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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alessandro AlessandroniFischio Amore Mio (colored vinyl) ... LP
Flipper/Dagored (Italy), 1976. New Copy (reissue)... $28.99
A beautiful 70s sound library album – and one that focuses strongly on the whistling talents of Alessandro Alessandroni! Make no mistake, this isn't the kind of cheesy whistling that you'd hear on midcentury pop singles – as Alessandroni first honed his craft on Italian western scores of the 60s, then went on to make great music of his own in a number of styles – all of which seem to come into play here, in a melange of mid 70s tracks that evoke spaghetti soundtracks, bossa elements, and even bits of jazz and funk – on a set of 15 short themes that really sound great together! Some titles have acoustic guitar in the mix, others have more electric instrumentation – and titles include "Tea Room", "Harlem Swing", "Marea", "Costa Azzurra", "Amore Mio", "Night Swing", "Ritratto", "Boy Scout", "Gianicolo", and "Aria Di Quartiere". LP, Vinyl record album
(Limited edition of 300 – on white vinyl!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Alessandro Alessandroni, Marco Di Marco, Franco TaLa Natura E L'Uomo ... LP
Nereide/Intervallo (Italy), Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)... $26.99
A beautiful little record, and one that's got way more heart and soul to offer than you might expect from the rather understated packaging – which hides an album that's full of sparkling 70s keyboard magic! The music here is by a mix of Italian soundtrack and jazz talents – the latter of whom bring some sounds that are especially groovy, served up on both acoustic piano and lots of sweet electric keyboards! The great Marco Di Marco contributes four numbers – including two takes on "Long Drink", "Prima Giochi", and the tune "Ivana" – a nice bossa nova track. Other titles include "Aria Aperta" by Franco Tonani, "Venus" and "Bassa Marea" by Alessandro Alessancroni, "Pescatori" by Kema, and "Protozoi" by Amedeo Tommasi. LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Emilio Aparicio MoogExpansion Galactica ... LP
Mental Experience (Spain), Early 70s. New Copy ... $25.99
Really great sounds from an artist with "moog" in his name – and a fair bit in his music as well! Emilio Aparicio Moog recorded these tracks on the Guatemala scene in the 70s – and the titles were mostly issued as ultra-rare 45s, but are brought together here in one heck of a great album of moogy madness – a set that rivals all the late 60s brilliance of better-known artists like Mort Garson or Jean Jacques Perry – with equally groovy results! Like the best of the moog purveyors of his time, Emilio Aparicio works at a level that's very unique – not just moogy covers of familiar pop hits, but new tunes that really make the most of the space age instrument – at a level that's filled with upbeat, very rhythmic tunes that have the keyboard exploding with analogue charms at every twist and turn. Titles include "La Ceremonia", "Expansion Galactica", "Brujeira", "Bo Bo Bo Beau", "Transfiguracion Del Iniciado", "Paren La Contaminacion Del Aire", "El Misterio De Tiahuanaco", and "Los Visitantes De Sirio". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Expansion Galactica ... CD 16.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Angelo Baroncini/Bruno Battisti D'AmarioMusic For Movement (180 gram pressing) ... LP
RRC/Sonor (Italy), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... $29.99
Music for movement, but of so many different kinds – movements that are funky and groovy, but also some that are a bit more laidback as well – all captured nicely in this rare Italian sound library set from the end of the 60s! A fair bit of the tunes fall into the kind of upbeat, groovy style that we love in Italian film work of the period – but there's also some more experimental numbers that, while not totally experimental, definitely seem to lay back a bit more and let the instrumentation trip out in casual ways. The record does a great job of balancing funky numbers with mellower ones – and titles include "Soul's Fire", "Relax In My Hole", "Stressing Heart", "Steel Lung", "Moon Ice", "Black Feeling", and "Eco's Drops". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Birds & BrassSoundsational Birds & Brass ... LP
Rediffusion (UK), Early 70s. Very Good ... $24.99
Birds, brass, and plenty of grooves! "Birds" here is used in the UK slang for women – and the combo sports wordless female vocals sliding along with the grooves – sneaking in and out of the brassier bits on the top with a "yeh yeh" sort of chorus approach, but one that's pretty musical overall! The best part of the music, though, is below the birds and the brass – the bottom, which is often quite funky, and has a soundtrack-styled sort of groove – rolling bass, snapping drums, bits of keyboards – all used in the best gently funky ways of the glory days of the Brit Easy scene. Most of the work here is the brainchild of arranger Keith Roberts – a lesser-known UK sound library figure, one who did a bit of work on Scott Walker's fourth album, but who really shines brightly here on his own! LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Sandro Brugnolini/Stefano TorossiMusica Per Commenti Sonori (with bonus CD) ... LP
Carosello/Schema (Italy), 1969. New Copy (reissue)... Just Sold Out!
