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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James Blood UlmerFreelancing ... CD
Sony/Wounded Bird, 1981. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A major label set, but one that stays very true to the new ideals that James Blood Ulmer was trying to bring to jazz guitar at the time – a really revolutionary style that moves beyond simple genre conventions, and embraces a whole world of new ideas that would inspire others in the decade to come! Ulmer plays with a real frenzy at points – deep currents that reflect the bluesy touches of his early work in jazz organ combos, but given a skittish energy that reflects his association with the downtown crowd – and which was very fitting for his record with Rough Trade! The core group here features James, bassist Amin Ali, and drummer G Calvin Weston – and some tracks feature work from David Murray on tenor, Oliver Lake on alto, and Olu Dara on trumpet. Titles include "Timeless", "Pleasure Control", "Night Lover", "Happy Time", "Rush Hour", "Stand Up To Yourself", and "High Time". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Steve KhanEyewitness/Modern Times/Casa Loco ... CD
Antilles/BGO (UK), 1981/1982/1983. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A trio of early 80s albums from fusion giant Steve Khan – all lined up in a single collection! First up is Eyewitness – an early 80s effort from guitarist Steve Khan – a set recorded after some big records for Columbia, and one that follows very strongly in their legacy! Khan's super-deft here, but also able to create these washes of sound as much as some bold lines on his instrument – moving between the modes freely in the company of a tight quartet – with Anthony Jackson on bass, Steve Jordan on drums, and Manolo Badrena on percussion – all much more in the loose, open style of fusion from the mid 70s than you might guess from the date of the record. Titles include "Where's Mumphrey", "Dr Slump", "Guy Lafleur", and "Auxilary Police". Modern Times has Steve Khan stretching out even more htan before – working on a set of three long tracks that really expand his ideas strongly – almost pushing his guitar sense of tone and color into some of the territory Pat Metheny was exploring at the time! The group is Khan's great quartet with Anthony Jackson on bass, Steve Jordan on drums, and Manolo Badrena on percussoin – and titles include "Blades", "The Blue Shadow", "Modern Times", and "Penguin Village". Casa Loco is a record that's maybe a bit more electric on the rhythms than some of Steve Khan's previous sets – thanks to use of Simmons drums by drummer Steve Jordan – but a record that's still got Steve himself playing very strongly in the lead! Khan's as deft as ever here, working out these swirling chords that brew together in waves of sound – that special place a few fusion artists found themselves after the rock-jamming years of the 70s. The album features a bit of vocals from percussionist Manolo Badrena – which come across surprisingly well – and titles include "The Suitcase", "Uncle Roy", "Some Sharks", "Breakaway", and "Casa Loco". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Richard Davis with Junior ManceBlue Monk ... CD
King (Japan), 2007. New Copy ... $18.99
Bassist Richard Davis has always been a genius – and even in his later years, he continues to create these magical sounds that nobody else can touch! Davis steps out here in so many unusual, sublime styles that we're newly impressed with his talents – has he bows the bass on some numbers, plucks it on others, and even plays a bit of piano – sometimes in collaboration with Junior Mance, who accompanies the bass on some tracks – although the album clearly gives Davis plenty of space to move freely on his own! The recording quality is superb, so that all the subtle elements of Richard's playing come through right away – although the album's got a power that's far from subtle, too – even in some of it's mellower moments. Titles include "Summertime", "Blue Bossa", "Dear Old Stockholm", "Blue Monk", and "On The Trail" – but all in versions that are quite striking and original! CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bill DixonNovember 1981 ... CD
Soul Note (Italy), 1981. Used ... $7.99
