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Brand New HeaviesAll About The Funk ... CD
Shanachie, 2004. Used ... $8.99
The Brand New Heavies back on top in the early 00s – coming across with a batch of funky soul tracks that should cross over large! The sound here is much tighter and hook-heavy than on their recent Japanese release – more in the vein of the chart-crossing funk the group were cooking up at the end of their early 90s run – a blend of 70s soul influences, stripped-down production, and enough modern R&B twists to carry their work quite far from their London roots. There's a heck of a lot of guitar on the set – fuzzed-up but compressed nicely, underneath vocals from new singer Nicole Russo. Titles include "Boogie", "Waste My Time", "Need Some More", "Surrender", "How Do You Think", "How We Do This", and "I Feel Right". CD

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Maysa (Maysa Leak)Maysa ... CD
Blue Thumb, 1995. Used ... $2.99
The soulful vocalist of Incognito strikes out on her own – serving up an excellent debut LP! This one's got a bit more of a modern R&B approach than the jazzier work of Incognito – but still stays in the hip London soul mode, thanks to some great production work by Ray Hayden of Opaz! Maysa's voice is incredible – running up to the heavens, and dipping deep in that wonderful way she has, to make the songs bottom out with a heck of a lot of feeling. Titles include "Peace Of Mind", "Goodbye Manhattan", "JFS", "Let It Go", "Sexy", "Black Heaven", and "What About Our Love?". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ VariousSoul Of Smooth Jazz ... CD
Expansion (UK), Late 90s/Early 2000s. Used 2CD ... $11.99
There's a lot more soul than smooth jazz here, especially the sort you'd find on an American compilation of this nature – no surprise, given that the 2CD package is really just a great sampling of work on London's hip Expansion label! The collection's got a depth that goes way beyond any smooth jazz cliches you might know – and although the instrumentation's jazzy on most numbers, it's also often produced with a really classic sort of vibe – one that goes beyond clunky keyboards, stiff rhythms, and sanded-down sax parts you'd be likely to find on US commercial takes on smooth jazz. Titles include "El Bobo" by Noel Elmowy, "Love Chooses Lovers" by Jiva, "From Here On" by Diplomats Of Soul, "Shadows & The Light" by Maysa, "Tell Me If You Still Care" by Ian Martin, "Wild Is The Wind" by Nicolas Bearde, "Loose Cannon" by Inner Shade, "Satan's Jam" by Frank McComb, "Save The Stress For Last" by Preston Glass, "I Can't Help It" by Jabari Grover, "Let's Get Real" by Gwendolyn Joy, "Keep Me Coming Around" by Kloud 9, "Bluebird In Bahia" by Adriana Evans, "I Can" by Althea Rene, "Aqua De Beber" by Brigette, and "Chill Funk" by Michael Fair. CD

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✨✧ FloetryFloetic ... CD
Dreamworks, 2002. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The debut album from Floetry – a sweet batch of NuSoul tunes with a street harmony feel! The pair are London-bred, spent time in Atlanta's hotly bubbling scene, and are now part of the massive Philly underground that's been rocking the world over the past few years. This debut more than puts Floetry in the frontline of that scene, and is the kind of fresh new soul album you'll gladly place next to work by Jill Scott, N'Dambi, and other NuSoul divas. Titles include "Fun", "Floetic", "Big Ben", "Say Yes", "Hello", "If I Was A Bird", "Opera", "Mr Messed Up", and "Possibilities". CD
(Promo copy. Cover image differs slightly.)

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✨✧ Quintessence5AM ... CD
Jupiter (Finland), 2004. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The soulful second set from Quintessence – even better than their debut, and the kind of record that's sure to take the world by storm! The Finnish combo seem to have refined their sound even more – working in a cool, laidback groove that's got lots of sweet jazzy bits in the instrumentation – but which also comes across with an unabashedly strong crossover groove! Vocalist Emma Salokoski sounds especially lovely – singing in English with a really universal appeal – hardly what you'd expect from the icy north of Finland, and much more what we'd expect to hear from the London scene. Titles include "Delirious", "You Don't Care", "Burn On With A Bitter Flame", "Speciality", "Broken", "Dig Deeper", and "Friday". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Jazz SteppersNext Step ... CD
Passion (UK), 2000. Used ... Out Of Stock
One of our favorites – and an excellent second album by this smooth jazzy combo! The Jazz Steppers remind us of some of our favorite slick jazz funk from the 70s – like Bob James on Tappan Zee, or some of the sweeter sounds on the Kudu label – smooth on top, but filled with a good sense of rhythm and funky solos underneath. The group is the latest link in a strong tradition of modern jazz funk from London, built upon the tight keyboards of Pat Leacock – who plays some sublime Fender Rhodes on the set – with a groove that will leave you breathless, as the tracks are at once funky, smooth, and spacey! Titles include "Feeling U", "Octaves Apart", "Bella Lisa", "Reflections", "LA Drive", and "Full Circle". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Michael JohnsonVibrations ... CD
Ketch A Vibe, 2003. Used ... Out Of Stock
Laidback beats and spacey soul from Atlanta's Michael Johnson – working here in a mode that's quite different from the rest of the Nu Soul underground! Johnson plays a lot of keyboards on the set, clearly inspired by sounds from 70s space jazz – but also working in a mode that has some of the subtle cosmic undertones of the recent London scene. The real difference here is that tunes are all pretty mellow – beats, keys, and vocals drifting along with a warm and fluid sort of feel – extremely captivating, and even more so as the album unfolds! Titles include "Get Away", "Riding On A Cloud", "How Did It Come To This", "Betcha Didn't Even Know", 'Play The Game", "Be On", "Your Love", and "Medulla Oblungata Murani". CD
(Out of print.)

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