An Italian funk double-header – a sweet little set from the end of the 60s, and one that features killer cuts from both Sandro Brugnolini and Stefano Torossi! We love either artist on their other own records, but there also seems to be something about putting them together here that makes them even better than before – certainly funkier, as the album's full of the kind of sharp, hard-grooving titles that first made us fall in love with sound library records in the first place! The date of the album's 1969, and both musicians make nice use of psych elements in their instrumentation – adding a bit of fuzz, wah-wah, or trippy guitar in just the right spaces – never going over the top, or getting too indulgent – but just moving in a groove that's tightly jazz funky at the bottom, and maybe a bit freaky at the top. Wonderful work throughout – and titles include "Sweet Beat", "Repetition", "Starter", and "Makkaresh" by Stefano Torossi – and "Wawa", "Motuproprio", "Polyphony", and "Flyer" by Sandro Brugnolini. LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes bonus CD with entire album!)
Also available Musica Per Commenti Sonori ... CD 19.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Daniela CasaArte Moderna ... LP
Flipper/Cacophonic (UK), 1972. New Copy ... $22.99
Modern art, but of the sonic variety – served up here by composer Daniela Casa on a rare sound library album, but with a free-thinking quality that rivals the best of the avant garde at the time! Unlike some more staid, academic record, there's no overarching concept here – no detailed notes that you need to read to "get" the music. Instead, Casa creates these short, dark little passages of sound – sometimes very abstract, occasionally tuneful – with elements that move between free jazz, atonal piano and woodwinds, offbeat strings, and even a bit of Fender Rhodes! The whole thing's a great reminder of just how much genius was bubbling up in Italy during the 70s – so much so that a record like this, which would have been worthy of release by Columbia or Deutsche Grammophon in bigger scenes, was only pressed up in small quantities by the Flipper music label. Titles include "Concetto Informale", "Dimensione Umana", "Prima Maniera", "Ricerca Della Materia", "Visione Surreale", and "Ricerca Cromatica". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Alessandro AlessandroniLost & Found – Unreleased Soundtracks & Library Treastures From An Italian Maestro 1972 to 1978 (180 gram pressing – with bonus CD) ... LP
Four Flies (Italy), Mid 70s. New Copy ... $34.99
A stunning lost chapter in the career of Alessandro Alessandroni – one of our favorite soundtrack artists of all time! Alessandroni wrote almost as much music for sound libraries as he did for films – and as with the tracks on the set, some of his best nuggets have been lost to the mainstream for decades – lurking in the vaults, and ready to spring forth and maybe even topple some of his better-known work! That's definitely the case with these cuts, which really shed light on a funky stretch of Alessandroni's career in the 70s – a moment when he was still working with all the warm bossa and jazz charms of his previous efforts, but also stepping out with these sharper, funkier styles too – sometimes even with a stronger vocal lead than normal. About a third of these tracks feature lyrics – sung by Lorena, Giullia De Mutiis, and by I Cantori Moderni – and although the tracks are from different sessions, they really work well together – thanks to the collection talents of the folks at Four Flies. Titles include "Underground Disco", "Sea Breeze", "Shot Undercover", "Flirt No 2", "Night Fly", "Soul Meeting", "After Crime", "Sweet Emotions", "Obstinate Pop", and "Synthetic Rendezvous". LP, Vinyl record album

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