Excellent early 80s live set recorded in Switzerland, by a trumpet player who has truly established his own unique and beautiful vocabulary within the world of progressive improvised music. Like many of the New Thing players from the 60s, Dixon seemed to languish largely unrecorded throughout the 70s, and then had a renewed lease on his recording career on European boutique labels like Soul Note in the 80s. This is one of his excellent 2 bass lineups, which features fellow pioneer Alan Silva as one of the bassists, and Mario Pavone as the other, with Laurence Cook rounding out the rhythm section on drums. As on some of his other rare sides, this set consists of a number of through composed pieces, thoroughly annotated in the nice liner booklet, but all of them platforms for each of the players to express themselves freely within. One LP's a studio recording, with 5 numbers: "November 1981", "Penthesilea", "The Second Son", "The Sirens" and "Another Quiet Feeling". The second LP is live side recorded around the same time, with "Webern", "Windswept Winterset", "Velvet" and "Llaattiinnoo Suite". CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fille Qui MousseSe Taire Pour Une Femme Trop Belle (colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
Monster Melodies (France), 1971. New Copy Gatefold ... $24.99
One of the most far-out French groups we've ever heard – a freely jamming group who are in their very own space away from the typical prog or psych of the time! At some level, these guys are almost like an avant jazz group – given that there's no vocals at all on the record, and these guys jam pretty openly. Yet the instrumentation is also more rockish, too – lots of guitar, electric bass, and drums – although the instruments are often used in ways that are farther from melodic, making some ultra-cool sounds in some of the odder moments. The whole thing almost feels like some of the few rock outings from BYG/Actuel – and titles include "Resistance Instinctive", "Transplantation", "L'Eau Etait Vitage", "Cantate Disparate", and "Esplanade". (Rock, Jazz) LP, Vinyl record album
(Beautiful red marbled vinyl!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jimmy GiuffreTrav'lin' Light ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1958. New Copy ... $14.99
One of the most sublime Jimmy Giuffre albums of all time – and a perfect realization of his piano-less/bass-less trio style! The approach here is really revolutionary, especially for the time – as the group simply features Bob Brookmeyer on trombone, Jim Hall on guitar, and Giuffre on reeds – working with no other rhythm at all, and coming up with this incredible approach to music that's as breathtaking as it is groundbreaking! Notes hang in mid-air, slowly sliding around one another, flying freely from the players, yet still managing to swing in a beautiful way. The titles are a mix of standards and originals – but all tracks sound completely unique, with a sound unlike anything else we can describe – and titles include "Swamp People", "Lonely Time", "Green Country", and "Travelin Light". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Andrew HillInvitation ... LP
Steeplechase (Denmark), 1974. Near Mint- ... $14.99
Andrew's come back inside for this 70s set – working in a trio format, still quite exploratory, but with less of the hard-pressed avant gardism of his Blue Note years. If anything, Andrew's moving about the keyboard more freely – especially on the longer flowing tunes, which have him working in a mode that's still quite melodic, yet in that "genius alone at the piano" mode of European and Japanese sessions at the time. Backing is by Chris White bass and Art Lewis drums – and titles include "Catfish", "Lost No More", "Invitation", and "Little John". LP, Vinyl record album
(US pressing on Inner City. Cover has a cut corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joe McPhee & Raymond BoniLive From The Magic City ... CD
Trost (Austria), 1985. New Copy ... $16.99
A lost duet between Joe McPhee and Raymond Boni – done at a time when both musicians were making some incredible contributions to the early Hat Art Records catalog! The sound here is maybe sharper and starker than either of their studio sets from the time – improvised freely in two different sets, with Joe on soprano sax, electronics, and a bit of voice – and Boni on electric guitar and electronics, the latter of which sometimes seem to be processing his sounds on guitar. On the back cover photo, McPhee also appears to be electrifying his soprano – and together, the pair definitely hit some more abstract sonic passages as they improvise. The original concert was inspired by a quote by Eric Dolphy – "When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone, in the air, you can never capture it again" – but fortunately, we have this album to help with that! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Quintetto Lo GrecoRight Spirit ... CD
Schema (Italy), 2007. Used ... $6.99
