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New Grooves — CDs

XContemporary cuts in a variety of styles -- broken beat, downtempo, house, electronica, club jazz, electro, nu jazz, and more!



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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ BellerucheTurntable Soul Music ... CD
Tru Thoughts (UK), 2007. Used ... $6.99
The title's plenty right on this one – because Belleruche make some really great soul music out of bits and beats assembled from turntables and guitar! The work here has a fresh, sharp-edged feel throughout – very much in the best spirit of some of Belleruche's labelmates at Tru Thoughts – especially given the raspy, Alice Russell-styled vocals on most of the album's tracks! And if you're worried about the "turntable" in the title, don't be – because the use of the element here is very spare, simple, and straightforward – never too tricked-up or DJ experimentalist – just a way of bringing in some older grooves with a really classic sense of warmth and soul. Titles include "Bump", "Reflection", "Northern Girls", "Balance", "Bird Mess", "The Itch", "Alice", and "It'll Come". CD

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Blank BlueWestern Water Music Vol 2 ... CD
Ubiquity, 2008. Used ... $3.99
A compelling new project from Nobody – quite different from his previous work, and very much in tuneful territory – thanks to help from vocalist Niki Randa! The style here is somewhat subtle – well-crafted tunes that shimmer in shadows of soundshapes – almost atmospheric, but with a bit more structure than the usual downtempo pop of this nature – and Niki's vocals are a big part of this, as they help bring form to Nobody's sounds in some really nice ways. The album's got some dark undercurrents that still echo a previous Nobody vibe – and titles include "A New Design", "Eyes Closed", "Sonic What", "All The Shallow Deep", "Circles In Circles", and "Faces". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Don CarlosMusic In My Mind ... CD
Irma (Italy), 2001. Used ... $2.99
The glorious return of Don Carlos – Italy's house music stalwart, reporting here with some of his finest music in years! There's traces of ambient grooving on the album – but most of the tracks are in a no-nonsense, straight-ahead house type groove, still handled well by Carlos after all these years. Includes guest work by Michelle Weeks, Taka Boom, Luca Martegani, and Kim Mazelle – and tracks include "Still Alone", "Dakar", "Take Me Higher", "The Music Of Your Mind", "Fluid", "Human Dance", "Sueno De Bahia", and "Someone Gotta Found Love". 13 tracks – with CD only titles that include "Saxsoulaction", "Soft House Jazz", and "I Just Keep On". CD
(Out of print.)

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EnriMusic Performed ... CD
Record Kicks (Italy), 2005. Used ... $4.99
Mod grooves from the Italian scene – very much in the mode of some of the 60s-styled work that's been showing up on the Record Kicks label of late, with plenty of Hammond in the mix, but also an overall sound that's got some more rock-oriented influences. The organ work on the set really sounds great on the best tunes – laying out a groove that's almost in a British 60s beat group style, but served up with a sense of feeling that's informed by a few decades more worth of musical expression. Titles include "Italian Suite", "Aria", "Lessons In Love", "Another Chance", "Cozmootronic Experience (parts 1 & 2)", and "Horizon". CD

