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Jazz — CDs

XA wealth of jazz in many styles -- bop, hardbop, soul jazz, spiritual, rare groove, modal, improvised music, funk, free jazz, fusion, avant garde, and trad!



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✨✧ Joe AlbanyEvening With Joe Albany ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1973. Used ... $11.99
A lost treasure from the great Joe Albany – a well-recorded solo performance from the 70s, and one that really gets at the increasing complexity of Albany's music in his later years! Joe's maybe best-remembered for his contributions to bop, but he's also a player with a sound that really bridges generations of jazz – one that's able to encompass older modes of expression, but always give them some sharper modern edges – in ways that are sometimes subtle, but always completely sublime! This set has Joe working with amazing dexterity over a host of standards – some long, some short, a few in medleys – with this insane command of the keyboard that keeps on pulling out notes that are surprising, yet surprisingly right in the progression that Albany creates – represented here in a setting that gives the legend the same kind of intimate, solo focus that you might have heard on the best Art Tatum recordings. Titles include "Our Love Is Here To Stay", "If You Could See Me Now", "All The Things You Are", "As Time Goes By", "More Than You Know", and "Who Can I Turn To". CD

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Joanne BrackeenPrism ... CD
Choice/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1979. New Copy ... About July 8, 2020
Joanne Brackeen's at the top of her game here – working in a unique set of duets with bassist Eddie Gomez – at a level that matches the fire and fury of any of her work with a larger group! Brackeen's got this tremendous command of the keyboard right from the start – a wide sweep that has the notes cascading wonderfully – in rich melodies with a very deep sound, but still lots of sharp edges, and this sense of freedom that makes you think she's always just about to go outside – before pulling it back a bit. Gomez is sublime, as always – and his bass work adapts perfectly to each individual moment – stating itself strongly, but never in a way that's gimmicky at all – and always balanced between a sense of melody and timekeeping too. Titles include "Lost Or Found", "International Festival", "Evanescent", "If You Dare", and "Prism". CD

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✨✧ Milt Buckner & Jo JonesBuck & Jo (4CD set) ... CD
Fremeaux & Associates (France), Early 70s. New Copy 4CD ... Out Of Stock
A fantastic pairing of talents – brought together here in a set of recordings that features way more material than we ever knew the duo recorded! The massive 4CD package is focused on spare duets between drummer Jo Jones and organist Milt Buckner – both American jazz musicians from a slightly earlier age, given a chance to really stretch out in a great way during the early 70s – taken into the studio by producer Hugues Panassie, in a mode that's free from any restrictions or commercial trappings at all! Both musicians can really do a lot with a little – especially Buckner, whose Hammond almost always sounds better without a larger group alongside him – because you can really hear his great command of the keys and pedals, and his amazing ear for a very wide range of sounds. The package features 42 tracks in all – some of them nice and long – with titles that include "Blues For Diane", "Am I Blue", "Pick Yourself Up", "Almost Like Being In Love", "Smoke Rings", "Madeline's Garden", "Anna Ryan", "Cute", "Count's Basement", "Perdido", "Three Little Words", "It Happened In Monterey", "That's All", and "Believe It Beloved". CD

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Marco Di Marco with Nathan HainesMy London Friends ... CD
Arision (UK), 2004. Used ... $8.99
An incredible meeting of minds and generations – as 70s Italian jazz legend Marco Di Marco joins forces with current underground London darling Nathan Haines! Haines' work of recent years is steeped in a soul jazz groove inspired by the European scene of the 70s – of which Marco's famous trio was a very big part – so the meeting of the two players is almost a match made in heaven. The set's a straight jazz one, but it's also handled with the love of rhythmic freedom that marks some of the best London work of the 21st century – almost a 4 Hero inspiration bubbling at the bottom, as tracks take off and glisten with a richly driving sound. Marco's piano is as wonderfully lyrical as ever – evocative, but never snoozy or too painterly to lose its swing – and Nathan Haines really shocks us with his full command of sax and flute in a jazz-based mode! The set also features some rollingly strong electric and double bass work by Andy Hamill and Robin Mullarkey, drums by Eduardo Marquez, and percussion by Pete Eckford – and titles include "Interlude At Dawn", "Brazilian Waltz", "Up West", "Repeat After Me", "Solaria", "Take Off", "Jumpy","Winding Dance", "Soft Rain, Gentle Breeze", and more. CD

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✨✧ FME (Ken Vandermark)Cuts ... CD
Okka Disk, 2005. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Powerful work from the Free Music Ensemble of Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilssen-Love, and Nate McBride – a set recorded in Oslo with the intensity of some of the older power trio sessions from the Scandinavian scene! Vandermark, as always, is a commanding presence on reeds – blowing with all the capable imagination of previous albums, but always deepening in tone with each new release – and Paal Nilssen-Love's drums are fast, frenetic, yet always nicely pulsating – giving a sense of energy to the album that pushes the whole thing along nicely, but never exhausts its imagination. McBride's bass gets some nice moments of quieter sonic presence – and titles include "Necessary/Reset/Slip", "Other Side Up/Boadas", "Heavy Light", and "Broken". CD

