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✨✧ Sun Ra & OthersSpaceship Lullaby ... CD
Atavistic, Mid 50s-Early 60s. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
It's pretty easy to be skeptical about "recently unearthed" recordings in ANY medium, particularly jazz – but you can always count on the Unheard Music Series – especially when it comes to the vaults of the great Sun Ra! This mid-to-late 50s discovery Spaceship Lullaby features Ra working in a largely unknown guise – with several vocal ensembles from the period! The vocalists and backing musicians include the Nu Sounds, The Cosmic Rays and The Lintels. Similar recordings have previously materialized on extremely rare 7-inch singles, but this is the first full length CD of the material (that we've ever known of, anyway) – one that spans an innovative amalgam of dense, propulsive space jazz/soul backings (almost unbelievably forward-looking for the 50s, but what else would you expect from Ra) and awesomely layered vocals that run from scatting, spoken sci fi weirdness to romantic doo wop harmonies. Ra is on piano with the titanic drummer Robert Barry on the back end – and a period incarnation of the Arkestra even backs the Cosmic Rays on a couple of tracks. What can we say? This is one of the greatest Sun Ra discoveries to come into our perspective in years; jaw droppingly cool stuff from one of the most jaw droppingly cool musicians who ever lived on this planet or any of the others! Tracks are divided by the performing groups: The Nu Sounds cuts comprise the majority, and include "Stranger In Paradise", "Honey", "Black Sky & Blue Moon", "A Foggy Day", "A Perfect Counter", "Wordless Piece", "I Was Wrong", "Louise" and lots of others. There are five Lintels cuts, including "C'est Ci Bon", "Blue Moon", "Baby Please Be Mine". Cosmic Rays cuts include "Africa", "Somebody's In Love", "Bye Bye" and more. 37 tracks in all! (Jazz, Vocalists) CD
(Out of print.)
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June ChristySomething Cool (Mono & Stereo) ... CD
Capitol, 1953. Used ... $0.99
From its booze-soaked title cut, to its haunting selection of lonely ballads like "Midnight Sun" and "Stranger Called The Blues", this is one of the most fantastic vocal jazz albums of all time – and a record that we'd recommend instantly to anyone! June Christy has an incredibly icy tone on the record, filled with sorrow, regret, and loneliness – all of which are amplified even more deeply by Pete Rugolo's eerie, off-kilter arrangements. Titles include "Something Cool", "It Could Happen To You", "Lonely House", "I'm Thrilled", and "The Night We Called It A Day". Plus, this special CD reissue features the mono and stereo recordings of the album – completely different ones, as the album was originally recorded in mono in 1954, and completely re-recorded again with the same arrangements in 1960! CD

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Vikki CarrFirst Time Ever I Saw Your Face (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/Real Gone, 1972. Used ... $9.99
A big 70s album for Vikki Carr – and one that really shows a newer, sexier style for the singer! The backings are lush, but never sleepy – wrapped up with the kind of ornate sensuality of the cover image – which Vikki matches perfectly with notes that are well-formed, and understatedly mature – amidst a set of songs that really sum up the new "adult" modes of the time. Backings are mostly by All Capps – who's even more impressive here than usual – especially in his blend of acoustic and electric elements – and titles include "Without You", "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", "The Summer Knows", "Speak Softly Love", "Song Sung Blue", "Help Me Make It Through The Night", "Brian's Song", and "The Way Of Love". CD features 9 bonus tracks – including "I Don't Want A Sometimes Man", "Reflections", "Let The Band Play On", "The Big Hurt", and "Call My Heart Your Home". CD

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Eydie GormeDon't Go To Strangers/Softly As I Leave You ... CD
GL, 1966/1967. Used ... $9.99
A great double-header – especially since both albums are top-shelf! Don't Go To Strangers is a 60s classic from Eydie Gorme – and a set that showed the world that she had a lot more to offer than just some peppy duets with Steve Lawrence! Sure, Eydie had sung on her own before – and often did a pretty darn great job – but this album really takes off with a new sort of maturity – one that comes through in the title, and in Gorme's all-adult readings of the tunes – with a poise, care, and class that we're not sure we'd heard on records from her before. Don Costa handles the arrangements superbly – and titles include "What Did I Have That I Don't Have", "If He Walked Into My Life", "Don't Go To Strangers", "How Did He Look", "When He Leaves You", and "Tell Him I Said Hello". Softly As I Leave You is great second-period work from Eydie Gorme – one of the wonderfully mature 60s albums when she was really developing herself as a singer! The album's got a careful sort of poise – emotive, but never overdone – and arranged to perfection by Don Costa, in ways that are even more sensitive to Eydie's strengths than his previous work with the singer. Titles include "Every Time We Say Goodbye", "What's Good About Goodbye", "Guess I Should Have Loved Him More", "Softly As I Leave You", and "All Alone". CD

