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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Caribbean Jazz ProjectAfro Bop Alliance ... CD
Heads Up, 2008. Used ... $3.99
... CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
General Music ProjectGeneral Music Project Vol 2 ... CD
Evidence, 1994. Used ... $0.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Matt Geraghty ProjectPassport ... CD
Matt Geraghty Project, 2007. Used ... $3.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jazz Mandolin ProjectXenoblast ... CD
Blue Note, 2000. Used ... $4.99
... CD
(Out of print, small cutout notch through spine.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Oliver Lake String ProjectMovement, Turns & Switches ... CD
Passin' Thru, 1997. Used ... $7.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Joelle Leandre ProjectJoelle Leandre Project ... CD
Leo (UK), 2000. Used ... $9.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Project TrioProject Trio ... CD
Project Trio, 2009. Used ... $3.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
UO ProjectIt's Time For U ... CD
2009. Used ... $2.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri ProjectSimpatico ... CD
Artist Share, 2006. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ryan Truesdell/Gil Evans ProjectCentennial – Newly Discovered Works Of Gil Evans ... CD
Artist Share, 2012. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Afro-Cuban Jazz ProjectTributo A Emiliano Salvador ... CD
Yemaya (Spain), 2000. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A wonderfully-done session of Latin jazz – played by a combo formed to pay tribute to the music of Cuban composer Emiliano Salvador! The group on the set is totally great – and features piano by Chuco Valdes, trombone by Juan Pablo Torres, tenor and flute from Juan Manuel, and congas from Tata Guines – all coming together with a number of other players, working in a style that's deeply soulful, and which often has more of a focus on the jazz component of the tracks than usual! The horn work is especially great on the set – arcing and dipping with some heartfelt turns that bring a nice edge to the tracks, and which remind us a bit of the styles we love on some of the older work by Bobby Vince Paunetto. Titles include "A Puerto Padre", "Angelica", "En Una Volanta Actual", "Jazz Plaza", "En Una Manana De Domingo", and "Danza Para Cuatro". (Latin, Jazz) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Peter Brotzmann Clarinet ProjectBerlin Djungle ... CD
FMP/Unheard Music Series, 1984. Used ... Out Of Stock
A really unique album from Peter Brotzmann – as you've no doubt probably already guessed from the name of the group! The record has Brotzmann working together with a large group of improvising stars – including John Zorn, Louis Sclavis, JD Parran, and Tony Coe – all of whom play clarinet on the session, next to Brotzmann, who also plays a bit of tenor and tarogato as well. The album's a unique one-time live performance – and the group's expanded by Toshinori Kondon on trumpet, and Hannes Bauer and Alan Tomlinson on trombone – as well as William Parker on bass and Tony Oxley on drums. The sound is quite striking – initially in the introspective mode of some of the later FMP work, but also opening up tremendously as the album moves through its one long composition – an original by Brotzmann, entitled "What A Day". CD
(Out of print. Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Miyumi Project Big BandRooted – Origins Of Now ... CD
Jazz Institute Chicago, 2001. Used ... Out Of Stock
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tatsu AokiMiyumi Project ... CD
Southport, 2000. Used ... $4.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Stanley Clarke & George DukeClarke/Duke Project ... CD
Columbia, 1981. Used ... $1.99
A mighty collaboration between Stanley Clarke & George Duke – working here in a pairing that refueled both of their careers for the 80s! In previous years, both Clarke and Duke had a penchant for really stretching out in complex, experimental modes – but here, they're playing in a relatively stripped-down and focused way – hitting some of the more soul-inspired sides of fusion at the time, although still without the slick or commercial feel of the rising GRP generation. Guitars figure heavily on a number of tracks, and vocals do too – sometimes in ways that are slightly too sweet and almost cloying. Tracks include "Wild Dog", "Louie Louie", "Sweet Baby", "I Just Want To Love You", "Winners", "Let's Get Started", and "Touch & Go". CD
(Out of print. CD has initials in marker.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Luther HughesLuther Hughes & The Cannonball Coltrane Project ... CD
Primrose Lane, 2004. Used ... $9.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Noel McGhieNoel McGhie Afro-Carribean Project – Re-Masters ... CD
Marge (France), 2016. New Copy ... $14.99 16.99
