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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeAcquarelli Vol 1 ... LP
Contempo (Italy), New Copy ... About March 15, 2018 (delayed)
(Sound Library, Soundtracks) LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeAcquarelli Vol 2 ... LP
Contempo (Italy), New Copy ... About March 15, 2018 (delayed)
(Sound Library, Soundtracks) LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeAcquarelli Vol 3 ... LP
Contempo (Italy), New Copy ... About March 15, 2018 (delayed)
(Sound Library, Soundtracks) LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeBarbablu (aka Bluebeard) (with bonus tracks) (2017 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Rustblade (Italy), 1972. New Copy (reissue)... $22.99
A great Ennio Morricone soundtrack – also known to the world under the title of "Blue Beard". Richard Burton stars in this nutty film that features a host of lovely ladies – including Raquel Welch and Joey Heatherton – and Morricone's score is a lot moodier and darker than you'd expect for a femme-heavy film like this! The main theme is pretty and nice, with kind of a "plink plonk" approach, similar to that used in Morricone's western work. The other tracks shift the theme into darker versions – but occasionally open out into lighter orchestral passages. Titles include "Dedicato All Quarta", "Barbablu", "Preludio All Prima Moglie", "1928", and "Brutta Fanfara". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited to 499 copies on colored vinyl – with bonus track!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeCome Imparai Ad Amare Le Donne ... CD
RCA/Beat (Italy), 1966. New Copy ... $18.99
A tremendous score from Ennio Morricone – one that has a number of links to earlier Italian soundtrack modes, but which still has some undeniable touches of the maestro! There's passages here that evoke the warmer, sometimes more romantic styles used in Italian films in the earlier part of the 60s – but these are offset by mellower passages with a really subdued sense of darkness – which are then again mixed with a few tunes that get bolder and more mod-sounding – a really complicated array of themes that may lack the subtlety of other Morricone work, but which more than makes up for that lack with a really dynamic energy! 3 tracks feature performances by The Sorrows, and others feature vocals by I Cantori Moderni – used here in a way that's a bit more traditional than their other soundtrack appearances. Titles include "La Diva", "La Donna Gattina", "Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso", "La Donna Romantica", "Pizzicato", "Alta Moda", and "Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso". CD
(Limited to 300 copies.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeDuck You Sucker (Giu La Testa) ... LP
United Artists, 1972. Very Good+ ... $24.99
A fantastically beautiful record – easily one of Ennio Morricone's dreamiest scores of the 70s! Although the film itself is a western, Morricone's soundtrack is far different than usual – with hardly any traditional western themes at all, and mostly just music that's in that mellow, floating, dream-like style that's been so heavily represented in recent years by the Mondo Morricone series! Strange voices interweave with plucked instrumental passages, all underpinned by warm haunting washes of sound that carry the music on beautifully airy waves! Titles include "Giu La Testa", "Amore", "Mesa Verde", "Rivoluzione Contro", "Dopop L'Esplosione", "Scherzi A Parte", and "Invenzione Per John". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a promo sticker, some wear and aging, and a bit of fraying on the top seam.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeForza G (G-Force) ... CD
Cinevox (Italy), 1971. New Copy ... $18.99
A fantastic album from Italian soundtrack genius Ennio Morricone – done for a film titled G-Force, and which deals with jet pilots – but one that moves at a much slinkier pace overall! The tunes here bubble and brew in that early 70s Morricone warmth that we love so much – not the tension of his horror soundtracks, but instead the spacious sounds that he opened on some of his more majestic mondo scores of the time – delivered here with very light strings, floating woodwinds, isolated instrumentation, and slow-stepping piano lines that are really beautiful! The complete charm here is the way in which Morricone can make the music still sound so striking – very different than more common sleepy or romantic modes that are usually at this pace – and instead completely rapturous throughout. There's lots of warm and subtle passages on the album – gently swelling as the tracks move on, occasionally giving way to jazzier numbers, but always retaining the charm of mellow Morricone. Titles include a number of tunes called "Forza G" and "Sospesi Fra Le Nuvole" – and this reissue features new remastering, and a total of 16 tracks in all – including the added "Sospesi Fra Le Nuvole". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeI Crudeli ... LP