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Chris JossMusic From Man With A Suitcase ... CD
Pulp Flavor (France), 1999. Used ... $12.99
Ostensibly, this is music from a fab British TV show of the 60s – but we think it's actually newer material, souped up with fake notes to make it look old. (Especially since the Brit show was called Man In A Suitcase.) Who cares though? – As the set's actually a great batch of groovy tunes, with a feeling that's very much in keeping with the best 70s cop show themes. The whole album's instrumental – and the overall feel is very similar to Lalo Schifrin or Henry Mancini's funkiest work for films during the 70s. Occasionally, you might hear an instrumental flourish that will identify the music as new – but mostly, the sound is heavy bass, hard drums, electric keyboards, and lots of wah wah guitar. Titles include "The Suitcase", "Geo's Party", "Frisky Frisco", "The Fly", and "At The Disco". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tom Misch & Yusef DayesWhat Kinda Music ... CD
Blue Note, 2020. New Copy ... $12.99 13.99
Tom Misch and Yusef Dayes definitely make some kinda music here – a sweet blend of jazzy elements, contemporary soul, and a spacious, spacey vibe that resonates strongly with some of our favorite recent sounds from the west coast! The album's on Blue Note, but it's a bit different than some of the label's recent projects – even those that are more soul-based – as the vibe here is heavy on keyboards, vocals, and guitar from Misch – set up with drums from Dayes, in a style that's funky but mellow – all tripping out nicely, with help from a variety of guests along the way. Titles include "Tidal Wave", "The Real", "Sensational", "I Did It For You", "Julie Mangos", "Kyiv", "Last 100", and "What Kinda Music" – plus "Lift Off", with guest work from Rocco Palladino – and "Nightrider", with guest work from Freddie Gibbs! (Neo Soul, New Grooves) CD
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Captain FunkEncounter With Captain Funk ... CD
Sublime Records/Reel Music (Japan), 1998. Used ... $2.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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Poi Dog Pondering7 ... CD
Platetectonic Music, 2008. Used ... $2.99
(Rock, New Grooves) CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Amp FiddlerWaltz Of A Ghetto Fly (UK pressing) ... CD
Pias/Genuine (UK), 2004. Used ... $4.99
An incredible full length set from Amp Fiddler – and the kind of record that's well worth all the hype it's been getting! Think of this one as Stevie Wonder for the 21st Century – keyboards and vocals taking off in a rocketship for the future, yet packed to the brim with all the best influences from the past! The whole set's got an amazingly well-crafted sound that fuses older funk, future jazz, and cosmic soul into one unified vision that's sure to be one of the biggest influences on soul music for years to come. Tremendous stuff – and the kind of record that can only be best described by a listen. After 3 seconds, you'll be hooked – trust us! Titles include "Dreamin", "I Believe In You", "Soul Divine", "Love & War", "Eye To Eye", and "This Is How". (Neo Soul, New Grooves) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Roman AndrenJuanita & Beyond – Live Studio Sessions ... CD
Ajabu/P-Vine (Japan), 2008. Used ... $11.99
Incredible work from Roman Andren – a genre-defying set that's filled with warmth, soul, and imagination – all recorded live in the studio with a really organic feel! The music's a cross between a few different jazz, Afro, and Latin modes – played by a group that features Roman on Fender Rhodes and acoustic piano, with tenor, flute, trumpet, guitar, and some especially great rhythms – lively percussion that brings a bit of a Latin or Brazilian flavor to the music at points, and pushes the set with some great club jazz energy. There's a bit of vocals on the record too – sung by Susanne Ottebring or Miriam Aida – and Fredrik Kronkvist also plays a bit of guest alto sax too. The whole thing's wonderful – a warmly seductive album that really grabs us from the get-go – filled with wonderful tunes that include "Long Ago & Far Far Away", "Felaflight", "Nawana", "Bumblebee", "Let's Live Forever Love", "It's Nice", and "O Mundo E Seu". CD
(Out of print digipack pressing – in great shape with obi!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Batidos (Jay Rodriguez & Ron Trent)Olajope ... CD
Six Degrees, 2001. Used ... $6.99
One of the coolest projects to bear the imprint of New York DJ Ron Trent – a shimmering blend of house music, jazzy fusion, and Latin influences! The core group features Trent on percussion and keyboards – with additional keyboards, vocals, and woodwinds from Jay Rodriguez – and the album sports a host of great guest players, including Chucho Valdes, who plays Fender Rhodes on a few tracks! There's a strident approach to the album's tracks – almost taking off of seminal 70s Latin fusion projects, like the work of Bobby Vince Paunetto, and giving the grooves a more current New York twist. The set's great overall – and titles include "Just A Dream", "Agua", "Dear Neven", "Cumbe", "Oya", "Olajope", "Buscame", and "Myths & Realities". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Brand New HeaviesTBNH ... CD