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Ryo FukuiScenery (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... $22.99
Lyrical magic from pianist Ryo Fukui – a lost gem from the Japanese scene of the 70s, and a beautifully flowing album throughout! Fukui's got a wide-open touch to the piano that we totally love – and is easily one of the best of his contemporaries on the Japanese trio scene of the time – working in the open-ended mode that was allowed by labels in Tokyo during the 70s, a style that was never too far outside, but which really allowed the pianist to soar with a driving, rhythmic intensity. There's a bit of a modal groove to some of the tracks on the album, but more than that, there's just a beautiful sense of freedom – a love of sound and texture that's never reduced to mere experimentation, and which has Ryo taking full command of the keys to soar to the skies on waves of acoustic soul. The group on the set features Yoshinori Fukui on drums and Satoshi Denpo on bass – and tracks include "I Want To Talk About You", "Scenery", "Autumn Leaves", "Early Summer", and "It Could Happen To You" – plus 2 bonus tracks, "Mellow Dream" and "Horizon", both original compositions! CD
(Part of the "Nippon Jazz Spirits 48" series!)

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✨✧ Benny GreenBenny's Crib ... CD
Sunnyside, 2020. New Copy ... $15.99 16.99
A sweet trio set from Benny Green – one that has him on electric piano more than acoustic – and which also has some other great surprises along the way! Benny's command of the electric instrument is great – blocky in attack, but warmly spreading out as the notes emerge – given gentle rhythm accompaniment from David Wong on bass and Aaron Kimmel on drums – players who drop out in a few spots, and who really seem just like extra icing next to the core rhythmic approach of the leader! There's guest flute from Anne Drummond on two tracks, vocals from Veronica Swift on one more – and titles include "Coral Keys", "Harold Land", "Central Park South", "Benny's Crib", "Something In Common", and "Seascape". CD

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Tom HarrellMoving Picture ... CD
High Note, 2017. Used ... $9.99
Tremendous work from trumpeter Tom Harrell – a musician who's been making records for decades, but just seems to sound better and better as the years go on! Tom's always been wonderful, but a record like this seems to have him on fire with a whole new sense of purpose – a fresh musical mission, even at a time when he could easily sit back and rest on his laurels – really soaring out in a range of beautiful new compositions, and working in this soulful quartet that includes excellent piano from Danny Grissett, plus bass from Ugonna Okegwo and drums from Adam Cruz. Harrell's command of his trumpet and flugelhorn is amazing – fresh sounds, fresh tones, fresh lines that continue to hold us rapt throughout – on titles that include "Time Passage", "Montego Bay", "Moving Picture", "Apple House", "Sea", "Four The Moment", and "Different Clouds". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Fumio ItabashiWatarase At Watarase ... CD
Ultra Vybe (Japan), 2011. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A really wonderful live set from Japanese piano legend Fumio Itabashi – a player who exploded in the 70s with a style that was free-flowing yet very rhythmic – one of the best illustrations of the new lyrical heights of the Japanese piano scene – still sounding pretty darn wonderful here after the passage of decades! Fumio immediately takes off on the tunes – building up a sound in a mode that's maybe a bit inspired by the directions that McCoy Tyner opened up on the piano, but which also has more soul jazz currents at times too – blended together in this effortless sense of rhythm and melody that make Itabashi's command of the piano completely breathtaking, and very different than just about any other solo artist on the instrument that we can think of. The CD features six long tracks – all with titles in Japanese. CD
(Part of the "Nippon Jazz Spirits 48" series!)

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✨✧ Hank MobleyHank Mobley's Second Message ... CD
Prestige (Japan), 1956. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A strong second message from the mighty Hank Mobley – easily one of our favorite tenor talents of all time, sounding really wonderful here in a pre-Blue Note session for Prestige Records! The format's a bit looser than some of Hank's more famous dates from the late 50s or early 60s, but already shows the strong command of his tenor in the lead – a rock-solid approach to the instrument that's filled with soulful solo inflections throughout, and which seems to really bring out the best work in the quintet – a group that includes Kenny Dorham on trumpet, Walter Bishop Jr on piano, Doug Watkins on bass, and Art Taylor on drums. Tracks are longish, and Mobley's solos are wonderful – and titles include "Xlento", "Crazeology", "The Latest", and "Message From The Border". CD
(Out of print, 2014 SHM-CD pressing – includes obi!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tete MontoliuEl Gran Senor From Catalonia ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1980. Used 2CD ... $22.99
A double-helping of trio material from the great Tete Montoliu – a pianist with plenty of power to really open up in a setting like this! The album features Tete in clear command of the keyboard – playing with that amazing sense of flow that made him one of the leading European pianists from the 60s onward – really matured here to a point where he's constantly creating, but without any overdone sense that calls attention to itself – the kind of piano work that's initially quite subtle, but then really breathtaking when you sit back and realize how much has happened in such a short space! And on this album, the spaces are surprisingly large – lots of really long tracks that not only give Montoliu room to stretch out plenty, but which also feature great work on bass from John Heard and drums from Albert Tootie Heath. Titles include "Jo Vull Que M'Arcariciis", "Blue Bossa", "El Neu Carrer", "A Child Is Born", "Tune Up", "Doxy", "D&E", "Ladybird", and "My Old Flame". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Lee MorganInfinity ... CD
Blue Note, 1965. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Lee Morgan on the hippest side of his 60s talents – working here in a style that's really stretching out, and in the same territory as similar unreleased gems from the time – like Tom Cat or Sonic Boom! The group here is very inventive – Jackie McLean on alto, Larry Willis on piano, Reggie Workman on bass, and Billy Higgins on drums – players who really represent the left side of Blue Note, but not as out as the "new thing" crowd – with a really creative approach to both the rhythms and the solos, commanded by Morgan's rich imagination at this point in his career. All tunes are great, and titles include "Zip Code", "Infinity", "Miss Nettie B", "Growing Pains", and McLean's fantastic "Portrait of a Doll". CD
(Out of print Connoisseur pressing.)