Bella Casa (UK), 1967. New Copy ... $24.99 28.99
A really wonderful western soundtrack from Ennio Morricone – done at a level that's a bit different than the usual style for the time – with more of some of the elements that the maestro might bring to later horror material! The main theme is wonderful – with a snapping snare and haunting trumpet part – but then later tracks have a more brooding sense of tension – sometimes abstracting off the main theme in a very spacious way, sometimes working with oddly tuned strings, and that great Morricone way of isolating and abstracting a single instrument – so that the original sound is quite obscured, leaving the listener to reach with their ears with a great sense of curiosity! The whole thing's wonderful – and titles include "I Crudeli", "La Congiura", "Dopo La Congiura", "Un Momento", and "Minacciosamente Lontano". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeIl Gatto ... CD
Cinevox (Italy), 1977. New Copy ... $18.99
Groovy Morricone! This excellent lost score from the mid 70s features some essential tracks for fans of Il Maestro's groovier sounds – as it's filled with nice slightly funky tracks, lots of groovy keyboards and organ, and some other excellent little tracks that have a nice bossa nova groove. This is a great place to start if you're less interested in some of Morricone's darker moments – and if you dig your Italian soundtracks on the easy/groovy side. Titles include "L'Attico Illuminato", "Gli Scatenati", "Terrazza", "Mariangela E La Seduzione", and "Samba In Tribunale". Also includes some great variations on the "Il Gatto" theme, which are more orchestral, but still nice and lovely! 15 cuts in all – with notes, pictures, and unreleased material! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeIl Prefetto Di Ferro (picture disc) ... LP
Beat/Dagored (Italy), 1977. New Copy (reissue)... $24.99
Dark brilliance from Ennio Morricone – a great 70s thriller that mixes in some great extra elements with the music! Il Prefetto Di Ferro has a core sound that's very much in keeping with Morricone's approach to crime and cop films – a bit warmer and funkier at times than his horror scores, but also touched here with some slight Mediterranean moments on guitar or flute – little "Sicilian" touches to set the mood of the film, in a way that also creates some nicely exotic touches. The record features some vocals and guitar from Rosa Balestrieri – a new collaborator for Morricone – and titles include "La Mafia", "Omerta", "Canto Di Sicilia", "Siccita", "Morte Di Ferrarello", and "Una Rete Di Protezioni". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeL'Alibi (green vinyl pressing) ... LP
Dagored (Italy), 1968. New Copy (reissue)... $26.99
An overlooked Morricone score – one that contains some of his coolest themes! The soundtrack was written for an obscure 1968 thriller starring Vittorio Gassman – and the overall approach has some wonderfully imaginative orchestrations – dark at times, but lightly floating with some really catchy tunes at others! Includes a male vocal version of "Canzone Della Liberta", the classic "Belinda May", and other tracks that include "Pennellate", "Una Fotografia", "Recitazione Corale", "Lo Libero", "Sognando", and "Immagini Del Tempo". This expanded LP reissue features a whopping 27 tracks in all – including some great alternate takes and other unusual versions! LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500 – on colored vinyl!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeLe Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene (picture disc) ... LP
Dagored (Italy), 1970. New Copy (reissue)... $24.99
One of the greatest soundtracks ever from the legendary Ennio Morricone – a real standard-setting record that's one of the top choices we go to again and again to illustrate the genius of his music! The score is a fantastic mix of the two best sides of Morricone's work – the kind of light, lilting melodies that are schooled in bossa, but turned loose on their own devices – and the darker, more atonal passages that would come to play more strongly during the 70s. The light wins over the darkness in most of the record – especially the tracks that feature the sublime wordless vocals of Edda Dell'Orso, which swell and fall with the movement of the strings and keyboards. The whole thing's wonderful – and titles include "Le Foto Proibite", "Nel Vuoto", "Intermezzino Pop", "Amor Come Dolore", and "Quelle Foto". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeMercenary (aka Mercenario) ... LP