We've loved drummer Noel McGhie in many modes over the years – including free jazz and funky fusion – and here, he's working in a very cool hybrid of jazz and Caribbean styles – with some island-styled rhythms inflected by solo work on trumpet, guitar, and alto sax! The sound is much brighter than some of Noel's early work – that might also have to do with the production – and his work on drums is almost funky at times, but with a bit more complication in the rhythms overall. Players include Patrick Sedoc on guitar, Daniele Vigilucci on alto, and Rasul Siddik on trumpet – and one track features a vocal appearance from Awa Timbo. Titles include "The Jump", "Footprints", "Mademoiselle Tulloch", "Rockin In Rhythm", and "My Little Suede Shoes". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Ted NashMancini Project ... CD
Palmetto, 2007. Used ... $7.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Rodrigo Ferrari NunesBias Project No 1 ... CD
2005. Used ... $4.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Tim O'DwyerFold (Koln Project) ... CD
Leo (UK), 2016. Used ... $4.99
... CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Urbie GreenUrbie Green's Big Beautiful Band ... LP
Project 3, 1974. Very Good+ ... $2.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bobby HackettMemorable & Mellow Bobby Hackett ... CD
Project 3, Late 60s. Used ... $9.99
... CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Dick HymanPiano Solo ... LP
Project 3, 1972. Very Good+ Gatefold ... $3.99
... LP, Vinyl record album
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ George BensonErotic Moods (LP sleeve edition) ... CD
Paul Winley, Early 70s/1978. New Copy ... $5.99 10.98
Wild and mysterious stuff! This album is sort of a repackaged version of the legendary Harlem Underground album – a great lost funk album from the mid-70s that listed George Benson as a player in the group, but one that Benson claims that he never played on! The time of this release coincided with Benson's big hit years in the 70s – so the package is a bit of a cash-in project – but the grooves here are a lot harder-hitting than anything George recorded for Warner or Columbia – really gritty funk that's totally great throughout! Other players include Dave Baby Cortez on organ, Reuben Wilson on keyboards, and Willis Jackson on tenor – and Ann Winley sings on one track, the great "Fed Up", which has a really bad-rapping feel! Other titles include the classic break track "Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba" – plus a few smokin' organ/guitar wailers, like "Loose Joints" and "Overture Erotic", both of which are nice enough to warrant this separate release! Other tracks include "Erotic Moods" and "Sweet Taste Of Love". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Willem Breuker KollektiefWillem Breuker Kollektief ... LP
About Time, 1984. Very Good+ ... $7.99
American greatness from this seminal Dutch ensemble – a set recorded in the US when the group were really hitting on all burners – linking together rich strains of modern jazz in the course of a single performance! There's a great blend of tight concepts and freer solos going on here – and reedman Breuker is still very might at his most inventive – playing with a rich, feeling sort of tone, and moving through lots of new ideas – and never falling into some of the easier or more gimmicky modes that might normally hamper a project like this. Other musicians include Andre Goudbeek on alto, Maarten Van Norden on tenor, Andy Altenfelder and Boy Raaymakers on trumpet, and Bernard Hunnekink on trombone – and titles include "Women's Voting Rights", "Sylvia's Proposal", "Benares", "Kontrafunkt", "Song Of Mandalay", and "Amsterdam Rhapsody Overture". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has a sticker spot & light wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Dee Dee Bridgewater with Irwin MayfieldDee Dee's Feathers ... CD
Okeh, 2015. New Copy ... $7.99 11.98
A really beautiful project from the great Dee Dee Bridgewater – a set that has the singer paying tribute to the city and culture of New Orleans, but in a way that's free of the hoke you'd find in other projects of this nature! Dee Dee approaches the music – as with all of her albums – from a rock-solid, jazz vocal approach – focusing first on her tremendous skills as a singer – her fantastic ability to interpret material and really make it her own – then finding space for other flourishes that color the compositions, with great help from Irvin Mayfield, who's at the instrumental helm of the project. And the tunes aren't just some post-Katrina soppy numbers trying to recreate the past – but a wonderful array of different selections that both echo the still-thriving, still-essential jazz culture in the city, and the range of 20th century expressions of its music. Way better than you might guess – and one of Bridgewater's best in years! Titles include "Treme Song/Do Whatcha Wanna", "Dee Dee's Feathers", "Big Chief", "One Fine Thing", "Whoopin Blues", "Congo Square", and "C'Est Ici Que Je T'Aime". (Vocalists, Jazz) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Peter Brotzmann Chicago TentetStone/Water ... CD
