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Max RoachDrums Unlimited ... CD
Atlantic (Japan), 1966. New Copy ... About February 22, 2017
The drums are certainly unlimited here – and the album's a really unique one, in that it shows Max Roach in 2 different settings – one with a group, and one that's simply solo! One batch of tracks has Max in the company of a tight group of soul jazz players like Freddie Hubbard, Roland Alexander, James Spaulding, and Ronnie Matthews. The group is very tight, and they've got hard wailing sound similar to a Blue Note group, but with a bit more of a soul jazz feel. They play on two long tracks – "Nommo" and "In the Red". The rest of the tracks – "Drums Unlimited", "The Drum Also Waltzes", and "For Big Sid" – feature Max playing solo, which is a rare treat for a recording of this vintage. The tracks are great, with a very musical groove, and lively playing by Max that never gets too self indulgent. CD

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Max RoachFeaturing The Legendary Hasaan/Drums Unlimited ... CD
Atlantic/Collectables, 1965/1966. Used ... $6.99
Great stuff by Max Roach – and 2 albums that prove what a great talent he had for finding other lesser-known jazz players! The first album in the set features Max's trio with an amazing piano player named Hasaan – one that we can't find on any other records, and who has a power and approach that ranks him with modernist greats like Monk, Randy Weston, and Herbie Nichols. The album includes the tracks "Off My Back Jack", "Almost Like Me", and "Din-Ka Stret", all written by Hasaan. The other album's a great one, too – and features 2 sides of Max's own playing. One batch of tracks has Max in the company of a tight group of soul jazz players like Freddie Hubbard, Roland Alexander, James Spaulding, and Ronnie Matthews. The group is very tight, and they've got hard wailing sound similar to a Blue Note group, but with a bit more of a soul jazz feel. They play on two long tracks – "Nommo" and "In the Red". The rest of the tracks – "Drums Unlimited", "The Drum Also Waltzes", and "For Big Sid" – feature Max playing solo, which is a rare treat for a recording of this vintage. The tracks are great, with a very musical groove, and lively playing by Max that never gets too self indulgent. CD

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Sonny RollinsSt Thomas – Stonny Rollins Trio In Stockholm 1959 ... LP
Dragon (Sweden), 1959. Near Mint- ... $29.99
Great material in the same trio format as the Village Vanguard album on Blue Note! Features Rollins on tenor, Henry Grimes on bass, and Pete LaRoca on drums – on titles that include "Paul's Pal", "Oleo", "How High The Moon", and "I've Told Every Little Star". LP, Vinyl record album

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Charles EarlandBlowing The Blues Away ... CD
High Note, 1997. Used ... $4.99

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Major HolleyDefinitive Black & Blue Sessions – Excuse Me Ludwig ... CD
Black & Blue (France), 1977. New Copy ... $11.99 16.99
Major Holley's a hell of a bassist – one who's soulful sound is probably best-remembered behind organist Shirley Scott in the early 60s, and a player who really does a great job of bringing older modes forward with fresh twists in later generations too! This mid 70s session is an overlooked portrait of Holley's genius – as some moments almost recall the late 40s sound of Slam Stewart, particularly in the way the Major works out sweeter notes – while others have a wider sort of Eldee Young quality – as melodic as rhythmic, but always nicely complicated, yet in an organic way. Holley often sings alongside his bass – again like Stewart or Young, but with a vibe that's almost more like some of the 70s electric players, even though he's playing acoustic – and there's also some lyrical moments that maybe have some of the path forward that Red Mitchell was also taking on the European scene of the 70s. Holley's not the only strength here – as the trio also features very strong work from Gerry Wiggins on piano, who's in a great sort of setting here that brings out some different sounds. Drummer Oliver Jackson is the final member of the group – and titles include "Lamb Stew For Slam", "Excuse Me Ludwig", "Salty Mama Cassoulet", "Willow Weep For Me", "Raincheck", and "Like Someone In Love". CD features three unissued tracks – including "Stolen Sweets" and "This Is The End Of A Beautiful Friendship" – plus an alternate of "Excuse Me Ludwig". CD

