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Rock — In Stock — CDs under $6

XA mix of classic styles -- psych, garage, prog, rockabilly, punk, post-punk, singer/songwriter, and even classic rock!



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Joe MaphisAmazing Joe Maphis – King Of The Strings ... CD
Starday/Gusto, Early 60s. New Copy ... $3.99 9.99
Joe Maphis was definitely the king of the strings back in the day – a guitarist who was so tight, he had to play a double-necked electric just to give his fingers enough to do – something that wouldn't come into vogue much later, until the 70s arena rock guitarists started to showcase ... (Folk/Country, Rock) read more CD

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Laura Nyro with LabelleGonna Take A Miracle (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia, 1971. New Copy ... $4.99 6.99
A tremendous album from Laura Nyro – a real return to the soulful style of her roots, thanks to help from Labelle on backing vocals, and the team of Gamble & Huff on production! If Nyro only ever gave the world this record, that would more than be enough – because the whole thing's ... read more CD

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Iggy & The StoogesRaw Power ... CD
Columbia, 1973. New Copy ... $4.99 6.99
One of the wildest records of the early 70s – and it's still pretty darn hard to argue with the power of this one – even if the meddling of the producers are nearly as legendary as the album itself! There's still such a manic energy the original release mix – one that clearly ... read more CD

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Johnny Cash & June CarterCarryin' On With Johnny Cash & June Carter (remastered edition) ... CD
Columbia/Legacy, 1967. New Copy ... $4.99 7.99
Johnny first album collaboration with his soon-to-be wife June Carter, and it's a nice one! Carryin' On has it's share of sweet, lovely moments shared by the two, but also has a lot more cool 60s oddball touches than one would expect. The couple cover Dylan's "It Ain't Me Babe" and two ... (Folk/Country, Rock) read more CD

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Lou ReedTransformer (with bonus tracks) ... CD
RCA, 1972. New Copy ... $4.99 6.99
Lou Reed's fantastic early solo LP – melding the aloof, plaintive vocal performance style he perfected with the Velvets and unbelievable sharp songwriting with the vamped up, fuzzed out guitars of Mick Ronson, some symphonic touches, and the guiding spirit of Ziggy Stardust era Bowie. This ... read more CD
Also available Transformer (with bonus tracks) ... CD 3.99

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Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk (plus bonus tracks) ... CD
Buddah/BMG, 1967. New Copy ... $4.99 7.99
Mindblowing music from Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – a record that's got plenty of garagey grit at the core, but which also has a heady freak rock vibe overall! The 1967 album really captures this perfect moment – one when so many artists like Don Van Vliet had their feet in ... read more CD
Also available Safe As Milk (with bonus tracks) ... CD 4.99

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Takehisa KosugiCatch-Wave ... CD
World Psychedelia, 1975. New Copy ... $3.99
Mindblowing avant work from Takehisa Kosugi – an artist most folks known as a founder of The Taj Mahal Travelers, but who here emerges as an electronic experimentalist – with a style to rival some of the best records of the Italian scene of the 70s! The album features improvised lines ... read more CD

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Growing ConcernGrowing Concern ... CD
Mainstream/World Psychedelia, 1968. New Copy ... $4.99
A sweet batch of sometimes droning, sometimes surprisingly melodic psychedelia from Growing Concern – one of the series of rare psych rock efforts release by the adventurous Mainstream label in the late 60s! Growing Concern took a more vocal approach to the sound than many of their ... read more CD

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Aphrodite's ChildIt's Five O'Clock ... CD
Mercury/World Psychedelia (Korea), 1969. New Copy ... $4.99
Brilliantly baroque psych from Aphrodite's Child – a stone classic cut while the group was in exile in Paris – heavy on drums, and with soaring keyboards that really work wonders with the vocals! Given that the group features a young Vangelis and Demis Roussos, there's plenty of raw ... read more CD

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Common PeopleOf The People, By The People, For The People ... CD
Capitol/Acid Symposium (Greece), 1969. New Copy ... $3.99
One of the best psyche albums we've ever heard on Capitol from the 60s – an introspective session with lots of space, sounds, and plenty of dark corners! The album reminds us a lot of work by Gandalf, who also recorded for Capitol at the time – very laid back at times, with a gentle ... read more CD

