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✨✧ Manabu YuasaSun Ra Disc Guide ... Book
Ele-King (Japan), 2016. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A Japanese book on the music of Sun Ra – one that takes the form of a long essay in Japanese text, but which also features images of many recordings too! The book's less of a discography than other "disc guide" books from Japan – and is critical writing on Ra's recordings with the Arkestra, in Japanese, with sections on Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia periods of the group – accompanied by dozens of black and white reproductions of record covers. The text takes up most of the boo, but the whole thing's a lovely relic if you dig Sun Ra as much as we do – and the back includes a discography of Arkestra recordings, mostly in English. Book
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Murphy AndersonBuck Rogers In The 25th Century – The Complete Sudays 1958 to 1959 (hardcover) ... Book
Hermes, 2014. New Copy ... $15.99 40.00
One of our favorite sci-fi comics artists ever – presented here in a short but wonderful run on the Buck Rogers Sunday pages of the late 50s! Murphy Anderson is a genius – an artist whose work on DC titles like Hawkman, Strange Adventures, Mystery In Space, and even Superman helped define a generation – really giving a slick, clean line to the look of comics in the silver age – and concurrent with the start of that run, Anderson also took over the Buck Rogers newspaper strip for its large Sunday pages – which are presented here in stunning color, in a beautifully oversized book! Anderson's as great here as on some other series – like The Atomic Knights – and although the book only has the Sunday pages, they work together to form a single story week to week, without the need for daily pages. 80 pages, oversize, and in full color. Book

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Jake AustenFlying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll – Conversations With Unjustly Obscure Rock 'N' Soul Eccentrics (paperback) ... Book
Duke University Press, 2011. New Copy Book ... $5.99 24.95
The best (truly – they got this book right) of Roctober gets a classy rock 'n' soul book compilation from Duke University Press – an incredible collection of interviews that were featured over the years in the great DIY magazine over the years! Interviews with musical legends who should be household names (a few of which are) and infamous figures alike, from soul, R&B and jump blues to country, garage rock and beyond – including Oscar Brown, Jr., David Allan Coe, The Fast, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Sam The Sham, The Good Rats and many more – plus images and illustrations from the pages of Roctober. Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll is edited by Roctober main man Jake Austin, who also penned many of the original pieces, along with James Porter, Ken Burke, Mike Maltese, Dan Sorenson, Jonathan Poletti. Forward by Steve Albini. Paperback, 290 pages. Book

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Jaklyn BabingtonRoy Lichtenstein – Pop Remix ... Book
National Gallery Of Australia (Australia), 2009. New Copy ... $10.99 35.00
A beautiful book of images from the great Roy Lichtenstein – the artist who's best known for his 60s pop art appropriation of comic book styles – and who gave us a lot of other great artwork over the years as well! The book's about the size of a record cover, and presents full color images of Lichtenstein's paintings from the 60s through the 90s, plus a few earlier works as well – and the volume was produced in collaboration with a career retrospective in the National Gallery of Australia. Jacklyn Babington provides text on the work – and the whole level of presentation is as lively as a Lichtenstein painting itself. 90 pages, oversize, full color, and softcover. Book

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Bob Bach & Ginger MercerJohnny Mercer – The Life, Times & Song Lyrics Of Our Huckleberry Friend ... Book
Cherokee, 2009. New Copy ... $8.99 25.00
A pretty great book about the wonderful songwriter Johnny Mercer – key force behind the birth of Capitol Records, and a whole host of songs and careers in the 20th Century! The book's about the size of a songbook, and does include lyrics to a number of classic Mercer tunes – but it's also filled with loads of vintage photos, images from films, sheet music, and even some very cool documents pulled from Mercer's private papers – all used to tell the tale of this powerful force in popular music. Book is oversize, softcover, 305 pages, and filled with black and white images. Book

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Stuart Baker & Steve BarrowReggae 45 Soundsystem – The Label Art Of Reggae Singles (paperback) ... Book
Soul Jazz (UK), 2012. New Copy Book ... $19.99 49.99
The most massive book of record art we've ever stocked – and a groundbreaking look at the art of reggae 45s, put together by the folks at Soul Jazz Records! Albums are usually featured in a book like this, but the authors do a great job of illustrating the diversity of 45 labels on the Jamaican scene – the wealth of designs and colors that make collecting reggae 45s a past time that's almost as pleasing from a visual perspective as it is from an audio one! Plus, given the obscurity of most of these records, the book's even more valuable – a much-needed record of these small pressings that never got much distribution – laid out here in beautiful full color images. The book is super-heavy, with a cool cover that's between a hardcover and soft cover – and almost 500 pages of images throughout! Book

