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DJ Shadow & Cut ChemistRenegades Of Rhythm – DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Play Afrika Bambaataa (tour book) ... Book
Boo Hooray, 2014. New Copy ... $33.99 39.98
A sweet little tour book commemorating DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Renegades Of Rhythm tour – in which the duo of modern live DJ masters honor pioneer Afrika Bambaataa! The most incredible fact about the tour itself, is that Shadow and Chemist don't just spin records that Bambaataa himself spun back in the day, but they're literally spinning Bambaataa's own record collection – having been granted access by the man himself. The book is great, with text by DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist AND Afrika Bambaataa, done in kind of a DIY style that makes it all the more appealing – with a beautiful hand silk-screened cover with by Paul Insect, and featuring full color scans of many of the actual records, some rare old Bambaataa gig flyers and lots more! Book
(Limited to 2500 copies. Hand silk-screened cover with art by Paul Insect.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
All Music GuideOld School Rap & Hip Hop ... Book
AMG, 2008. New Copy ... $4.99 16.95
A guide to essential Old School Rap & Hip Hop from team at the indespensible All Music Guide – featuring more than 500 music reviews of important records by Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, NWA, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and so much more – plus reviews on soul and funk LPs that were instrumental in the creation of hip hop, from ESG, The Emotions, Gil Scott-Heron, Marva Whitney and many more! The book is divided into 2 parts, The Roots Of Rap and Digging In The Crates, and organized alphabetically. Paperback, 166 pages, with several reviews per page. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart BakerBlack Fire New Spirits – Images Of A Revolution – Radical Jazz In The USA 1960 to 1975 (hardcover) ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $36.99 49.95
A stunning book of photographs to stand alongside the excellent album art books done by the Soul Jazz label – a treasure trove of hardly-seen images of some of the best underground musicians of the 60s and 70s – and a great antidote to the sorts of jazz books that are only just filled with pictures of Duke, Louis, and Miles! In true Soul Jazz fashion, the volume shines the spotlight on key avant and spiritual jazz figures – like Roland Kirk, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Elvin Jones, Cecil Taylor, Eric Dolphy, Alice Coltrane, Lloyd McNeil, The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Max Roach, Larry Young, and many others – each of whom get at least one very vivid photo (some black and white, some color), and a short bit of text that introduces their music and placement in jazz. To be fair, there's also some shots of Miles, too – but shown in a very different context in this great book! 189 pages, oversize, with a great hardcover package. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart BakerCover Art Of Studio One Records (hardcover) ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2011. New Copy ... $19.99 49.95
Incredible images from one of the most legendary reggae labels ever – the mighty Studio One, home to decades of classic music, put together with equally-classic images on the record covers! The book is maybe even more of a treasure than some other album art books you'll find – because over the years, many of the Studio One images were pretty watered-down on the market – either pressed up on poor paper that never stood the test of time, or cropped and cribbed from for mainstream reissue packages – but never with the same sort of beauty you'll find in these images! The book is done in the same totally great style as other Soul Jazz books – and features full album images on 12" by 12" pages – all in brilliant color, too. There's some helpful notes at the beginning, and throughout in a few spots – and the book is super-heavy, and 216 pages in all – with some smaller images at the back. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart Baker & Steve BarrowReggae 45 Soundsystem – The Label Art Of Reggae Singles (paperback) ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2012. New Copy Book ... $19.99 49.99
The most massive book of record art we've ever stocked – and a groundbreaking look at the art of reggae 45s, put together by the folks at Soul Jazz Records! Albums are usually featured in a book like this, but the authors do a great job of illustrating the diversity of 45 labels on the Jamaican scene – the wealth of designs and colors that make collecting reggae 45s a past time that's almost as pleasing from a visual perspective as it is from an audio one! Plus, given the obscurity of most of these records, the book's even more valuable – a much-needed record of these small pressings that never got much distribution – laid out here in beautiful full color images. The book is super-heavy, with a cool cover that's between a hardcover and soft cover – and almost 500 pages of images throughout! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stuart Baker & Steve BarrowReggae Soundsystem – Original Reggae Album Cover Art (hardcover) ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2012. New Copy Book ... $19.99 49.95
Amazing images galore – some classic covers from the Jamaican scene of the 60s and 70s, and lots more obscure images too – all presented in very vivid color, with a lot more clarity than any of the beat up original copies we have in our collection! The book really does full justice to the visual side of the reggae scene – and brings together a huge amount of covers we've never seen before, with others that look way more vibrant here than on a tiny CD reissue – presented in this record-shaped book that reminds us why albums always look so great in the racks! Most images are overflowing with color – really beautiful reproductions – and the oversized book is hardcover, and almost 240 pages overall. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Vincent Berniere & Mariel Primois, edPunk Press – Rebel Rock In The Underground Press 1968 to 1980 ... Book
Abrams, Late 60s/1970s/Early 80s. New Copy Book ... $12.99 40.00
The punk press in all of its glory – served up here in an oversized book that brings together pages and images from the underground music papers of the 70s! The book features reproductions of a few articles, and some very detailed pages of notes at the end on the contents – but overall, the presentation is very imagistic – with both color and black and white images, done in the DIY style of the period – where just a little bit, used the right way, could carry a great deal of power! Subjects run the gamut – from The Clash, to The Sex Pistols, Lou Reed, William S Burroughs, and many others – and the book is a partner project to the equally great Sex Press book, and done in a similar style. 240 pages, softcover, and nice and big! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
David BrowneFire & Rain – The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSNY, & The Lost Story Of 1970 ... Book
Da Capo, 2011. New Copy Hardcover ... $6.99 26.00
1970 – a key year for both music and politics on the global scene – one that's portrayed here through albums that include Let It Be by The Beatles, Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkel, and Deja Vu by Crosby Stills Nash & Young – plus the birth of Sweet Baby James! Music journalist David Browne spins the story of these records and the scene in which they emerged – a changing America poised between the decades, awash in radical politics and cultural change. The book balances facts and personal stories, and follows a rough timeline of the year – over the course of 368 hardcover pages. Book

