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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Marty RobbinsRFD/My Kind Of Country ... CD
Columbia/Morello (UK), 1964/1967. New Copy ... $13.99
Two excellent albums from country music legend Marty Robbins – back to back on a single CD! RFD marks a real return to roots for Marty Robbins – a set that strips away some of the gunfighter gimmicks and other concepts of previous albums, and gets Marty back to doing what he does best – singing well-written songs with that amazing vocal approach of his! The tunes are a nice array of heartbreaking tracks and a few slightly more whimsical numbers – but none that are ever too pop or too goofy – and which are set to lean small group backings, with plenty of steel guitar, in a nice change from some of the larger crossover charts of the time. Titles include "Southern Dixie Flyer", "Change That Dial", "She Means Nothing To Me Now", "Everybody's Darlin Plus Mine", "Urgently Needed", and "You Won't Have Her Long". My Kind Of Country is the kind of work that continued to keep Marty Robbins strong for many years late into his career! At a time when so many country singers were either crossing over with pop modes, or maybe getting buried in larger arrangements, Marty steps out here with the kind of clear, simple approach that you'd find in the classic country material of the 50s – a small group in the background, with relatively uncluttered instrumentation, but just the right touches on steel guitar or fiddle – underscoring the effective inflections that always made the Robbins touch so fantastic on a tune. Titles include "Nine Tenths Of The Law", "Do Me A Favor", "Sixteen Weeks", "Seconds To Remember", "Another Lost Weekend", "One Window Four Walls", and "I'll Have To Make Some Changes". CD

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✨✧ Flying Burrito BrothersGilded Palace Of Sin (Japanese paper sleeve edition) ... CD
A&M/Universal (Japan), 1969. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
One of the best rock albums of the late 60s, and probably THE best record Gram Parsons ever played on. Parsons spearheaded the sound earlier with the International Submarine Band and the Byrds, but this first Burritos album is where the epiphanies are found. Traditionally structured weepers that bust all boundaries – electric and steel guitar, and wonderful harmonies that shoot straight for the stratosphere rather than dig their heels in rural cliches, and a soulful spirit that suggests the influence of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions almost as much as the Bakersfield boys. Unprecedented, amazing, beautiful country-rock – two words that worked great together before the Eagles showed up. Tracks include "Christine's Tune", "Sin City", "Do Right Woman", "Dark End Of The Street", "My Uncle", "Wheels", "Juanita", "Hot Burrito No. 1", "Hot Burrito No. 2", "Do You Know How It Feels", and "Hippy Boy". (Rock, Folk/Country) CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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✨✧ Jackson C FrankJackson C Frank ... CD
Columbia/Castle (UK), 1965. Used (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The only album ever recorded by troubled folk singer Jackson C Frank – but more than enough to have built up a huge legend around his music over the years! The album's a gem right from the very first note – and has that incredibly personal, incredibly unique feel you get in a rare few records like this – maybe Nick Drake (who claimed Frank as an influence) or Fred Neil – yet like both of them, a completely individual set that will leave you breathless at the end, and frustrated that you've got nothing else to follow it with! The record was produced by a young Paul Simon – who was working in British clubs during the same stretch that Frank was in London – and a young Al Stewart also plays just a bit on the record – another key supporter of Jackson's early music, as was Bert Jansch. Yet even without those famous friends, the record would be more than enough on its own – so years ahead of its time, the record companies never knew what to do with it – which has kept it very fresh over the years – the kind of set that's waiting to be discovered by an elite few. Titles include "Milk & Honey", "Yellow Walls", "Kimbie", "Blues Run The Game", "Don't Look Back", "Here Come The Blues", and "Just Like Anything". (Rock, Folk/Country) CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Buck OwensSings Tommy Collins ... LP
Capitol, 1963. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Buck's tribute to the immortal Tommy Collins (the same man Merle Haggard sang of in his hit "Leonard"). Collins was a very endearing and influential songwriter who moved to Bakersfield in the late 50s and hired the young Buck as a guitarist on his early Capitol recordings. Includes many tracks that became standards for many C&W performers, such as the gorgeous "High On A Hilltop", "If You Ain't Lovin', You Ain't Livin'", "You Gotta Have A License", and "I Always Get A Souvenir". Buck's expressive singing and Don Rich's twangy chicken pickin' do Tommy right! LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has clear tape along the bottom seam.)
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Michael ChapmanWindow (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Harvest/Light In The Attic, 1970. New Copy ... $11.99 16.98
Maybe our favorite album ever from Michael Chapman – a bit more stripped-down and rootsy than his other Harvest Records classics, but in a really great way! There's a fluid spirit to the music right from the start – a great focus on Michael's vocals and guitar, but support from wonderful bass and drums too – which almost creates a folk funk vibe on some of the album's best tracks – this undercurrent of a gentle groove underneath the acoustic elements, unaugmented by any other orchestrations or strings – with really wonderful vocals from Chapman that rival if not beat most of the US singer-songwriters of the time. There's some nice jazzy elements in his guitar chord changes – almost Nick Drake at points, but rougher – and the whole thing's got a subtle sophistication without ever overstating itself. Titles include "Last Lady Song", "First Lady Song", "Among The Trees", "She Came In Like The 6:15 & Made A Hole In The Wall", and "Landships". CD features two bonus tracks – "The Hobo's Lamentation" and "Never In My Life". (Rock, Folk/Country) CD