A solid jazzy groover from Quintetto Lo Greco – a straight ahead acoustic combo on the mighty Schema label – and one who really have their roots in a classic 60s Italian sound! The combo's led by drummer Gianni Lo Greco and bassist Enzo Lo Greco – and it features sublime tenor/trumpet interplay in the frontline – very much in the spirit of the legendary Basso/Valdambrini group, especially given the modal nature of most of the grooves! Piano dances warmly around the bass and drums – and the horns lock tightly on the leads, setting up a pattern of changing colors and tones – which then give way to some freely soulful solos. The whole thing's great – and is key proof that the Schema sound is always rooted in classic jazz! Titles include "Soft Blowing", "Over Power", "The Right Spirit", "From Time To Time", "Steppin To Bop", "Blues Inflected", "Updated Sound", and "Legend Generation". (New Grooves, Jazz) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
David SanciousTrue Stories/Just As I Thought ... CD
Arista/Beat Goes On (UK), 1978/1979. New Copy ... $14.99
A pair of albums from David Sancious – back to back on a single CD! First up is True Stories – a heavy blend of soul, jazz, and rock influences – all jamming together freely in this late 70s set from David Sancious and his Tone group! The style here is probably more appealing to rock fans looking for a bit of fusion than it is to fans of keyboard jazz from the 70s – but as with other Sancious albums from the period, there's enough of a range of modes going on that if you don't hear something you like at first, you're bound to hear something you do later! Other members of the group include Alex Lighterwood, Gail Boggs, Gerald Carboy, and Brenda Madison – all of whom seem to sing together on some of the fuller vocal numbers. Titles include "Sound Of Love", "On The Inside", "Matter Of Time", "Ever The Same", and "Fade Away". On Just As I Thought, David Sancious is working as a solo act – without the billing of the Tone group on his previous albums – but the overall sound is still very much in the same wonderful blend of fusion, funk, and soul! David's keyboards are maybe a bit more at the forefront than before – and the album has him stretching out wonderfully on a variety of keys – polymoog, prophet, minimoog, Hammond, and both electric and acoustic piano – crafting lines that are never too overdone, and which always have a nice sense of hook – but which also deliver a lot more bite than sounds by smoother fusion artists. There's a fair bit of instrumental numbers on the set – but the record also features Kabir Ghani singing on "Again" and "Suite For The End Of An Age". Other titles include "The Naked I", "Run", "Just As I Thought", and "Valley Of The Shadow". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ronnie ScottLive At The Jazz Club ... CD
Esquire/Solid (Japan), 1952/1953. New Copy ... $15.99
Early live material from British tenor giant Ronnie Scott – sides not recorded at his own famous club, but by the BBC for broadcast – which maybe makes them some of Scott's first recordings of this nature, and certainly some of the best from the time! The first large chunk of material features Ronnie heading up an octet – not only blowing freely, in some of his best bop modes of the time – but also really showing off his talent as an arranger – in front of musicians who include Jimmy Deuchar on trumpet, Derek Humble on alto, Benny Green on baritone sax, and Norman Stenfalt on piano. The same group plays on the rest of the tracks, with the addition of Peter King on tenor sax – and titles include "All The Things You Are", "The Champ", "Popo", "Pantagrulian", "Mullenium", "The Nearness Of You", and "Nemo". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tom ScottTom Scott & The LA Express/Tom Cat/New York Connection ... CD
BGO (UK), 1973/1974/1975. Used 2CD ... $15.99
A trio of classics from the mighty Tom Scott! First up is the landmark Tom Scott & The LA Express – a real breakout moment for reedman Scott – the first truly big album for the saxophonist who'd been blowing some great records on his own, and lending his horn to a host of classic jazz and soul sessions too! The groove is a lot sharper and tighter than earlier Scott albums, but never too slick – and definitely has that great ear for a funky undercurrent that seems to bring out the most soulful notes in Tom's horns – underscored here by wicked rhythms from the LA Express combo that features Joe Sample on keyboards, Larry Carlton on guitar, Max Bennett on bass, and John Guerin on drums. Titles include the sublime break track "Sneaking In the Back" – plus "Dahomey Dance", "King Cobra", "Easy Life", "Spindrift", "Vertigo", "LA Expression", and "Strut Your Stuff". Tom Cat was a runaway hit for reedman Tom Scott – and the record that helped to elevate him to the ranks of studio and fusion superstardom in the 70s! By the time of the record, Scott had already done some key work under his own name, and was contributing heavily to countless other sessions in the jazz, pop, soul, and soundtrack worlds. But this album's