inflections, although also given some oddly trippy production at times – which is what really make the album a complete charmer. Titles include the hit "Rose Garden" – plus "Mirror Of Your Mind", "All My Hard Times", "Games People Play", "Birds Of A Feather", "Redneck", "Don't You Be Ashamed", and "These Are Not My People". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

Close matches82
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kay StarrMovin' ... CD
Capitol/Jasmine, Late 50s. Used ... $9.99
One of Kay's classics for Capitol – an upbeat, all-grooving set of tracks that showcases Starr's unique blend of swing and country phrasing! Van Alexander handled all the arrangements – and the tracks have lots of snapping percussion at the bottom, nice bluesy phrasings, and a fair bit of breakout (uncredited) horn solos throughout the set. Titles include "On A Slow Boat To China", "Movin", "Lazy River", "Swingin Down The Lane", "Song Of The Wanderer", and "Around The World". CD

Close matches83
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Frederic Talgorn, Salvatore Adamo & OthersLaisse Tes Mains Sur Mes Hanches – Bande Originale Du Film ... CD
Capitol (France), 1960s/2003. Used ... $5.99
... CD
(Out of print. CD is copy controlled.)

Close matches84
CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Taste Of HoneyTaste Of Honey ... CD
Capitol/Universal (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... $13.99
Probably the most successful album the Mizell Brothers ever produced, and a fine set of uptempo groovers from this female soul duet! There's some nice jazzy moments underneath the catchy lyrics, and in a way, the album's style is sort of a blueprint for the sound that would emerge over the next few at Capitol Records, where some incredible albums of modern soul would be recorded. And sure, at one level the group's hit "Boogie Oogie Oogie" is a bit of oversaturated pop disco – but there's plenty of other great moments that show the group as a more sophisticated soul outfit, including "This Love Of Ours", "Sky High", "Distant", "You're In Good Hands", "Sky High" and "If We Loved". This remastered version from Big Break UK includes bonus mixes: "Boogie Oogie Oogie (Single Mix)", "Boogie Oogie Oogie (12" New Boogie Mix)" and "Disco Dancin' (12" Disco Mix)". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ TavaresIn The City ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... $13.99
A mid 70s classic from Tavares – west coast group soul, sewn up tightly by the team of Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter, who also wrote a good portion of tracks on the set! This is some seriously sublime stuff, working on a number of levels. The vocal arrangements are totally killer and on the production tip, the set is just as impeccable. Rave up soul anthems, more delicate and tender groovers, and styles that rolls from stripped down intimacy with lightly spacey textures, to straight up soaring – and it's held together beautifully by the vocals. The record includes the group's sublime version of "It Only Takes A Minute" – one of those tunes that never sounds bad – plus other great numbers, like "In The City", "Free Ride", "Ready Willing & Able", and "In The Eyes Of Love". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ TavaresMadam Butterfly ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1979. New Copy ... $13.99
An incredible album from Tavares – every bit as great on the uptempo end, as you'd expect from their bigger hits, as it is on the sweeter ballad tracks – which step out here as a tremendous surprise! The set was crafted with help from Philly maestro Bobby Martin – and begins with a groove that certainly shows Martin in all of his Sigma-inspired glory – but as the set moves on, it glides into some sweeteer, gentler tracks that come across with a mighty mellow soul approach! The set features 3 stellar tracks written by the great Sam Dees – "Games, Games", "Let Me Heal The Bruises", and "My Love Calls" – all of which show a strong deeper soul side of the group. Other tracks are great, too – and include "I'm Back For More", Never Had A Love Like This Before", "Straight From Your Heart", "One Telephone Call Away", and "Positive Forces". CD
(Part of the Disco Fever 40 series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Randy WestonUhuru Afrika/Highlife ... CD
Roulette/Capitol, 1960/1963. Used ... $9.99
Incredible work by Randy Weston – light years ahead of his trio material from just a few years before! The album is one of his most progressive from the early years, and features an extended suite dedicated to the newly-won freedoms of the African Nations – with occasional lyrics by Langston Hughes, and arrangements by the great Melba Liston! The material's political, radical, and modernist – but it never fails to groove, and uses its politics to achieve an added emotional punch, as in the best work from the same time by Max Roach and Charles Mingus – and some of their larger progressive projects. The group is much larger than you'd expect from Randy – with Benny Bailey and Richard Williams on trumpets, Slide Hampton on trombone, Sahib Shihab on reeds, and Candido and Olatunji on percussion – which really dominates the record. The whole thing is amazing – one of the purest realizations of the African influence in Weston's music – and movements of the suite are entitled "Uhuru Kwanza", "African Lady", "Bantu", and "Kucheza Blues" CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nancy WilsonHollywood My Way/Broadway My Way ... CD
Capitol/EMI (UK), 1963. Used ... $7.99
