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XGreat music in many modes -- northern soul, deep soul, harmony soul, modern soul, and group soul -- plus disco, funk, club, electro, rare groove, and more!



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Buddy Ace & Al TNT BraggsBuddy Ace Meets Al TNT Braggs ... CD
Duke/Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $13.99 14.99
A double-header of a set – one that brings together rare work from two great 50s singers on the Duke/Peacock label – both of whom get a fair bit of space in the collection! Buddy Ace was actually named James Land at the start, but was dubbed Buddy Ace after the death of Johnny Ace – one of the first big Duke records stars, and a key force in the early years of rock and roll. Buddy's style is maybe a bit warmer at times than Johnny, but he also gets all the fantastic Duke Records production that made Bobby Blue Bland so great at the start – core blues augmented with larger arrangements, and jazz currents that can make the music a lot more sophisticated than on other labels! There's definitely plenty of blues in the mix, including strong guitar leads on some tunes – and titles include "Screaming Please", "This Little Love Of Mine", "From These Roots", "It Can't Be True", What Can I Do", "Back Home", and "Won't You Reconsider". The set then moves onto a great batch of work from Al TNT Braggs – a singer who definitely earns the explosive part of his name – especially on the upbeat numbers that are equal parts R&B and early rock and roll! Al's got a very distinct, dexterous approach to the music – one that's also really pointing the way towards 60s soul – on titles that include "Chase Em Tom Cat", "A Little Bit Closer", "We Belong Together", "Easy Rock", "You're Something Else", and "Cigarettes & Coffee". CD

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✨✧ Mickey Baker & OthersMickey Baker In Session – Ain't No Strain 1951 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great overview of the guitar talents of Mickey Baker – an artist who's maybe best remembered during this time for an album on Atlantic, or his duets with the young Sylvia Robinson (as Mickey & Sylvia) – but a player who also worked on countless sessions during the years of R&B and early soul! We always knew Mickey played on some key tracks – his guitar work is as recognizable as a King Curtis saxophone solo – but this 29 track set features material we didn't even know about – most of it by some of the biggest R&B stars of the 50s! Titles include "Women Are The Root Of All Evil" by Paul Williams, "Hit Git & Split" by Young Jessie, "No Good Lover" by Mickey & Sylvia, "Juke Joint" by Sam Price, "I'm Gonna Rock Your Wig" by Sonny Terry, "Bad Hangover" by Square Walton, "I'm Doin All This Time" by Stick McGhee, "Please Louise" by Wynonie Harris, "Straighten Up Baby" by Milt Trenier, "Oh Darlin" by Johnny Frank, "All Around The World" by Titus Turner, and more by Nappy Brown, Larry Dale, Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, and others! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Billy BlandLet The Little Girl Dance – Old Town & Imperial Singles 1954 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
That's Billy Bland, not Bobby Bland – a really great singer who's got a wonderful range of material – equally able to sing jump blues, R&B, and even a bit of New Orleans soul – all of which is featured in this excellent collection of his work for the Old Town label – plus a few rare cuts for the Imperial label too! Billy cut most of these tracks at the end of the 50s and start of the 60s – after he'd spent time singing in the bigger groups of Lionel Hampton and Buddy Johnson – where he learned the care that comes to singing in a jazz based environment, and probably developed the powerful lead that really shines through here! In true Old Town style, there's a mix of modes throughout – especially as the work moves into the 60s – but Bland's able to shine with it and has this amazing, arching style of singing that should have made him huge. The package begins with 4 cuts that have Billy in the group The Bees – then moves into another 28 tracks that feature the singer solo – on titles that include "Uncle Bud", "Do The Bug With Me", "Pardon Me", "Harmony", "Snatchin Back", "I Want To Be Loved", "Chicken In Basket", "The Fat Man", "Chicken Hop", "Grandmaw Gave A Party", "Sweet Thing", and "How Many Hearts". CD

