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VariousBrownswood Bubblers Volume 11 – Compiled By Gilles Peterson ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2015. New Copy Gatefold ... $15.99 17.98
Brilliant sounds from the global underground – an excellent in this wonderful series that never lets us down! We've been digging the musical choices of Gilles Peterson since the late 80s – and over the years, he's continued to expose us to new music we never would have heard otherwise – first with his compilations and radio shows, and more recently with his excellent work on his own Brownswood label! The Bubblers series has been running for a number of years, but each new volume is a fresh delight – sounds we'd never have heard otherwise, and all still as expertly chosen as the kind of work Gilles first turned us on to many years back. Titles include "Cigar Box" by Al Dobson Jr, "I Waited For You" by Billie Black, "Kamaloka" by Gogo Penguin, "20th Century Fix" by Mirror Signal, "Tomorrow" by Hector Plimmer, "A Part Of You" by Kuage, "Nowhere In Between (acoustic)" by Nightports, and "I Don't Know" by Nick Hakim. CD

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✨✧ VariousGilles Peterson Digs America – Brownswood USA ... CD
Luv N' Haight/Ubiquity, Late 60s/1970s. Used ... Out Of Stock
A side of the US soul and jazz scene not often heard – served up in the hands of UK DJ Gilles Peterson, a man blessed with keen ears for detecting an unusual groove! The package is a trip through American rarities Peterson has collected over his many years in music – a variety of small label titles from the hinterlands of the US indie scene of the 60s and 70s – many of them genre-busting numbers that shift effortlessly between jazz, soul, funk, Latin, and headier musical influences. As with any set from Gilles P, there's a method to the magic here that really makes us marvel – a talent not only for picking unusual tunes, but also for putting them together in a way that makes each number resonate with the next – coming alive as if they'd never been lost, and creating a level of excitement that's hardly matched by other collections! Titles include "Tribute To Wes" by Moses Dillard, "Didn't I" by Darondo, "He Does It Better" by Marva Josie, "Ya Ya Cha Cha" by Lonnie Hewitt, "Search For The Inner Self" by Jon Lucien, "A Perfect Day" by Bobby Cole, "Ode To Africa" by Harold McKinney, "Get Off The Ground" by Baaska & Scavelli, "Lover's Theme" by Bob Cunningham, "Just As We" by Caroline Peyton, "The Prayer" by World Experience Orchestra, "The Kingdom Within You" by Ira Sullivan, "Circles" by Ensemble Al Salaam, and "Just Me N You" by JR Bailey. CD
(Out of print.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
AnoushkaBroken Circuit ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $10.99 17.98
Anoushka's a duo, as you might have guessed from the image on the cover – and a great one at that, with these sublime spacey soul vocals from Victoria Port, mixed with her own keyboards and more beats and keys from Max Wheeler! The music's got a lean quality, but also soars with a cosmic sense of soul – just the right sort of vibe to ensure the group's placement on Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Records – with a groundbreaking 21st Century Soul feel throughout! Victoria's got a style that's charming, but never cloying – and which will hook you in right away – and titles include "I Have Love 4 You", "Impatient", "Never Can Decide", "Atom Bombs", "Echo", "Kisses", "Broken Circuit", and "Fire To Me". CD