2 key albums in the early career of Nancy Wilson – back to back on one CD! For Hollywood My Way, Wilson turns her wonderfully sophisticated vocal style towards a batch of hits from Hollywood films of the 40s, 50s, and 60s – arranged and conducted by Jimmy Jones, in that classy blend of jazz and soul that suited Wilson so well in the 60s! The style is really a cut above the usual – handled with great poise by Nancy throughout, but also done in a mode that's relaxed enough to get past some of the stodgier sounds of records like this. The mellower tunes are actually some of the best here – personal, reflective, and echoing the "Guess Who I Saw Today" sound of Wilson in the 60s. Titles include "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To", "Almost In Your Arms", "When Did You Leave Heaven?", "My Shining Hour", "Days Of Wine & Roses", and "Wild Is The Wind". Broadway My Way is also arranged and conducted by Jimmy Jones – and as usual with Wilson in this sort of setting, the material is really transformed by her presentation – taken way past its roots in popular shows of the time. Titles include "Loads Of Love", "My Ship", "Getting To Know You", "Tonight", "You Can Have Him", and "I Believe In You". 24 tracks in all. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nancy WilsonWelcome To My Love (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, 1967. Used ... $7.99
Nancy Wilson gets some great help here from Oliver Nelson – whose solid arrangements make the record one of our favorites from Wilson's early Capitol years! There's a feel here that's a bit earthier and bluesier than some of Wilson's other albums – a mode that's a nice extension of the post-R&B sound that Ray Charles was forging, but done with more of the class and sophistication you'd expect from Nancy. Nelson still uses a fair bit of strings in the mix, and although the pace is often gentle, there's an undercurrent to the record that keeps things soulful and strong! The set features a great reading of "I'm Always Drunk In San Francisco", plus versions of "Why Try To Change Me Now", "You Don't Know Me", "Ode To Billie Joe", and "May I Come In?". CD features the bonus track "Let's Make The Most Of A Beautiful Thing". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Welcome To My Love ... LP 2.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Nancy Wilson & George ShearingSwingin's Mutual (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol, Early 60s. Used ... $1.99
An album of mixed vocal and instrumental cuts, some with Nancy in the lead, backed by Shearing's combo, others with Shearing's group alone. The vocal tracks are quite nice jazz ones – and include "On Green Dolphin Street", "Born To Be Blue", "All Night Long", and "Let's Live Again". Shearing's backing is pretty nice, and gives Nancy's style a really moody feel that's different than her pop work! This CD contains 8 extra tracks, including "Evansville", "My Gentleman Friend", "Silk", "Stablemates", and "Whisper Not". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
WingsLondon Town ... CD
Capitol/MPL, 1978. Used ... $19.99
Not as guitarry or AM-pop heavy as the group's earlier classics, but still a pretty nice little record nonetheless – filled with the kind of playful McCartney tunes that we've always loved, and carried off with an undeniable charm. Includes the hit "With A Little Luck", plus "Famous Groupies", "Deliver Your Children", "London Town", "Cafe On The Left Bank", "I'm Carrying", "Backwards Traveller", and "Cuff Link". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
WingsWings At The Speed Of Sound ... CD
Capitol, 1976. Used ... $11.99
Possibly the last truly wonderful Wings album of the 70s – a monumental crossover record that smoothed out their groove a bit more and delivered some wonderful hits! Denny Laine is still in the group at this point, and titles include the classics "Let Em In" and "Silly Love Songs" – plus "Cook Of The House", "San Ferry Anne", "Warm & Beautiful", "Wino Junko", and "The Note You Never Wrote". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby WomackBobby Womack Greatest Hits ... CD
Capitol/Right Stuff, Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... $6.99
Bobby's so great, it's hard to fit all of his good stuff on one CD – but this set does a pretty darn good job, and includes 19 tracks from his legendary years on United Artists! Hearing this set, we're stunned to realize just how many great tracks Bobby turned out over the years – especially because there's a few nice ones on here we forgot that he even did. Titles include "Harry Hippie", "Check It Out", "You're Welcome, Stop On By", "Daylight", "Woman's Gotta Have It", "Save The Children", "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much", "Lookin For A Love", and "Woman's Gotta Have It". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousRites Of Rhythm & Blues – Rhythm & Blues Foundation 1993 Pioneer Awards ... CD
Capitol, Late 40s/1950s/1960s. Used ... $1.99
Includes 25 tracks from James Brown, Lowell Fulson, Carla Thomas, Brook Benton, Floyd Dixon, Big Joe Turner, Bobby Bland, Hadda Brooks, and more! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousTestify! – The Gospel Box (3CD set) ... CD
Capitol/EMI (UK), 1940s/1950s/1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s. Used 3 CDs ... $18.99
