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The best of the contemporary soul underground -- Eric Roberson, Ed Motta, D'Angelo, Incognito, Jose James, Monday Michiru, and many more!


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Benny SingsStudio ... CD
Jakarta (Germany), 2015. New Copy ... $14.99 15.98
Maybe the best album so far from Benny Sings – a lean, clean effort that's got a sound that's even more compact than before – but which suits Benny's vocals wonderfully! There's maybe a bit more electricity on the record this time around – and the style's got touches of 80s electro soul, but mixed with a warmer vibe that comes across really well – a mode in which Benny's never trying to push himself too much, but comes across with a sense of soul that's really great – this easygoing vibe that has him sliding along nicely with the gentle beats and keyboards. Titles include "Straight Lines", "My Favourite Game", "The Beach House", "Black & Blue", "Don't Make Me Dance", and "Shoebox Money", which also features Mayer Hawthorne. CD
Also available Studio (with download) ... LP 9.99

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✨✧ Alice SmithFor Lovers, Dreamers & Me (BBE pressing) ... CD
BBE, 2006. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
An incredible, genre-defying debut by Alice Smith – an album that hooks you instantly with its rich, rolicking sound, dynamic singing and hugely catchy tunes – a big step for BBE Records and an artist we hope to have around for many years to come! For Lovers, Dreamers And Me sounds little like most of the neo soul efforts on the scene right now. Alice's vocals are big and soulful, with a deep range and huge depth of emotion, but the arrangements really push this record over – mixing funky soul with psychedelia-tinged, brightly grooving pop – with often pummeling drums, chugging guitars, soaring strings and keys that roll from light piano intros to funky Rhodes and Wurlitzer grooves. The songs are totally great and have the kinds of big hooky choruses you'll be humming and head-nodding to all day. A definite winner that will no doubt go on our shortlist of the year's best albums! Tracks include "Dream", "Woodstock", "Gary Song", "New Religion", "Do I", "Fake Is The New Real", "Desert Song", "Know That I", "Secrets" and "Love Endeavor". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Angie StoneArt Of Love & War ... CD
Stax, 2007. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Stax debut of Angie Stone – a new setting for the singer, and one that really helps her freshen up her groove! Although a contemporary soul diva, Angie's definitely in classic territory here – maybe not the space of Stax from the 60s and 70s, but a rock-solid sound overall, and more than enough to help us renew our faith in her work! The backings are simple, but never too commercial – tightly stepping beats on the bottom that bounce Angie up over the top, but never push her vocals too far. And as before, some of the best moments have an almost-spoken sort of quality – a way of unfolding out a tune that's very real and natural. Guests include Betty Wright and James Ingram, and titles include "Take Everything In", "Sometimes", "Make It Last", "Here We Go Again", "Baby", "My People", "Half A Chance", "Go Back To Your Life", "Wait For Me", "Pop Pop", and "Happy Being Me". CD
(Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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✨✧ OrgoneBeyond The Sun ... CD
Shanachie, 2015. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Man, Orgone sound deeper here than we ever remember before – working with an even more classic soul groove than on their debut recordings for Ubiquity – even though those were totally great too! Orgone emerge here as way more than just another combo from the funky underground – and have this classic quality that really draws heavily from the lead vocals of Adryon De Leon, a singer who hearkens back to 70s funk divas like Maxayn or Betty Davis, but who can also lay into a mellower groove when she wants as well. The instrumentation follows suite, too – with a core focus on sharp guitars and keyboards, but sometimes expanded with a bit of horns that warm up perfectly in the production. These guys have found a surprisingly great home in the soulful style of the Shanachie label – and titles include "Don't Push Your Luck", "No Pain", "Picture On The Wall", "Meat Machine", "When Someone's Love Is Real", "Losin You", and "Down Down Down". (Deep Funk, Neo Soul) CD
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Dayme ArocenaNueva Era ... CD
Brownswood (UK), 2015. New Copy ... $10.99 11.98
A wonderful record from Dayme Arocena – a Cuban singer who first emerged as part of Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura project, although Gilles himself had been following her music since she was a child! This debut full length is wonderful – and really pushes past the initial modes of the larger project – with a sound that's both deep and rootsy, yet delivered with a lean, 21st Century soul approach too! Music is heavy on percussion – some of which is played by Dayme herself – and other instrumentation is often quite spare, with piano or organ lines providing the main melodic structure alongside the vocals. Titles include "Madres", "Drama, "Crystal", "Come To Me", "El Ruso", "Nino", "Nueva Era", and "Don't Unplug My Body". CD

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✨✧ Kylie AuldistFamily Tree ... CD
Freestyle (UK), 2016. New Copy ... $11.99
A sweet change in sound from Kylie Auldist – an artist we know mostly for deep funk work with The Bamboos on backup – but who steps out here in a style that's got much more of an 80s soul vibe overall! The arrangements are full, funky, and beautifully suited to Kylie's voice – pushing her even more out front than before, with this soaring sort of energy that reminds us a lot of the first few solo albums that Chaka Kahn cut with Arif Mardin – stepping out on her own away from Rufus! The vibe here with Auldist is similar – proud, positive, and very much her own woman – answering to no one as she blows us away even more than before. Titles include "Sensational", "Too Easy", "Saturday Night", "No Change", "Warming Up The Sun", "Look Away", "Rewards", and "Good Time Girl". (Deep Funk, Neo Soul) CD

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Shaun EscofferyIn The Red Room ... CD
Dome (UK), 2014. New Copy ... $9.99
We haven't heard from Shaun Escoffery in years – but damn, it's really been worth the wait! This album really knocks it out of the park from the very first note – and pushes Shaun way way farther than his previous work, which we really loved a lot – into some kind of sublime classic soul territory that may hopefully get him the international fame he deserves! Escoffery's got this great back to basics approach on the record – still schooled by his more cosmic years on the London scene, but also soaking up plenty of older, deeper soul elements too – yet fusing them in a way that's completely modern, completely fresh, and very individual. There's nothing retro soul about the record – despite some burning Hammond and guitar at points – and the whole thing was done in close collaboration with producer Gil Cang, who also played most of the instruments and helped on backing vocals too. Titles include "Nature's Call", "Perfect Love Affair", "People", "Do U Remember", "Crazy", "Nobody Knows", "By Your Side", "Get Over", and "Day After Day". CD

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Vivian GreenVivian ... CD
Columbia, 2005. Used ... $1.99
Given that it's been nearly 3 years since Vivian Green's last record, we were beginning to wonder if we'd ever hear from her again – but given the sound of this set, it's more than worth the wait! Vivian's vocals are deeper, stronger, and more heartfelt than before – almost in a way that pushes her a bit more closely towards the mainstream of R&B, yet which still retains that more personal, intimate approach that made her debut so great. All lyrics are originals by Vivian, and titles include "Mad", "Damn", "Selfish", "Under My Skin", "Gotta Go Gotta Leave", "Perfect Decision", "Sweet Thing", and "Wish We Could Go Back". CD
(CD case has a cutout hole.)

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