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Ben BruseyPu Pu Hot Pot – The World's Best Resaurant Names (hardcover) ... Book
Penguin Books, 2012. New Copy ... $4.99 5.98
Places we'd love to eat – served up in a flurry of full-color photos of some of the weirdest restaurant names you'd ever hope to find! Highlights include "New Cod On The Block", "Frying Nemo", "Well Hung Beef", and "Wanker's Corner" – but there's loads of other great signs and stores throughout – many from the UK, and all augmented by witty captions from the author. All photos are in full color, and the book is hardcover too! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Garry BushellTime for Action – The Mod Revival 1978 to 1981 ... Book
54321 Countdown (UK), 2012. New Copy ... $6.99
Garry Bushell's cool look back at the mod revival scene of the late 70s and first year or 2 of the 80s – a fairly short-lived, but still invigorating couple years of raw, R&B fueled post-punk that's famous for spawning The Jam and many lesser-remembered, but hardly less exciting band – plus fashion and lifestyle that's STILL influential to younger discoverers. Bushell was one of the more active rock writers covering the scene at the time, and this great little book is filled with his reverent, but barbed prose, and some very cool photos of the action. Paperback, 174 pages. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Martha CamarilloFletcher Street (hardcover) ... Book
Powerhouse Books, 2006. New Copy ... $3.99 39.95
A beautiful portrait of Fletcher Street in Philadelphia – an inner city street with the same issues as many others – poverty, crumbling housing stock, neglect – yet one with a difference, too, as its residents board and ride horse within the neighborhood! The tale of Fletcher Street is one of hope – as photographs that might normally document a site of loss and frustration are instead presented as moments of pride and empowerment – with a stunningly unique aesthetic of inner city kids riding horses through the ghetto. Done in the same great style as other photo books on Powerhouse, but with a real difference – and an oversized volume that features full color images throughout. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michael ChabonTelegraph Avenue (hardcover) ... Book
Harper, 2012. New Copy ... $6.99 27.98
Michael Chabon takes a dip into our own little slice of the universe – by setting this book in a fictious record store in Oakland, California! Chabon's version of the record store isn't exactly like our own experience here at Dusty Groove – maybe more in the High Fidelity side of the spectrum – as the small indie Brokeland Records braces for impact from a larger megastore opening nearby. But the life of the store is only a small slice of the story – because, as usual with Chabon, the real strength of the book is its sense of character – from the owner of the store to the cast of characters in the Oakland scene. And while Chabon might be a bit stiff with some of his funk and soul references, our props still go out to him for giving that world the same sort of play he gave to comics in The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay. 465 pages, hardcover edition. Book
(Please note: These copies have a very small remainder mark on the spine.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
William R Chemerka & Allen J WienerMusic Of The Alamo (with CD) (hardcover) ... Book
Bright Sky Press, 2009. New Copy ... $5.99 29.95
The seige and battle of the Alamo is a well-trodded piece of history, but what isn't often part of the historical record is the musical history – and this nice tome from authors William Chemerka and Allen Wiener aims to correct that! Includes a look at the songs sung and played prior to the battle itself, as well as the pop culture tunes it inspired. Includes a CD of songs, a forward by Davy Crockett actor Fess Parker, and unlikely Alamo historian/Genesis drummer/singer Phil Collins. Hardcover, 191 pages. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michel Choquette, edSomeday Funnies (hardcover) ... Book
Abrams Comic Arts, 2011. New Copy ... $12.99 55.00
An amazing project, with amazing results – a set of separate comics all about the 60s – drawn by some of the hippest talents of both that generation, and the 70s as well! The project was begun many years ago by Michael Choquette – who contacted creators as diverse as William S Burroughs, Jack Kirby, Frank Zappa, Wally Wood, Pete Townshend, Walt Simonson, Denny O'Neil, Harvey Kurtzman, Tuli Kupferberg, Sergio Aragones, Kim Deitch, Will Eisner, Russ Heath, Archie Goodman, Harlan Ellison, and many others – all of whom combined in these really unique ways to create oversized comic strips that feel like they've fallen out of some weird hippie version of a Sunday comics section from the newspaper! The project features 169 different talents in all – with 129 different strips as a result – all presented here in full color, with the oversized feel of a newspaper – but in a lavish hardcover volume. Someday Funnies was unpublished in this full format for years, but finally gets its due – in this heavy book that runs for over 212 pages – complete with a great forward by Jeet Heer. Book

