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✨✧ Hermeto PascoalNos Mundo Dos Sons ... CD
SESCSP (Brazil), 2017. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Fantastic sounds from Hermeto Pascoal – an artist who first set the world of Brazilian music on fire in the early 70s, and has continued to be one of its most creative talents for decades! One of the great things about Hermeto is not only his own talents as a composer and instrumentalist, but also his warmly collaborative style, and strong sense of mentorship – which often has him working with younger players who not only realize his vision perfectly, but help spur him on to new creative heights! This double-length set is a fantastic testament to that tradition – as it has Hermeto working alongside his son Fabio, who helped organize the date – plus other instrumentalists who provide a range of sharp sounds with the sort of fast changes and inventive timings that we've really come to expect from Pascoal at his best. Most tracks are instrumentals – in a mode that's somewhere near jazz, but very much in its own territory – but the set also has one especially amazing number with indivdual associates speaking a bit with very cool backing. Titles include "Viva Piazzolla", "Som De Aura", "Para Miles Davis", "Salve Pernambuco Percussao", "Viva Edu Lobo", "Um Abraco Chick Corea", "Rafael Amor Eterno", "Ilza Nova", and "Para Ron Carter". (Brazil, Jazz) CD
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✨✧ Bill LauranceLive At Union Chapel (CD/DVD) ... CD
Verve/Ground Up, 2016. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
You might know Bill Laurance as the keyboardist with Snarky Puppy – but here, he's something else entirely – a hell of a jazz musician with a mighty rich vision – one that's got just the right sort of heavenly vibe to be recorded in a church! There's nothing churchy about the music – just a great spirit in Bill's vision – as his piano lines pour out effortlessly – cascading in sound, and rising in the company of a sweet little string quartet, which is then driven onward with both drums and percussion! The mix of instrumentation is quite unique – and has a sound that's jazz at the core, but also reaching for other elements too – maybe a bit like some of the young Japanese piano trios of recent years, but also with a wider vision in the use of tone and timing. Titles include "The Rush", "Gold Coast", "Swift", "The Real One", "December In New York", "Good Things", "Never-Ending City", and "Ready Wednesday". (Neo Soul, Jazz) CD

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✨✧ Michael NauraEuropean Jazz Sounds – Unreleased Live Recordings & Rare Radio Sessions ... CD
Be! (Germany), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2CD ... Out Of Stock
Brilliant work from pianist Michael Naura – one of our favorite players on the German scene at the start of the 60s – and one of the few who was really picking up the best sorts of soulful currents from the American scene! Most of the work here features Naura's excellent combo with Wolfgang Schluter on vibes and Klaus Marmulla on alto sax – both equally-great players who work with Michael's piano in a vibe that maybe rivals some of our favorite Prestige Records material of the period, but also has some slight European modern currents too – always at a level that keeps things soulful and swinging, but with a vibe that's pretty darn fresh! 2CD package features well-recorded, non-LP material by the group – a great complement to their famous debut record on Brunswick – and titles include "Blues Walls", "Rainy Clouds", "Nightlife", "A Party With John", "Micha's Dilemma", "Blues For Werner", "Night At Tony's", "Mike's Blues", and "Minority". CD

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Jazz Couriers (Ronnie Scott & Tubby Hayes)Jazz Couriers Live In Morecambe 1959 – Tippin' ... CD
Gearbox (UK), 1959. New Copy ... $13.99 14.98
Primo work by one of the greatest Brit jazz groups of the 50s – the legendary Jazz Couriers, and their smoking frontline of Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott on tenor sax! The pair have a way of coming together that's simply beautiful – not the kind of "battle" you might have gotten from American tenorists a few years before – and instead, a way of collaborating on long-spun, beautifully-blown tracks that really expand under the two voices of the tenors – in ways that other hardbop groups might with just a sax and trumpet. Part of the group's success is their great rhythm section too – Terry Shannon on piano, Jeff Clyne on bass, and Billy Eyden on drums – a trio who really kick things into gear wonderfully on this previously-unissued live date! The material was recorded at a restaurant gig – nice and intimate, but with very good sound – so much so that the record is very much on a par with the group's famous studio sides of the time. Tubby Hayes also plays a bit of vibes on the record – and titles include "For All We Know", "Embers", "Tippin", and "Cherokee/The Theme". CD

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Karl Henrik OusbackSomewhere & Somewhen ... CD
Nightingale (Sweden), 2018. New Copy ... $13.99
This might be the first we've heard as a leader from drummer Karl Henrik Ousback – but he's already won us over strongly with his crackling sense of energy on the set! In some way, Ousback's almost working in a Jazz Messengers mode of the modern Swedish scene – as his group features heavyweights like Jonas Kullhammar on tenor, Hakan Brostrom on alto, and Ludvib Berghe on piano – all guided by Ousback's direction on the kit, in a set of tracks that often swing with a straight-ahead hardbop mode! Karl Henrik wrote all the tunes, and they're some mighty fresh numbers – and it's especially great to hear Kullhammar's tenor in this setting – even though he and Brostrom each play on three different pieces each, and never at the same time. Titles include "Restaurang Wollmar", "Blues For Ludi", "Bem Te Vi", "Barnkalas", "Chaconne", and "Inclinations". CD
Also available Somewhere & Somewhen ... LP 22.99