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✨✧ Rich PerryOther Matters ... CD
Steeplechase (Denmark), 2019. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Rich Perry has a great way of shaping his sounds here – sometimes rhythmically, sometimes more spatially – but all with a very distinct approach to his work on the tenor! The group is open and as fluid as the leader – Gary Versace on piano, Jay Anderson on bass, and John Riley on drums – all great players, but clearly driven with a sensitivity to the needs of the leader's tone, which is great – as Perry really commands a lot of attention, but without ever hitting us over the head. Part of the strength of the set is the material – all original compositions by Rich, which really suit his approach – titles that include "Other Matters", "Transparency", "Sono", "Neta", "Written Image", and "Mndfl". CD

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Ricardo RichaidTravessiero Feliz ... CD
Far Out (UK), 2020. New Copy ... $12.99
A soaring blend of Brazilian modes – served up here by Ricardo Richaid, who's almost a one-man army himself, given the amount of instruments he plays on the set! Yet the record is also way more than just a batch of tunes cooked up in a bedroom – as Richaid has collaborators on nearly every track – which expands his own work on piano, bass, and a variety of guitars – really helping to situation his raspy and compelling vocals amidst some jazzier touches on flute and tenor, guest vocals, percussion, and other elements along the way! The tunes are often really catchy and compelling, even if your command of Portuguese is as bad as ours – and it's clear that Ricardo really knows his way around a hook, in sort of a universal way – while still making music that's completely his own. Titles include "Drone", "Vip Xuxa", "Maracas Enterprise/Frio Da Manha", "Ave Poena", "O Velho Cai", and "Formigas". (Brazil, Jazz) CD
Also available Travessiero Feliz ... LP 18.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John ScofieldLive (Enja) ... CD
Enja/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1977. New Copy ... $14.99
The young John Scofield is a player with an amazing command of chromes – this way of putting forth all these new changes in jazz, and really transforming the role of the guitar in the music with important 70s records like this! Scofield's part of a generation who maybe came to jazz while also very aware of the use of the instrument in rock – but he also never plays with any sound that's rock-based at all, unlike some of his electric contemporaries – and instead moves the instrument past some of the clean tonal modes of the early years of jazz guitar, into a fiercer, fuzzier mode – one that can be both sinister at times, and soulful at others. All tracks here are nice and long, and augmented by excellent work from Richie Beirach on piano, George Mraz on bass, and Joe LaBarbera on drums – on the titles "V", "Gray & Visceral", "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise", and "Leaving". CD also features the tracks "Jeanie" and "Air Pakistan". CD
(Part of the Enja Real Jazz Classics series!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bernie Senesky/Gene Perla/Doug RileyInvitation ... CD
PM/Solid (Japan), 2009. New Copy ... $16.99
A great little record from Bernie Senesky – a Canadian pianist who doesn't always get the recognition he deserves on this side of the border, but who can always blow us away! Bernie's got a fantastic command of the piano – this bold, wide range at times – but also with more lyrically sensitive moments too – a balance of energy that always keeps things exciting, and which comes across with a sense of warmth that's really wonderful. The trio features the mighty Gene Perla on bass and Ben Riley on drums – really matching Bernie's groove – and titles include "Bill's Waltz", "Old Folks", "Invitation", "Come To Me", "Blues For EJ", "Bud Lines", and "Young & Foolish". CD
(Part of the Modern Jazz Connection series!)

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Tsuyoshi YamamotoMidnight Sun ... CD
Three Blind Mice/Craftman (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... $19.99
One of the most sensitively soulful records of the 70s from pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto – a set that still has him working in a trio format, but which also has a slightly more mellow feel overall – with some especially great work from the leader on the ballads! Yamamoto's style is maturing strongly here – and he's got this commanding spectrum of sound from the piano – gentle right hand passages and deep left hand lines – all nicely balanced with work from Tsutomo Okada on bass and Keiji Kishida on drums. Titles include "Billy Boy", "A Shade Of Love", "Midnight Sun", "Autumn Leaves", "Wave", "Blue Manhattan", and "Kid". CD
(Part of the Three Blind Mice Supreme Collection!)

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