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✨✧ Gary CialdellaCalumet Region – An American Place (hardcover) ... Book
University Of Illinois, 2009. New Copy ... $6.99 39.95
Great photographs from a forgotten corner of the Chicago area – even to most of the folks who live nearby – the neighborhoods around the Calumet Harbor, a lost part of the city near the Indiana border! Calumet is home to older shipping docks, crumbling industry, and many shuttered businesses – but photographer Gary Cialdella manages to find a lasting sense of place through images of homes, taverns, parks, churches, and businesses – and even some industrial landscapes as well! We've driven through the area countless times in search of records – often with no great results on the vinyl front, but a real sense of discovery in finding a part of our metro area that few other people ever visit – and Gary really captures the unique spirit of the area with his well-done black and white photographs. Book is heavy, oversize, and 119 pages. Book

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Brian ColemanCheck The Technique Vol 2 – More Liner Notes For Hip Hop Junkies (paperback) ... Book
Wax Facts Press, 2014. New Copy ... $25.99 27.98
Golden age of hip hop historian Brian Coleman's second Check The Technique tome – the in-depth stories behind some of the greatest records of the 80s and early 90s – an even greater collection than the first volume! Coleman's approach is straight-forward and direct – chronicling a choice selection of 25 bonafide classic albums, breaking them down track-by-track, peppered by interviews with the artists, producers and other principle personalities behind the work, for the most honest histories that Coleman can get. Volume 2 uses a broader time frame than the previous collection, going as far back as 1981's Wild Style Breakbeats, and as recent as the late 90s for Mos Def & Talib Kweli's Black Star and The Coup's Steal This Album. Other records discussioned include The Cactus Album by 3rd Bass, A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing by Black Sheep, The Sun Rises In The East by Jeru The Damaja, Mantronix The Album, Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Links, Stetsasonic In Full Gear, Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop by Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics and more. Like the author's Check The Technique Vol 1 and Rakim Told Me, it's vital hip hop history, breezily readable and engrossing as can be. 525 paperback pages, and each chapter includes photos of the artists, the records and associated singles, and other choice historical tidbits. Essential! Book