Okka Disk, 1999. Used ... $8.99
An excellent issue of live material recorded by Brotzmann and some of Chicago's best players! The Chicago Tentet has sprung up as part of Peter Brotzmann's recent fruitful relationship with the Chicago underground jazz scene – and the group's gone on to have a life long past its initial formation as a one-off project. This Okka disc set captures the band live at the 16th Victoriaville Festival in 1999 – and it features performances by Brotzmann, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lomberg-Holm, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang, and Hamid Drake. CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Marc CaryRhodes Ahead Vol 2 ... CD
Motema, 2015. Used ... $7.99
Plenty of Fender Rhodes here – and a bit of Hammond as well – in a set that's a wonderful follow-up to Marc Cary's earlier Rhodes Ahead project! The keyboards have this mellow flow all the way through – still some of the sharper edges of Cary's other music, but a vibe that's often a bit more relaxed and spacious – as Marc lets the keyboard lines almost move of their own accord, as they take his initial attack and spin it out nicely in space – alongside shifting instrumentation that includes Taurus Mateen on bass and Terreon Tank Gully on drums – plus trumpet from Igmar Thomas, tabla from Sameer Gupta, and djembe from Jabarei Exeum. The vibe is partly 70s, partly contemporary cosmic – and titles include "Astral Flight 17", "Spices & Mystics", "Below The Equator", "The Alchemist's Notes", and "7th Avenue North". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
CookersCall Of The Wild & Peaceful Heart ... CD
Smoke Sessions, 2016. New Copy ... Just Sold Out!
Maybe the boldest album so far from The Cookers – a tremendous assemblage of legendary jazz talent, working together as a perfect unit on this recording! There's a sharpness and sense of unity that really holds the record together – part of which comes from the arrangements, by Billy Harper or trumpeter David Weiss – the only slightly younger member of the group, and a great guiding voice to the project. Speaking of voices, Billy Harper's is loud and proud – that soaring, spiritual tenor that we love so much – especially on the group's readings of his compositions – and in addition to Harper and Weiss, other group members include Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Donald Harrison on alto, George Cables on piano, Cecil McBee on bass, and Billy Hart on drums. There's a balance of darkness and light that really makes the album sparkle – and titles include "Call Of The Wild & Peaceful Heart", "Beyond Forever", "Third Phase", "Teule's Redemption", "Blackfoot", "Thy Will Be Done", and "Oceans Of Time". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ernest Dawkins New Horizon EnsemblePrairie Prophet ... CD
Delmark, 2011. Used ... $4.99
A wonderful tribute to Fred Anderson and the creative sanctuary he provided in Chicago at his Velvet Lounge – done wonderfully by saxophonist Ernest Dawkins and his New Horizons Ensemble! The group brilliantly trades in soulful, melodious interplay and sharp left turns into abstractions and a freer improved interplay – truly wonderful stuff and a fitting tribute to spirit of both tradition and creative freedom that could be heard at the Velvet. The Ensemble features a pair of trumpets – courtesy Marquis Hill and Shaun Johnson – plus Steve Berry on trombone, Jeff Parker on guitar, Junius Paul on bass and Isaiah Spencer on drums. Titles include "Hymn For A Hip King", "Sketches", "Mal-Lester", "Shades Of The Prairie Project", "Baghdad Boogie", "Mesopotamia" and more. CD
(Punch through barcode.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Bob Downes Open MusicBob Downes & The Alphorn Brothers (with bonus Jazz Homage CD) ... CD
Bob Downes Music (UK), 1998/2015. New Copy 2 CDs ... $7.99
Reedman Bob Downes has always been a player willing to experiment in a wide range of styles – from his early jazz-rock experiments on the UK scene, to a wealth of spiritual and avant sides he's given us in the decades that followed! But this time around, he may be giving us his weirdest, most unusual project yet – but all with results that are surprisingly great, and hardly gimmicky at all – and that's really something, given that the record features Bob's reeds alongside a trio of musicians playing the long alphorns pictured on the cover! Downes uses those instruments to create these slow-building waves of sound – which he then contrasts with his own performance on alto, tenor, soprano sax, and flute – and the phrasing of the alphorns is surprisingly cool – somewhere between avant/experimental work on euphonium and trombone, but a bit more structured overall. Titles include "The Prowler", "Heading For The Blues", "Stomping", "Dawn Approach", "Tatsunori Hasebe", and "Reflections". 2CD package also features a bonus CD – Jazz Homage, recorded in 1998, a series of duets between Downes and pianist Mick Baumeister – on titles that include "Here We Go Rollins", "Homage To John Coltrane", and "Blues For Bird" – all tributes to the players in the titles! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gerwin Eisenhaur's BoomMusic For Videogames ... CD
