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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousSweet Soul Music 1975 – 24 Scorching Classics ... CD CD format
Bear Family (Germany), 1975. New Copy ... $21.99 23.99
A massive batch of music – and almost as worth it for the overall package as it is for the great tunes inside! Like other volumes in this series, this set is beautifully put together – not only stuffed with an amazing array of classic soul from a key year in the 70s – but also done with a full color booklet that's over 60 pages long – filled with track-by-track notes on the tunes, and filled with great photos, images, and historical data – an overall package put together by liner note giant Bill Dahl! The whole thing's a perfect soul music time capsule – with the depth of production that we've always loved in Bear Family releases for other genres. 24 tracks that include "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle, "Shackin Up" by Barbara Mason, "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole, "Rockin Chair" by Gwen McCrae, "Love Rollercoaster" by Ohio Players, "Fight The Power (part 1)" by Isley Brothers, "Boogie Fever" by The Sylvers, "Hold Back The Night" by The Trammps, "Sweet Thing" by Rufus, "Love Machine (part 1)" by The Miracles, and "It Only Takes A Minute" by Tavares. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousViva Cubop! Vol 1 – Jazz The Afro Cuban Way ... CD CD format
CuBop/Ubiquity, 1999. New Copy ... $5.99 16.98
Although the Ubiquity label originally started out as a home for rare groove and funky jazz, sometime in 1995 they began their Cubop imprint as a home for all of the great Latin jazz currently being played on the west coast. The label immediately became one of the best Latin ones out there – and the past 5 years have seen an amazing set of Latin jazz releases that stand as some of greatest of the past decade! This tasty set compiles 13 tracks from the small but rich catalog of the label – and it's not only a perfect introduction to their great work, but also a great sampler for anyone into Latin jazz with a classic flavor. Titles icnlude "The Last Dynasty" by Papo Vazquez, "Picadillo" by Johnny Blas, "Tanga" by the Afro-Rican Ensemble, "Tierra Va Tamblar" by Snowboy, "Descarga On Las Palmas" by Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers, "The Creator Has a Master Plan" by Bobby Matos, and "Cavalie" by Franciso Aquabella. Great package, too! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousViva Cubop! Vol 3 – The Essential Latin & Afro-Cuban Jazz Collection ... CD CD format
CuBop/Ubiquity, 2003. New Copy ... $5.99 16.98
Long live Cubop – one of the greatest labels for Latin music in the past 25 years, and still one of the imprints that most frequently graces our turntables! Cubop have stepped in where many other labels fail –resurrecting a solid, classic style of Latin jazz that isn't always recorded with such care and respect. Work on the label has features some of the greatest talents – young and old – of the sometimes-neglected west coast scene, as well as essential work by other players who've been influenced by older recordings by those originators. This 13 track set features a great selection of work from Cubop – and includes a few exclusive and rare tracks, next to others from some of the best releases on the label. Titles include "Kimbisa" by Bobby Matos, "My Favorite Things" by Francisco Aguabella, "My Dream Boogaloo" by Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers, "Bemba Colora" by Jack Costanzo, "Back To The Roots" by Dave Pike, "Juan Jose" by Papo Vazquez, "Barrets Bag" by Har You Percussion Group, "Tresguanco" by Derf Reklaw, and "Skin & Bones" by Johnny Blas. CD

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VariousWants List – 17 Soulful Rare Grooves ... CD CD format
Soul Brother (UK), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... $11.99
A great tribute to the concept of the "wants list" – that crumpled piece of paper that nearly every record collector carries around with them, a listing of hard to find recordings that they're always trying to track down! The set is a great mix of obscure 60s and 70s soul, with a real focus on the kinds of cuts that are all pretty darn important – but also equally hard to track down on their own. Mellow soul is the dominant groove here, making the package a winning set of some killer tunes that are equally appealing now as they were back in the day! Titles include "Touch Me Take Me" by Rita Wright, "Light My Fire" by Erma Franklin, "This Feeling's Rated X-Tra" by Carl Carlton, "One Girl Too Late" by Brenda & The Tabulations, "Let Me Be" by The Duncans, "Mon Belle Amour" by Ann Pebbles, "I Think I'm Falling In Love With You" by Natural High, "I Just Got To Know" by Bennie Johnson, "City Of Brotherly Love" by Soul Survivors, "I'm Always Dancing To The Music" by Benny Golson, "Making Love" by Lou Ragland & GLO, "Hearts & Flowers" by GC Cameron, and "Beware" by Lou Courtney. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
KinksKink Kontroversy ... LP LP format
Reprise/Sanctuary (UK), 1966. New Copy (reissue)... Spring 2015