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Cats & The FiddleThat's On Jack – Selected Singles 1939 to 1950 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 30s/1940s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
A huge amount of work from The Cats & The Fiddle – a vocal group that stands as a strong bridge between some of the male quartets of the 30s and the big wave of R&B acts to come! The music here is nice and jazzy, often with a lot of guitar used to emphasize the rhythms – maybe in the Mills Brothers mode, but much more earthy and with a stronger current of blues – especially as the 40s move in, the the Cats hit all these kind of hip, groovy sorts of styles that are in the territory of Slim Gaillard or the early King Cole Trio! The package brings together 53 well-selected tracks from their singles of the late 30s and 1940s – titles that include "Sighing & Crying", "When Elephants Roost In Bamboo Trees", "Start Talking Baby", "Wine Drinker", "Darling Can't We Make A Date", "I'm Afraid Of You", "I'm Gonna Pull My Hair", "I'll Always Love You Just The Same", "One Is Never Too Old To Swing", "Pig's Idea", "Hep Cat's Holiday", "That's On Jack That's On", "Crawlin Blues", "Chant Of The Rain", and "Killer Diller Man From The South". CD

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Dreamers/BlossomsDreamers To The Blossoms – Evolution Of A Girl Group ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $14.99 15.99
A heck of a package of girl group soul – one that features work by a quartet who not only recorded under the name of The Dreamers and The Blossoms, but also The Playgirls, The Rollettes, and as The Crystals and The Blue Jeans for Phil Spector too! The "evolution" in the title is very well-put – as the set has the group starting with Richard Berry on some early sides for RPM/Crown – music that still has a strong 50s R&B approach, sometimes with the girls backing Berry's lead – before blossoming (all pun intended) on some late 50s sides for Capitol Records, where the group where really finding their groove. The set also features the group backing up Ed Townsend on a few tracks, Shelly Fabares on one more, and even behind guitarist Duane Eddy – on a total of 32 titles that include "Move On", "He Promised Me", "Little Louie", and "Have Faith In Me" as The Blossoms; "Sad Fool" and "Kiss Me Benny" as The Rollettes; "Good Love", "Do Not Forget", and "At Last" as The Dreamers; "Hey Sport" and "Young Love Swings The World" as The Playgirls; and "He's A Rebel" as The Crystals. CD

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Ernie FreemanLive It Up – Adventures In Arranging With The Los Angeles Keyboard King ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
Ernie Freeman was one of those cats who seemed as if he could do anything – a great pianist, a heck of an arranger, and a creative force who touched so many different kinds of music on the LA scene of the postwar years! Ernie's name appeared on countless records – his own big hits for the Imperial label, but also a range of other titles by different artists too – a variety of modes that always made Freeman one of those guys that can be tough to peg at a stylistic level – as you'll find his older records filed in the jazz, soul, and rock racks at record stores! This well-done set does a great job of illustrating the diverse talents of Ernie back in the day – filled with tunes that are mostly instrumental, and which step around genres in a great way – 32 titles that include "The Tuttle", "Leaps & Bounds", "Jivin Around", "Puddin", "Junior Jive", "After Sunset", "Summer Serenade", "Shape Up", "Theme From Igor", "Walking The Beat", "Lost Dreams", "Jamboree", "Conquest", "Swamp Meeting", and "Theme From The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs". (Jazz, Soul) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Bob Gaddy/Larry Dale/Brownie McGheeKings Of New York Blues 1952 to 1960 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
A really well-done dip into the New York City blues scene of the 50s – one that presents a wealth of work we might not have heard otherwise, pulled from labels that include Old Town, Harlem, Jax, Wing, Dog, and Groove! There's a nice mix of material here that really shows the way the city was able to act as a crossroads for styles that were not necessarily homegrown, but could certainly find a home in its diverse community – as some cuts have more of a rural bent, others have some of the more electrified touches that were coming into urban blues, and a few have some of the jump/jazz styles of the R&B generation. Titles include "No Help Wanted", "I Believe You Got A Sidekick", "Bicycle Boogie", "Operator", "Slow Down Baby", "Paper Lady", and "Rip & Run" by Bob Gaddy; "You Better Heed My Warning", "Please Tell Me", "Feelin All Right", "No Tellin What I'll Do", and "What Your Love Means To Me" by Larry Dale; "A Letter To Lightnin Hopkins", "Worrying Over You", "Bluebird Bluebird", and "My Confession" by Brownie McGhee – and more by Cousin Leroy, Alonzo Scales, and Paul Williams too. (Blues, Soul) CD