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VariousDie Deutschen Allstars ... CD
Be! (Germany), 1963. New Copy ... $9.99
The German jazz scene in 1963 – a year when the nation's musicians were really finding their own sorts of sounds – and breaking free from just American-inspired modes! The set brings together all the best players from that year – and begins with an all-star jam at the start, then moves into smaller group readings that are even more compelling – as they allow for the individual voices and styles of the players to really come to the forefront! The recording quality is great – this must have been a radio project, or conceived as a full album back in the day – and we'd rank the music here right up there with the most exciting sounds from the earliest years of the Saba/MPS label. Titles include the leadoff number "Madame B" – arranged and composed by saxophonist Joki Freund, who plays in the Deutschen All Stars group with Albert Mangelsdorff on trombone, Rolf Kuhn on clarinet, Gerry Weinkopf on flute, Helmut Brandt on baritone, Ingfried Hoffmann on organ, Peter Trunk on bass, Joe Nay on drums, Emil Mangelsdorff on alto, Hans Koller on tenor, and Conny Jackel on trumpet. Other titles include "Ruth" by the Albert Mangelsdorff/Hans Koller Septet with Wolfgang Schlitter on vibes and Michael Naura on piano; "Meeting At The Barberina" by the Horst Jankowski/Rolf Kuhn quintet; "Andreas" by the Helmut Brandt Sextet with Schluter's vibes; "Anything Else" by the Joki Freund Quintet, "When You're Young" by The Feetwarmers; "Joes Blues" by the Klaus Doldinger Quartet with Ingfried Hoffmann on Hammond; "Rainy Clouds" by the Michael Naura Quintet with Schluter on vibes; and "Gerti" by the All Star Sax Group, with Koller, Mangelsdorff, Freund, Doldinger, and Brandt. CD

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✨✧ George BraithMusart ... CD
Prestige/Dusty Groove, 1967. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of our favorite-ever albums on Prestige Records from the 60s – and a set that's a fair bit different than most of the other work on the label! The set's an unusual outing for saxophonist George Braith – cut after his famous albums for Blue Note, and in a mode that's quite different – very far-reaching, and almost spiritual at points – with the blend of jazz and other modes that you might find on the Cadet/Concept sessions in late 60s Chicago! Braith plays a wide assortment of saxes – c-melody, alto and soprano – but his playing here is a bit different than the Roland Kirk-like vibe of before – sometimes more stretched-out and exploratory, in a Nathan Davis sort of vibe – sometimes wrapped up in some larger explorations from the whole group. There's moments of raw percussion with echoey production, others with wordless vocals floating alongside the lead soloist, and still others that have that catchy blend of soul jazz and exoticism you'd find in the music of Eddie Harris or Yusef Lateef – even though Braith here is completely his own artist too! The set features Jane Getz on piano, Jay Carter and Eddie Diehl on guitar, and Ben Dixon on drums – but there's also a lot of percussion, both Latin and otherwise, from a shifting lineup of players. The whole thing's wonderful – and titles include "Del's Theme", "Musart", "Evelyn Anita", "Our Blessing", "Laura", and "Splashes Of Love". CD
(On the Dusty Groove label.)

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✨✧ Bernt RosengrenBernt Rosengren Tentet Live – Featuring Doug Raney ... CD
Dragon (Sweden), 1984. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Large group magic from Swedish saxophonist Bernt Rosengren – a player who's given us excellent work from the 50s onward, and who continued to create with a new sort of freshness for many years! This set's an overlooked gem from the early 80s – and one that shows Bernt's skill with a larger group – able to swing things tightly, while still allowing plenty of space for the solo voice that makes his smaller combo work so great! Rosengren is also very collaborative here – and he never dominates the solo space, but instead gives ample room to musicians who include Krister Andersson on tenor, Gunnar Bergsten on baritone, Tommy Koverhult on soprano sax, Maffy Falay on trumpet, and Goran Lindberg on piano. As the title implies, guitarist Doug Raney is with the group – and also gets a lot of solo space too – on tunes that have a nicely warm vibe, but still come across with a great sorts of crackle too! Titles include "Darn That Dream", "Get Out Of Town", "Blue In Green", "Laura", "They Say That Falling In Love Is Wonderful", and "Nobody Else But Me". CD