Ray Davies is really coming into his own by the time of this third album by The Kinks – penning almost all the tunes in the set, and really starting to stretch out with some of his more unique ideas! The songs are already beginning to show that picture postcard side of British pop that was the Kinks stock in trade during their best years – and the themes and subjects are really expanded from the group's music of the previous years – already shaking off their American influence, and bringing the world a decidedly English version of rock and roll. Of course, the album does feature the group's wonderful cover of "Milk Cow Blues" – still a nice link to the earlier years – plus the Davies originals "When I See That Girl Of Mine", "I Am Free", "Till The End Of The Day", "The World Keeps Going Round", "I'm On An Island", "It's Too Late", "You Can't Win", "Where Have All The Good Times Gone", "Gotta Get The First Plane Home", and "Ring The Bells". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New LeadbellySmithsonian Folkways Collection (5CD box set) ... CD CD format
Smithsonian Folkways, New Copy ... Early March, 2015

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Main IngredientLTD/Black Seeds (with bonus track) ... CD CD format
RCA/Real Gone, 1970/1971. New Copy ... Around March 31, 2015
A pair of wonderful albums from The Main Ingredient – back to back on a single CD! LTD is a wonderful debut from The Main Ingredient – and a record that really shows the new style they'd bring to group soul music in the 70s! There's a righteous energy here right from the start – a mode that echoes some of the earlier New York groups of the late 60s, but which also focuses things with a new level of sophistication that really helps things soar – this sublime blend that really makes the most of the wonderful vocals of the trio! Arrangements are by Bert De Coteaux, who gives the group a tightness on their charts, yet still really lets them find their own way on vocals – kind of a freer style than some of the west coast soul groups that RCA had been working with. The whole album's great – sublime right from the start – and titles include "Can't Stand Your Love", "The Girl I Left Behind", "Brotherly Love", "Magic Shoes", and the lovely "Una Bella Melodia Braziliana". Black Seeds is a record that really has The Main Ingredient coming into their own – finding a new sort of righteous energy that really sets them apart from some of their contemporaries – even some of the other east coast soul groups recording for RCA at the time! The title track is a long-standing statement of pride and power that never gets old – and has this mix of groove and larger charts that's similar to Eddie Kendricks' in his People Hold On period – with a similar influence on styles for years to come – and the record continues with a really fresh batch of tunes that continues to push the social agenda forward – while still allowing for a few sweet moments too. Titles include massive cut "Black Seeds Keep On Growing" – plus "Just Say It Again", "Baby Change Your Mind", "Why Can't We All Unite", "Another Day Has Come", "Movin On", and "You Ain't Got It No Way". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bob Marley & The WailersEasy Skanking In Boston 78 ... LP LP format
Island, 1978. New Copy 2LP ... Late March, 2015
A never-issued live performance from Bob Marley – and a much-needed addition to his classic 70s catalog! The set captures Marley in his prime – working before an enthusiastic venue, but with a sound that's as sharp as any of his studio recordings – from the rhythms right on up to his amazing vocals – a great reminder why Bob was unlike any of his contemporaries on the Jamaican scene! Sound quality is wonderful – this isn't one of those "bootleg rescue" operations, but a really well-recorded concert – and titles include "Rebel Music", "The Heathen", "Slave Driver", "Burnin & Lootin", "Them Belly Full", "Easy Skanking", "No Woman No Cry", "War/No More Trouble", and "Get Up Stand Up". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Hugh MasekelaReconstruction ... CD CD format
Chisa/Universal (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... Around March 25, 2015
We don't know what Hugh's trying to reconstruct here, because from our perspective, it seems like he's trying to forge a new style – a nice one, with lots of soulful moments, and a strong Afro groove on the best tracks. Some tracks have Hugh singing mellow soul vocals, and others have a tight jazzy groove with cool electric piano! Titles include "Woza", "I Can't Dance", "Make Me A Potion", "Sala Le Mane", "Traces", and "Leave Us Alone". Great players throughout, too – like Francisco Aguabella, Larry Willis, Joe Sample, Wilton Felder, Arthur Adams, and Wayne Henderson. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousGlory, Dominion, Power, Majesty: Half Moon Productions ... LP LP format
PK/Half Moon (UK), 1970s/1980s. New Copy 2LP ... Early March, 2015