United Artists (Germany), Early 70s. Near Mint- ... $36.99
A lesser-known Morricone soundtrack – written for this obscure western film! A number of tunes have that spooky "whistler" style of writing that we love from Morricone – spare whistling over darker orchestrations – in ways that create some spare and wonderful passages that are especially wonderful! Other tracks are a bit fuller, and more dramatic – the bolder western modes of the 60s – and the set also features two vocal numbers, sung by I Cantori Moderni. Titles include "Curl", "Freedom", "Mexican Dream", "Vivacious Bamba", "Ecstasy Of Violence", and "Sand Or Arena". LP, Vinyl record album
(German 70s pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeMon Nom Est Personne (aka Il Mio Nome E Nessuno/My Name Is Nobody) ... LP
General Music (France), 1974. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $24.99
Very strange Morricone score to this even stranger western from the early 70s! Sure, the core of the material is 70s spaghetti scoring, but the instrumentation is incredibly weird – and includes "squishy" electric keyboards, rolling vocal choruses, whistles, clock ticking, and more! There's an incredible amount of humor here, and the soundtrack stands as one of Morricone's more mad moments from a time when he was otherwise fairly subtle in his writing. Bruno Nicolai conducted the work, and titles include "My Name Is Nobody", "Nobody is Faster", "Wild Bunch", "Observations", "Ballet of The Mirror", and "A Close Shave". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeMorricone Aromatico ... CD
Snapper (UK), 2004. Used 2CD ... $12.99
More than 40 tracks! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ennio MorriconeMy Dear Killer (Mio Caro Assassino) (180 gram colored vinyl) ... LP
Death Waltz (UK), 1972. New Copy (reissue)... About April 27, 2018
Spooky Morricone galore – a really haunting little soundtrack that seems to take up where Rosemary's Baby left off! The great Edda Dell'Orso makes lots of appearances here – singing wordlessly, but in a way that's a lot darker than some of her other work of the period – almost fragile, and tentative at times – which makes the music even more haunting than usual, especially when combined with Morricone's oddly tuned instruments, and very tense, very spare approach to sound. There's a dreamy quality to some of the songs at times, but always with an undercurrent of darkness that makes this one especially eerie – and that's saying a lot, given the quality of some of the maestro's other early 70s giallo scores! Titles include "Mio Caro Assassino", "Il Buio Tanta Paura", "Sogno Interrotto", "Non Puo Essere Vero", and "Voce Affogata". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeNovecento (aka 1900) ... CD
GDM (Italy), 1976. New Copy ... About April 5, 2018 (delayed)
One of the greatest Ennio Morricone dramatic scores of the 70s – composed for Bernardo Bertolucci's epic film Novocento, and featuring some of Morricone's best serious scoring at the time! The work's got a sense of majesty and authority that befits the historical setting of the film – not nearly as groovy as some of Morricone's other work from the decade, but equally great in its own way. CD features 16 tracks in all – and titles include "Romanzo", "Estate 1908", "Regalo Di Nozze", "La Polenta", "Tema Di Ada", "Verdi E Morto", "Il Quarto Stato", and "Olmo E Alfredo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeSacco E Vanzetti ... LP
RCA/Goodfellas (Italy), 1971. New Copy (reissue)... $11.99
An unusual period score by Ennio Morricone – and a record that turned out to be one of his most successful of the 70s! The film, as you might guess from the title, is about the famous and unjust trial of Italian-American activists Sacco & Vanzetti – and in keeping with that setting, a number of the tunes have a folksy, almost "historic" quality to them. Other tracks still have nice Morricone-esque touches – like solo electronic keyboard on one track, or a nice bit of oboe on another – and Joan Baez sings the folksy "Ballad of Sacco & Vanzetti". Titles include "Speranze Di Liberta", "Nel Carcere", "Sacco E Il Figlio", "E Dover Morire" and "Here's To You", which features some backing work by I Cantori Moderni. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes poster!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeUn Esercito Di 5 Uomini (colored vinyl) (2018 Record Store Day Release) ... LP
Ariete/AMS (Italy), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... $32.99