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✨✧ VariousFrom The German Jazz Festival 1964 ... CD
Be! (Germany), 1964. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Incredible sounds from the German Jazz Festival of 1964 – a wonderful meeting of modern talents from all over the European continent at the time – including some great work from behind the Iron Curtain too! The album features a few tracks each by a number of different groups – all of them excellent, and the sorts of players who are really under-represented in terms of available recordings – which makes this selection of tracks completely essential! The set begins with "Sopranitis" and "Birmingham Post" – played by a very cool combo with Heinz Sauer on tenor and soprano sax, Joki Freund on the same two instruments, Emil Mangelsdorff on alto, and Gunther Kornberg on alto and baritone – a four-sax group that works with just bass and drums to give them a groove, with strong solos from all players. Next up is the fantastic Zagreb Jazz Quartet – with Bosko Petrovic on vibes – playing "In Walked Bud" and "Degressia" – plus a version of "Bluesette" with a guest appearance by Sven Asmussen. Tenor player Karl Drevo (Drewo) leads a quintet with trumpeter Maffy Falay and pianist Bora Rokovic – on a long reading of "Save Your Love For Me". The legendary quartet of saxophonist Klaus Doldinger is next – his great group with Ingfried Hoffmann on Hammond, Peter Trunk on bass, and Klaus Weiss on drums – with guest work by Rolf Kuhn on tenor and Inge Brandenberg on vocals – on the titles "Waltz Of The Jive Cats", "What's The Matter Daddy", and "Groovin In Berlin". Last up is one of our favorite groups of the time – the quintet of pianist Michael Naura, which also features Wolfgang Schluter on vibes and Peter Reinke on alto – on "Rainy Clouds" and "Rhythm A Ning". CD

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✨✧ Elvin JonesLive At The Village Vanguard ... CD
Enja (Germany), 1968. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Prime post-Coltrane material from Elvin Jones – featuring his "power trio" style of operation, with one great sax player out front, and Jones kicking it in the back with the bass player! In this case, the sax player is George Coleman – who's really finding a voice of his own in these late 60s years, and really makes the most of the extended space of the album to stretch out, soar, and show off his ever-growing talent for a powerful solo! Wilbur Little is on bass, playing nice round warm notes to offset Jones' edgey playing – and the group's joined by trumpeter Hannibal Marvin Peterson on one track – who brings in a soulful edge that's mighty nice. All tracks are nice and long – and titles include "Laura", "Mister Jones", and "By George". CD

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✨✧ Alan Skidmore/Leszek ZadloEgo Recordings Vol 2 (Thoughts/Morning Rise/SOH/European Jazz Quintet) (4CD set) ... CD
Ego/Organic (Germany), Late 70s. New Copy 4 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A treasure trove of rare work from the obscure German Ego label – four different albums, all of them great – packaged here in tiny LP-styled covers too! The set's especially noteworthy for the work of British saxophonist Alan Skidmore – working here on some of his best material of the late 70s – records that easily rival the best sides cut back home in the UK, but which also have a very different feel and flavor! On Morning Rise, Skidmore plays tenor and soprano sax, alongside Gerd Dudek, who also plays both horns too – in these long, textural lines that merge and diverge nicely with Skidmore's – creating these majestic shapes in sound, before then taking off towards much more powerful solos. Rhythm is from Adelhard Rodiginger on bass and Lala Kovacev on drums – and titles include "Morning Rise", "Macedonian Market", "Dr Les Mosses", and "Nakemiin". SOH is a trio outing from Alan Skidmore, drummer Tony Oxley, and bassist Ali Haurand – hence the title – and the set really allows Skidmore to expand on some of his most open, expressive lines on tenor and soprano sax! Tracks are quite long, and build with this almost late-Coltrane sort of energy – almost glowing with a sense of spirituality that's pushed along strongly by the reed lines. Titles include "One Two Free", "Das Ist Alice", "Lost In WG", and "Trio Nr 10". European Jazz Quintet features tremendous reeds from the trio of Alan Skidmore, Gerd Dudek, and Leszek Zadlo – all of whom play both tenor and soprano sax – and work alongside the bass of Ali Haurand and drums of Pierr Courbois! The set features two long tracks – "Das Ist Alice" and "Miss B" – both of them balanced nicely on the cusp between European free jazz and some stronger spiritual jazz structures, in a very nice way. Last up is Thoughts, from Leszek Zadlo – a record that has Zadlo on both flute and tenor, working with the excellent Ego Records rhythm trio of Joe Haider on piano, Isla Eckinger on bass, and Joe Nay on drums! The sound is quite different than other Ego sessions with the trio – as the tracks here build very slowly, often through the initial utterings of Zadlo on his reeds – kind of growing into a spiritually expressive style that gets increasingly focused as the set goes on – in ways that are a nice change from European free jazz. Titles include "Two Friends", "Some Body", "Struggle", and "Thoughts". CD

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