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AMGB*tch Betta Have My Money ... CD
Select, 1991. Used ... $7.99
Let's face it, you're not buying an album entitled "B!tch Betta Have My Money" for lyrical depth. For better or worse, this one's earned its place in the hip hop history books, and we'll be the first to prop up "Vertical Joyride" as a funky guilty pleasure, and guaranteed floor ... read more CD
(Out of print, traycard artwork has some light staining.)

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✨✧ Art Of NoiseDaft ... CD
ZTT, 1983. Used ... $5.99
A brilliant collection of work from the earliest and greatest years of Art Of Noise – sessions recorded during 1983, at a time when Trevor Horn and Paul Morley were still key members of the group – and when AON was working in a groundbreaking use of sound samples, beats, and other bits ... (Soul, Hip Hop) read more CD
(Out of print.)

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Big BoiBoomiverse ... CD
Epic, 2017. Used ... $6.99
A win for wily hip hip mainstay Big Boi's growing legacy as a solo star! The onetime more subtly innovative half of the Outkast – subtle as compared to Andre 3000's more flamboyant presence, anyway – succeeding mightily out front now, backed with solid, wisely timeless Organized Noize ... read more CD
(Small cutout hole through CD case and tray card.)
Also available Boomiverse (swirl-colored vinyl – with download) ... LP 23.99

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Black KnightsAlmighty ... CD
Record Collection, 2015. Used ... $5.99
... CD

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Black Star (Mos Def & Talib Kweli)Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star ... CD
Rawkus, 1998. Used ... $3.99
The first full-length from Mos Def and Talib Kweli together as Black Star – a benchmark moment in hip hop history, and one of the finest duo vocal hip hip records of the 90s – and one of the best ever on Rawkus! In hindsight, it's all the more rewarding given Talib Kweli's longevity in ... read more CD
Also available
Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star ... CD 4.99
Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star (two-tone vinyl with star design) ... LP 22.99

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Boogie Down ProductionsGhetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop (with bonus tracks) ... CD
FTG/Sony (UK), 1989. Used ... $8.99
Classic Boogie Down Productions circa '89 – with prime street poetry from KRS, perfectly raw beats and overall peak end of the 80s production! Blueprint is an apt title for a couple reasons – the beats aren't what we'd call spare, but they're raw and unvarnished – a perfect ... read more CD
Also available Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop ... LP 19.99

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Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti)Time & Materials ... CD
Mello Music Group, 2016. Used ... $6.99
Two of post millennium indie hip hop's most distinctive rhyme stylists – Open Mike Eagle and Serengeti – teaming up as Cavanaugh, and it's as inspired of a project as we'd hoped! There's a dark, hazy mood here – particularly in the thick waves of synth in the production, but the ... read more CD

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CommonOne Day It'll All Make Sense ... CD
Relativity, 1997. Used ... $4.99
3rd album by the man who put Chicago on the map as a hip hop center. 2 albums strong, and with a lot of guest appearances by folks like De La Soul, Q-Tip, Chantay Savage, Erykah Badu, and Cee-Lo. No I.D. produced most of this, and a few tracks were done by Doug Infinite. Includes "1 '2 ... read more CD
(CRC pressing.)

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Danny BrownHot Soup (with bonus instrumentals CD) ... CD
Street Corner, 2008. Used 2CD ... $7.99
The 2008 mixtape that launched modern rap icon Danny Brown – given the deluxe treatment here for this 2014 edition – featuring a bonus instrumentals CD. Includes "Leve One", "Dance", "What's Up Doe", "Swagger To The Max", "Rese-Vor Dogs" ... read more CD

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De La SoulStakes Is High ... CD
Tommy Boy, 1996. Used ... $5.99
Nice one from 1996! Contains the great cut "The Bizness", with a guest appearance by Common and "Big Brother Beat" with help from Mos Def. Other cuts include "Supa Emcees", "Itzsoweezee", and "Betta Listen". CD
(Out of print.)