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John CorbettSun Ra & Aye Aton – Space, Interiors, & Exteriors 1972 ... Book
Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2013. New Copy ... $4.99 27.99
Amazing images from the universe of Sun Ra – a mixture of rare photographs and mural images painted by Aye Aton – sometime percussionist with the Arkestra, and a heck of a great painter too! The book begins with these stunning full color photographs of Ra on the set of Space Is The Place – images from 1972 that echo the cover of the album of the same name, but which feature a costumed Ra in a number of different settings – including a few parking lot shots that make him look like a true visitor from the cosmos, briefly walking on our planet! The bigger second half of the book features photographs of murals painted by Aton (who's also known as Robert Underwood) – all of them spacey and trippy, and in a similar spirit to the Saturn Records album covers – except these were all painted on walls and ceilings, in very vivid colors. Aye painted many images in the Arkestra commune in Philly – and other paintings appear to be from the south side of Chicago – and all work here is seen by the wider public for the first time ever. Archivist John Corbett provides an essay with the book to situate the work – and the whole thing's a vivid visual treat for any fan of Sun Ra! Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Larry CoryellImprovising – My Life In Music (with CD) ... Book
Back Beat, 2007. New Copy ... $4.99 24.95
Guitarist Larry Coryell tells his life story, along with a bonus CD of music that traces his growth over the decades – from a key rock jazz figure in the early 60s, to an important fusion giant in the 70s, to a surprisingly strong traditional jazz musician in more recent years! The format is loose and personal – in a good way – and the book also includes photos to go along with Coryell's stories and recollections, as well as an instructional CD that's supported by text in the back of the book. 209 pages, softcover, with images and CD. Book

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Michael Crichton (writing as John Lange)Venom Business ... Book
Hard Case Crime, 1970. New Copy ... $5.99 9.95
A snake handler with a penchant for smuggling – caught at the center of this early thriller penned by a young Michael Crichton – working here right before leaping into film with hits like Westworld and Coma! The book's a lot grittier than either of those movies, though – less science, more crime, and a great look at the earliest years that got Crichton going – his years working as pulp paperback author John Lange, nicely recovered here by the Hard Case Crime series! The book's a surprisingly hefty read – 384 pages, and graced with a beautiful paperback cover. Book
(Please Note – The spine has a remainder mark.)

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Alex Sayf CummingsDemocracy of Sound – Music Piracy & The Remaking of American Copyright In The Twentieth Century (hardcover) ... Book
Oxford University Press, 2013. New Copy ... $6.99 29.95
A smart read into the world of music piracy – not just in the contemporary internet world that's been getting such unyielding attention in the past couple decades – but the roots of it, which go back as far as recorded media itself! If you think the world just started bellyaching about stolen music since online file sharing, you're in for a heck of a history – it goes way, way back – and it's actually a really entertaining read. Before Napster lit the world ablaze in the 90s, there was the recordable cassette tapes of the 70s and 80s, the reel-to-reel tape of the 50s and 60s, and on and on. A well-researched, genuinely interesting read. Hardcover, 257 pages. Book

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✨✧ Patrick DaltonSh*t London –Snapshots Of A City On The Edge (hardcover) ... Book
Portico (UK), 2011. New Copy ... $3.99 14.95
A much better book than you'd guess from the title – and a wealth of wonderful images from the biggest city in England! As with the similar New York volume, the book lays out snapshots of great little visual jokes in London – strange store signs, odd posters, mistakes on public buildings, weird graffiti, and more – all in this humorous portrait of the city! Images are full color, mostly shot by the author, and work together in a great way to build up their power as you flip through the book. Book

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