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XUnusual grooves from around the globe -- Afro Funk, Bollywood soundtracks, Turkish rock, gamelan, ethnographic/field recordings, sitar sounds, and more!



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Jon HassellDream Theory In Malaya – Fourth World Vol 2 (with bonus track) ... CD
EG/Glitterbeat (Germany), 1981. New Copy ... $15.99
One of the lasting moments of genius from trumpeter Jon Hassell – his second entry in Brian Eno's 4th World series, and a set that's even more mindblowing than the first! As with that one, the approach here mixes together electric and acoustic sounds, with an imagined landscape of possibilities – music that sometimes feels as if it's come from ethnographic sources, but other times feels as if it's floated down from the future! Hassell blows trumpet on all tracks, often with a fair bit of electronic processing – alongside lots of percussion from other players, all mixed up by Daniel Lanois in the studio. The sound is almost a more abstract extension of the mixture of jazz and global elements that Don Cherry first explored about a decade before – and titles include "These Times", "Gift Of Fire", "Chor Moire", "Courage", and "Dream Theory". Features the bonus track "Ordinary Mind". (Rock, Global Grooves) CD

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Kodjovi Kush & Afrospot All StarsLove In Africa ... CD
Chop Time (Netherlands), 2017. New Copy ... $15.99
A contemporary Afro Funk record, but one with a vibe that makes us feel like we've discovered some lost strand of sound from the 70s! The Afrospot All Stars are wonderfully jazzy – a group who swing their horns more than blast them at times, warmed up by some great Fender Rhodes and very deft basslines – which seems to inspire some jazzier inflection in the vocals of Kodjovi Kush – a singer with a righteous style that reaches across different musical cultures, and has a power that really grabs us right away. There's lots of varied sounds bubbling through the mix, but never in any kind of overdone mash-up mode – just echoes of highlife, and maybe some Caribbean currents along with the groove. Beautiful stuff – a great antidote to some of the stiffer Afro-styled acts out there – with tracks that include "Togolo", "Agbadjazz", "Mariatou", "Mawuto", "Nutifafa", "Vonvononon", and "Yiri Yiri Boum". CD
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✨✧ VariousEthiopiques Volume 12 – Kirba Affaa Xonso: Konso Music & Songs ... CD
Buda (France), 2001. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the rootsier CDs in the Ethiopiques series – a set of work from the Konso subculture, mostly spare numbers performed on the kihayta, a really haunting stringed instrument that's vaguely like the lyre. Most of the tracks feature the kihayta, along with vocal and percussive accompaniment – and little else – so that there's a quality to the work that's almost a delta blues equivalent of Ethiopian music. Very compelling work! CD

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✨✧ Tony AllenSource ... CD
Blue Note, 2017. New Copy ... $13.99 14.98
One of the coolest records in years from the legendary Tony Allen – and that's saying a lot, given that his legacy includes famous work as a drummer with Fela Kuti, and a much more recent run of very experimental recordings! This set has Tony soaring out on Blue Note – and working with more of the jazz currents you'd expect from the label – while still, in the Allen legacy, really going for something fresh and unique – as spontaneously creative as it is outright funky! There's definitely some Afro Funk rhythms on the album, but there's also a fuller brace of horns, dedicated to painting sound in rich colors and tones – alongside riffing guitar, organ and keyboard lines, and Tony's own mighty drums – which keep things moving in a straight ahead way, while also filling in the rhythms with wonderfully complicated bits too. The album's as rich and beautiful as you might hope – with titles that include "Cool Cats", "On Fire", "Wolf Eats Wolf", "Life Is Beautiful", "Ewajo", "Moody Boy", "Bad Roads", and "Woro Dance". CD
Also available Source ... LP 45.99

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Kalyanji AnandjiMuqaddar Ka Sikandar ... CD
Subah Zindagi (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $12.99
A great little Bollywood soundtrack by one of key composers of the genre – and one that's still got all the right sort of elements you might expect! There's some really great upbeat tracks – nice groovers that even get a bit funky at times – and which have a few cool instrumental flourishes that really make the album a gem! The best of these is probably the 7 minute "Pyar Zindagi Hai", which has great wah-wah guitar – and some vocals by Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle – but there's nice guitar at other moments too, and other tracks include "O Saathi Re", "Zindagi To Bewafa Hai", "Dil To Hai Dil", and "Rote Hue Aate Hain Sab". CD

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ApostlesApostles ... CD
PMG (Austria), 1976. New Copy ... $13.99
Fantastic funk from The Apostles – a group who were easily one of the most hard-hitting on the African scene of the 70s – and one who definitely absorbed key currents from a range of American artists – from James Brown through Booker T & The MGs! The groove here is totally great – and almost as appealing to standard funk fans as to listeners looking for more Afro-styled sounds – although a few numbers also move into slightly trippy Zamrock territory, which gives the album an even greater sense of depth! The basslines, drums, and guitars are totally great – and titles include "Highway To Success", "Never Too Late", "Play Girl", "Inflation", "Don't Worry", and "Guest Of HOnor". CD

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ApostlesBanko Woman ... CD
PMG (Austria), 1977. New Copy ... $15.99
The Apostles are nice and groovy here – working in this offbeat way that combines upbeat cuts with some unusual mellower numbers – but all at a level that really keeps things interesting throughout! These guys can clearly move with the groove and hit some sharp funky instrumentation at all the right moments – but they're also maybe more song-conscious than some of their contemporaries, which really comes through in the way they put together their lyrics! The vocals are in English throughout, but very oddly accented – not just because of the origin of the group, but also because of the way the lead singer has of clipping off some of his words and phrases – an odd style, but one that fits the moody modes of instrumentation. Titles include the sweet chromatic "Disciple Funk" – plus "Banko Woman", "Mr Too Know", "Yours Sincerely", and "Faith Luck Music". CD

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BablaBabla's Disco Sensation ... CD
Subah Zindagi (UK), Early 80s. New Copy ... $12.99
A definite disco sensation from Babla – a singer who refits older Indian film songs with new club grooves for the 80s – definitely very much in the mode that's promised by the title! The set features older songs by Shankhar Jakishan, Kalyanji Anadji, and Hemant Kumar – plus a few originals by Babla too – and the instrumentation also has a fair bit of keyboards in the mix, which creates this spacey disco vibe that's not unlike some of the more cosmic club tracks coming from the European scene at the start of the 80s! Rhythms are all upbeat, and the keyboards give the music a darker edge than you might expect – on titles that include "Aye mere Dil Kahin Aur Chal", "Intian Aartis", "Hamko Tumpe Pyar Aaya", "Kabhi Hota Nahin", and "Man Dole Mera Tan Dole". CD

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