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XA mix of classic styles -- psych, garage, prog, rockabilly, punk, post-punk, singer/songwriter, and even classic rock!



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✨✧ Hurricane SmithDon't Let It Die – The Very Best Of Hurricane Smith ... CD
EMI/Cherry Red (UK), Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great collection of work by one of the most unique voices in early 70s British pop – the enigmatic Norman "Hurricane" Smith, a strange singer whose work fits into a spectrum that lies somewhere between Georgie Fame, Gilbert O'Sullivan, and Ray Davies! Like all three of those artists, Hurricane's got an ear for days gone by – a slight touch of nostalgia that comes through in the subjects of his tunes and the instrumentation that accompanies his voice. And if we were to link his style with anyone, it would probably most directly be Gilbert O'Sullivan – who shares a similarly quirky style of songwriting and arranging, and who gave Smith a hit in the tune "Who Was It?". This set features 16 tracks from Smith's early 70s years on EMI – a well-selected batch of titles that include "Aunti Vi's", "Theme From An Unmade Silent Movie", "Wonderful Lily", "Cherry", "My Mother Was Her Name", "Many Happy Returns", "Back In The Country", "Who Was It", "Take Suki Home", "The Writer Sings His Songs", and "Oh Babe What Would You Say". (Vocalists, Rock) CD
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Dana GillespieWhat Memories We Make – The Complete Mainman Recordings 1971 to 1974 (Weren't Born A Man/Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle/bonus tracks) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99 24.99
A pair of great albums from singer Dana Gillespie – and a huge amount of bonus material too, including some rare promo and demo tracks that have never been available to the public! The set kicks off with the Weren't Born A Man album – a real turning point in the career of Dana Gillespie – a singer who started out as a British folkie in the 60s, but who really transformed through a host of different modes as the 70s moved in – including a key role in the long-running Catch My Soul stage show, and an intimate friendship with David Bowie! Gillespie's not exactly like Bowie, but on the record she does find a very special, intimate space of her own – helped partly by the production and arrangements of Mick Ronson, who also works with some of the Spiders Of Mars in the backing – and also in part by Bowie, who lets Dana sing his great tune "Andy Warhol" here in a version that's maybe even better than his own! Yet Gillespie is definitely at the helm throughout – a superb songwriter, and a great singer too – intimate one minute, bold the next, and quite far from her roots in folk. Titles include "Andy Warhol", "Weren't Born A Man", "Mother Don't Be Frightened", "All Gone", "Eternal Showman", "Dizzy Heights", and "Stardom Road (parts 1 & 2)". Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle is the second album that Dana Gillespie recorded for the Mainman productions label – and one that really has her stepping out and finding a voice that's all her own! Dana's a bit hard to peg stylistically – somewhat rock, but with occasional gentleness that's borrowed from her folk roots – often given a slight glam twist in the production, but not really a glam singer at all – in part because she's often got some deeper currents in her lyrics! Gillespie's got this strength in the lead that should have made her a much bigger star – an ability to step sideways to different modes from track to track, yet make you feel like the whole thing is very much part of her own master plan. Titles include "Get My Rocks Off", "Really Love The Man", "Hold Me Gently", "Pack Your Bags", "Getting Through To Me", and "Wanderlust". 2CD set features a huge amount of interesting material – including 5 tracks from Dana's 1971 promo record that she shared with David Bowie, 5 more demos from October of 1974, after her second album – but never issued – the original demo for "Andy Warhol", an outtake of "Man Size Job", different Mick Ronson arrangements for "Lavender Hill" and "Never Knew", and the Libido single tracks "Hold On To Your Fire" and "Weren't Born A Man". CD

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✨✧ NightingalesPigs On Purpose (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Cherry Red/Call Of The Void (UK), 1983. New Copy 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A brilliant bit of work from the UK scene of the early 80s – a group formed out of the ashes of The Prefects, and driven strongly by the uniquely bristling energy of frontman Robert Lloyd! The record's got lots of fantastically jagged moments – punk into post-punk, but without the freer frenzy of The Fall – maybe more the well-rooted basslines of Gang Of Four, although the style of The Nightingales is very different! Lloyd's vocals and presence are wonderful – and the songs are laced together with all these fast, jagged guitar lines that are fantastic – a bit like those from the Ron Johnson label scene to come. Tracks include "Blood For Dirt", "Start From Scratch", "One Mistake", "It Lives Again", "Joking Apart", "Yeah, It's OK", "Under The Lash", "Blisters", "Don't Blink", "Elvis The Last Ten Days", and "Make Good". 2CD version is filled with loads of extra material – tracks that include "Seconds", "Idiot Strength", "Inside Out", "Paraffin Brain", "Under The Lash", and "Elvis The Last Ten Days" – plus rare live material and demos too! CD