the one that really helped Tom get his groove out there – a particular approach to smooth fusion that still kept things plenty funky overall! Part of the credit for the set really goes to bassist Max Bennett and drummer John Guerin – who bring in a tightly snapping bottom that lets Scott get a bit smoother on the top with his saxes, in a style that's augmented by plenty of great keyboard work from Larry Nash. Titles include "Keep On Doin It", "Tom Cat", "Rock Island Rocket", "Mondo", "Refried", "Backfence Cattin", and "Love Poem". On New York Connection, Tom Scott leaves his LA group behind – and works with lots of great funk-based backings from a combo that includes Richard Tee on keyboards, Bob James on Fender Rhodes, and Eric Gale on guitar! The grooves are every bit as tight as on Tom's previous albums – and like those gems, they've got a balance that's never too slick or commercial – really in the best Kudu Records mode, with a strong ear for a hook, but lots of room for Scott to solo freely on tenor and soprano sax, plus a bit of flute and moog as well. Titles include "Uptown & Country", "New York Connection", "Time & Love", "Midtown Rush", "Looking Out For Number 7", "You're Gonna Need Me", and "Dirty Old Man". CD
(Includes original slipcase.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Claude WilliamsonRound Midnight ... CD
Bethlehem, 1956. Used ... $5.99
One of the greatest albums ever from west coast pianist Claude Williamson – from the cool image on the cover, right down to the freely swinging grooves on the vinyl! Williamson's working here in trio formation with Red Mitchell on bass and Mel Lewis on drums – mostly on familiar tunes, but done in ways that have a really personal sort of approach. The album often has Claude taking his time on the intros to the tunes – setting things up in broad flourishes in a near-solo mode, before letting the bass and drums come into play – and this style creates a nicely moody feel that matches the late nite image of the cover. Titles include "Hippy", "Stella By Starlight", "I'll Know", "Tea For Two", "Love Is Here To Stay", and "The Song Is You". CD
Also available Round Midnight ... CD 5.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Claude WilliamsonRound Midnight ... CD
Bethlehem/Avenue, 1956. Used ... $5.99
One of the greatest albums ever from west coast pianist Claude Williamson – from the cool image on the cover, right down to the freely swinging grooves on the vinyl! Williamson's working here in trio formation with Red Mitchell on bass and Mel Lewis on drums – mostly on familiar tunes, but done in ways that have a really personal sort of approach. The album often has Claude taking his time on the intros to the tunes – setting things up in broad flourishes in a near-solo mode, before letting the bass and drums come into play – and this style creates a nicely moody feel that matches the late nite image of the cover. Titles include "Hippy", "Stella By Starlight", "I'll Know", "Tea For Two", "Love Is Here To Stay", and "The Song Is You". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Round Midnight ... CD 5.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ George DukeFaces In Reflection ... LP
MPS, 1974. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Killer keyboards from the legendary George Duke – and one of his most righteous albums for the MPS label! The album's a spectacular set that showcases both sides of Duke's genius at the time – his spacey, soulful approach to a laidback tune – and his more jamming styles on the harder cuts! Instrumentation is somewhat spare – just keyboards and piano from George, who also sings a bit – plus Ndugu Chancler on drums and John Heard on bass – both playing with a freely creative energy that's definitely motivated by Duke. There's a beautiful mix of electricity and acoustic warmth on the set – never too forced, and clearly an inspiration for countless players in years to come – maybe even more so than Herbie Hancock's work of the time. Drums are great too – and snap tightly for plenty of nice breaks on the set – which are in turn augmented by mellower keys from Duke, who also sings with a sweetly electric soul style. Titles include "Capricorn", "The Opening", "Psychosomatic Dung", "North Beach", "Faces In Reflection", "Maria Tres Filhos", and "Da Somba". LP, Vinyl record album
(US pressing. Cover has a cut corner.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Thelonious MonkLive In Paris Vol 1 ... CD