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Hank JonesDefinitive Black & Blues Series – Bluesette ... CD
Black & Blue (France), 1979. New Copy ... $11.99 16.99
A great setting for pianist Hank Jones – a late 70s French session that's got a nicely different feel than most of his from the time – and maybe a bit more bite than some of the work that Hank was giving us in Japan! The album's got the great Alan Dawson on drums – whose sharp crackle you might remember from a range of excellent Prestige Records sessions in the 60s – and bassist George Duvivier seems more expressive than usual, really working out some bold notes and sharper moments that seem to spur Jones onward too! The blend of players really comes through here – creating a sort of special energy on the record, and one that makes most moments a lot more lively than you'd expect – still with that lyricism that Hank's known for, but maybe a bit more soulful vibe too. Titles include "Bluesette", "Milt's Mood", "Azure", "Down", "Blues In My Heart", and "Things Ain't What They Used To Be". CD features three bonus alternate tracks, too! CD

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Steve KhanTightrope/Blue Man/Arrows ... CD
Columbia/BGO (UK), Late 70s. New Copy 2CD ... $16.99
A trio of classics from Steve Khan – all brought together in a single package! First up is Tightrope – beautiful fusion from guitarist Steve Khan – one of those great 70s players who could play things tight, yet still keep an edge! The album's got a well-produced groove – the same sort of soulful undercurrent you'd get in other Columbia fusion sets of the period – yet Khan's guitar has a bit more rasp than most, less of the sanded-down, clean-toned notes that you'd get from some of his contemporaries. Bob James produced, and you can certainly hear his ear on some of the keyboard parts – especially the sweet Fender Rhodes, handled by both James and Don Grolnick. Titles include "Some Punk Funk", "Darlin Darlin Baby", "The Big Ones", "Star Chamber", "Tightrope", and "Soft Summer Breeze". Next up is Blue Man – a sweet 70s fusion set from guitarist Steve Khan! The set's got that best Columbia Records groove from the time – a sound that could easily cross over to fusion fans on both sides of the tracks – those who dig soulful undercurrents, thanks to the album's keyboards from Don Grolnick – and those who might like a bit more rockish-lines, thanks to Khan's raspy edge on his guitar. Things never get too jamming, and there's a nice sense of space that definitely helps keep the soul of the record intact – on tracks that include "Some Downtime", "Daily Bulls", "Daily Valley", and "The Little Ones". Arrows is the last in a classic trilogy of late 70s fusion albums that Steve Khan cut for Columbia records – and a set that really has him bringing his sound together in a wonderful way! Khan was working with Steely Dan on the Gaucho album at the time of the recordings – testified by Donald Fagan's notes to the record – and he really seems to have picked up their large overall musical vision, that way of making things perfect, but never in a slick style – working here with other fusion giants who include Don Grolnick on Fender Rhodes, Michael Brecker on tenor and soprano sax, and Randy Brecker on trumpet – plus lots of great drums from Steve Gadd. Titles include the extended "City Suite", plus "Candles", "Daily Village", "Calling", and "Some Arrows". CD

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Howard McGheeDusty Blue ... CD
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1961. New Copy ... $9.99
One of the best of the early 60s comeback albums by the legendary bop trumpeter Howard McGhee – and a record that really has the player finding a whole new groove in his music! At this point, Maggie's got a fantastic tone that was missing from his earlier records, filled with pain and raw emotion – but also measured with a maturity that gives his solos an incredible sense of economy that delivers a whole hell of a lot with just a few simple notes – a balance that comes through beautifully here, maybe even more so than on any other record by Howard from the time! He's playing here in a great group that includes Roland Alexander on tenor, Bennie Green on trombone, Tommy Flanagan on piano, and Pepper Adams on baritone – and tracks include "Dusty Blue", "Groovin High", "Cottage For Sale", "Flyin Colors", and "With Malice Towards None". CD