The folks at Honest Jon's and PK have done it again! Scoring another reggae reissue coup by digging a little deeper and coming up with the goods: a batch of nice tracks from the 70s and early 80s heyday of the Toronto-based reggae label Half Moon Productions, when it played host to stars like Augustus Pablo, Stranger Cole, Johnny Osbourne and Leroy Sibbles, as well as a handful of lesser known local ringers, too. Producer Oswald Creary and the Super 8 Corporation house band may not exactly be household names to even the most die-hard fan, but then we never really were about household names here at Dusty, and neither are the selectors over at Honest Jon's. Like his contemporary Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes, Creary and crew crafted a batch of heavy, deep modern roots, with the cream collected here, 17 tracks in all: Joe Higgs "Creation", Stranger Cole "Freedom, Justice & Equality", Super 8 Corporation "Freedom Version" and "Free Version", Louis O'Connor "Lonely & Black", Pluggy Satchmo "What Rasta Say" and "23rd Psalm", Rothadam "Sampson", OJ "Things Felt Right", The Blenders "Why Did You Run Away?", Dill Smith "Set Me Free", Stranger Cole & Jah Levi "I'm Living", Bongo Ossie & The Moonlights "Black Society", Johnny Osbourne "Danger In Your Eyes", Bingi Kicks & G.Campbell "Sky Jack", Leroy Sibbles & The Otravis Band "Skyjacking Version" and Carl Dawkins "Luv Is Needed". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
KleeerWinners ... LP LP format
Atlantic, 1979. Very Good ... Just Sold Out!
The second album from Kleeer – and a record that really has the group solidifying their sound – compressing keyboards, guitar, and grooves together in a sublimely boogie-heavy mode! Kleeer were really at the forefront of the coming 80s groove scene – and Woody Cunningham and the group draw heavily here from their previous experience with Patrick Adams, yet move into a smoother, tighter finish that set a new standard for the coming generation. Instrumentation is funky, but not exactly funk – and the tunes are mostly groovers throughout, but also move nicely away from disco norms of the late 70s. Isabelle Coles sings lead vocals on the track "I Still Love You" – and other titles include "Winners", "Your Way", "Close To You", "Rollin On", "Nothin Said", and "Hunger For Your Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the lyric sleeve. Cover has a cutout notch and a name in marker written on both sides.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New New EditionAll For Love ... LP LP format
MCA, 1985. Very Good+ ... Just Sold Out!
The boys are growing up a bit by this point, but the hit sound is still very firmly in place – and served up here in a catchy batch of bass-riffing, synth-drum grooving numbers that were clearly having a bigger impact upon mainstream soul than anyone might have expected! And after so many years, we've got to admit that the vocals sound a lot better than we remember – harmonizing nicely on the hooks, and coming off with a sweet quality overall. Arrangements are by John Duarte, Rick Timas, Michael Sembello, and Vincent Brantley – and titles include "A Little Bit Of Love", "Sweet Thing", "With You All The Way", "Let's Be Friends", "Whispers In Bed", "School", "All For Love", "Kickback", and "Tonight's Your Night". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes the printed inner sleeve. Cover has some light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
OriginalsPortrait Of The Originals ... CD CD format
SOUL/Motown (Japan), 1970. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
Stunning, stunning work from The Originals – one of the best male groups on 70s Motown, stepping out here on a record that might be one of their greatest ever! Although the group could sound strong in other settings, this album seems to have something really special going on – almost a sense of righteous, personal energy that matches the evolving sound of Marvin Gaye at this point – with a similar force that really helps redefine the way that male soul harmonies come together! The mellow cuts are tremendous – as mindblowing as anything that Teddy Pendergrass cut with Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – and the fuller numbers have this proud, soaring sound that's equally wonderful. Arrangements are by Paul Riser, Wade Marcus, and David Van De Pitte, and the track list includes "The Bells", "I Like Your Style", "There's A Place We'd Like To Know", "Don't Stop Now", "You Want Hearts & Flowers", and "I'll Wait For You". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Pentagon (Cedar Walton, Clifford Jordan, etc)Pentagon ... CD CD format
East Wind/Universal (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
A really wonderful album that's sometimes overlooked because of it's relatively oblique cover and name – which both hide the wonderful talents within! In truth, the set might be billed as a Cedar Walton session – or maybe almost an Eastern Rebellion one – as the vibe here is very similar to that later group, with a strong tenorist working alongside Walton's trio, plus a bit of extra Latin percussion. Clifford Jordan delivers wonderful tenor throughout – and the core sound of Walton on piano, Sam Jones on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums is as great as on any of that group's other wonderful albums of the time. Add in Ray Mantilla – who throws in some congas to complicate the grooves a all the best moments – and you've got some mighty nice icing on the cake! Titles include "He Is A Hero", "Una Mas", "Manteca", and "DB Blues". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Yellowman & Fathead/Purpleman/Sister NancyYellow, The Purple, The Nancy ... LP LP format
Greensleeves, 1982. New Copy (reissue)... Just Sold Out!