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Zara McFarlaneIf You Knew Her ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2013. New Copy ... $9.99 11.98
An even better album than Zara McFarlane's debut – and a record that lets us dig even deeper into the wonderful world of her vocals! The instrumentation here is mostly stripped down – usually just a bit of percussion, bass, or piano – used as sparingly here as on some of Jose James' early work for the Brownswood label – material that would be a great comparison for Zara's approach here, as the style is a really personal blend of jazz roots, contemporary soul phrasing, and individual musical vision! Most lyrics are McFarlane's own – spun out warmly and without any sense of cliche or overdone phrasing – and even when she turns to songs by others, she really finds a way to make them all her own. Titles include "Open Heart", "Her Eyes", "Move", "You'll Get Me In Trouble", "Plain Gold Ring", "Woman In The Olive Groves", "Love", and "Angie La La". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Owiny Sigoma BandPower Punch ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2013. Used ... $8.99
An album that definitely packs a powerful punch – thanks to a compelling blend of sounds from both London and Kenya, brought together in a whole new formation of African groove! The album's a wicked reworking of an older aesthetic – in a spirit that's similar to the really inventive changes that Tony Allen brought to his music on the Paris scene in the late 90s – but with a fresh, crisp sort of energy that really lives up to the group's placement on the Brownswood label! Electric and acoustic elements are wrapped together beautifully – so that both act very organically in the music – and the vocals work in a similar way – never totally out front, but instead a strong part of this wonderful hybrid. Titles include "Sunken Wrecks", "Owiny Techno", "Norbat Okelo", "Nagalo Ni Piny Odag", "Yukimwi", "All Together", and "Jonny Ra Ha". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
SonzeiraBrasil Bam Bam Bass – Outtakes & Remakes – Curated With Love ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2015. New Copy 2CD ... $15.99 17.98
A great second helping of work from Gilles Peterson's Sonzeira project – one that features outtakes that didn't make it on the original album, and some remixes and remakes too – all of which continue the warmly collaborative vibe of the project! The music is awash in acoustic elements – especially percussion – but also mixed with lots of the cool, contemporary styles that Gilles has been giving us on his radio show and Brownswood label for years – all in a cross-cultural vibe that's a bit like his recent projects in Cuba! And as with the main album, this is hardly low-end bossa-remix work – and instead a really thoughtful reworking of styles that comes from a strong love of the original music, with a great ear towards new generations. Titles include "Plum Blossom", "Mystery Of Man (4hero rmx)", "Um Toque (alt master boogie)", "Xi Ba Ba (Kyodai rmx)", "Brasil Pandeiro (Drumagick's beach mix)", "Nana (Sunlightsquare rmx)", "Aquarela Do Brasil (Mark E rmx)", "Ele E Ela (Werkha rmx)", "Ultrastellar (Chassol rmx)", "Xi Ba Ba (Atjazz Edit)", "Bam Bam Bam (Simbad acid dub)", and "Sambaio (Demus percapella)". 2CD package, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousHavana Cultura Mix – The Soundclash! ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $9.99 15.98
A great mix of Cuban music and diversely danceable, percussive sounds from around the globe – on this excellent entry in the Brownswood label's and producer/tastemaker Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura series! It's amazing stuff, and about as seamless a blend of styles as can be, while still being able to describe it as Soundclash – often with Cuban vocals, percussion and rhythms, with either subtle or fairly bold electronics, depending on the track – contributed by artists from Chile, UK, Germany, Hungary, Holland, South Africa and beyond. Includes "Ellegua" by Kerkstra feat Sexto Sentido, "Para Ti" by Rukaiya Russell feat Sexto Sentido, "Yemaya" by Chillum Trio feat Coki & Reni, "Ritmo Sensorial" by Rukaiya Russell feat Los Niches & Charly Mucha Rima, "Soy Cubano" by Kerkstra feat Etian Brebaje Man & Sexto Sentido, "Volar En Lo Profundo: by DJ Monokey feat Barbaro and more. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Diggs DukeUpper Hand & Other Great Illusions (with bonus download) ... LP
Brownswood (UK), 2014. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Sublime soulful sounds from Diggs Duke – one of the freshest artists we've heard in years – and one of the few who really live up to the cosmic promise of the Brownswood label! Duke's got this way of singing, speaking, and playing Fender Rhodes with a really righteous sort of vibe – almost a modern day Weldon Irvine, but with an ear for heavier beats as well – and able to do more in this short EP than most artists can do in a full album! Titles include "The Pinnacle", "Secrets Seem Rehearsed", "Covered In Cloth", "Our Love Was Brand New", and "A Private Island". Why isn't this guy huge? LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus download too!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ AnushkaDistorted Air EP (with download) ... 12-inch
Brownswood (UK), 2014. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A nice little spacey club soul EP on Brownswood – actually the duo of singer/songwriter Victoria Port and producer Max Wheeler – and it's very promising stuff! Brownswood has a been a vital source for burgeoning progressive dancefloor talent for years now, and the depth continues to impress! Speaking of depth, Anushka stands out here thanks to deeper song-based level. The bubbling electro soul vibe is easy enough to get lost on a club or headphones level, but there's just defter, song-based vibe here. It get over even better thanks to Victoria's beautiful voice. Titles include "Broken Circuit", "Atom Bombs", "World In This Room" and "Blessing". 12-inch, Vinyl record
(Includes download card.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ United Future OrganizationUnited Future Organization (Urban Meets Nature) ... CD
Brownswood/Talkin' Loud (UK), 1993. Used ... Out Of Stock
The classic album by one of the groups that has gone on to revolutionize the world of contemporary jazzy grooves. The UFO crew bring in a host of guest players – like Monday Michiru, Jon Hendricks, Galliano, and others – to weave together a host of styles – from Brazilian, to jazzy, to groovy – and lay the groundwork for the 21st Century soul movement that they're so richly a part of. Includes great remakes of Edu Lobo's "Upa Neguinho" and Jon Hendricks "I'll Bet You Never Thought I'd Find You", plus originals like "Vinyl Junkie", "The Sixth Sense" and "On Est Ensemble Sans Se Parler – LOVE". CD
(Out of print. Barcode has a cutout hole.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
King YorubaSunlightsquare ... CD
Sunlightsquare (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $16.99
Way more than just the usual Afro Funk sounds – as King Yoruba mix together a trans-Atlantic blend of styles that includes Latin elements, jazzy bits, and even some 70s soundtrack elements – all wrapped up in a tapestry of grooves that are heavy on acoustic percussion and electric keyboards, given a lot of spontaneous energy by jazzy horns! The set was recorded in both Havana and London, and really has that feel – almost like some of the best Gilles Peterson/Brownswood projects from Cuba – but maybe even jazzier. Titles include "Orula", "Ochosi", "Never Go Die-O", "Ogguere", "Breakin Down", and "Fantasy". CD

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