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Kim FowleyLord Of Garbage (paperback) ... Book
Norton/Kicks, 2012. New Copy ... $12.99 13.95
Kim Fowley, an author? Stranger things have happened – and given Fowley's penchant for putting his finger in just about every pie that came within reach, the whole thing's no surprise at all! The book is a stunning account of Fowley's important years in the music business – working in the sometimes lowest reaches of the LA scene, yet sometimes hitting the highest heights too – all told in really interesting detail, with a pacing that's completely unique! At lots of points, it kind of feels like Kim's telling you the story of his life over a few dozen drinks at the bar – with all the tangents you might expect – but at other times, there's this lucidity that's right in line with the Fowley genius in the studio – that way of being and going crazy while still holding all your cool – summed up perfectly in these few lines near the end of the book: "Well this is my version of what happened to me. I don't know if it really happened or not, but I think it did. I'm holding back a lot of stuff because it's too overwhelming in its darkness and it would be a sad read." Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree Monthly #3 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2015. New Copy ... $2.99 3.99
The comic series that tells the tale of the early days of hip hop – but presents the story in the style of a Marvel Comics tabloid from the 70s! Ed Piskor's approach to the material is really unique – and he extrapolates historical details into an extended narrative of the scenes with colorful comic-style images. The monthly series anthologizes the stories in a way that's even truer to Piskor's comic book influences than the graphic novel collections. Amazing! Issue #3 has a funky fresh graffiti trivia question cover – where you can pick the mugshot you think created the first rap gold record. Slick Rick? Debbie Harry? Rammellzee? Tupac? Kurtis Blow? Inside are frames featuring Soul Train, Enjoy Records, Funky Four Plus One, the Sugar Hill scene and more. Book

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Horst SchergClassique – Cover Art For Classical Music (hardcover) ... Book
Gestalten Verlag (Germany), 2008. New Copy ... $11.99 60.00
Think that funk, rock, and soul are the only styles of music that get groovy record covers? Think again – as this book from Horst Scherg definitely sets the record straight – by culling forth a cornucopia of covers from the late 40s onwards, all filled with some really cool images! Some are arty, some are trippy, lots are painterly – and the range of covers is pretty impressive – laid out in different sections that trace both historical and stylistic developments, with important text on certain labels and their preference for covers. The book also features a totally great history of classical music labels – very helpful for the budding classical collector – and the 216 page, hardcover volume features full color images, with over 777 covers in all! Book

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Robert StoneSacred Steel – Inside The African American Steel Guitar Tradition ... Book
University Of Illinois, 2010. New Copy ... $8.99 25.00
Think the steel guitar is only an instrument used in country and Hawaiian music? Think again – as the steel guitar has assumed a large role in a sub-stream of gospel music – sounds created in both the House Of God and Church Of The Living God – where the instrument has been a key part of the service since the 1930s! The book traces the role of steel guitar in the African American churches over the course of four generations, and in a few hundred churches across the country – with a special focus on musicians who include Robert Randolph, Chuck Campbell, and Glenn Lee. Author Robert Stone really dives deep into the subject – and the book is richly researched, not just from an historical perspective, but from a cultural and musicological perspective as well. Book is 280 pages, very densely written, and features some black and white images. Book

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Tomi The Jazzy MonkJazz For Dancers ... Book
Hanmoto (Japan), 2008. New Copy ... $28.99
Don't think "jazz for dancers", and instead think "funky jazz" – because that's what this sweet little book is all about – upbeat jazz tracks from the bop years onwards – served up in styles that run the gamut from soul jazz to electric funk, fusion, bossa, modal, and beyond! The volume is a special Japanese-only book – one that focuses on the sorts of rare jazz records that Tokyo DJs have been digging for years – spinning out in clubs and getting great response, and really keeping the spirit of jazz as youthful as ever! The book features pages and pages of listings for rare records – with black and white images of the covers, plus artist, title, label, and date information in English – and some additional text in Japanese. Even if you can't read the Japanese text, the book's structure gives plenty of helpful direction – with chapters on deep jazz, new jazz, UK jazz, big band, Latin jazz, funky jazz, bop vocal, and other styles too. The book also has interviews, in Japanese, with Gilles Peterson, Sleep Walker, and Paul Murphy – which should give you an idea of its leanings. 193 pages, with hundreds of listings! Book

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✨✧ Kevin WhiteheadWhy Jazz – A Concise Guide (hardcover) ... Book
Oxford University Press, 2011. New Copy Book ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Not just the "why" of jazz, but the "who", "how", and "when" as well – all laid out in a really unique format by jazz critic Kevin Whitehead! The book is roughly chronological, based on the history of jazz – but the approach is quite unusual – a set of questions that stand as basic fence posts to an understanding of jazz – asked and then answered in detail by Whitehead, who has a surprisingly poetic approach to his information! Think of the book as kind of your big chance to spend time with an expert who will answer all your questions – not just basic ones – and never make you feel embarrassed about something you didn't know. 172 pages, hardcover. Book

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✨✧ Kingsley Abbott (editor)Little Symphonies – A Phil Spector Reader ... Book
Helter Skelter (UK), 2011. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
We can't think of a better title for a book about Phil Spector – given that the legendary producer gave us so many little symphonies on his records over the years! And the text inside follows suit – offering up a series of well-written pieces on Spector's music from a variety of writers – including Dave Marsh, Dee Dee Ramone, Mike Callahan, Nik Cohn, Rob Finnis, and even UK producer Tony Hatch! The subjects vary nicely – and include looks at Spector's studio musicians, his arrangements, his record labels, and specific groups he worked with – as well as sections of quotes on Spector by other musicians – and even a section on Phil Spector collectibles! 224 pages, softcover, with some black and white images. Book

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