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Deltron 3030Deltron 3030 – Instrumentals ... CD
75 Ark, 2001. Used ... $5.99
Instrumental versions of 12 tracks from the Deltron 3030 album, with a new remix of "Turbulence" by Mark Bell, plus "3030", "Memory Loss", "Madness", "Love Story", "Mastermind", "Time Keeps On Slipping", "Positive ... read more CD
(Includes slipcase. Out of print.)

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DJ CamMad Blunted Jazz ... CD
Shadow, 1996. Used 2CD ... $11.99
Heavy beats and funky grooves from DJ Cam – recorded back in his more formative years, when his sound was rougher, and more "in the crates"! The album's got a great mix of open-ended samples and jazzy instrumentation – sounding almost like early Greyboy work, but without as ... (New Grooves, Hip Hop) read more CD
(Out of print special silk-screened edition.)

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DJ KrushHolonic ... CD
Mo Wax (UK), 1998. Used ... $9.99
A great mix album where Krush revisits his classic tracks from the Mo Wax years in a non stop set that also features short vocal cameos from MCs, producers and graff writers like Stash, Futura 2000, Finsta Bundy, DJ Cam and Shawn J Period, and some nice turntable antics from Krush himself. ... read more CD
(Out of print.)

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DJ Krush & Toshinori KondoKi-Oku ... CD
Instinct, 1998. Used ... $6.99
While most collaborations between hip hop producers and jazz players have been mediocre at best, neither really being able to get invloved enough in each other's music, this collaboration between Kondo and Krush is almost entirely successful. Kondo's played in just about every style from all out ... read more CD
(Out of print.)

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DJ ShadowDiminishing Returns ... CD
DR, 2003. Used 2CDs ... $9.99
Diminishing Returns finds DJ Shadow in his element – nothing but live mixer madness and scratchy hip hop production genius – originally broadcast on the BBC's Radio-1 in March 2003, laid out in it's entirety, including John Peel's adulatory intro! 80 minutes of DJ Shadow doing what he ... read more CD
(Out of print first pressing.)

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DJ ShadowEndtroducing ... CD
Mo Wax, 1996. Used ... $4.99
It seems like when this came out, critics, and even DJs liked to drop the term "Trip Hop" whenever possible, and this album was held up as the watershed mark. A few years down the line and it still holds up, but as an instrumental hip hop LP, as much as a rock album (Shadow's gone on to ... read more CD
(Initials in pen on booklet cover.)

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DJ ShadowLess You Know, The Better ... CD
Verve, 2011. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Does any hip hop DJ/producer/artist or otherwise instrumental sound stylist of any stripe face steeper critical expectations with each successive album than DJ Shadow, and if so, do any of them divert those expectations so profoundly as Shadow does? On The Less You Know, The Better, Josh Davis ... read more CD
(Punch through barcode.)

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DJ ShadowMountain Will Fall ... CD
Mass Appeal, 2016. Used ... $5.99
DJ Shadow at his most stylistically sprawling –doing his thing as distinctively as ever, unpredictable from one track to the next, but very much himself whether it's a sample and scratches cut reminiscent of the Entroducing era or beats-enriched avant jazz or keyboards-heavy tracks! Lots of ... read more CD
(Still has the sticker and stencil sheet!)

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Flying LotusPattern + Grid World EP ... CD
Warp, 2010. Used ... $4.99
A fresh EP from feverishly creative moodscape & beatcrafter Flying Lotus! FL has been on such a furious win stream in the late 00s, it's tough to keep up with him, but that's a good thing – pretty much everything he puts out is of such consistently forward progressing quality. If you're ... (New Grooves, Hip Hop) read more CD

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Fudge (Prefuze 73 & Michael Christmas)Lady Parts ... CD
Lex, 2016. Used ... $3.99
A tight duo venture from producer Prefuze 73 and rhymer Michael Christmas! Prefuze 73 has been exploring all kinds of abstract production ideas for years, usually carrying his tired-and-true sputtering beats and tripped out atmopsherics, but his straighter hip hop productions really tighten things ... read more CD

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