Enja (Germany), 2014. Used ... $5.99
A really great little record, and one that's far less gimmicky than you might expect! Yes, the tunes here are all from classic videogames – and yes, there's a bit of electricity in the instrumentation – but most of the sounds come from a core quartet with piano, bass, drums, and guitar – used in these really warm, soulful tones that are very different than anything that ever came from an Atari or Nintendo 64! Gerwin Eisenhauer realizes that these songs have become embedded in the social consciousness over the years – melodies that have gone far beyond their sources, recognizable to generations. The project extracts them from the realm of the computer chip, into a more personal, spontaneous jazz-based mode – with some especially strong work from Walter Lang on piano, which really opens up the tunes. Titles include "Theme From Super Mario", "Zelda's Lullaby", "Ballad Of The Windfish", "Goldenrod City", "Theme From Pac Man", "Korobeinki", "Doom 64", and "Super Mario 2 Overworld Theme". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fire Orchestra (Mats Gustafsson)Ritual ... CD
Rune Grammafon (Germany), 2016. New Copy ... $11.99
Maybe the fullest, most ambitious project so far from the Fire Orchestra of reedman Mats Gustafsson – one that continues his strong legacy in avant jazz, but also reflects his deep understanding of other styles too – as the record weaves together vocal passages, noise, electronics, and even some slight global currents too! The album starts in friendly territory – almost a sing-song sort of vibe, complete with vocals from Mariam Wallentin and Sofia Jernberg, who seem to echo some of Gustafsson's work with Neneh Cherry – but as the album-long set progresses, it moves through a rich array of other sonic territory – aided by work from Susana Santos Silva and Niklas Barno on trumpets, Mats Aleklint on trombone, Jonas Kullhammar on braithophone and slide sax, Per Texas Johansson on clarinets and bartione sax, Andreas Berthling on electronics, and Mats himself on bartione and slide sax – as well as a number of others we don't have space to list here! By the end of the five-part "Ritual" suite, things move back to earth a bit more, with a return to vocals too – and our hats are off to Gustafsson for doing such a great job of putting the whole thing together! CD
Also available Ritual (with bonus CD) ... LP 26.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Billy FosterBilly Foster & Audio ... CD
Equistar, 1983. New Copy ... $11.99
A wonderfully obscure set of jazzy soul from keyboardist Billy Foster – a musician who's been making waves on the scene in Gary, Indiana for many decades – but has never fully gotten his due! This project captures a younger Billy – working in a soul-based mode that blends vocals with his own work on a variety of keyboards and acoustic piano – maybe an indie take on modes that artists like Rodney Foster or Bobby Lyle were exploring on the bigger labels at the time, but with a lot more charm. Vocals are by Glenda Eskew and Brenda Marshall McClure – and titles include the instrumental "City Lights", which has a nicely pronounced guitar solo by Henry Johnson – plus the tracks "As A Matter Of Fact", "Night Music", "I Need Your Love", and "It All Depends On You". CD
Also available Billy Foster & Audio ... LP 19.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Billy FosterBilly Foster & Audio ... LP
Equistar, 1983. New Copy ... $19.99
A wonderfully obscure set of jazzy soul from keyboardist Billy Foster – a musician who's been making waves on the scene in Gary, Indiana for many decades – but has never fully gotten his due! This project captures a younger Billy – working in a soul-based mode that blends vocals with his own work on a variety of keyboards and acoustic piano – maybe an indie take on modes that artists like Rodney Foster or Bobby Lyle were exploring on the bigger labels at the time, but with a lot more charm. Vocals are by Glenda Eskew and Brenda Marshall McClure – and titles include the instrumental "City Lights", which has a nicely pronounced guitar solo by Henry Johnson – plus the tracks "As A Matter Of Fact", "Night Music", "I Need Your Love", and "It All Depends On You". LP, Vinyl record album
(Original pressing – in limited supply!)