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✨✧ Don Gardner & Dee Dee FordI Need Your Loving – Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford 1954 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
A really great collection of work from this legendary duo – a group who really helped bring the sound of the organ into soul music in the early days, thanks to some fantastic recordings like these! The set covers much more space than other Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford collections we've seen – in that the whole first half of the record features early singles before they started recording more famously for Bobby Robinson's Fire Records label, including a lot of tracks that feature Gardner on his own, working with cool small combos on recordings for labels that included Deluxe, Bruce, and Junior – most of which have a very young Jimmy Smith handling the Hammond organ in the group! Dee Dee Ford comes into the mix on an early single for the Val-Ue label, then follows through the Fire recordings – and the set features 27 tracks in all, with titles that include "Sonotone Bounce", "Sneakin In", "I Don't Want To Go Home", "Glory Of Love", "Dee I Do", "Dark Alley", "Crying All Alone", "Tell Me", "Lead Me On", "Going Down To Big Mary's House", "Only Love Brings Happiness", "Make The Girl Love Me", and "Up The Street". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Paul GaytenTrue You Don't Love Me – Early Recordings 1947 to 1949 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 40s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
Seminal sounds from one of the most important early figures on the music scene in New Orleans – an artist who was able to mix blues roots with jazzier elements, in a way that often hit the classier styles of some of the hippest artists on the LA scene in the postwar years! Gayten would later rise to fame for fuller cuts that have more of the feel of the New Orleans soul and R&B that would boom big at the end of the 50s – but here, he's in more of a small combo mode, and sounding great on vocals, mixed with jazzy guitar and some especially strong work on piano. The set features 27 tracks originally issued by the DeLuxe and Regal labels – and titles include "Back Trackin", "Women These Days", "Trust In Me", "I'm Glad For Your Sake", "Hard To Get Through Life Alone", "Creole Gal", "Lover", "My Song While We Dance", "Peter Blue & Jasper Too", "Gayten's Boogie", "Your Hands Ain't Clean", and "Doctor Daddy O". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Barbara GeorgeI Know – The AFO & Sue Records Years ... CD
Jasmine, Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Barbara George is best known for the title track of this set – but she's also a hell of a singer from the early 60s New Orleans scene, and one who wrote a fair bit of her own material too! George is very much like Barbara Lynn in that way – more than just a great voice pulled into the studio to cut a few singles – as she's got a depth of feeling and great way with a pen, talents that should have been able to blossom much more strongly in years to come – had the singer ever gotten the treatment she deserved! Still, you can't beat the setting here – half tracks that were recorded with the great Harold Battiste for the AFO label, plus more Sue Records singles from the early 60s – before George left music way too early. Titles include "Whip O Will", "I Know", "The Recipe", "Bless You", "If You Think", "I'm In A Strain", "Hurted", "Without Love", "You Talk About Love", "Try Again", "Send For Me", and "If When You've Done The Best You Can". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Big John GreerBlowin & Rockin 1949 to 1955 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 40s/Early 50s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
Killer cuts from Big John Greer – both a singer and saxophonist, and a postwar force in R&B with a sound that would have been right at home on King Records! Greer recorded most of this material for RCA – a label that never gave him the push he might have gotten from a more close-to-the-ground indie at the time – and there's a raw quality to these cuts that really rivals some of the best work of the period by artists like Roy Brown, Tiny Bradshaw, Bullmoose Jackson, and Jack McVea! John's as equally great serving up an instrumental solo as he is at delivering a vocal lead – and these tunes pack plenty of punch, with a raw, romping R&B groove throughout. The set features 27 tracks in all – all great all the way through – and titles include "Red Juice", "Big John's A Blowin", "Have Another Drink & Talk To Me", "If I Told You Once", "Play Me Some Loud Music", "Soon Soon Soon", "A Man & A Woman", "Ride Pretty Baby", "Woman Is A Five Letter Word", and "I'm The Fat Man". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Linda HayesYes I Know ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Mid 50s. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 19.99
Wonderful solo work from Linda Hayes – a singer who's maybe best known for her relationship to The Platters in their early years, but a hell of a vocalist on her own – much more soulful than in that famous group, with a quality that almost rivals some of the best female R&B singers on Atlantic and King during the 50s! The work here also has a bit of a west coast spin, too – that mix of jazz, blues, and R&B that was brewing up with some of the cooler, classier singers on the LA scene in the postwar years – on side that Linda recorded for the Hollywood Records label, and af ew other small imprints. This 2CD set is maybe the best we've seen to bring together the music of Hayes – with 35 tracks that include "Take Me Back", "Atomic Baby", "Big City (parts 1 & 2)", "Darling Angel", "I'll Never Love Again", "Hubba Hubba", "I Had A Dream", "Our Love's Forever Blessed", "Non-Cooperation", "No Next Time", "Grrr Mambo", and "Your Back's Out" – plus some cuts with The Platters too! CD