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✨✧ Nucleus & Ian CarrTorrid Zone – The Vertigo Recordings 1970 to 1975 (Elastic Rock/We'll Talk About It/Solar Plexus/Belladonna/Labyrinth/Roots/Under The Sun/Snakehips/Alley Cat) (6CD set) ... CD
Vertigo/Cherry Red (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 6CD ... $38.99 59.99
Seminal sounds from trumpeter Ian Carr and his Nucleus group of the early 70s – maybe one of the few jazz rock groups that was ever able to work with a fair bit of jazz in their sound! Unlike his contemporaries, who often started in rock first, then added some horns – Carr was already coming off an important 60s legacy, co-leading a group with tenorist Don Rendell – so the vibe here is like an extension of that very rhythmic, very tonal modern work – but with the addition of electrified instrumentation – thanks to the guitar work of Chris Spedding and keyboards of Karl Jenkins – who plays some fantastic electric lines throughout! The vibe is maybe a bit in the territory of early 70s electric work by Miles Davis and Donald Byrd (pre-Mizell for the latter) – but there's maybe a farther-reaching concept at play on many of the records, at a level that always helped the group cross over to the prog crowd, and move beyond just a straight jazz audience. Other key players include Brian Smith on tenor and soprano saxes – a really fantastic part of the lineup – plus Jeff Clyne on bass and John Marshall on drums – and as the albums move along a bit, the lineup shifts slightly, and also opens up to guests who include Kenny Wheeler and Harry Beckett on trumpets, Tony Levin on drums, and Norma Winstone on voice. And although some of the albums have been reissued before, this is the first set to really dive in completely – and bring together material from the Vertigo Records releases that include Elastic Rock, We'll Talk About It Later, Solar Plexus, Belladonna, Labyrinth, Roots, Under The Sun, Snakehips Etcetera, and Alley Cat. (Jazz, Rock) CD

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✨✧ PrimitivesBloom – The Full Story 1985 to 1992 (Lazy Years/Lovely/Pure/Galore/bonus tracks/BBC Sessions) (5CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Late 80s/Early 90s. New Copy 5CD ... Out Of Stock
The complete run of music by The Primitives – their early singles, ful albums, and lots of bonus material – plus BBC sessions too! CD1 features The Lazy Years – early work from The Primitives – a selection of tracks from early singles they recorded for the Lazy label, before moving onto even bigger fame at a major label! We've always liked this work by the group the best – as it's nice and raw, with a good mix of muddy production, guitar fuzz, and darkly echoey vocals – very much a product of the same Creation Records influences that gave the world Jesus & Mary Chain. Titles include "She Don't Need You", "Thru The Flowers", "Where The Wind Blows", "Stop Killing Me", "Buzz Buzz Buzz", "Everything's Shining Bright", "Shadow", "Across My Shoulder", and "She Don't Need You". CDs 2, 3, and 4 feature the full albums Lovely, Pure, and Galore – all with lots of bonus tracks – and CD5 features 26 more tracks from BBC sessions recorded during the early Lazy Years, 1986 and 1987. Box set features a massive 118 tracks in all, a few previously unreleased! CD

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✨✧ VenturesColorful Ventures (mono & stereo mixes with bonus tracks) ... CD
Liberty/EMI (Japan), 1962. Used ... Out Of Stock
Early work by The Ventures – brought together here in an unusual album of color-themed tunes! The record somehow manages to start off with their famous rendition of "Walk Don't Run", but then rolls into an even more creative batch of older standards with some sort of color in the title – played by the group with their guitar-heavy shadings in a smoking instrumental mode that really breathes new life into these older classics! All tunes have a heavy twang and lots of tight drums – and titles include "Green Leaves Of Summer", "Blue Skies", "Red Top", "Yellow Bird", "Blue Moon", "Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White", and "Silver City". CD
(Includes obi.)

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VariousJon Savage's 1972 to 1976 – All Our Times Have Come ... CD
Ace (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $19.99 24.99
Writer Jon Savage is maybe best known for his work on the early years of punk in England – and here, Savage steps back just a bit – to contextualize the rise of the new music in all sorts of other styles that were bubbling up in the mid 70s! Part of the set is a pathway to punk – especially on some of the glam and power pop cuts that clearly point the way ahead – but there's also a nice mix of hard rock, a bit of prog, and even some catchier numbers that really fit the feel of the package – and show what a wonderful mix of modes was taking place in the mid 70s – a great wake up call to anyone who thinks that things were dead until punk came along! The 2CD package is overflowing with surprises – 44 tracks, with notes from Savage as well – for titles that include "So Far" by Faust, "Hey Joe (version)" by Patti Smith, "Kings Of Speed" by Hawkwind, "Third Uncle" by Brian Eno, "After Eight" by Neu, "Easy To Slip" by Little Feat, "Girl From Germany" by Sparks, "End Unkind" by Grin, "Andy Warhol" by Dana Gillespie, "Yang Yang" by Yoko Ono, "Vicious" by Lou Reed, "She Means A Lot To Me" by Smyle, "When My Baby's Beside Me" by Big Star, "One Of The Boys" by Mott The Hoople, "Max's Kansas City 76 (part 1)" by Wayne County, "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways, "Train Train" by Count Bishops, "I Don't Mind" by Dr Feelgood, "Slow Death" by Flamin Groovies, and "You Really Got Me" by Hammersmith Gorillas. CD

