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Folk/Country — CDs

XA huge range -- from pre-war string bands, to hillbilly music, Bakersfield country, bluegrass, Nashville hits, jug bands, Folkways records, and work from the acoustic underground!



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✨✧ Merle HaggardEpic Collection/Chill Factor/5:01 Blues ... CD
Epic/BGO (UK), Mid 80s. New Copy 2CD ... $8.99 16.99
A trio of 80s albums from Merle Haggard – all brought together in a single collection! The Epic Collection has a title that's a bit confusing – an album issued on Epic Records, but not a collection of earlier material – as the whole thing's a new live recording, Haggard's first for the label! Merle really scored big with live albums on Capitol in the early 70s – and he sounds equally great here – working through lots of his own material in a lean, classic-styled setting – in front of an audience that's clearly going mad in his presence! Titles include "Sing A Sad Song", "Holding Things Together", "Working Mans' Blues", "Trouble In Mind", "I Always Get Lucky With You", "Every Fool Has A Rainbow", and "Honky Tonk Night Time Man/Old Man From The Mountain". Chill Factor is a seminal 80s album from Merle Haggard – from a time when the singer was changing things up a bit – both with a maturing style of vocals, and with a shift in themes in his songs! Merle's no less heartfelt here than on the early Capitol classics – but he's clearly lived a lot more life, and maybe not all of it on the road or behind bars – as he demonstrates this great sensitivity for the human condition, and his own as well – spun out beautifully on tunes that include "Thirty Again", "Man From Another Time", "We Never Touch Ag All", "1929", "I Don't Have Any Love Around", and "After Dark". 5:01 Blues is Merle Haggard's last album for Epic Records – part of a great run that helped further elevate the singer's genius during the 80s! The spirit of the songs follows nicely from Hag's earlier gems from the time – like Chill Factor or Kern River – music that's quite different that the Capitol years, but in a really great way – and which marks Haggard as one of the few of his time than can really grow and shift as a country singer over the decades without losing quality or steam at all – an elite group that might include George Jones and Willie Nelson too. Titles include "Broken Friend", "Losin In Las Vegas", "Wouldn't That Be Something", "Somewhere Down The Line", "A Better Love Next Time", and "Sea Of Heartbreak". CD
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✨✧ George JonesGeorge Jones/In A Gospel Way/Memories Of Us/The Battle ... CD
Epic/BGO (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $14.99
Four great 70s albums from George Jones – all back to back in a single collection! First up is the self-titled George Jones – tremendous work from George Jones' 70s years at Epic Records – a record that maybe hides behind an understated title, but which offers all the power of the maturing singer as he moved on from his styles in the 60s! The great Billy Sherrill is at the production helm, but he keeps things from the more commercial territory of some of his other crossover country work at the time – really allowing a very strong focus on George's vocals, which are hitting this mature quality that's drenched in all his many years of booze and sadness! Instrumentation is relatively traditional, and often surprisingly lean – and titles include "We Can Make It", "All The Praises", "Let's Make History", "The King", "The Last Letter", and "I'll Take You To My World". In A Gospel Way has George Jones returning to some of the spiritual modes he explored earlier in his career – but with a more mature, more world-experienced voice that makes the message in the music even more powerful than before – especially since by this time, most of the world knew Jones more as a sinner than a saint. That tension really makes the music sparkle – and titles include "Mama's Hands", "Why Me Lord", "A Man I Always Wanted To Meet", "The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor", and "I Can't Find It Here". Memories Of Us is a stone classic from the golden 70s years of George Jones – a time when the singer was sounding very different than at his start – really done in by the loves and losses of life, but in a way that makes his interpretation of the music even more meaningful than before! The songs are mostly mellow, and filled with a sense of blueness and emptiness that's certainly telegraphed by the title – produced with a nicely understated style by Billy Sherrill – on titles that include "What I Do Best", "Memories Of Us", "Touch Of Wilderness", "She Once Made A Romeo Cry", and "I Just Don't Give A Damn". The Battle is fantastic – a set that's got George working in very mellow territory, but with a quality that still has a surprising amount of bite – songs that are slow and laidback, but which have that sense of personal pain and individual vision that always made Jones one of the most fantastic singers to ever handle this sort of material – a claim that we'd extend way past the world of country music too! Production is laidback, too – Billy Sherrill at his best – with often a tinkling piano line or steel guitar part to provide some direction for the vocals, but always in a way that lets Jones forge his own emotional path forward. Titles include "I'll Come Back", "I Can't Get Over What Lovin You Has Done", "I'll Come Back", "Love Coming Down", and the classic "The Battle". CD
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Gene ClarkNo Other (2CD set – with bonus tracks) ... CD
Asylum/4AD, 1974. New Copy 2CD ... $21.99 23.98
A pretty amazing effort from country rock progenitor Gene Clark! This one blends breezy songcraft that's not too far off from his previous couple of great solo albums – rustic harmonies and memorable lyricism flavored by acoustic guitars – with far more deft studio touches such as synths and densely layered backing vocals. There really was no other album in '74 like No Other, and initially it had the poor reception to show for it! It has a somewhat laidback and laconic vibe overall – infused with that Cali country rock groove that Gene helped invent – yet the production is richly produced on an epic scale, an effort that seems to seek flat out perfection. A couple years later, California fellow travelers would utilize a similar approach and sell LPs by the ton. Here's hoping those groups bought Gene a dinner or two to thank him for the inspiration! Includes "Life's Greatest Fool", "Silver Raven", "No Other", "Some Misunderstanding", "The True One", "Lady Of The North", "Strength Of Strings" and "From A Silver Phial". Beautiful 2CD set – with a full bonus disc that includes alternate versions from the sessions – all packaged in a hardbound cover, book-style, with copious notes! (Rock, Folk/Country) CD