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Chelsea Louise BerlinRave Art – Flyers Invitations & Members Cards From The Birth Of Acid House Culbs & Raves (hardcover) ... Book
Carlton (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $6.99 29.95
Remember the years before the internet and social media – when people had to communicate special news using real world, physical means? Notes passed in class, posters on walls, and gig flyers were all a hell of a lot more important then than they are now – and that whole means of communication took on an even more important role during the late 80s/early 90s years of rave culture! This beautiful book takes us back to the secret networks that drove the scene back in those days – when gigs were mostly illegal, and only publicized through handbills and flyers, circulated only by hand, but bringing in crowds by the thousands. The book presents vintage rave invites and club cards from the glory days of the London scene – all in vivid color, which really brings out the great graphics used to promote the events. Book is almost 200 pages, hardcover. Book

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John Bertram & Yuri Leving (editors)Lolita – The Story Of A Cover Girl – Vladimir Nabokov's Novel In Art & Design ... Book
Print, 2013. New Copy ... $6.99 30.00
A very lively look at Vladimir Nabokov's famous book Lolita – one that's served up here in a host of full color images that include dozens of historical covers used for the book, images from ad campaigns inspired by the book, and many images from contemporary artists, proposing their own covers for the story! This last section is perhaps the biggest portion of the book – about half its content, and framed by some very good critical essays – but the historical material gets a fair bit of space, too – and also includes vintage covers for Lolita from around the world, and paperback covers from other Naobokov novels as well. Given the quality of the critical writing, the volume feels more like an art monograph than just a paperback history – and the glossy book is 251 pages, and full color. Book

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Mark BinelliDetroit City Is The Place To Be – The Aftermath Of An American Metropolis (hardcover) ... Book
Metropolitan, 2012. New Copy ... $6.99 28.00
A fascinating look at this great American city – a powerhouse of production in the middle 20th Century, and one of the bigger urban quandaries in the years that followed – all captured with care and complexity by author Mark Binelli! The approach here is less lachrymose than you might expect – as the positive (although slightly ironic) tone of the title is echoed in Binelli's sympathy for the changes and struggles Detroit has experienced – and its ability to keep coming back in differing ways to find a path forward. There's a great grass roots style to most of the writing – personal, on the ground accounts of the city and key moments – and among the small genre of city narratives, this is certainly one of the best books we've come across. Over 300 pages, hardcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Andrew Birkin & Alison CastleJane & Serge – A Family Album (hardcover) ... Book
Taschen, 2015. New Copy ... $46.99 59.99
A surprisingly candid look at one of the most important musical couples of the 20th Century – Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin – a duo who made some incredible sounds together in the French scene of the 60s and 70s – and who were equally important to larger French culture as well! The pair have become the stuff of legend over the years – a romance that began when Serge was 40, and Jane not yet 20 – open, frank, and very sexual, both in their words and music – with a legacy that spanned records, film, and television – and also gave the world the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg as well. This volume's way more than a book – as it collects together shots of the couple and the family taken by Jane's brother Andrew Birkin – and presents the whole thing as if you're looking at a family album in the Birkin/Gainsbourg household! But there's also a smaller booklet of text, as well as a contact sheet of photos, 5 chromogenic photographic prints, a poster, stickers, and even an embroidered patch – all making for a beautifully lavish set of images and goodies! The core book features 176 pages of photos – but there's lots lots more within. Book

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Maria Christina BoernerRussian Film Posters – 1900 to 1930 (hardcover) ... Book
Vivays (UK), 2001/2012. New Copy ... $8.99 35.00
Gorgeous posters from the early years of Russian cinema – images from both the Soviet and pre-Soviet eras – presented here in glorious color on nicely oversize pages! The progression of posters is wonderful – from a small amount of pre-Soviet images that share a lot with popular American and European illustration styles, through a huge number of early Soviet posters that are incredible to behold – very modern, and really revolutionary in their graphic design – at a level that's still breathtaking all these many years later! These images make up the bulk of the book, and since the posters end in 1930, there's none of the duller Soviet realism that later came into play – just those incredible visuals from the early revolutionary years. Book is hardcover, oversized, 200 pages, and features 161 different posters – all in beautiful color! Book