Music from the Southern Sons Quartette, the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, the Trumpeteers, the Fairfield Four, the Original Five Blind Boys, Danniebelle Hall, Dorothy Love Coates, Cissy Houston, Oleta Adams & more. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Cannonball AdderleyCannonball In Japan (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Capitol (Japan), 1966. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A rare live set by Cannonball Adderley – unreleased in America at the time, and performed with the style of Cannon's best work for Riverside! The album's very similar to some of the group's best live sets for Riverside – like the San Francisco or other Tokyo recording – done with tracks that are long and a bit stretched out, performed with Nat Adderley on cornet, Joe Zawinul on piano, Vic Gaskin on bass, and Roy McCurdy on drums. Titles include "Work Song", "Mercy Mercy Mercy", "This Here", "Jive Samba", and "Money In The Pocket". CD
(Out of print. Includes obi – and still sealed!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Cannonball AdderleyThem Dirty Blues ... CD
Riverside/Capitol, 1960. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the all-time great ones by Cannonball! This record captures him in the prime of his early soul jazz fame – working with an unbelievably heavy quintet that featured Bobby Timmons on piano (with Barry Harris sitting in on a few tracks), Sam Jones on bass, Louis Hayes on drums, and brother Nat Adderley on cornet. The quintet forged a sound that made them an immediate hit – and which had their tight, jagged, soul-drenched sound getting copied by everyone. The record features some amazing soul jazz standards – like Nat's original version of "Work Song", the first-ever record of Timmons' amazing "Dat Dere", Cannon's slinky "Them Dirty Blues", and the jaunty groover "Jeannine", a wonderful cut by Duke Pearson that never sounded better! The CD features alternates of "Work Song" and "Dat Dere" – for a total of 9 tracks in all! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ray AnthonyRock Around The Rock Pile ... CD
Capitol/Bear Family (Germany), 1950s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Plenty of folks jumped on the rock and roll bandwagon in the 50s, and most of them slid right off – but somehow trumpeter Ray Anthony managed to do a better job than most – as you'll hear here on this great collection of Capitol recordings from the postwar years! It might be Capitol to credit as much as Anthony – as the label always did great recordings that helped artists make a slight shift into groovier modes – country singers to rockabilly, vocalists to R&B – and in this case, a jazz leader into romping territory that shared plenty with those modes and the new sound of rock and roll! The tracks here stretch back to the start of the 50s, but mostly cluster together in the second half of the decade – when Anthony's young band more than adapted to rhythms borrowed from the jump blues bands of a few years before – and still found a way of adding some great touches of their own. Tunes are about half vocal, half instrumental – with Anthony providing the lead trumpet solos, and a bit of vocals – but other singing from Med Flory and The Skyliners. Arrangements are pretty great – handled by Don Simpson, George Williams, and Dick Reynolds – and as usual with Bear Family, the package is as great as the music inside. 28 tracks in all – and titles include "Rock Around The Rock Pile", "Be Bop Baby", "Jailhouse Rock", "The Girl Can't Help It", "Mr Anthony's Boogie", "Houseparty Hop", "The Fox", "Night Train", "Twist & Rock Around The Clock", "Rock Umba", and "Peter Gunn Theme". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Les BaxterJewels Of The Sea (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/El (UK), Early 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the rarest Les Baxter albums – and one of the best! The theme is undersea exotic – and Les uses a swirling mix of strings, piano, organ, flute, and electronics to create a haunting sound that makes you feel like you've discovered some hidden grotto under the sea, filled with jewels and other treasures you could only imagine in dreams. The scoring is similar to some of Les' other great work on Capitol – but the dreaminess of the instruments gives the record a whole different sound, without getting as snoozy as some of his easy pop work. Titles include "Dancing Diamonds", "Enchanted Sea", "Sunken City", "Stars In The Sand", "Sea Nymph", and "Dolphin". CD also features 13 more tracks – from The Sacred Idol, Ports Of Pleasure, and Tamboo – titles that include "City Of Veils", "Pool Of Love", "High Priest Of The Aztecs", "Procession Of The Princes", "Tahiti A Summer Night At Sea", and "Batumba". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Les BaxterSpace Escapade (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Capitol/El (UK), Late 50s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the rarest albums by Les Baxter – and one of the best! The record features an excellent batch of "space exotica" tracks, set amidst some very lively arrangements, all packaged in one of the greatest album covers of the 50s! Les' writing and leading are as excellent as always, and the record has a beautiful sound that never gets as soppy as some of the other 50s space-age albums. Titles include "A Distant Star", "Moonscape", "Mr. Robot", "The Commuter", and "The Other Side Of The Moon". This CD edition includes a heck of a lot of great bonus material – a selection of mid 50s singles by Baxter, both a-sides and b-sides – some a bit more pop and less exotica oriented, but still plenty off beat and and nicely odd, and some sweeter numbers, too. Includes the 12 tracks from the original album, and 18 bonus tracks, including "Cornflakes", "Toy Tigers", "Sinner Man", "Blue Echo", "Cherchez La Femme", "Molodia Loca", "Please Mr Sun" and much more. CD

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