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Jeanne Lee & Ran BlakeNewest Sound Around ... CD
RCA (France), 1961. Used ... $22.99
An eerie album of modern jazz vocals – featuring the haunting voice of Jeanne Lee with the dark piano of Ran Blake. Most tracks feature only the two of them in duet – but a few feature Lee solo, and a few others have George Duvivier backing the pair up on bass. We like this stuff a lot better than much of Lee's later work – as it's still very much in a traditional jazz vocal realm, just pushed off-kilter a few notches or two, and painted with more abstract colors than usual. Lee's voice is nicely restrained, and has a dark Abbey Lincoln quality to it at the best moments. Titles include "Church On Russel Street", "Laura", "Love Isn't Everything", "Lover Man", "Season In The Sun", and "When Sunny Gets Blue". Plus, this CD reissue features 4 bonus cuts – including "Straight Ahead", "Vanguard", and "Left Alone". CD
(Out of print. Digipack has some wear.)

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Abbey LincolnTalking To The Sun ... CD
Enja/Rhino, 1983. Used ... $6.99
Something of a comeback set for Abbey Lincoln – an extremely powerful set from the early 80s, and one that helped set the tone for some great albums to come! Abbey's working here in a bold style that includes a fair bit of original material – done in collaboration with alto saxophonist Steve Coleman, whose edgey tone really adds a lot to the record! There's a sense of voice here that takes us back to Abbey's bold experiments with Max Roach in the early 60s – a righteous tone that effortlessly mixes politics and art, yet which never forgets its key mission of music. The set includes original compositions "The River", "Talking To The Sun", "People On The Street", and "Prelude/A Wedding Song" – plus a nice take on the Mercer/Mancini number "Whistling Away The Dark". CD

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Dizzy Gillespie & The Double Six Of ParisDizzy Gillespie & The Double Six Of Paris ... CD
Philips, 1963. Used ... $5.99
A rare 60s meeting of groovy talents from both sides of the Atlantic – and a record that matches the trumpet of Dizzy Gillespie with the hiply swinging vocals of The Double Six Of Paris! The group were a wonderfully groovy precursor to the Swingle Singers – and sung in a scatting approach to jazz vocals that was very much in the tradition of Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross – but also drew inspiration from the earlier work of Eddie Jefferson, King Pleasure, and others. Their sound is great – much more 60s groovy than some other vocal groups – and pairing them with Dizzy gives this record an added punch that some of their other sessions are missing! Backing is small combo throughout – with either Bud Powell or Kenny Barron on piano, Kenny Clarke on drums, and James Moody on tenor – and with the presence of Diz, most of the material here is of bop orientation – taken at a fast and lively clip! Lalo Schifrin arranged the whole session too – and titles include "One Bass Hit", "Blue N Boogie", "Emanon", "Groovin High", "Ow", "The Champ", "Tin Tin Deo", "Hot House", and "Con Alma". (Jazz, Vocalists) CD
(Out of print pressing.)

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✨✧ Shirley HornLight Out Of Darkness – A Tribute To Ray Charles ... CD
Verve, 1993. Used ... $2.99
With guest work by Gary Bartz on alto sax! Titles include "Just A Little Lovin", "Drown In My Own Tears", "The Sun Died", "Bye Bye Love", "Green", "I Got A Man", and "Light Out Of Darkness". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Norah JonesFeels Like Home ... CD
Blue Note, 2004. Used ... $0.99
Titles include "Sunrise", "Creepin In", "Carnival Town", "In The Morning", "Be Here To Love Me", and "The Long Way Home". (Rock, Vocalists) CD

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Paul AnkaRock Swings ... CD
Verve, 2005. Used ... $3.99
Call us crazy, but this is one of our favorite albums in years! We'll be honest, and say that we've never been big fans of Paul Anka – but take it from us, the Anka on this album's a lot different than the one you may know from the past! Anka's completely reinventing himself here – working in a jazz-based mode with larger arrangements, and serving up a batch of tunes that must be heard to be believed. The tracks are mostly all from 80s pop hits – the kinds of songs that got played to death on the radio 20 years go, so much so that you'd think you'd never want to hear them again. Yet for the record, Anka's completely recasting them in fresh new versions – taking tunes like "Jump", "Eye Of The Tiger", "True", and "It's My Life" – and doing them in jazzy, upbeat styles that completely transform not only the songs, but also Anka's entire career as well. And if you're worried about the album being a gimmick, don't – because there's no sense of irony here, no easy "joke" to the tracks – and instead an honest, personal approach to the lyrics – one that makes us realize new depth in these tunes, often far more than we'd ever have credited the originals. Take it from us, this is pure genius – a leap over all the Starbucks-driven jazz-revival singers who are crooning Dylan and Hendrix for the new generation – and a brilliant recasting of David Lee Roth, Bon Jovi, and Spandau Ballet for the 21st century. The territory's all Anka's own – and we'll be glad to bet we'll be hearing a lot more from him in years to come! Titles include "Hello", "Eyes Without A Face", "Lovecats", "It's A Sin", "Blackhole Sun", "Wonderwall", and even "Smells Like Teen Spirit". CD

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Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful World ... CD
Decca/MCA, 1968. Used ... $1.99
A surprising gem from Louis' later years – most famous for the title hit, but a great album all the way through! Louis is more of a singer than a musician on the set – and he's working with arrangements steeped in warmth and nostalgia – going for an instantly-ancient sound that brings out the best in Armstrong's sentimental tone. Next to the album's wonderful title track "What A Wonderful World", there's also lots of great obscure material – including "The Home Fire", "Hello Brother", "There Must Be A Way", "Fantastic That's You", and "The Sunshine Of Love". (Jazz, Vocalists) CD
(Out of print.)