Brilliant Morricone material from the end of the 60s – penned for a film that took up the same "gang of guys" mode used in The Dirty Dozen or Magnificent Seven! As usually with the maestro at this point in his career, the soundtrack is it's own very special thing – away from the film, the story, and the stars – some really wonderful music, filled with haunting themes, odd instrumental inventions, and a balance between dark and light that always keeps us on edge! There's some very odd tunings here, but never in an atonal way – and there's some beautifully redemptive passages on woodwinds conducted by Bruno Nicolai – sliding out from the strings to really make them stand out. Franco De Gemini plays a bit of harmonica on the tracks, and titles include "Muerte Donde Vas", "Cinque Amici Cinque Eroi", "I Bambini E I Fiori", and "Contro Il Tempo". LP, Vinyl record album
(On blue vinyl!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ennio MorriconeUna Vita Venduta (with bonus tracks) ... CD
GDM (Italy), 1976. New Copy ... About January 1, 2018 (delayed)
A relatively somber soundtrack from Ennio Morricone – penned for a film set in the Spanish Civil War of the 30s, and served up in a mix of moody moments! There's some really beautiful melodies on the record – gentle themes that creep out of the darkness like tiny flowers, blossoming through short instrumental solos – before the broader washes of strings come back in, and fold them into the overall tapestry of sound. Some passages get slightly dramatic as the tension in the narrative increases – and titles include "Quasi Un Flamenco", "Repressione Seconda", "Melodia Dalla Zolfara", "Una Piazza Di Siviglia", and "Al Fronte". CD features 6 bonus tracks – all previously unreleased! CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruno NicolaiIndio Black (Adios Sabata) ... LP
Dagored (Italy), 1972. New Copy (reissue)... About March 8, 2018 (delayed)
Bruno Nicolai's soundtrack for the second and last film in the Sabata trilogy from the early 70s – noteworthy for the fact that Yul Brynner took over the starring role, and that Nicolai handled the scoring of the film! Nicolai's style here borrows a lot from frequent partner Ennio Morricone – and the overall feel of the work is extremely powerful – with the sort of broad, bold Morricone themes that we love so much – often done with unusual touches that include floating vocals, trilling flute, echoey guitar, and even a bit of whistling by Alessandro Alessandroni! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bruno NicolaiUna Giornata Spesa Bene ... LP
Dagored (Italy), 1972. New Copy 2LP ... $34.99
A rare one from Bruno Nicolai – a composer that many people recognize from his work with Ennio Morricone, but one who can sound even groovier on his own! Bruno's got some really wide-open ears on the set – able to bring in lots of unusual sounds and odd inflections, while still keeping things compelling and groovy – even dipping into a bit of Bach at one moment, but with a very hip sort of Italian presentation! Some rhythms are bossa, some are more playful – and instrumentation includes organ, piano, plucked guitar, stepping strings, and lots of mighty nice basslines. Titles include "Versus III", "Una Giornata Spesa Bene", "Verdetto Per I Giurati", "La Fine", "Minuto Su Minuto", "Inutilmente", and "L'Idea Fissa". LP, Vinyl record album
(2LP 45rpm audiophile pressing – limited to 300!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Piero Piccioni/Roger WilliamsMore Than A Miracle ... LP
MGM, Early 70s. Near Mint- ... $3.99
A dreamy little soundtrack by Piero Piccioni – not as mad as some of his more famous Italian work, but with plenty of nice touches! Piccioni's going for more of an atmospheric approach here with isolated instrumentation drifting over rhythmic string passages, in a way that's halfway between Ennio Morricone and Francis Lai. A few tracks have more whimsical musical touches – and the main theme is played by Roger Williams on piano with chorus backing. Titles include "The Chef", "The Tournament", "The Eggs Are Bewitched", "The Contest", "Prince Rodrigo", and "Rodrigo Leaves The Monastery". LP, Vinyl record album
(Yellow label mono promo. Cover has a bumped corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousCine Jazz – The European Film Music Collection ... CD
Rambling (Japan), Late 50s/1960s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $22.99