A gem of a joint headlining record by Yellowman & Fathead, Purpleman and Sister Nancy – with a varied vocal flavor, but a sweetly simmering cohesive vibe – thanks to top shelf production by Junjo Lawes! All tunes features backing by the Hi Times Band, recorded at Channel One with a timeless feel. 10 tracks in all, including"Mr Wong", "Baby Father", and "Mash It Up Now" by Yellowman & Fathead, "Feeling Irie", "Get Ready", "Out Of Hand", and "Westmoreland Skank" by Purpleman, and "A No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy", "Dance Pon The Corner" and "Bang Belly" by Sister Nancy. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Various90 Degrees Of Shade – Hot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean – Mambo, Calypso, Goombay, Mento, Merengue, Cult & Compas Music ... CD CD format
Soul Jazz (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. Used 2CD ... Just Sold Out!
A way cooler set of music than you might expect – not the kind of overdone Caribbean cliches of the mainstream, but some really great lesser-known gems that mix together sounds and styles from Cuba to Haiti, to Jamaica, and beyond – served up here in a host of gems all hand-picked by the Soul Jazz Records crew! The music here is tighter and better produced than some of the earlier calypso featured on compilations on Honest Jons – but the sounds are still quite striking, and the music goes way beyond familiar modes from Harry Belafonte – to mix of jazzy elements, Latin rhythms, local styles, and lots more – with wonderful notes that really get at the music as well. A real surprise – one we love a lot more than we expected – with titles that include "Come To The Caribbean" by The Eloise Trio, "Timbales" by Alfredito, "Mississippi Mambo" by Noro Morales, "Donkey Wants Water" by Bay Street Boys, "Nago" by Katherine Dunham Ensemble, "Nassau Blues" by Peanuts Taylor, "West Indies" by Sonny Burke, "Mary's Lamb" by Hubert Porter & The Jamaica Calypso Funmakers, "Theme For Conga" by Julio Gutierrez, "Yembe Laroco" by Celia Cruz, "Omo Belli" by Gina Martin, "Maiz" by Katherine Dunham Presents Singing Gods, "Fifty Cents" by Duke Of Iron, "Anna Macao" by Eloise Trio, "Liza See Me Here" by King Scratch, "Con La Punta Del Pie Teresa" by Cortijo, "Perseverance" by Count Lasha, and "Whai Whai Whai" by Lord Fly. CD
Also available
90 Degrees Of Shade – Hot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean Vol 1 – Mambo, Calypso, Goombay, Mento, Merengue, Cult & Compas Music ... LP 26.99
90 Degrees Of Shade – Hot Jump-Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean Vol 2 – Mambo, Calypso, Goombay, Mento, Merengue, Cult & Compas Music ... LP 26.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousEve Folk Recordings ... CD CD format
RPM (UK), 1965. New Copy 2CD ... Just Sold Out!