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Muntu (Jemeel Moondoc)Muntu Recordings (First Feeding/Eveing Of The Blue Men/Live At Ali's Alley) (3CD set) ... CD
No Business (Lithuania), Late 70s. New Copy 3CD ... $44.99
Seminal recordings from Jemeel Moondoc's important Muntu ensemble – a group who worked with amazing energy in the avant scene of the late 70s – easily offering up some of the greatest performances from the members involved! There's a mixture of structure and freedom to these tracks that's mighty nice – a bold conception of message headed by Moondoc, but executed with these open solos that really show the full talents of every musician. The lineup shifts a bit over the space of the recordings here – the First Feeding album features Moondoc on alto, Arthur Williams on trumpet, Mark Hennen on piano, William Parker on bass, and Rashid Bakr on drums; Evening Of The Blue Men has trumpeter Roy Campbell joining Moondoc, Parker, and Bakr; and the previously-unreleased Live At Ali's Alley is an extended trio performance from Moondoc, Parker, and Bakr – one long track that really opens up! Equally amazing is the package – 3CDs in an oversized case, packaged with a beautiful book that's over 100 pages – with notes on the group, sessionography, vintage photos, poster reproductions, and more. CD
(Hand numbered, limited edition of 1000 copies.)

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Monty AlexanderMontreux Alexander – Live! At The Montreux Festival ... CD
MPS (Germany), 1976. New Copy ... $18.99 19.99
A stone classic from pianist Monty Alexander – a live date recorded for MPS in the mid 70s, and a set with even more fire than his studio sides for the label! The sound here is quite freewheeling at times – not funky, but in a very romping, gutbuckety mode that marks Alexander as a clear heir to Oscar Peterson in such a setting – but one who's also possibly bringing a bit more groove to the table! Rhythm is from John Clayton on bass and Jeff Hamilton on drums – who are perfect accompanists for Monty's nicely rolling style on the keys! Titles include "Drown In My Own Tears", "Feelings", "Work Song", "Nite Mist Blues", and "Satin Doll". CD
(Great LP sleeve edition – new remastering, new notes, and even a picture of the original master tape!)

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Brian AugerBack To The Beginning Again – A Brian Auger Anthology Vol 2 ... LP
Freestyle (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2LP ... $21.99
A totally wonderful collection – even better than the first volume, and filled with rare and unusual work from this legendary British keyboardist! The set features loads of gems from Brian's early years – some mod piano rompers and heavy Hammond groovers – showing a very strong tie to the soul jazz sound of the early 60s, which then transforms into some excellent 70s groovers as the set moves in – work that's every bit as tremendous as the tunes that start out the set. Even if you've got some of Auger's albums in your collection, there's way more to discover here – and the set has a brilliant focus on the deepest, most soulful side of his music! Titles include "In & Out", "Love For Sale", "Maiden Voyage", "Inner City Blues", "Brain Damage", "Happiness Is Just Around The Bend", "Funky Mama", "Moanin", "Straight Ahead", "Work Song", "Poinciana", and "Light On The Path". Even features notes on the music by Auger himself! LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ Charlie ChristianGenius Of The Electric Guitar (4CD set) ... CD
Columbia, Late 30s/Early 40s. Used 4 CDs ... $24.99
Amazing work from guitarist Charlie Christian – an artist who only recorded for a few short years before an untimely early death – but a player whose work went onto have a huge impact on both the guitar and jazz music in general for years to come! Charlie's playing has a sharp edge that's undeniable – an approach to the guitar that's definitely jazz, yet also finds a place for bluesy inflections too – in styles that no doubt influenced later players like Grant Green or Tal Farlow – and which may have also been an inspiration to electrified bluesmen in the 50s, too. This package brings together a huge amount of Christian's crucial sides for the Columbia label – material that features his raw electric instrument in the company of the Benny Goodman sextet, where Charlie could really shine – and a bit in Benny's larger group too. The package also features raw material that has Christian playing with Count Basie & Lester Young, and the Metronome All Stars – plus detailed notes too. 98 tracks in all! CD
(Out of print.)