Great jazzy moments from the best years of European cinema – a collection that starts out with the French New Wave, then moves into a range of great sounds from the Italian and French scene of the 60s and early 70s! Most of the music here isn't straight jazz – and instead, the cuts mix some strong instrumental solos with groovy, swinging, and upbeat arrangements – that fantastic use of jazz in film scores that the European scene of the 60s really took up and ran with – into places that were often much cooler, much more interesting than American soundtracks of the time! The collection's filled with great little gems that really work well in each others' company – and titles include "Those Lazy Days" by Armando Trovajoli, "Number One Superman" by Piero Piccioni, "Jazz Interludio" by Giorgio Gaslini, "La Preda" by Vince Tempera & Franco Bixio, "Astaroth" by Stelvio Cipriani, "Eva" by Michel Legrand, "Una Gita Mancata" by Ennio Morricone, and "Fiacre" by Georges Delerue. (Funky Compilations, Soundtracks) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousCinevox – The History Of Soundtrack (Limited Edition 4 CD Box Set) ... CD
Cinevox (Italy), 1960s/1970s. Used 4 CDs ... $18.99
Well, the title's a bit ambitious – and sets a goal that it can hardly live up to – but this is still a great little set! This nicely-priced 4CD package isn't really an overview of the "history" of soundtracks – but it is a wonderful collection of Italian cinematic goodies, pulled from the rich catalog of Cinevox Records! The set's divided up into 4 genres – one for each CD – Western, Comedy, Horror, and Police Thrillers. Overall, the work ranges from groovy upbeat tunes, including some excellent bossa-inspired numbers, to spaghetti western classics, to dark and turgid horror themes, and back to a few nice funky tracks. There's a total of 55 tracks in all, and the set features work by soundtrack composers that include Stelvio Cipriani, Giorgio Gaslini, Piero Piccioni, Riz Ortolani, Goblin, Ennio Morricone, Gianni Ferrio, Augusto Martelli, Carlo Rustichelli, Piero Umiliani, and Francesco De Masi. Most of the work on the set has already been issued in full soundtrack form by Cinevox, but at this price, it's a great way to check out the music! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousEasy Tempo Vol 4 – A Kaleidoscopic Collection Of Exciting & Diverse Cinematic Themes ... CD
Easy Tempo (Italy), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... $13.99
Soundtrack funk doesn't get any better than this – thanks to a head-expanding of tracks from the Italian scene of the 60s and 70s – served up with the usual ear for a great cut by the folks at Easy Tempo! The groove here is far from the "easy" you might expect – and most numbers have tight drums, funky basslines, and other heavy elements – all put together with an approach to the music that's far different than anything happening in the US at the time, especially in the way the instruments sound in the end – and in the way that the production techniques make them do really crazy things! Titles include "Parangua" by Luiz Bacalov, "Flirt a Rio" by Piero Umiliani, "Side Sleep" by Berto Pisano, "Little Shakie Girl" by Armando Trovajoli, "Tremendous Stars" by Piero Piccioni, "Under Drama" by Giancarlo Gazzani, "Realta No 5" by Stelvio Cipriani, "So" by Lara Saint Paul, "Israelites" by Capuano, and "Citta Viva" by Ennio Morricone. (Funky Compilations, Soundtracks) CD
(Newly remastered edition!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousLove Ring Cinema ... CD
EMI (Japan), 1970s/1980s/1990s/2000s. Used ... $7.99
Movie themes from Ennio Morricone, Chen Min, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kiyoshi Shomura, John Williams, Nina Rota, James Horner, Francis Lai, and more – 19 tracks total. CD
(Out of print. Includes slipcase & obi.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Stelvio CiprianiAnonimo Veneziano ... LP
CAM (Italy), 1971. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the all-time great soundtracks from Stelvio Cipriani – and one of his few film scores of the 70s to circulate at an international level too! Yet the fame of the record is very well-deserved, because the music is completely sublime – a mixture of light orchestrations and tinkling piano and harpsichord lines that often have the cool, compressed feel of the best Ennio Morricone music from the same time – particularly his more love-styled themes. The approach is wonderful – more acoustic than the electric sounds that Cipriani would use later on. The album features one longer classical-oriented track conducted by George Gaslini, but most of the titles are shorter ones – and include the cuts "To Be The One You Love", "Canals Of Venice", "Reflections", "End Of A Story", "If I Should Ever Lose You", "One Day Together", and "Soft Winds". LP, Vinyl record album