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✨✧ Joe Henderson/The Fairfield FourSnap Your Fingers ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
That's not Joe Henderson the saxophonist, but a great singer with a really magnificent voice – served up here in a huge collection of his early work! The set begins with the record Snap Your Fingers – a classic album from the early years of soul music – the only full length set ever served up by the great Joe Henderson – a vocalist with roots in the legendary Fairfield Four gospel group, but sounding equally great here in a secular mode! The arrangements are by Cliff Parham, and they've got this blend of bluesy vocals and jazzier backings – in a style that's very much like the best Duke/Peacock work of the time – with a spectacular focus on Joe's voice in the lead! The whole album's great, filled with unusual material – with titles that include "Sad Teardrops At Dawn", "Right Now", "Big Love", "Just Call Me", "Snap Your Fingers", "After Loving You", and "If You See Me Cry". The set then moves into some great additional singles, plus lots more gospel material cut with The Fairfield Four – most of it from the rare album The Bells Are Tolling, originally issued on the Old Town label. Additional cuts include "I'll Be So Happy", "The Searching Is Over", "My Hands Are Tied", "Love Me Sweet", "Lord You Know", "Memories", "What Are They Doing In Heaven", and "All Day Every Day". CD

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ImpalasSorry I Ran All The Way Home ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1959. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
The Impalas had a short history, but cut some great work at the end of the 50s – as you'll hear in this mighty nice set! The core of the CD features the group's record Sorry – the only full album ever cut by The Impalas – a group who scored strong with the big title hit, but are pretty darn wonderful all the way through! The Impalas are one of those lost acts from the glory days of harmony group work – impeccable here, with a vocal quality that's already pretty darn wonderful – made even better by really top-shelf production from the Cub Records branch of MGM – who add all the right larger touches, but never water down the vocals at all! Most tunes are originals, too – which makes the record way more than just a hit single with filler material – and the group shine nicely on "Sorry", "Too Much Too Soon", "Mommy O", "Cupid", "She Belongs To Me", "Fool Fool Fool", "Sandy Went Away", "Chum", and "All But The Memory Of You". CD then also includes seven more tracks issued as singles by Cub and Hamilton – titles that include "First Date", "I Was A Fool", "All Alone", "Peggy Darling", "When My Heart Does The Talking", and "Bye Everybody". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Gus JenkinsToo Tough – West Coast Blues & R&B 1953 to 1963 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
A huge collection of work from the overlooked Gus Jenkins – one of a number of blues musicians who started in the south, then moved out to the west coast during the postwar years – and found a way to change his older style into a great mix of jump blues and raw R&B! Jenkins both sings and plays piano – and like some of his key contemporaries who recorded for LA indies in the 50s, that mix is really set loose with all sorts of jazzy modern currents as the years move on – quite far from the earlier roots, into the coming modes of rock and soul. The set features more material by Gus than has ever been collected in one place – singles for labels that include Flash, Combo, and Pioneer – plus other material, songs with his wife Mamie, and work with the team of Albert & Charles, and Blues Slim and his band. Titles include "Copper Tan", "Hit The Road", "Remember Last Xmas", "Spanky", "Gonna Take Time", "Off The Road", "Jealous Of You Baby", "Celebrate (parts 1 & 2)", "Last Time", "Red River Shuffle", "Tricky", "You Lied", "Cold Love", "I Been Working", "Worries & Troubles", "Stand By Me", and "Pay Day Shuffle (parts 1 & 2)". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Marie KnightGospel Train – The Marie Knight Story 1946 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 40s/1950s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
The were plenty of singers who made the transition from gospel music to secular sounds during the 60s soul years – but Marie Knight followed that path a generation before – by starting out with some superb gospel material in the late 40s, then moving more strongly into R&B during the following decade! That long journey is served up beautifully in this set – which pulls together singles that Knight cut for a wide variety of labels – Mercury, Baton, Carlton, Decca, Okeh, and others – in settings that include gospel groups, small combos, and even few duets with other singers too. Throughout it all, Marie's got a hell of a voice that just gets better as the years go on – very adaptable to new material, and always full of feeling, on titles that include "I'll Let Nothing Separate Me From The Lord", "I Can't Sit Down", "Look At Me", "I'm The Little Fooler", "Gospel Train", "My Journey To The Sky", "Up Above My Head", "Precious Memories", "Trouble In Mind", "Stand The Storm", "Who Rolled The Stone Away", "I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them", "I Was Born Again", and "Grashopper Baby". (Gospel, Soul) CD