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John FaheyVoice Of The Turtle ... CD
Takoma, 1968. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
A tremendous early statement from the great guitarist John Fahey – and a record that has all his best ideas coming into really sharp focus! Fahey was a very collaborative person right from the start – even as a record collector, before his own recordings – and that spirit is felt here on some of the duet tracks, in which John and associates perform these acoustic instrumental tunes that plumb the past of underground America, but turn it out again into something completely new and fresh – not folk revial, but more a reworked fantasy of the nation, almost as a refuge for the changes of the late 60s. The sound is beautiful – with a flute accompaniment here, a bit of fiddle there, and even Fahey duetting with himself on guitar – thanks to the magic of overdub. As usual with these early Takoma records, the style is very fluid – sometimes very tied to the 78rpm generation, but other points much more towards the freewheeling guitar introspection of some of Fahey's underground contemporaries. The overall sound is amazing, too – as Fahey almost uses the studio as an additional instrument, but in very subtle ways. Titles include "Bottleneck Blues", "Bill Cheatum", "Lewisdale Blues", "Bean Vine Blues", "A Raga Called Pat (part 3)", "A Raga Called Pat Part IV", "Train", "Je Ne Me Suis Reveillais Matin Pas En May", "The Story Of Dorothy Gooch (part 1)", "Nine Pound Hammer", and "Lonesome Valley". CD

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Sandy BullFantasias For Guitar & Banjo ... CD
Vanguard/Real Gone, 1963. New Copy ... $12.99 13.98
Mindblowing minimalism from the legendary Sandy Bull – an artist who might have had acoustic roots in folk music, but who was instantly turning his music into something else – drawing on modal styles of Eastern music, European generations of expression on guitar, jazz-based improvisation – and maybe even prefiguring work to come from composers like Terry Riley and La Monte Young! This album's one of Bull's first, and it's pure genius right from the start – with a side-long performance on the incredible "Blend", which features slight drums from jazz musician Billy Higgins – which Sandy extrapolates these long passages on acoustic guitar. Side two features the fantastic "Carmina Burana Fantay" on banjo – a kind of trans-historical performance that's right up there with John Fahey's best of the decade – alongside equally mindblowing "Non Nobis Domine" and "Little Maggie" – and the closing electric guitar genius of "Gospel Tune". CD

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John FaheyOf Rivers & Religion/After The Ball ... CD
Reprise/BGO (UK), 1972/1973. New Copy ... $15.99
A pair of wonderful albums from the great John Fahey – back to back on a single CD! First up is Rivers & Religion – a really unique album by John Fahey – issued during a short stretch of initial mainstream approval, and a brief time of recording for Warner Brothers! Some of the album's quite different than the spare, solo Fahey you might know – and mixes his legendary guitar work with more elaborate elements than usual – additional instrumentation that includes bass, banjo, clarinet, piano, trombone, and fiddle – but all used at a level that really supports John's presence, not occludes it. Other tracks return to spare acoustic steel string guitar – creating an evocative balance that's mighty nice. Titles include "Funeral Song For Mississippi John Hurt", "Texas & Pacific Blues", "Dixie Pig Bar B Q Blues", "Lord Have Mercy Song", and "Deep River". After The Ball is a set with a disco ball on the cover, but a record that fits right in with the best early 20th century aesthetic in the work of John Fahey – particularly his way of reiimagining older musical traditions! There's a bit of added instrumentation on the record – two tracks that have some slight trad jazz flourishes – but overall, the album's mostly a solo effort with loads of wonderful guitar work from John – still as creative and as complicated as in his best recordings for Takoma! Other added instrumentation sometimes expands the sound with mandolin or banjo, but again in very sensitive ways – and titles include "Bucktown Stomp", "Om Shanthi Norris", "Beverly", and "Horses". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Lefty FrizzellTime Out For The Blues ... CD
Southern Routes, 1950s. New Copy ... $8.99 13.99
A superb collection of early Columbia Records material from Lefty Frizzell – all pulled from that time when Lefty was helping revolutionize country music with his unique vocal approach! Frizzell was one of the first to really bend and inflect his vocals – in the way that so many other country singers of the 60s and 70s would later borrow from his influence, but never handle with the kind of clarity of vision you can find in these recordings. While later artists might get lost in their twists and turns, Frizzell was always a visionary singer – and able to put just the right sort of bend to a tune to underscore the subtle, but powerful emotion in the lyrics – a quality that comes through very well on this classic collection of singles and lesser-known gems. Titles include "Don't Let Her See Me Cry", "Time Out For The Blues", "A Few Steps Away", "Looking For You", "Silence", "The Darkest Moment", "Forbidden Lovers", "Cigarette & Coffee Blues", "I Feel Sorry For Me", "So What Let It Rain", and "No One To Talk To But The Blues". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Davy Graham & HollyGodington Boundry ... LP
President/Acme (UK), 1970. New Copy (reissue)... $18.99
One of the holy grails of British folk at the end of the 60s – and one of those records that really shows why the UK scene was so different than the US at the time! Davy Graham belongs right up there with John Renbourn or Bert Jansch for his skills on the guitar – maybe jazzier than either at some points, but also able to open up in ways that are both ancient and modern at the same time – maybe especially freewheeling here, in the setting of a smaller indie label like President Records, than he might have been if a bigger label was pushing its agenda. Graham sings a bit – and so does the enigmatic Holly – but the real star is his guitar, both acoustic and electric – as it moves through blues, ragas, jazz, folk, and more – in a set that includes "Nadu Silma", "Forty Ton Parachute", "Dallas Rag", "On Green Dolphin Street", "Afta", "The Preacher", "I'm A Freeborn Man", and "Joe Joe The Cannibal Kid". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 500 copies.)

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