(70s Italian pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Riz OrtolaniUno Scandolo Perbene (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cinevox (Italy), 1984. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A wonderfully mellow soundtrack from Riz Ortolani – a bit different than most of his other work, and handled with this spacious style that often has a lead instrumental solo sliding out in front of soft orchestrations! The mood is sometimes somber – maybe not as sexy as you'd guess from the image on the cover – and the style's a bit like some of those soundtracks that Ennio Morricone was doing around the same time, especially as his work took him into more of a global cinematic scale! Some of our favorite tracks have a lead trumpet or woodwind – and titles include "Amnesia", "Uno Scandalo Perbene", "Interrogatorio", "Momenti Felici", "Meditazione", and "Ritrovarsi Ancora". CD also features 11 previously unissued bonus tracks! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousMovie Themes Collection – 50 Brani Da Grandi Film ... CD
Warner/Chappell (Italy), 2005. Used 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Includes work from Stefano Mainetti, Stelvio Cipriani, Pino Donaggio, Ennio Morricone, Carl Davis, Paolo Silvestri, Maurizio Abeni, Andrea Guerra, Fabio Frizzi, Marco Frisina, Tiziano Lamberti, and more – 50 tracks in all!! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Calibro 35Calibro 35 ... LP
Cinedelic (Italy), 2008. New Copy 2LP Gatefold (reissue)... Out Of Stock
A contemporary combo, but one who really get the sound of older soundtracks right – particularly the late 60s/early 70s Italian generation that's inspired the name and artwork of this set! Instrumentation is nice and lean – keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion – used more in the tight ways of a mod funk combo, but with strong soundtrack leanings in the tunes – no surprise, as the songs here are all pulled from vintage scores by Ennio Morricone, Luiz Bacalov, Armando Trovajoli, and others of the golden age of Italian soundtracks! And if you're suspicious about the sound, don't be – because these guys are totally great – no fake-retro moments, or overly programmed rhythms – just live instrumentation handled beautifully, in ways that bring something new to the tunes, but remain very faithful to their original inspiration. Titles include "Preludio", "Italia Amano Armata", "Titoli", "Notte In Bovisa", "Summertime Killer", "La Polizia S'Incazza", "Shake Balera", "Spiralys", and "Gangster Story". (New Grooves, Soundtracks) LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Arthur Vint & AssociatesDeath Rides A Horse ... CD
Ropeadope, 2017. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The music of Ennio Morricone – completely recast into a jazz setting by drummer Arthur Vint and his associates! The project's maybe a bit like the famous John Zorn reworking of Ennio Morricone music from decades ago – but the approach here is more unified, and has as much ear for the tunefulness of the original compositions as it does for making something fresh and new! As you'd guess from the cover, the focus here is mostly on the western side of Morricone's scoring – and instrumentation includes tenor, harmonica, violin, guitars, piano, organ, bass clarinet, and flute – which makes for some great tonal combinations. Titles include "Death Rides A Horse", "The Sundown", "For A Few Dollars More", "Man With A Harmonica", "The Ecstasy Of Gold", "Vamos A Matar Companeros", and "Once Upon A Time In The West". (Jazz, Soundtracks) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousCine Bossa – The European Film Music Collection ... CD
Rambling (Japan), Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Sweet bossa nova from the European scene – almost all of it from the kinds of late 60s Italian soundtracks that took the best elements of the style from Brazil, then expanded it into a whole new groovy style of its own! The music here certainly has lots of the snapping rhythms and breezy melodies you'll know from classic bossa nova – but the arrangements are often a lot more ambitious, and add in all these cool, groovy, and mod touches – including bits of organ, electric guitar, scat vocals, and other musical elements that resonate strongly with the best modernist vibe of the Italian 60s world of film. Titles include "Anice Nuraghi" by Luis Bacalov, "La Matriarca" by Armando Trovajoli, "Mr Dante Fontana" by Piero Piccioni, "Samba In Tribunale" by Ennio Morricone, "Bob & Hellen" by Piero Umiliani, "Bikini Bossa" by Gianni Dell'Orso, "Il Colpo" by Stelvio Cipriani, "Bossa In California" by Marcello Gigante, "Pedone L'Africano" by Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis, and "Aspetto Ancora Un Giorno" by Piero Piccione. (Funky Compilations, Soundtracks) CD

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