Also available Billy Foster & Audio ... CD 11.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Billy FosterMusic For Jazz Vespers ... CD
Equistar, 2015. New Copy ... $11.99
A beautiful project from pianist Billy Foster – part of a long tradition of jazz mass records that have been popping up from the underground from the late 50s onwards – and maybe one of the best we've heard so far! The setting is spare – really just a trio outing by Billy's group, but with vocals by Renee Miles-Foster, whose lovely voice really shapes some of the best tunes here – tracks that are maybe a bit in the gospel tradition in terms of subject matter, but which also have a warmer jazz vocal approach overall. All music and new lyrics are by Billy – and titles include "He's Always Been There", "Today Is A Day", "Music Is", "God & Savior", "Joyful Noise", "His Grace", and "Just Hold My Hand". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Robert GlasperCovered – The Robert Glasper Trio Recorded Live At Capitol Studios ... CD
Blue Note, 2015. Used ... $5.99
Continuing genius from the great Robert Glasper – a set that has the keyboardist going back to basics, and working in just a trio mode – live in the studio, and with stunning sound! Robert plays acoustic piano, but as with his early years, he's got this fluidity that really makes it feel like electric at times – a way of using the standard keys as if they belonged to a Fender Rhodes – a sound that comes across especially well with the snapping drums of Diamond Read, and round acoustic basslines from Vincent Archer. If you weren't hip to Glasper at this earlier mode in his career, you'll find plenty to love here – especially as some of the tunes are reworks of the sorts of music he'd do with his Black Radio project, but served up here in a mostly instrumental mode. The album does feature one guest appearance from Harry Belafonte – who's really amazing on a spoken part for "Got Over" – and other titles include "Reckoner", "I Don't Even Care", "In Case You Forgot", "The Worst", "So Beautiful", "I'm Dying Of Thirst", and "Levels". CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eloise Greenfield with Byron MorrisHoney I Love (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Honey Productions/Shout (Japan), 1982. New Copy ... $14.99
Quite a groovy little record from writer Eloise Greenfield – done in a unique style that has the poet interacting with a set of children throughout – who sing and recite both lyrics and poetry, with this honest approach that almost recalls some of the hipper jazz/poetry projects on Folkway Records, or classic albums from Langston Hughes! The music is a big part of the album's success – as it's handled by the great Byron Morris, who shifts a bit from his own modal jazz and really creates some amazingly sensitive backdrops throughout. The vibe's a bit like a Bill Lee project from the same period – but with even more variety – and titles include the instrumental numbers "In My Father's Music House" and "Eyewitness News Bluze" – plus "I Look Pretty", "Honey I Love", "Moochie", "Rope Rhyme", and "Way Down In The Music". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Esa HelasvuoThink Tank Funk ... LP
Finnlevy/Svart (Finland), 1973. New Copy (reissue)... $14.99
Hardly the funky set you might guess from the title, but a really compelling set of Finnish jazz from the early 70s – one that's got a contemplative sense of sound, right up there with some of the best ECM material from the time! The project is led by pianist Esa Helasvuo, who also seems to play electric as well as acoustic – stretching out over slow-building lines from a group that includes Hasse Walli on guitar, Teppo Hauta-aho on bass, and Edward Vesala on drums – plus some extra-cool added violin and viola, which make these sharp edges that underscore things very well. Titles include "Song For A Tube", "Lily Flower", "Mixed Fruit Flavoured Chorus", "Think Tank Funk", and "Dialogue (parts 1 & 2)". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Quincy JonesRoots – Original Soundtrack ... CD
A&M/Varese, 1976. New Copy ... $8.99 13.99
Quincy Jones may be best remembered for his funky soundtrack work of the 70s – but the man can also hit a deeper, more serious vein when he wants – as he does on this ambitious album-length project inspired by the landmark Roots mini-series! The music isn't a straight soundtrack from the program, but instead evokes the longer narrative over the passage of its different selections – working as its own "saga of an American family", as it moves from African roots, through years of oppression, to moments of pride and power – amidst larger orchestrations from Jones, with help from Letta Mbulu on some key vocals, and more help from Bill Summers, James Cleveland, and even Lou Gossett. Titles include "Many Rains", "Free At Last", "Jumpin De Broom", "Ole Fiddler", "Boyhood To Manhood", "Oluwa", and "Motherland". (Soundtracks, Jazz) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Steve LacySteve Lacy At New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden 2002 ... CD