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Dee Dee BridgewaterLive At Yoshi's ... CD
Verve/Jazz Heritage, 1998. Used ... $6.99
Warm, wonderful work from Dee Dee Bridgewater – a relatively straight jazz album, and a hell of a swinger, too! The set's a live date, and has a relaxed, easygoing quality we really love – that soulful, personal feel that Dee Dee picked up strongly in her later years – quite a change from the mode she used on her soul recordings of the 70s. There's definitely a nod here towards older modes of jazz singing too – given that Bridgewater scats a bit at points, almost Ella-esque – but even amidst some familiar tunes, there's a decidedly Dee Dee feel to the whole record, that distinct touch that always makes her records stand out. Instrumentation includes piano and organ from Thierry Eliez, bass from Thomas Bramerie, and drums from Ali Jackson – and titles include "Love For Sale", "Undecided", "Stairway To The Stars", "Sex Machine", "Midnight Sun", and "Cherokee". CD
(Booklet has a stamp.)

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Theo HillLive At Smalls ... CD
Smalls Live, 2014. Used ... $5.99
We're not sure we've ever heard other albums with pianist Theo Hill as a leader – but after this sweet little set, we'll definitely be on the lookout! Hill has a really great vision here – not just another live date for his piano and combo, but a wonderful showcase for his new ideas in music – which are deeply personal, and really have a way of transforming older material in the process, then really taking fire on his original songs! Hill lets things build slowly, almost with an organic sort of space flowing from his piano – as the talents of other group members flower strongly in the environment – including tenor from Dayna Stephens, alto from Myron Waldon, bass from Joe Sanders, and drums from Rodney Green – all great players already, but really sounding special here in Hill's company. Tracks are longish, but more constructed than some of the usual Smalls Live material – and titles include "Naima's Lullaby", "Teeth", "Ellipse", "Four By Five", "Mantra", and "Promise Of The Sun". (Jazz, Vocalists) CD

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Abbey LincolnAbbey Is Blue ... CD
Riverside/Concord, 1959. Used ... $4.99
Key early work by Abbey – no so much the "blue" album you'd guess from the title, but a session that's filled with the kind of anger and emotion that makes us love her so much when she's this good! The group here is very hip – an ensemble brought to the date by her then-partner Max Roach – with Max on drums, Tommy Turrentine on trumpet, Stanley Turrentine on tenor, and Julian Preister on trombone – all working with Abbey in a mode that's quite similar to her best appearances on Roach records from the same stretch! Titles include her amazing early version of "Afro Blue", plus "Lonely House", "Come Sunday", "Let Up", and a great version of Oscar Brown, Jr's "Brother Where Are You?" CD

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Abbey LincolnAbbey Is Blue (Jazz Heritage pressing) ... CD
Riverside/OJC, 1959. Used ... $4.99
Key early work by Abbey – no so much the "blue" album you'd guess from the title, but a session that's filled with the kind of anger and emotion that makes us love her so much when she's this good! The group here is very hip – an ensemble brought to the date by her then-partner Max Roach – with Max on drums, Tommy Turrentine on trumpet, Stanley Turrentine on tenor, and Julian Preister on trombone – all working with Abbey in a mode that's quite similar to her best appearances on Roach records from the same stretch! Titles include her amazing early version of "Afro Blue", plus "Lonely House", "Come Sunday", "Let Up", and a great version of Oscar Brown, Jr's "Brother Where Are You?" CD

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✨✧ Claudine LongetClaudine ... CD
A&M (Japan), Late 60s. Used ... $17.99
French pop meets LA production – and the result is some of the best work ever recorded by A&M Records – a gently groovy, slightly sexy sound that really helped define the label in its early years! Claudine Longet's got a gentle Parisian style of singing that's perfect, simply perfect, on this first LP – set to lightly groovy arrangements by the great Nick DeCaro, gliding through a host of tunes that encompasses some of the grooviest hits of the decade – from soundtrack numbers to bossa tunes to familiar numbers that sparkle anew with Claudine's brilliance! Titles include "A Man and A Woman", "Wanderlove", "Meditation", "My Guy", "Sunrise Sunset", "A Felicidade", and "Hello Hello". CD
(Out of print, includes obi.)

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