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Ketty LesterLove Is For Everyone – The 1962 Sessions ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1962. Used ... $8.99
the original Love Letters album plus bonus singles. Groundbreaking work from Ketty Lester – a really important singer who equally skirted the worlds of jazz and soul! Ketty's got a great sophisti-soul style on the set – working with arrangements by Lincoln Mayorga, and coming off with a sound that would clearly go onto inspire Nancy Wilson and Marlena Shaw. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ MajorsWonderful Dream ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
A great look at The Majors – a set that features their sole album for Imperial Records, plus lots more bonus material too! The set begins with the full Meet The Majors album – the only full album ever cut by The Majors – a hell of a vocal group from the Philly scene of the early 60s, and one with a fantastic approach that's a bit unlike anyone else we can think of! The group sports soaring lead vocals from singer Ricky Cordo – a singer with a range that's really amazing, and used in these ways that can be really dynamic, even on the mellow cuts – as he's backed by the group's three guys and one gal, who sometimes get a bit more spotlight in the lead – amidst this wonderful palette of instrumental touches, which includes bits of vibes, organ, and other nice touches that really keep things interesting. Titles include "Oh Wee Baby", "Time Will Tell", "She's A Troublemaker", "Don't You Lose Your Cool", "Come One Come On", "What In The World", "A Wonderful Dream", and "Anything You Can Do". The set then moves into 10 more tracks from singles for Imperial and Ro-Cal – titles that include "Tra La La", "One Happy Ending", "What Have You Been Doin", "Get Up Now", and the cuts "Whisper In Your Ear" and "Lundee Dundee", both cut by the earlier version of the group, as The Versatiles. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Miriam MakebaRoots Of Miriam Makeba – From South Africa To New York ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 19.99
A huge collection of work from the legendary South African singer Miriam Makeba – one that opens up a surprisingly big chapter of material before she started issuing her famous early records in America! The package begins with a big array of 78rpm singles from her homeland – then eventually moves into some of her work for RCA on the second disc – and throughout the package, there's an evolution of sound that's wonderful – music that's maybe more jazzy at the start, but which takes on more of a South African spirit as the 50s move on – then steps into some of the folk-tinged elements that first helped Makeba find an audience here in the US. Early singles include "Orlando", "Vula Amasango", "Hush", "Siyavuya", "Inkomo Zodwa", "Makoti", "Nididliwe Zintabe", "Unyana Wolahleka", "Ngicela Indiela", "Phata Phata", "Miriam's Goodbye To Africa", "Lakutshon Ilanga", "Lovely Lies", and "Pula Kgosi Seretse" – just part of the 32 early tracks on the set – before going into the RCA albums Miriam Makeba and Many Voices Of Miriam Makeba – as well as two tracks with Harry Belafonte. (Global Grooves, Soul) CD