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O BandoO Bando ... CD
Polydor/Discos Mariposa (Argentina), 1969. New Copy ... $4.99
Heavy fuzz from late 60s Brazil – a Tropicalia-era album, but one with a slightly more mainstream groove – one that mixes elements of regional music with psychedelic elements and bouncy, mod-styled backings! The approach is somewhat like the work going on over at EMI/Odeon during the ... (Brazil, Rock) read more CD

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MopsPsychedelic Sounds in Japan ... CD
Victor/World Psychedelia (Korea), 1968/1973. New Copy ... $4.99
A buzzing, hard-hitting batch of pychedelic rock from Japan's The Mops – featuring some groovy, echoey tunes penned by the group and sung in their native language – plus a nice choice of passionate covers! The sound is a little bit like Love in their early rawness – and the Mops ... read more CD

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VariousDoo Wop Soda Shop – Atmospheric & Romantic Harmony Sounds From The 50s & 60s ... CD
Croydon Municipal (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $3.99 13.99
A really unique set of doo wop tracks from the classic years – one that has a slightly different format than some of the others on the market, as you might guess from the cover! These tunes are definitely sweet, but never too pop overall – and the titles all come from an extremely well- ... (Soul, Rock) read more CD

CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousVive Le Rock & Roll – The Unruly World Of French Rock & Roll 1956 to 1962 ... CD
RPM (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy ... $3.99 13.99
Rare rockers from the earliest days of the French scene – work that's often much more tied to American styles than French material from a few years later – but in a really great way that hangs onto all the best raw and rockabilly modes of the late 50s! Lyrics are often in French, and ... (French, Rock) read more CD

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MC SquaredTantalizing Colours – The Reprise Recordings ... CD
Reprise/Now Sounds (UK), 1967/1968. New Copy ... $3.99 14.99
Glittering sunshine pop throughout! MC Squared has a name that may sound like a weak late 80s crossover rapper, but the group's a killer harmony act from late 60s Reprise Records – produced to perfection by Lenny Waronoker, and given the same mix of tight studio and hip undercurrents that ... read more CD

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Ginger Baker & SaltLive In Munich 1972 ... CD
Voiceprint (UK), 1972. New Copy 2CD ... $4.99
Amazing stuff from Ginger Baker's personal archives – live recordings with his Salt group – born of his relocation to Nigeria and a wonderful, dexterous fusion of jazz & rock percussion with African rhythms! The sound is pretty great on these 2 CDs, and the performances are truly ... read more CD

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Las AntorchasLas Antorchas ... CD
Orfeon (Mexico), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $4.99
One of the grooviest Mexican groups of the 60s – a combo who mix together beat, garage, and psychedelic sounds with a really wonderful feel – much more like some of the Argentine and Peruvian combos who've been getting more exposure these days! There's definitely an American rock ... read more CD
(Comes a great little LP style sleeve!)

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St John GreenSt John Green ... CD
Flick City/Acid Symposium (Greece), Late 60s. New Copy ... $4.99
Late 60s madness from St John Green – an obscure set produced by Kim Fowley, and a record that's filled with plenty of Fowley's best trademark touches! The songs themselves are already pretty great – filled with odd themes and offbeat instrumentation on guitar and organ – but ... read more CD
Also available St John Green ... LP 24.99

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Markley (West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band)Group ... CD
Forward/Acid Symposium (Greece), 1969. New Copy ... $4.99
An incredible end of the 60s effort that's essentially the final album by West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – although credited as Markley! Bob Markley and Michael Lloyd co-produced and co-wrote most of the tunes but fellow WCPAEB members are photographed and credited – and the ... read more CD

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Patron SaintsFohhoh Bohob (expanded edition) ... CD
Time Lag Records, 1969. New Copy Gatefold ... $5.99
A largely unheard psychedelic gem from the end of the 60s – originally private pressed by the group of suburban NY teenagers responsible for the wild sound! There's a cosmic rock groove and a bit of doe-eyed innocence in these cute odes to mind expansion – with freewheeling guitars, ... read more CD
(Limited edition. Great gatefold cover sleeve!)

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Gregory HoweGregory Howe ... CD
Wide Hive, 2017. New Copy ... $4.99 14.99
A very different set from Gregory Howe – an artist who you might know from jazz recordings as part of the Wide Hive Players, and on other projects for that label as well – stepping out here as a surprisingly compelling singer/songwriter in a whole new mode! Gregory supplied the lyrics ... read more CD

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