Hatology (Switzerland), 2002. Used Gatefold ... $13.99
A wonderful blend of free jazz & atmospheric electronic experimentation led by soprano mainstay Steve Lacy – a truly inviting blend of open-ended sounds that manages to all come together in a very natural way! Sadly, this set captured here at the NEWJazz meeting of 2002 at Baden-Baden, Germany turned out to be one of Lacy's final projects – and it's a nice tribute to his legacy of openness and a free spirit. The project started by using a piece by ambitious composer Bernard Lang, "DW 1.2 For Piano, Flute And Saxophone" as a starting point for the improvisations of an interesting group of players – including Lacy, Peter Herbert on double bass, Wolfgang Reisinger on drums, Philip Jeck on turntables, plus Christof Kurzmann and Lang on electronics. It essentially develops a dialogue among the genres themselves – jazz, electronica and freeform sound art – as much as between the individual players! 6 extended numbers with the titles "DW 1.2 Remix 6.8" (quartet of Lacy, Lang, Herbert & Reisinger), "DW 1.3 Remix 7.4" (trio of Lacy, Lang & Jeck) "DW 1.2 Remix 10.2" (quartet of Kurzman, Lacy Herbert & Reisinger), "DW 1.2 Remix 7.7" (duo Jeck & Lacy), "DW 1.2 Remix Karlsruhe 3.3" (solo Lacy) and "DW 1.2 Remix 6.1" (quartet Lang, Lacy Herbert & Reisinger). CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Makaya McCravenIn The Moment (2CD deluxe edition) ... CD
International Anthem, 2015. New Copy 2CD ... $9.99 15.99
A totally unique record from drummer Makaya McCraven – and a great one too! The set's built around improvised performances recorded over the period of a year – with some of Chicago's best underground jazz talents, including Matt Ulery on bass, Marquis Hill on trumpet, Jeff Parker on guitar, Justefan on vibes, Desean Jones on tenor, Tony Barba on tenor and electronics, and Josh Abrams on bass – and the performances are then edited down into these shorter, focused tracks that are really wonderful! The music is still quite live in its approach at most moments – and often given a very rhythmic pulse in the way it's put together, but never in any sort of hokey or heavy-handed remix way. The basslines are wonderful – full, round, and very modal – and titles include "The Jaunt", "Time Travel", "The Encore", "The Drop", "Finances", "Just Stay Right There", and "Three Fifths A Man". Expanded 2CD edition – with a record's worth of additional material, the E & F sides of the project – titles that include "Next Step", "Trading Bars", "50 Thousand Miles", "The Master", "The Dimmer", "She Knows", and "Standing On Shoulders". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Quantic Presents The Western TransientNew Constellation ... LP
Tru Thoughts (UK), 2015. New Copy Gatefold ... $31.99 35.99
A tremendous new project from Quantic – a set that has him moving into spiritual jazz territory, with all the depth and care he brought to previous funk and Latin projects! The music here is a mix of electric and acoustic modes – played by Will Holland on guitar with a group that also includes tenor, flute, trumpet, keyboards, moog, and some mighty nice percussion – all used in these warmly flowing ways that are totally wonderful – like some lost, underground 70s set on a tiny label by a local combo – performed with an understated brilliance that really holds us rapt! For a guy who could come on strong at times, Quantic seems to do even more by laying back a bit – and really letting the group energy flow on songs that include "Jumble Sale", "New Constellation", "Bicycle Ride", "The Orchard", "Mirzan", and "Latitude". (Deep Funk, Jazz) LP, Vinyl record album
(Beautiful vinyl pressing – limited, and in a heavy book-style cover!)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Manhattan ProjectsEchoes Of Our Heroes ... CD
Evidence, 1993. Used ... $2.99
... CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John HandyProjections ... LP
Columbia, 1968. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of Handy's important mind-expanding sets from the late 60s – a classic album with his group that featured a young Michael White on violin and Mike Nock on piano. White's work on the album is especially striking – very different from many other players in jazz, using the instrument in styles that evoke traditions of ancient stringed instruments, while also exploring new possibilities to use the violin as a sonic tool. As always, Nock's dark piano work is always a treat – especially on the beautiful compositions he contributed to the set. Titles include "Dance To The Lady", "Sanpaku", "Song Of Uranus", "Three In One", and "Projections". LP, Vinyl record album