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Harold Melvin & The Blue NotesDoo Wop Days & Their Journey To The Top – 1953 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine, 1950s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 12.99
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes are certainly best-known for their huge Philly hits of the 70s with Teddy Pendergrass on vocals – but the group had a very long legacy that includes countless indie recordings in the years before their hooked up with Gamble & Huff – a good deal of which are included in this set! As most folks know, Harold Melvin was never the lead singer – maybe more of a creative force in the group, which shifted often over these early years, but continued to grow and mature – with styles that begin in maybe more of a postwar jump/jazz sort of mode, then evolve into styles we no more clearly as doo wop and early soul. The set opens the door very wide – so much so that there might be a few tracks that aren't fully established as having Melvin's involvement – and the package features 25 titles in all, including related tracks issued by Todd Randall and Bernie Williams, who were with the group. Titles include "My Hero", "The Letter", "Hey Doc", "The Retribution Blues", "With This Pen", "If It's Our Destiny", "She Is Mine", "Pucker Your Lips", "Devoted To You", "O Holy Nite", "WPLJ", and "While I'm Away". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ OrlonsDon't Hang Up ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
Three gals, one guy, and a really important group on the Philly scene in the early years of soul music – as you'll hear on this collection of seminal tracks from first few years of the 60s! The Orlons have a way of mixing familiar female harmony soul sweetness with a slightly deeper vibe – equally great on heartbreaking ballads as it is on some of the groovers that the group would really make a mark with – cuts that were crucial in breaking barriers in the world of pop music at the time they were released. The set features 28 tracks by the group – a mixture of album cuts and singles – and also adds in 4 more numbers that have The Orlons backing up Dee Dee Sharp. Titles include "Holiday Hill", "Please Let It Be Me", "I'll Be True", "The Conservative", "Release Me", "Chains", "Ride", "Guitar Man", "Don't Hang Up", "Let Me In", "He's Gone", "Gravy", "The Plea", "The Cha Cha Cha", and "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby". CD

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Mike PedicinHotter Than A Pistol ... CD
Jasmine (UK), 1950s. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
A huge overview of the early days of saxophonist Mike Pedicin – a player who'd later become part of the Philadelphia International sound in 70s soul – but who here is a dedicated rocker, from a time when the sax was every bit a big part of the new sound as the guitar! The tracks here are mostly small combo sides recorded for a variety of indie labels, plus a few more for RCA – real gems from the time when an energetic cat like Mike could burst out of his local scene in Philly, and cook up a mixture of vocal and instrumental tunes that drew heavily on R&B and jump blues, and which point the way towards rocking sounds to come. The package is the first we've seen to cover this much territory of Pedicin's early years – and features 33 titles that include "Saxi Boogie", "Hey Pop Give Me The Keys", "Disc Jockey's Boogie", "Mmm Boy", "One Potato Two Potato", "The Large Large House", "Jackpot", "Close All The Doors", "I'm Hip", "Mambo Rock", "Devil", "Burnt Toast & Black Coffee", "Closin Out", and "The Dickie Doo". (Rock, Soul) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ed TownsendNew In Town/Glad To Be Here ... CD
Capitol/Jasmine (UK), Late 50s. New Copy ... $12.99 13.99
A pair of overlooked gems from singer Ed Townsend – a talent we'd rank right up there with Jesse Belvin or Arthur Prysock in his early years! First up is New In Town – an obscure early session from Ed Townsend – an artist who's perhaps better known as a songwriter of hits for others, and slightly less as a 70s soul singer on Curtom and Casablanca! Yet here, Ed's starting out his career as a mainstream crooner – cast by Capitol as a sepia Sinatra, and even working with arrangements from Frank's Capitol mainstay, Nelson Riddle! There's a bit more drama here than you might hear on a Sinatra album – a slightly deeper range that slides towards more conventional pop vocals of the period – but the whole album's pretty darn compelling, especially the overall package. Titles include "Symphony", "I Am", "New In Town", "Goin My Way", "Till The End Of Time", "Mam'selle", "Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me", and "Lover Come Back To Me". Glad To Be Here is another great album – every bit as wonderful as the first! Orchestrations are by Nelson Riddle, and the album's got a gentle swing that we really enjoy – Ed singing over some lesser known tracks, and bringing a raspy soulfulness to the more familiar ones. Titles include "What's Wrong With Me", "Golden Earrings", "I'm In Love", "Don't Ever Leave Me", and "On The Street Where You Live". (Vocalists, Soul) CD