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John ColtraneLove Supreme – The Complete Masters (3CD deluxe edition) ... CD
Impulse, 1964. New Copy 3 CDs ... $36.99 39.98
A hugely expanded version of this classic – with full recordings from the session! The core record is maybe one of the greatest jazz albums of all time – a real breakthrough moment for the legendary John Coltrane, and the blueprint for generations of jazz records to come! Trane was already breaking down plenty of boundaries before Love Supreme – but he knocked it out of the park for the album – which is a full-length suite of spiritual expression, one that gives even greater focus and message to Coltrane's long-spiralling style of soloing on the tenor sax! The group here is the classic quartet – McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums – taking Trane up to the heavens on waves of modal energy, but also holding his spirit closer to the planet than on some of later, more outside performances. There's a slight bit of vocalization on the record – that chanted energy that imbues the set with so much love – and movements include "Acknowledgement", "Resolution", "Pursuance", and "Psalm". 3CD set also features original mono reference masters of "Pursuance" and "Psalm", as well as 5 more tracks from the quartet session on 12/9/64, readings of "Acknowledgement", "Psalm", and "Resolution". Also includes 6 versions of "Acknowledgement" from a 12/10/64 sextet session – with Archie Shepp on additional tenor and Art Davis on bass! Most of this extra material is issued here for the first time. CD3 features a live version of "Love Supreme" – recorded at Antibes in 1965! Also includes a big booklet of notes – which even includes some of Coltrane's notations for the performance. CD

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Eddie Lockjaw Davis & Johnny GriffinFirst Set – Recorded Live At Mintons ... LP
Prestige, 1964. Very Good ... $9.99
During the early 60s, the team of Eddie Lockjaw Davis and Johnny Griffin was one of the most exciting unions in jazz. The two tenorists came from two different camps – Davis, the gutsy R&B soloist, Griffin, the hardbop powerhouse with a flair for the modern. Their pairing was an incredible stroke of genius and luck, and the albums they waxed – like this one – feature an approach hardly ever matched again by a two-tenor band. One of the best features of the group was their dedication to opening up the works of Monk into a freer blowing style – and they do so nicely on this album's two long takes of "Epistrophy" and "Well, You Needn't", both recorded live at the legendary Minton's Playhouse in Harlem (site of some of the band's best recordings.) Junior Mance heads up the soulful rhythm section that also includes Larry Gales and Ben Riley. LP, Vinyl record album
(Blue label pressing. Cover has splitting on the top seam, a small cutout hole, and some notes in pen on back.)

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Buddy DeFrancoGeneralissimo (plus Live Date) ... CD
Verve/Lonehill (Spain), 1958. Used ... $9.99
Two lesser-known 50s sides by Buddy DeFranco – both recorded for Verve in 1958, both featuring small combo west coast backing! Generalissimo has a sound that's a lot more understated than its title – an easygoing groove that's all Buddy all the way – clarinet in the lead, inspired by an older swing-based approach to jazz, yet still inflected with some boppish influences too – all in just the sort of open, laidback style that Verve was handling well at the time. Other players include Harry Edison on trumpet, Bob Hardaway on tenor, Jimmy Rowles on piano, Barney Kessel on guitar, Curtis Counce on bass, and Alvin Stoller on drums – on titles that include "Sunday", "Tea For Two", "Blue Lou", "Funky's Uncle", and an extended Verve-type "Ballad Medley". Next up is the even better Live Date – a very hip session that has Buddy working with some of the fresher modern players on the scene at the time – all in a groove that echoes with some of the sharpest notes we've heard from his clarinet in the 50s! The ensemble has a really dreamy feel – with flute from Herbie Mann, vibes from Victor Feldman, tenor from Bob Hardaway, guitar from Barney Kessel, and piano and organ from Pete Jolly – all backed by rhythm from the legendary Scott LaFaro on bass and Stan Levey on drums. Tracks include "Satin Doll", "Oh Lady Be Good", "Crazy Rhythm", "Blues For Space Travelers", and "My Funny Valentine". Note: CD omits one track from Live Date – "Tin Reed Blues" – but it is featured on the Lonehill CD set I Hear Benny Goodman & Artie Shaw. CD