The earliest work of Donovan – presented here in the company of three other contemporary British folk acts who were handled by the same production team! The Eve Folk imprint was a short-lived offshoot of EMI that was designed to launch the career of Donovan, and also release full albums by some other great artists handled by producer/managers Peter Eden and Geoff Stephens – including Mick Softley, Bob Davenport & The Rakes, and Vernon Haddock's Jubilee Lovlies. Mick Softley is especially compelling – a singer with a depth of feeling and mix of timeless and modern that almost reminds us of Bert Jansch – and like Jansch, has a sound that a nice change from the US folk style of the time. The CD features Mick's full album Songs For Swinging Survivors, plus singles – with titles that include "After The World War Is Over", "The Bells Of Rhymney", "Strange Fruit", and "Blues For Cupid Green". Bob Davenport & The Rakes are a bit more traditional, with lots of Irish folk elements – from the song choice to the use of fiddle, flute, and accordion in the instrumentation – on titles that include "The Hexamshire Lass", "Jig", "Old Johnny Booker", "My Bonnie Lad", and "The Foggy Dew". Vernon Haddock's Jubilee Lovelies have a sound that lives up to what you might expect from their 20s-styled name – a bit of a string band approach overall, but one that has lots of weird, offbeat touches – in the manner of some of the more modern jug bands who were floating around the Greenwich Village scene at the time. The CD features their sole album – and titles include "Coloured Aristocracy", "Vickyandal", "Stealin", "Little White Washed Chimney", and "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down". Oh, and the 2CD set also features four tracks by Donovan too – "Catch The Wind (single)", "Colours (single)", "Goldwatch Blues", and "The War Drags On". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Muhal Richard AbramsThings To Come From Those Now Gone ... LP LP format
Delmark, 1972. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A tremendous step forward for the young Muhal Richard Abrams – a set that still shows his early roots in the AACM, but which also blossoms with some of his more serious compositional efforts to come! There's a sensitivity here that really stands out – even among Abrams' contemporaries – a striving for a wider range of expression – some as bold as before, some much more deeply personal and intimate. The tracks feature a shifting array of players – working alongside Abrams piano, and building up the sound in a number of different ways. Players include Wallace McMillan on flute and sax, Edwin Daugherty on sax, Richard Brown on sax, Emanuel Cranshaw on vibes, Rufus Reid on bass, and Steve McCall and Wilbur Campbell on drums. Ella Jackson provides vocals on "How Are You?" – and other titles include "Ballad For New Souls", "Things To Come From Those Now Gone", "In Retrospect", "Ballad For Old Souls", "1 & 4 Plus 2 & 7", and "March Of The Transients". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a cut corner and some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New Curtis AmyWay Down ... LP LP format
Pacific Jazz, 1962. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An incredible album by one of the best soul jazz reed players to emerge from the LA scene of the 60s! Amy started his career playing R&B-ish organ/tenor material, but by this point, he was really opening up his bag a lot – hitting modalish grooves that showed definite traces of Coltrane, but which were also still firmly rooted in his Texas tenor tradition. This album's one of his rarest, and it features a very young Roy Ayers (billed as Ron Ayers) playing vibes, plus Marcus Belgrave on trumpet, Roy Brewster on trombone, and John Houston on piano. Titles include "Way Down", "Liberia", "Lisa", "Bells & Horns", and "A Soulful Bee, A Soulful Rose". Beautiful! LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue and silver label pressing – clean, but with a short click in one spot. Cover has masking tape on the seams and some light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
New AntibalasAntibalas (with bonus download) ... LP LP format
Daptone, 2012. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Amazing sounds from one of the best funky combos anywhere – ever! Antibalas have certainly risen to fame in the years since we first heard their Afro-styled grooves – working famously in the Fela musical, and reaching generations of ears with their own brilliant records. Yet throughout it all, they've always stayed true to their sound – and, if anything, are even sharper, tighter, and funkier than before – all extremely adept not only at playing their instruments, but at hitting the right sort of sound to cut through all the BS that was holding back funky Afro grooves for years! Part of that sound comes from superb Daptone production by Gabriel Roth – who really knows how to keep things lean and mean and full of energy. But the core credit really goes to the group – who never cease to amaze us here – and continually come up with fresh sounds on their keyboards and horns – and inventive rhythms to match! Titles include "Dirty Money", "The Rat Catcher", "Ari Degbe", "Ibeji", "Sare Kon Kon", and "Him Belly No Go Sweet". LP, Vinyl record album
(Vinyl version includes code for full album download.)