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✨✧ VariousMiniatures 1 & 2 – A Sequence Of Tiny Masterpieces ... CD
Pipe/Cherry Red (UK), 1980. New Copy 2CDs ... Out Of Stock
A great 2CD set – one that brings together two rare installments of this Miniatures series of music, collage, and sound art! First up is the 1979 edition – a really fantastic little record – and one that has a concept that's unlike anything else we can think of! Morgan Fisher presents 51 different "miniatures" – songs that are a minute or less, all stacked up to make a record that's somewhere between the DIY post-punk spirit of the Rough Trade years, and some of the more offbeat, avant work of the electronic/musique concrete generation! The mix of artists is fantastic, and the brevity of the songs means that if there's something you don't like, you'll quickly be in the company of the next song – and Fisher should not only be hailed for the way that he put the whole thing together, but also for the amazing selection of artists – a lineup that includes Kevin Coyne, David Bedford, Fred Frith, Robert Wyatt, John Otway, Quentin Crisp, Michael Nyman, Pete Seeger, David Cunningham, Ron Geesin, Robert Fripp, George Melly, Steve Miller, Lol Coxhill, Neil Innes, Maggie Nicols, Andy Partridge, Stinky Winkles, and many others! CD2 features the installment from the year 2000 – with 61 more pieces, done in a similar spirit, but with a shift in technology – in a lineup that includes contributions from Gavin Bryars, Jan Campion, Robert Fripp, Dissidenten, David Cunningham, Chris Butler, John Paul Jones, Ottmar Liebert, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Trans Global Underground, Jane Siberry, Terry Riley, Hermeto Pascoal, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and many others! CD

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✨✧ VariousPillows & Prayers – Cherry Red Records 1981 to 1984 Vols 1 & 2 ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Early 80s. New Copy 2 CDs ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great re-presentation of this classic compilation on Cherry Red Records! The music here really gets at the genius of Cherry Red in the post-punk years – as the label was one of the few to really embrace all the many styles that were percolating in the UK – as you'll hear on the selection of work that runs from punkish to personal, experimental to evacuated, most of it still as fresh today as it was a few decades back! Cherry Red was home to so many of our favorites back in the day – and still continues to please us in recent years too – and this set of 31 tracks is a great testament to their genius. Titles include "Plain Sailing" by Tracy Thorn, "Penelope Tree" by Felt, "Chenko" by Red Box, "A Place In The Sun" by Marine Girls, "It's A Fine Day" by Jane, "Feathering The Nest" by Kevin Hewick, "Love In Your Heart" by Kevin Coyne, "Some Things Don't Matter" by Ben Watt, "Compulsion" by Joe Crow, "Stop The Music For A Minute" by Quentin Crisp, "Don't Blink" by The Nightingales, "On My Mind" by Everything But The Girls, "Eine Symphonie Des Grauens" by The Monochrome Set, "Un Homme Et Une Femme" by Morgan Fisher, "Shouting In Cafes" by In Embrace, "I'm Used Now" by Grab Grab The Haddock, and "Walter & John" by Ben Watt & Robert Wyatt. CD
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✨✧ Iggy & The StoogesBorn In A Trailer – The Session & Rehearsal Tapes 1972/1973 (4CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Early 70s. New Copy 4CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Here's a set that may well be titled "The Road To Raw Power" – as the set features 4CDs' worth of material that Iggy Pop recorded with The Stooges to lead up to the final version of their 1973 masterpiece – the groundbreaking Raw Power album on Columbia! The set offers up a great portrait of the group shifting a bit from their Elektra years – really refining their music with tracks that included familiar numbers from the album, plus some surprises too – recorded over the space of a year in London, Detroit, LA, and New York! A few songs get maybe a bit too many versions here – like "Raw Power" and "I Got A Right", the last of which has over 10 different takes – but there's lots of other gems in the 57 track set – and titles include "Cock In My Pocket", "Gimme Danger", "Rubber Legs", "I'm So Glad", "Old King Life Forever", "Look So Sweet", "Move Ass Baby", "My Girl Hates My Heroin", "I'm A Man", "Mellow Down Easy", "Hey Baby", "She Creatures Of The Hollywood Hills", "Open Up & Bleed", "Born In A Trailer", "I Need Somebody/Sweet Child/I Like The Way You Walk", and "Cry For Me/Pinpoint Eyes". CD