(360 Sound stereo pressing. Cover has a tracklist sticker & some wear.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ David BoykinLive At The Dorchester Projects (with download) ... LP
Sonic Healing Ministries, 2013. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the greatest albums so far from mighty Chicago reedman David Boykin – and easily a set that lives up to the rich legacy of avant jazz in the Windy City! There's a depth to the record that comes through right from the very first note – a sense of history and feeling that shows just how much Boykin's developed as a player over the past decade or so – a tenorist with a done that's right up there with Archie Shepp or David Murray at their creative best – really stretching out on some wonderful solos that never fail to dim in imagination or new ideas. The group's a trio – with Alex Wing on bass and James Woodley on drums – which gives the recording an almost ESP Records sort of vibe – and Boykin's the shining star throughout, really knocking us over with his solos on the well-recorded set! Titles include "Blast Off For Love", "Walk Turn Bat Shimmy", "Try Harder", "Blue Lotus", "Star Book", and "Late Night With The David Boykin Trio Theme". LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes download card.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Jan AkkermanTabernakel/Eli ... CD
Atco/BGO (UK), 1973/1976. New Copy ... $14.99
Compelling work from this European guitar talent – two albums on a single CD! On Tabernakel, guitarist Jan Akkerman bridges many worlds – deftly stepping between spare acoustic guitar modes and some much more dynamic electric ones – but all with a sense of care and vision that really makes the record come together! The set begins with a few themes from John Dowland, updated by Akkerman, but still played with an ancient sort of vibe – one that leads into some very cool fusion moments that mix centuries-old aesthetics with the modern – creating a sense of anachronism that really keeps things interesting. Gene Orloff handled some of the larger arrangements, but the focus is always on Akkerman's deft work on the guitar – and titles include "Britannia", "House Of The King", "Javeh", "Lammy", and "A Fantasy". Eli is a real standout! Jan Akkerman did plenty of unusual projects in the 70s, and this album may well be the best of them – an outing with vocalist Kaz Lux, whose unique phrasing really helps give the music a lot of focus! Akkerman's still hanging nicely between rock, funk, and jazz – but the use of vocals means that some of his guitar lines are a bit more spacious in ways that we really love, especially when they mix in these cool cosmic passages with the MPS-like keyboards of Jasper Van't Hof. The album's hardly a straight fusion album, but it's also not really a rock one either – more like a fusion set with vocals in all the right places – on titles that include "Guardian Angel", "Tranquilizer", "Can't Fake A Good Time", "Naked Actress", "Wings Of Strings", and "Strindberg". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Eric AlexanderRecado Bossa Nova (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
Venus (Japan), 2014. New Copy Gatefold ... $18.99
A whole new setting for tenorist Eric Alexander – and a great one too! The album's got Alexander in a bossa-styled mode – but less like the facile bossa jazz projects of the 60s than some of the harder-edged ones you'd get from players like Ike Quebec or Charlie Rouse! The sharpness of the rhythms have a good deal to do with the strength of the record – played by familiar Alexander associates Harold Mabern on piano, Nat Reeves on bass, and Joe Farnsworth on drums – but at a level that's very different than their usual accompaniment, which really shows their diversity. Titles include "Recado Bossa Nova", "Corcovado", "Manteca", "Journey", "So In Love", and "Mambo Inn". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
David AxelrodHeavy Axe ... CD
Fantasy/BGP (UK), 1974. New Copy ... $5.99 14.99
A great back-to-basics solo album from the legendary David Axelrod – cut in the mid 70s for Fantasy Records, after higher-concept projects like The Auction and Messiah! This set gets right to the core – and focuses on the funk currents that were always part of Axelrod's larger arrangements, but which sometimes never got pulled to the forefront as strongly – and the approach is almost like some of the funky jazz albums that were issued by Fantasy/Prestige Records at the time – especially those that Axelrod produced for Cannonball Adderley. The whole thing has that great Axelrod sense of composition, with lots of space, and lots of spare cold bits that are nice nice nice for sample cuts – and titles include the classic track "Everything Counts", plus "Get Up Off Your Knees", "My Family", and "Mucho Chupar". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Billy Bang & William ParkerMedicine Buddha ... CD