Acid Jazz (UK), 2019. New Copy ... $10.99 11.99
Excellent work from The Brand New Heavies – one of those groups that made us first want to get into the record store business many years ago! The passage of time hasn't dimmed their genius at all – and right as at the start, the music here is flowing with classic funk and soul influences, but leaned up into a groove that's very contemporary – and which continues to stand head and shoulders above the generations of artists who've been inspired by their sound! As you might notice by the cover, the core duo of Simon Bartholomew and Andrew Levy are the key force of the sound – but their longtime partner N'Dea Davenport is on vocals for many tracks on the set – replaced at a few points by guests who include Laville, Angie Stone, Angela Ricci, Beverley Knight, and Siedah Garrett – a nicely shifting lineup that almost give the record the variety of a classic Incognito set. Titles include "Stupid Love", "Just Believe In You", "Get On The Right Side", "Little Dancer", "It's My Destiny", "Getaway", "Beautiful", "Wired Up", "Together", and "Dontchawanna". (Neo Soul, New Grooves) CD
Also available TBNH ... LP 24.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
BreakthroughBreakthrough ... CD
Pantone (UK), 2005. Used ... $4.99
A great mix of styles from this up-and-coming Japanese crew – a group who work equally well in hip hop and cosmic soul territory, and who are getting help here from a huge array of guest stars! Breakthrough work hard to craft some beautifully jazzy and laidback beats on the set – but they never take center stage for their efforts, and instead leave that aspect of the set to a range of vocalists and performers that includes Count Bass D, Bembe Segue, Bahamadia, Masspyke, Gagle, Spacecatz, Pushim, Jneiro Jarel, Ovasoul 7, Mark De Clive-Lowe, Amp Fiddler, and Outsect! Titles include "No Game", "Finger Funk", "Womanizer", "Highway 2 U", "XL", "Green Like The Sun", "A Song", "Chalk It Up", "8 Bit Bug", "Rude One Space Rhymes", "This Way Before", and "We Got Music". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bulljun & El BarrioBulljun & El Barrio 2016 ... CD
P-Vine (Japan), 2006. Used ... $11.99
A pretty sweet mix of beats, funky samples, and Latin elements – all mixed together with almost a Tru Thoughts or Melting Pot Music sort of approach! The groove here is extremely upbeat and joyous – and most tracks step around in hard funky midtempo rhythms – assembled in the studio, but coming off with a nice sense of liveness in the way the tunes unfold! Bits of mixing further the more organic nature of the set – and despite the programming of the rhythms, the overall grooves are plenty pleasing – thanks to a good amount of acoustic source material. Titles include "Lil Mo Coke", "El Barrio Blues", "Theme From Full Time Playboy", "Sho' Nuff", "Eternal Reflection", "On The Memory Lane", and "Daddy's Sex Beat #69". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Carlos NinoHigh With A Little Help From My Friends ... CD
Plug Research, 2009. Used ... $5.99
A hypnotic batch of atmospherics and cosmic sounds from Carlos Nino & friends – a nice blend of found sounds and field recordings of both natural soundscapes and studio bits from some of the talented musicians in his circle of friends! Carlos is really one of the more diverse producers/composers/arrangers/artists out there – from his hip hop leaning work with Little Sci, to the spacey jazz funk of Dwight Tribe, Build An Ark, Life Force Trio and well beyond – and this record explores the elemental errata in a freer fashion, without ever sacrificing a connective groove. Carlos provides the overall mood and the waves of atmosphere that defines the sound, with help from nature and some great guests – including Gaby Hernandez on kalimba and organ, Dexter Story on bass, guitar and Moog, and others – and what's described as field recordings of Dwight Trible & The Oasis Of Peace, Build An Ark, and more blend in and out of the sound. The set list appears to be slightly different from the previous version of this album – and titles include "Thursday, August 9, 2007", "9 Moons Full", "With Azul", "Ants & Elephants", "Aquarius", "Lonely Joined By Happy", "Rosario Beach/Creative Cries", "9 Moons Return", "Friends", and "Rabbit Island". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Choro ClubColors ... CD
SMJI (Japan), 2003. Used ... $18.99
Beautifully mellow work from this great Japanese group – a set of simple tunes that play on the "choro" style of Brazilian music, yet which take its interplay of acoustic string melodies, and strips it down to its core. The title Colors is a very appropriate one for the set – as the album's got a magical approach to sound and tone, resulting in a set of tunes that are rich in color and image. Titles include "Itapemirim", "Annes Lumiere", "Colors #1 #2", "Prato Do Dia", and "Alem Das Nuvens". CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)

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