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Danny WilliamsComplete Singles & EPs – 1959 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 12.99
Danny Williams is a singer who never broke that big on our shores, but he's a heck of a vocalist with a really great range – a mature, sophisticated song stylist who's maybe in the same territory as a young Johnny Mathis, or maybe Tony Williams of The Platters – born in South Africa, but recorded here on a strong range of singles for the British market! The music is equal parts soul and jazz – and like Mathis, Williams opens the door for much more adult singers in years to come – modes that allow for a different range of expression than earlier blues and R&B. The set features both sides of Danny's ten singles for HMV, plus some tracks from EP releases and rare album tracks – 29 titles in all, including "Tall A Tree", "Stay As Sweet As You Are", "Lonely", "Moon River", "Weaver Of Dreams", "Jeannie", "Something's Gotta Give", "Get Happy", "Tiara Tahiti", "Tears", "The Wonderful World Of The Young", "So High So Low", and "Youthful Years". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tony WilliamsSignature Voice Of The Platters Vol 1 – 1955 to 1961 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $14.99 15.99
Tony Williams was one of the greatest singers of the 50s – the famous lead voice of The Platters, and a heck of a singer on his own – as you'll hear in this set of overlooked solo material that Tony cut around the same time! Williams has a majesty and range that rivals Johnny Mathis at his best – but he's also able to get a bit more down and dirty when he wants to, moving from classy modes to more R&B-oriented territory – which comes as a nice surprise on a few of the cuts on this set! The package brings together 28 tracks in all – obscure solo material recorded for Reprise Records, more tracks for Mercury, and even a duet with Linda Hayes – titles that include "Oochi Poochi", "When You Return", "Peggy O'Neill", "Sleepless Nights", "Sad River", "Movin In", "The Miracle", "My Prayer", "Amapola", "Ida", "Charmaine", "On My Word Of Honor", and "You'll Never Know". CD

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✨✧ VariousWatch Your Step – The Soulful Roots Of Philadelphia Soul 1959 to 1962 ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
A great overview of the early days of soul music on the Philly scene – work that's very different than the smooth, sophisticated sounds the city was giving the world in the 70s! At the time of these tracks, Philly was a crucial crossroads in popular music – home to important labels, distributors, and radio stations – and a key force in turning America on to the best up-and-coming talents in rock, pop, and R&B – as well as the young soul artists you'll hear on this set! The Philly approach often makes for well-recorded, catchy tunes that still maintain a great sort of edge – the kind of singles that would instantly warrant repeated play on the jukebox, and which would sound great booming out of the speakers when they did. The set's got 29 tracks in all – with titles that include "Pop Pop Pop Pie" by the Sherrys, "The Push & Kick" by Mark Valentino, "The Popeye Waddle" by Don Covay, "If It Wasn't For Pride" by Jimmy Dee & The Universals, "She's So Fine" by Big Boy Myles, "Party Lights" by Claudine Clark, "If I Should Lose You" by The Dreamlovers, "Did We Go Steady Too Soon" by Farris Hill & The Madison Brothers, "No Time To Cry" by Bernard Byers, and "The Hunch" by Bobby Peterson Quintet. CD

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VariousWe Did 'Em First – 33 Lost, Obscure, & Forgotten Originals ... CD
Jasmine (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $14.99 15.99
Famous hits, but in versions that you might not recognize – as they're the original recordings of the tunes, some of which are a lot more obscure than the bigger later versions! The package is a great romp through a range of different styles – rock, soul, and a little bit more – all from the glory days of the 7" single, when all sorts of artists were trying out all sorts of great material – so much so that even gems like these didn't always hit the charts! Consider the whole thing as a great "whodunit" of rock and roll – with a set list of 33 titles that includes "I Found You" by Yvonne Fair, "Pony Time" by Don Covay, "The Pale Faced Indian" by Marvin Rainwater, "Last Kiss" by Wayne Cochran, "Come Tomorrow" by Marie Knight, "Rave On" by Sonny West, "Johnny Angel" by Georgia Lee, "He's A Rebel" by Vikki Carr, "Ring Of Fire" by Anita Carter, "I Wanna Go Home" by Billy Grammer, "I'm All Shook Up" by David Hill, "Endlessly" by Johnny Ray, "Go Away Little Girl" by Bobby Vee, and "Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On" by Big Maybelle. CD

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