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✨✧ Working WeekWorking Nights (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Virgin/Cherry Red (UK), 1985. New Copy 2 CDs ... $14.99 21.99
One of the greatest soul groups from the UK in the 80s – a real bright spot in the years before Soul II Soul and the rise of acid jazz – and a set we'd rank right up there with Sade's best work of the time! Working Week have a very jazzy sound at their core – acoustic rhythms, and a strong commitment to jazz at the core – no surprise, given that two of the group's three members were previously involved with Weekend! The third member is the lovely Juliette Roberts – easily one of the best Brit soul singers of the time – and an artist who really helps push some of the more American influences in the group's music – while still giving the whole thing a bit of a London sparkle, too. The mix is sublime, and the whole album's great – full of classic cuts that include "Autumn Boy", "No Cure No Pay", "Sweet Nothing", "Who's Fooling Who", "Thought I'd Never See You Again", and "Venceremos". Amazing reissue – with a full bonus CD, and a whopping 15 extra tracks! Working Week were early proponents of really reworking tunes for singles, especially with jazzy elements – as you'll hear on cuts that include "Veceremos (jazz dance special 12")", "Afoche", "Storm Of Light (inst)", "Bottom End", "Stella Marina (main mix)", "Inner City Blues (urbane guerilla mix)", "Who's Fooling Who (dance version)", "Venceremos (7" bossa version)", "Stella Marina (full rap)", "Pepe's Samba (live)", and "Murphy's Law (live)". (Soul, Rock) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousKraut – Teil 1 – Die Innovativen Jahre Des Krautrock 1968 to 1979 ... CD
Bear Family (Germany), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 29.99
A massive overview of the best years of Krautrock – that fresh wave of new music that emerged on the West German scene at the end of the 60s, and carried the nation forward strongly all through the 70s! The set definitely begins at the beginning – as early cuts almost echo some of the blues rock that was bubbling up in the UK and US, before quickly moving into some of the modes that are more familiarly associated with Krautrock – including inspirations from jazz and improvised music, avant electronics, and freewheeling instrumentation that had a huge impact on many artists for decades to come! This 2CD set is done in the best Bear Family tradition – with a huge booklet of notes and images – although we should also say that the notes are in German, but still have enough helpful bits that you'll be able to get the gist when needed. 22 tracks in all – and titles include "Redskin" by Jane, "Souls Married To The Wind" by Parzival, "Cappuccino" by Abacus, "A Young Man's Gash (part 2)" by Gash, "La Leyla" by Ramses, "Chub Chub Cherry" by Silberbart, "Ants" by Tomorrow's Gift, "Rock N Roll Preacher" by Atlantis, "Keep On Running" by Cravinkle, "Mesentery" by Ikarus, "Schones Babylon" by AR & Machines, and "Big City" by Thirsty Moon. CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousShake The Foundations – Militant Funk & The Post Punk Dancefloor 1978 to 1984 (3CD set) ... CD
Cherry Red (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy 3CD ... Just Sold Out!
A funny thing happened to British music after the initial explosion of punk in the late 70s – it got surprisingly funky, in all sorts of weird ways that helped the new music cross over to the dancefloor – maybe inspired by American funk and soul, but coming off with a very different vibe overall! The basslines are key – and some of these groups really make amazing use of the brooding sounds of the instrument, picked up a few notches in pace – while others might include some snapping drums that could come as a surprise if you were expecting things to only stay in the moody dark corners of the postpunk universe! This package is a great overview of the way the groove picked up on the UK scene at the end of the 70s – very different than American disco, and with an offbeat current that then influenced the New York scene in the early 80s, and went on to have ripples in Chicago, both for Wax Trax and the early house music artists too. 3CD set features a very detailed booklet of notes – and 49 gems by artists who include The Passage, Blue Rondo A La Turk, A Certain Ratio, Tones On Tail, Kissing The Pink, Thomas Leer, Fashion, Wide Boy Awake, Vicious Pink, Modern Romance, C Cat Trance, Animal Magic, Surface Mutants, Furniture, Pop Group, Machine Gun Hogg & Co, Glaxo Babies, Family Fodder, London Underground, Nightmares In Wax, Haircut 100, 23 Skiddoo, Ian Dury, Shock, Visage, Paul Haig, and others. CD

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