No Business (Lithuania), 2014. New Copy ... $14.99
Wonderful work from two players who've just gotten better and better over the decades – both musicians who've made a huge impression from the late 70s onward, but who also continue to grow and refine their ideas as the years go on! This set features beautiful duets recorded at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York, in 2009 – with Bang on violin and thumb piano, and William Parker on bass, plus a bit of shakuhashi and dousn gouni as well. Both players handle strings at a level that's far different than most of their contemporaries or influences – and have this sublimely spiritual style that's often a bit exotic too – but never in the sort of easier ways of Bang's Vietnam-related projects. Instead there's a very freely creative spirit as both players come together – finding a unique voice that's extremely moving, and never too heavy-handed – a huge reminder of why we love them both so much. Titles include "Bronx Aborigines", "Eternal Planet", "Buddha's Joy", "Medicine Buddha", and "Sky Song". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Gato BarbieriLast Tango In Paris – Deluxe Edition ... CD
Varese, 1972. Used ... $19.99
One of the greatest moments ever from saxophonist Gato Barbieri – and that's saying a lot, given that by the time of this recording, he'd already had a great 60s run as an avant jazz musician, and started the 70s with a string of albums that criss-crossed jazz and South American musical styles! Yet Last Tango In Paris may well be Barbieri's crowning achievement – a sublime record that draws on all the richer, more emotive themes of his Latin America projects, but gives them new focus in the arrangements of Oliver Nelson – who ensures that the music is never too cheesy or overdone – quite a feat, given the sexy setting of the film! Gato draws a lot from Argentine tango, but often uses his own sax solos in place of a more familiar bandoneon – in a way that pushes the "new tango" mode of the time even farther – especially when set amidst Nelson's wonderful orchestrations. Titles include many versions of the "Last Tango" theme, plus the tracks "Girl In Black", "Jeanne", "Why Did She Choose You?", "It's Over", and "Fake Ophelia". Plus, this special deluxe edition adds an incredible 29 extra tracks to the original score – for an overwhelming suite of tracks that is far superior to any version of the soundtrack that has ever been released! We love this CD to death, and it's fantastic to see a great album get even better with the addition of so much extra material! (Soundtracks, Jazz) CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ John Bickerton TrioOpen Music ... CD
Creative Improvised Music Projects, 1999. Used ... $9.99
... CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole. Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Black Bombaim & Peter BrotzmannBlack Bombaim & Peter Brotzmann ... LP
Lovers & Lollypops/Clean Feed (Portugal), 2016. New Copy Gatefold ... $28.99
One of the headiest Peter Brotzmann albums we've heard in years, thanks to the sound of the Black Bombaim group from Portugal – who play with a guitar-heavy drive that almost takes us back to Brotzmann's Last Exit recordings of the 80s! The group play with a forward energy that takes off right from the start – heavy drums and full-on fuzzy guitar, plus some deep electric bass as well – all of which puts the reedman in a different setting than most of his recent projects, and one that reminds us just how well-suited he can be for such an experience! Some of the performances here really blow our minds all over again – with a tone that's strong, and incredibly clear – sometimes even more focused than on some of Brotzmann's other recent records, but still very free and sharp-edged overall. The album was recorded live in the studio, with a very jamming vibe! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Art BlakeyHoliday For Skins Vol 2 ... LP
Blue Note, 1958. Very Good ... $99.99
The rarest of all of Art Blakey's percussion group projects – and quite possibly the best, too! The session features Blakey at the head of a strong mix of jazz and percussion players – with Art Taylor and Philly Joe Jones on the regular drum kit, Donald Byrd on trumpet and Ray Bryant on piano, and a host of assorted percussion work by the likes of Ray Barretto, Sabu Martinez, Victor Gonzalez, Julio Martinez, and others. The resultant sound is incredible – very full, rich, and earthy – and done in a way that interweaves African and Latin percussion styles with straighter American jazz! A few cuts have chanting by Blakey and Sabu – and titles on this second volume include "Otinde", "Swingin Kilts", "Dinga", and "Reflection". LP, Vinyl record album
(63rd Street pressing, with RVG stamp – deep groove on one side. Cover has some light wear around the edges.)

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