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Joe Bob BriggsProfoundly Erotic – Sexy Movies That Changed History ... Book
Universe, 2005. New Copy ... $5.99 24.95
A book that's far less trash than you might expect – and instead an insightful examination of the role of sex on the screen from everyman film critic Joe Bob Briggs – who looks at the way erotics have transformed both the cinema and the world around it, through an examination of a few key films of the 20th century! Briggs offers up way more than just a sleezy look through the peephole – and instead dives deep into chapter-length investigations of the films The Sheik, She Done Him Wrong, Miracle Of Morgan's Creek, Picnic, The Immoral Mr Teas, Contempt, Kitten With A Whip, I Am Curious Yellow, Looking For Mr Goodbar, and 9 1/2 Weeks – mostly movies that may not seem that racy by today's standards, but which were crucial in pushing both cinematic and cultural boundaries at the time. The book is very nicely done – with two-color images inside, and lots of Briggs' lively text – over 300 pages, paperback. Book

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John Broome/Gil Kane/Joe GiellaGreen Lantern Omnibus Vol 1 (hardcover) ... Book
DC Comics, 2010. New Copy ... $22.99 75.00
One of the greatest runs of any hero of the silver age of comics – presented here in a lavish volume that collects the first 21 issues of Green Lantern, plus his initial three appearances in Showcase! Green Lantern really helped redefine the role of the superhero in the science age – thanks to very smart, snappy, imaginative writing from John Broome – who'd penned plenty of science fiction before coming to comics – and thanks also to amazing artwork from Gil Kane, who's at the height of his powers on these early issues! The team is incredible – one of those DC Comics unstoppable powers – and their run here is a nonstop stream of cool, creative stories that still hold up strongly all these many years later. Most inks are by Joe Giella, some are by Murphy Anderson – and the book is full color, very heavy 636 pages, and even reproduces all of those great covers from the 60s! Book

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David BurnettSoul Rebel – An Intimate Portrait Of Bob Marley In Jamaica & Beyond (hardcover) ... Book
Insight, 2009. New Copy ... $6.99 39.95
A wealth of vintage photos of the great Bob Marley – most of them the sorts of images that live up to the "intimate portrait" promised in the title! The material here is all from 1976 and 1977, shots that first begain when David Burnett photographed Marley for Time Magazine, then continued to cull material for the next year or so – a range of amazing images that include portraits, shots of Marley in the studio, on stage, at home, and in candid shots on the street and with friends. Photos are in black and white, and color – and Burnett provides a bit of framing text, but mostly lets his images speak for themselves – which they do in volumes. Book is hardcover, oversized, and 141 pages. Book

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William S BurroughsSoft Machine ... Book
Fourth Estate (UK), 1961. New Copy ... $6.99 12.99
One of the greatest novels ever from the legendary William S Burroughs – a book that was written very much under the influence of the cut-up technique, but which also still retains some of the pulp prose of Burroughs' 50s material too! The book is a roller coaster of a read – one of the best moments where a modern prose format doesn't have to be challenging if you can surrender yourself entirely to its charms – which means you're also drawn into Burroughs' world too – a mix of sci-fi, detective fiction, and 60s dystopia – covering a surprising amount of geographic space in its relatively short number of pages. The words cascade off the page – jumbled together by the cut-up technique, which unlocks hidden meanings, and only seems to expand the wit of the author's voice as well. One of Burroughs' funniest books ever – all while offering up a dark portrait of the underground too – and this volume is 143 pages, softcover. Book

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Garry BushellTime for Action – The Mod Revival 1978 to 1981 ... Book
54321 Countdown (UK), 2012. New Copy ... $6.99
Garry Bushell's cool look back at the mod revival scene of the late 70s and first year or 2 of the 80s – a fairly short-lived, but still invigorating couple years of raw, R&B fueled post-punk that's famous for spawning The Jam and many lesser-remembered, but hardly less exciting band – plus fashion and lifestyle that's STILL influential to younger discoverers. Bushell was one of the more active rock writers covering the scene at the time, and this great little book is filled with his reverent, but barbed prose, and some very cool photos of the action. Paperback, 174 pages. Book