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Merle HaggardBig City/Going Where The Lonely Go ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), 1981/1982. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
A pair of early 80s Merle Haggard albums – back to back on a single CD! First up is Big City – a killer early Columbia Records set from Merle Haggard – a record that has the country legend really stepping up with a strong new sound, yet losing none of his charms in the process! There's a bit of saxophone on the record, which is maybe the only real change from before – and at the core, Merle's still making great magic on original songs with The Strangers as his backup band – evolving past some of the themes of his earliest records, and doing a great job with themes of maturing masculinity and heartworn blues. Titles include "My Favorite Memory", "Are The Good times Really Over", "Stop The World", "Texas Fiddle Song", "I Think I'm Gonna Live Forever", and "Good Old American Guest". Going Where The Lonely Go is great work from Merle Haggard on Epic – the kind of record that some folks might pass over in favor of his late 60s Capitol Records material, but which we treasure just as much as the years go on! Merle's voice is fantastic at this point – able to handle a growing range of themes with an open, honest approach that almost makes us think that some of his earlier modes were a bit of a pose – as he slides into the sounds of The Strangers with an easygoing mode that's so effortless its breathtaking – especially when you realize how many original songs he brought to the session too. Leona Williams is in the group on backup vocals, and contributed two great tunes too – and titles include "Why Am I Drinkin", "If I Left It Up To You", "Someday You're Gonna Need Your Friends Again", "Shopping For Dresses", "Half A Man", "For All I Know", and "You Take Me For Granted". CD

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✨✧ Charlie RichToo Many Teardrops – The Complete Groove & RCA Recordings ... CD
RCA/Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great look at a really lost legacy in music from Charlie Rich – obscure sides recorded for RCA Records in the early 60s – done after his initial rush of genius on Sun Records, and before his later commercial success on Epic! Charlie's got one of the all-time great voices in pop music – a richness that easily rivals that of Memphis contemporary Elvis Presley, and which never fully got its due at the time – even though labels like RCA and Smash provided Rich with some fantastic material and production! Charlie's work for Smash has been picked up by the cognoscenti in recent years, and we'd honestly put these RCA tracks right up alongside them – with a similar Tennessee blend of soul and rock, rural and urban – all delivered by Charlie's incredibly charming vocal approach, and recorded with a depth that goes way beyond the usual RCA production modes of the time. There's plenty of currents of soul in the mix – even some New York-styled modes, which really work well with Rich – and this 40 track set is the first time this material has ever been pulled together – long-overdue, and a real treat to our ears! Titles include "Like Someone In Love", "Lady Love", "Nice & Easy", "Big Boss Man", "It's All Over Now", "The Grass Is Always Greener", "Now Everybody Knows", "My Mountain Dew", "The Big Build Up", "She Called Me Baby", "Gentleman Jim", "Christmas Greetings", "All Of My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers", "Is Goodbye That Easy To Say", "Tragedy", "Ten Dollars & A Clean White Shirt", "Tomorrow Night", and "No Room To Dance". CD

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