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Harry Edison & Charlie ShaversComplete At Midnight & At Riverside Sessions (Session At Midnight/Session At Riverside) ... CD
Lonehill/Capitol (Spain), 1955/1956. Used ... $3.99
Sweetly swinging trumpet work – and two very well-matched sessions! The first half of the CD features tracks from the legendary Capitol album Session At Midnight – featuring Harry Edison on trumpet, in a group that also includes Shorty Sherock, Benny Carter, Willie Smith, and Plas Johnson – all blowing in an easy and relaxed fashion on tracks that include "Moten's Swing", "Making The Scene", "Blue Lou", and "Session At Midnight". The second half of the set is from a similarly-styled album – Session At Riverside – in which Charlie Shavers is in the trumpet chair, and working with players that include Peanuts Hucko, Urbie Green, and Earl Warren – on titles that include "Escape Hatch", "Session At Riverside", "Broadway", and "I Want To Be Happy". Both records have a great open sort of feel – and give the soloists a bit more space than usual! CD
(Note: CD is missing back artwork in case – and is priced accordingly.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Buddy JohnsonWalk 'Em – The Decca Sessions ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 40s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Some of the best work ever from the legendary Buddy Johnson – brought together in the best package we've ever seen to showcase his music! Johnson was a crucial figure in the postwar years – and an artist who helped music make a shift from the bigger bands of the swing years to the leaner, more soulful sounds of R&B – and like Lucky Millinder, Hot Lips Page, and a few key others – he had a way of snapping a groove with effortless ease, and finding just the right sort of singer to take the lead! The vocalists here are all great – and include Buddy himself, his sister Ella, and other talents who include a young Arthur Prysock and Harold Geezil Minerve – all of whom work with instrumentalists who seem equally balanced in jazz and blues phrasing to really give the music a hard-wailing sound all the way through. In the best Ace tradition, the notes and package are great – and titles include "Baby You're Always On My Mind", "Root Man Blues", "Be Careful If You Can't Be Good", "They All Say I'm The Biggest Fool", "Please Mr Johnson", "Shufflin & Rollin", "Southern Echoes", "You Gotta Walk That Chalk Line", "Talking About Another Man's Wife", and "Shake Em Up". CD

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Charles MingusMingus At Carnegie Hall ... CD
Atlantic/Rhino, 1974. Used ... $4.99
Charles Mingus at Carnegie Hall – but playing here with relaxed and intimate feel that's not what you might expect from the staid setting! The album features 2 long tracks – both done in more of a jam session mode than any other Charles Mingus recordings we can think of. Both numbers are Ellington classics – "C Jam Blues" and "Perdido" – showcasing Mingus' late fascination with the Duke, but in a way that still preserves all of the modern inventions of his own earlier work. As on much of the best Mingus albums from the time, there's a real focus on the strengths of the soloists here – players who include Roland Kirk on tenor and stritch, Hamiet Bluiett on baritone, Jon Faddis on trumpet, John Handy on alto and tenor, Charles McPherson on alto, and Don Pullen on piano – all of whom really play with some sharp edges and bold notes! CD
(Jazz Heritage pressing.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
John ColtraneOne Down, One Up – Live At The Half Note ... CD
Impulse, 1965. Used 2CDs ... $8.99
A long overdue testament to the live genius of the mighty John Coltrane Quartet – captured at the legendary Half Note club in NYC – disc 1 recorded on a date in March 1965 and disc 2 on a date in early May of the same year! The set finds Coltrane plus McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass and Elvin Jones on the kit working in a far more adventurous guise than many of the 60s studio sessions – stretching out incredibly on the half hour epic workout "One Up, One Down" and a beautifully loose run of "Afro Blue". The stylistic themes are carried through similarly on the second disc's long grooving "Song Of Praise" and an amazing "My Favorite Things", but stretching near or past the 20 minute mark. These long bootlegged recordings are now available on CD officially for the first time ever – complete with the original radio introductions and announcements! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Wynton Kelly Trio & Wes MontgomerySmokin' At The Half Note (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Verve, 1965. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $22.99 24.99
One of the greatest 60s recordings from the Wyton Kelly Trio – thanks to some wonderful guest work from guitarist Wes Montgomery! Montgomery's working here in a gusty, rootsy style that recalls his best soul jazz sides from the earlier years – and which have a feel that's quite different than his later, more largely-arranged work for Verve. The Kelly Trio is in perfect form – with Wynton's heavy left hand leading the group on the piano, and superb rhythm backing from the team of Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb. Tracks are longish, with some nice solos – and include the 13 minute original "No Blues", plus "If You Could See Me Now", "Unit 7", "Four On Six" and "What's New". LP, Vinyl record album
(Verve Record 60th Anniversary edition!)

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