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Al Carter-BeyIt Was Jug That I Dug – The Big Sound Of Jazz Saxophonist Gene Ammons (paperback) ... Book
KHA Books, 2015. New Copy ... $12.99
A loving tribute to tenor sax legend Gene Ammons – penned by friend and scenemate Al Carter-Bay – a Chicago jazz DJ who really offers a lot of insight to Ammons' life and music! Al's approach here is both personal and polemical – in ways that highlight aspects of Gene's music that never seems to get attention to in liner notes, and which illuminate personal aspects of his life and career that we never would have known otherwise! Carter-Bey is extremely respectful, but also quite honest too – and the book is a great reminder of the power that Gene Ammons had when his flame was burning bright – which sometimes seems to be overlooked by some of today's younger jazz listeners. The book is relatively short – almost more of a long essay – and also includes a small discography, plus an interview with guitarist George Freeman. 86 pages, softcover. Book

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Chamber Of ChillsChamber Of Chills Vol 4 – November 1953 to December 1954 – Issues 20-26 (slip-cased hardcover) ... Book
PS Artbooks (UK), 1953/1954. New Copy ... $11.99 69.99
One of the amazing horror comics published by Harvey Comics in the pre-code years of the early 50s – and a publication that was noted for its wealth of creepy stories and equally chilling images! Harvey may have been the home to Casper the ghost, but on the horror tip they were something else entirely – publisher of some of the most gruesome material in the years before comics got cleaned up in the mid 50s – with some of the best artists as well! Some of these stories are a clear attempt to copy the more famous style of EC Comics, but the Chamber Of Chills material also has a charm that's all its own – a rough approach to stories, which often leads to wonderfully lurid artwork – handled in this volume by Bob Powell, Manny Stallman, John Giunta, Howard Nostrand, Lee Elias, Jack Sparling, and others – in stories that include "Dust Unto Dust", "Invasion", "Grave's End", "I Vampire", "Grim Years", "Credit & Loss", and more. 288 pages, full color, and hardcover. Book
(Limited edition – hardcover book in slipcase!)

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Samuel ChartersNew Orleans – Playing A Jazz Chorus ... Book
Marion Boyars Publishers (UK), 2006. New Copy ... $4.99 17.98
Samuel Charters returns to New Orleans in the wake of Katrina – and finds that the city's jazz scene is not only alive and well, but continuing to thrive and change in the face of crisis! Charters is a name that should be familiar to many – for his landmark work as a record producer for Folkways and other labels, where he gave New Orleans music huge exposure in the mid-century years – and also for his countless books on jazz and blues. This volume is perhaps a bit more personal than some of Samuel's other works – as Charters spends his time in the city with his son's family in a small apartment, and comes across vibrant music from the Hot 8 Brass Band, Soul Rebels, Barry Martyn, Michael White, Coco Robicheaux, Billy Edwards, and many others. 227 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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Gregory ColemanWe're Heaven Bound! – Portrait Of A Black Sacred Drama ... Book
University Of Georgia, 1999. New Copy ... $1.99 23.95
A great look at the 70 year legacy of Heaven Bound – the gospel folk drama that's played on stage in Atlanta for decades, and which has had an undeniable influence on the growth of African American theater in the 20th Century. The book offers a history of the stage presentation, as well as a host of photos from various shows – plus some snippets of text as well – and is written in a way that really makes us understand the subtle political power of even small cultural efforts like this, which can stretch from a single stage in a single city, and create larger waves for years to come. 199 pages, softcover, with black and white images. Book

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John CorbettMicrogroove – Forays Into Other Music ... Book
Duke University Press, 2015. New Copy ... $20.99 28.95
A treasure trove of writings from John Corbett – known for the past few decades for his strong contributions to Downbeat and The Wire magazines – as well as his work as a label owner, record producer, liner note author, art critic, radio DJ, and countless other cultural efforts – a nearly non-stop legacy of great work in the musical underground – with an energy level that's reflected strongly in the contents of this book! The volume is over 450 pages long – and brings together interviews, cultural criticism, historical research, essays, and even more philosophical pieces – on subjects who range from Sun Ra, to Steve Lacy, Koko Taylor, Joe Harriott, David Grubbs, Misha Mengelberg, Anthony Braxton, Milford Graves, Peter Brotzmann, Albert Oehlen, Christopher Wool, Ken Vandermark, Fred Anderson, Roscoe Mitchell, Liz Phair, Raymond Scott, and countless others – as well as pieces on the shape of a record, creative listening, cartoon soundtracks, record collecting, and other compelling topics. The pieces are all very well-written – surprisingly deep, yet often free of heady jargon – and the book also includes a great "recommended listening" section, full of suggestions for music to open up your ears. Book includes some black and white photos, and is softcover and full of great bits! Book

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