Explore, 1964. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A crystal-clear live recording by Thelonious Monk – captured in Paris during the height of his best years on Columbia Records! The group here is Monk's key 60s quartet – with Charlie Rouse on tenor, Ben Riley on drums, and Butch Warren on bass – all players who are more than willing to give Thelonious plenty of space to stretch out on his own when he wants to, but also manage to come in and sharpen up the groove as well! Rouse's tenor is always a joy at this point, and the longer than usual tracks allow both he and Monk to solo freely. Titles include "Four In One", "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You", "Straight No Chaser", "Epistrophy", and "Well You Needn't". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Joe HarriottFree Form ... LP
Jazzland, 1961. Used ... Out Of Stock
Essential! This is the landmark album that forever put saxophonist Joe Harriott on the map, and it's a brilliant batch of tracks that prove that Harriott was advancing the jazz avant garde in England as much as players like Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor were advancing it in America. Despite the "free form" of the title, the tracks are more "new thing" – somewhat structured, with a rhythmic approach that's still a little straight, but solos that go nice and outside. Joe's overall conception is a beautiful mix of angular thinking with freely expressed soulful emotion – and the record's one that ranks up there with the 10 most groundbreaking of the 60s! The group's about as fantastic as you could ever expect from England at the time – with Shake Keane on trumpet, Pat Smythe on piano, Coleridge Goode on bass, and Phil Seamen on drums – and titles include "Formation", "Coda", "Abstract", "Straight Lines", and "Impression". LP, Vinyl record album
(Orange label pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Joe McPheeSolos – The Lost Tapes 1980/1981/1984 (with download) ... LP
Roaratorio, Early 80s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Really wonderful work from the great Joe McPhee – sublime solo performances from around the same time that he was really setting the world on fire with his classic albums for the Hat Hut label! Joe had been blowing freely for over a decade by the time of these tracks – but moving into a very open, very expressive solo mode is what really set him apart from his contemporaries – as you'll hear on the extremely inventive work on these title! McPhee plays tenor, alto, and soprano sax – sometimes with a bit of electronics – and the sense of expression here is as wonderful as on the Hat Hut albums – a bold new voice in jazz, as powerful now as it was when these tracks were recorded. Titles include "The Redwood Rag", "Wind Cycles", "Voices", and "Ice Blu". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download...and out of print! Get it while we got it.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Roscoe Mitchell SextetSound ... LP
Delmark, 1966. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
One of the first bold statements to come from Chicago's AACM underground of the 60s – a tremendous debut effort from the young Roscoe Mitchell! The album's got a "sense of the new" feel that's as gripping as anything recorded by ESP or Impulse around the same time – a rule-breaking, freely-creative approach to jazz that builds strongly off the changes already wrought by Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, and Archie Shepp! The format is somewhat like the Art Ensemble Of Chicago at times – with measured horn work from Mitchell on alto, clarinet, and recorder, Maurice McIntyre on tenor, Lester Bowie on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Lester Lashley on trombone (as well as a bit of cello). Some tracks – like the brilliant "Sound" – offer a slow-building exploration of tones and textures – while others, like the blues-joke "Little Suite", or the harmelodic "Ornette", show a wry sense of humor that would become a Chicago avant hallmark as the years went on! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Rodney JonesArticulation ... CD
Timeless/Ultra Vybe (Japan), 1978. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An overlooked spiritual jazz gem from the 70s – recorded for the Dutch Timeless label, but done in a mode that sparkles with the energy of Strata East at the time! Guitarist Rodney Jones is in some wonderfully hip company for the set – a lineup that includes Kenny Kirkland on piano, Wallace Roney on trumpet, Bob Mintzer on tenor, and Arthur Blythe on alto – all blowing together beautifully with a freely-soaring spiritual energy that reminds us a lot of some of Gary Bartz' more jazz-based albums of the time. And while Jones is the leader, his guitar work often takes second seat next to the well-crafted horn patterns in the set – very well-conceived, and always with a searching sort of post-Coltrane energy. Titles include "Articulation", "1978", "Hard New York Swing", "Blues For Wes", and "Nereda". CD

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