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AkinyeleVagina Diner ... CD
Interscope/Universal (Japan), 1993. New Copy ... $14.99
The debut of Akinyele – delivering a nice, raw, gritty record for major label Interscope circa the early 90s – a bit overlooked all these years later, but a damn solild record by distinctive emcee! He covers a wider range of topics, using his trademark up-and-down vocal style. Produced ... read more CD

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✨✧ Alchemist & Oh No (Gangrene)You Disgust Me ... CD
Decon, 2015. New Copy ... $11.99 12.98
A strong return to the infectious Gangrene duo project for Oh No and Alchemist! Exciting stuff from these two – beats that pair a somewhat ominous tone with heavy headnodding beats and busy rhymes . You Disgust Me arrived during a tireless period for Alchemist, who released a handful of ... read more CD
Also available You Disgust Me (with download and photo book) ... LP 26.99

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Apollo BrownGrandeur ... CD
Mello Music Group, 2015. New Copy ... $11.99
A winning effort from one of the finer post-Dilla Detriot hip hop producers – gritty and soulful on the beats, brightly accented and moody on the more atmospheric touches, diverse and underground star-studded on rhymes! Guests include Oddisee, Reks, Sean Price, MOP, Evidence, OC, Wordsworth, ... read more CD

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✨✧ ArtifactsBetween A Rock And A Hard Place ... CD
Big Beat/Atlantic, 1994. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Why these guys never got over bigger is beyond us! Between A Rock And A Hard Place is filled with dope rhymes, timeless beats, and a mellow, tuneful vibe that's as strong as just about anything we can think of from that fertile early-to-mid 80s scene. Titles include "Lower Da Boom", ... read more CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Audio TwoWhat More Can I Say? ... CD
First Priority/Atlantic (Japan), 1988. New Copy ... $14.99
Tightly thumping late 80s hip hop from Milk & Gizmo – a bit slept on even back in the day, but it holds up pretty damn well after all these years! Nothing too righteous on the rhyme side, nor as hardcore or profane as some the breakouts of the period, just straight ahead heavy beats and ... read more CD

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BG Knocc Out & DrestaReal Brothas ... CD
Outburst/Universal (Japan), 1995. New Copy ... $14.99
Strong stuff from BG Knocc Out & Dresta – Eazy E proteges from the early-to-mid 90s west coast gangsta rap boom! They don't reinvent the wheel on Real Brothas, but "real" it certainly is – and a solid, nowadays under-acknowledged standout from the era. The rhyme skills are ... read more CD

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Big LLifestylez Of Da Poor & Dangerous (20th anniversary edition – with hardcover book) ... CD
Columbia/Get On Down, 1995. New Copy ... $21.99 24.98
20th anniversary edition of the classic first solo album by Big L! It's got bedrock DITC production by Buckwild, Showbiz and Lord Finesse – perfectly framing the rhymes by Harlem's finest. Big L didn't leave a huge wealth of recordings before he was taking away from the world, but he ... read more CD

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✨✧ BlackalicousImani Vol 1 ... CD
OGM/Quannum, 2015. New Copy ... $13.99 14.98
Gift Of Gab and Chief Xcel's first new Blackalicous record in a decade – and to our ears, their finest since Blazing Arrow! For longtime fans, it's so gratifying to give a first listen and hear these guys still kicking it as fresh as ever. Gab's breathless fast raps and more measured soul ... read more CD

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Boogie MonstersRiders Of the Storm: The Underwater Album ... CD
EMI, 1994. Used ... $11.99
Nice and smooth, straight ahead mid-90's hip hop, maybe similar to the mellower side of the early Pharcyde. Includes their best track "Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress" that uses just a bit of looped noise under the otherwise smooth production to keep things moving. Also ... read more CD
(Out of print original CD pressing.)

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Compton's Most WantedIt's A Compton Thang ... CD
Orpheus/Universal (Japan), 1990. New Copy ... $14.99
Pivotal west coast rap from Compton's Most Wanted! NWA cast such a long shadow in the late 80s, especially in the nascent gangsta rap and G Funk scenes, it was tough for top shelf peers and followers to get their due, but CMW deliver the goods and this record stands the test of time! Production ... read more CD

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✨✧ CormegaLegal Hustle ... CD
Koch, 2004. Used ... $5.99
(Punch through barcode.)

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Cypress HillTill Death Do Us Part ... CD
Columbia, 2004. Used ... $2.99
(Small cutout hole through case.)

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DaHomeBodiesSilent Treatment ... CD
One Shot Inc, 2010. Used ... $3.99

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Danger DoomMouse And The Mask (10th anniversary edition) ... CD
Lex, 2005. New Copy (reissue)... $15.99 16.98
You guessed it. Danger Mouse and MF Doom together – and also a collaboration with the writers and voice talent of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block of programming circa the mid 00s! The dangerous duo make room for appearances by Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost, Brak, Zorak, Harvey ... read more CD

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DITC & OthersDITC Remix Project (deluxe edition) ... CD
Slice Of Spice, 1990s/2000s/2010s. New Copy 2 CDs ... $13.99 14.98
Timeless hip hop from the legendary Diggin In The Crates crew – whose best cuts remain as fresh and urgent as ever – reworked with respect and honor by incredible roster of guest producers on this top shelf worthy remix project! DITC classics are given some love here by 9th Wonder, ... read more CD

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DJ Koco (aka Shimokita) & OthersHydra – Underground's Finest ... CD
Octave (Japan), Late 90s/Early 2000s. New Copy ... $9.99
A nice compilation of hard-hitting hip hop from the Queens-based Hydra Entertainment roster – with Mobb Deep, Screwball, DJ Fusion, Godfather Don, E-Boogie, Dennis Kellman, Big Meal, Ghetto Professionals, The Unsociables, Nick Wiz and more! It's a very strong selection of some greatest Hydra ... read more CD

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DJ Vadim & SenaGrow Slow ... CD
BBE (UK), 2015. New Copy ... $9.99 14.99
Ghana-born singer Sena joins the ever adventurous DJ Vadim on Grow Slow – who lays down eclectic backdrops of beats for Sena's righteously soulful, expressive voice! Production wise, it's a fairly crisp, thumping, timeless hip hop soul effort from Vadim – who recently to a left turn ... read more CD

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DJs Z-Trip & RadarLive At The Future Primitive Soundsession Volume Two ... CD
Future Primitive Sound, 1998. Used ... $6.99
The second volume of the Live At Future Primitive set. DJs Z-Trip and Radar play live, collaborating on 5 turntables in a mixed-up, scratched-up turntablist jam session! CD
(Out of print.)

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Dove ShackThis Is The Shack ... CD
Def Jam (Japan), 1995. New Copy ... $14.99
Textbook precise mid 90s G Funk from Long Beach group The Dove Shack – with their full length bow on Def Jam – following their showcase spot on Warren G's landmark Relegate...The G Funk Era the year before! Includes "Smoke Out", "This Is The Shack", the standout hit ... read more CD

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Dr DreCompton ... CD
Interscope/Aftermath, 2015. New Copy ... $9.99 15.98
Dr Dre's first proper album in 15+ years, and you just know he wouldn't even bother if didn't have something solid to put there, right? Sky high expectations aside, it's a damn strong effort. Dre is in ringmaster and super-producer mode here, bringing in a diverse roster of vocal players and doing ... read more CD

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