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Jonathan BarliVIP – The Mad World Of Virgil Partch (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy ... $11.99 49.99
A fantastic book on the mad artwork of Virgil Partch – an overlooked mid-century illustrator, and one whose material had all the biting wit of Mad Magazine legends like Don Martin or Bill Elder! Partch sometimes worked for higher-class publications – and specialized in satiric cartoons that were as visually sharp as their commentary – but as the years expanded, Virgil worked on record covers, advertising, paperback covers, and other formats – including some great books of his own! All those formats and more are included here – in a book that's got a layout that really does justice to both the material, and the detailed biography of Partch by the author. There's also some passages at the end that include some of Virgil's satiric writings with his images – and the book is 208 pages, hardcover, with both color and black and white images. Book

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Warren BernardCartoons For Victory (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2015. New Copy ... $10.99 34.99
A fantastic collection of World War II-era comic material – including lots of rare work by some of the biggest comic names of the time! Comic art really came into its own as America was entering WWII – the newspaper medium had hit an all-time high, with some of the best art of the century – and the new comic book format was exploding, and would find a huge audience in GIs stationed overseas. Those intertwined fates made for some amazing moments on paper – as comics rallied the forces back home, through well-spirited stories, and characters designed to provide a strong example of America's full potential – a huge propaganda push that not only included obvious folks, like Superman and Captain America – but also Nancy, Little Orphan Annie, and Donald Duck – all of whom had something to say about the war. Yet this book doesn't just stop with comic stories – as it pulls together comic material from advertisements, posters, and other propaganda fronts – with rare work from folks like Milton Caniff, Will Esiner, Al Capp, and other key talents of the time. The book is beautiful – sometimes in two-tone color, sometimes full color – wonderfully laid out, and with lots of supporting text. The hardcover volume is nice and big – almost bigger than the usual art book – and is 254 pages. Book
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Jacques BoyreauSuperTrash – Hermaphro Chic, Movie Fetish, 21st Century Anxiety ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2014. New Copy ... $5.99 29.99
A book that's way more compelling than you'd guess from the title and the cover – especially if you love the lower-reaches of pop culture from the 70s! The book features an essay by the author, but is primarily a random combination of images from a huge host of lesser-known material from the late 60s through the early 80s – b-movie posters, comic book covers, weird advertisements, strange drawings, and more – all laid out with little in the way of explanation, at a page-by-page juxtaposition that makes the whole thing even more startling overall! There's so much unusual stuff here – Cliff Robertson movies we hardly remember at all, beautiful horror magazine covers, and lots more – plus some shots of this material laid out in a Super Trash gallery show. 222 pages, softcover, and full color. Book

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George Chieffet & Stephen DestefanoLucky In Love Book One – A Poor Man's History (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2010. New Copy ... $5.99 19.99
A contemporary book, but one that's got a wonderfully vintage feel – just the sort of right artwork to fit this coming-of-age story set in the New York of the 40s! George Chieffet provides the text, and Stephen DeStefano provides the wonderful illustrations – with penwork that takes us back to the sharp style of the best mid-century newspaper cartoonists – but presented with a modern sense of layout that makes the story even more exciting! The mix of modern and retro reminds us a bit of the work of Seth – although Chieffet's writing and tale are very different – and the whole thing's packaged together in a really beautiful way. Hardcover, and printed on beautiful aged-style pages! Book

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Les McCannInvitation To Openness – The Jazz & Soul Photography Of Les McCann 1960 to 1980 (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2015. New Copy ... $19.99 39.99
An incredible lost side of the many talents of the great Les McCann – the ultra-hip pianist, singer, and jazz composer who we've loved for years! This book showcases McCann's lesser-known skills as a photographer – a subtle shutterbug who would often take pictures in the same spaces he was performing – gaining backstage access to other musicians, and also shooting them in performance as well – all with a sensitivity that goes far beyond the usual music journalist photographs! The candid shots are especially wonderful – and capture various musical legends in ways we've never seen before – often a bit tuned-down, and much more down to earth than you might expect. The heavy book features a wealth of subjects – including Stevie Wonder, Sonny Rollins, Tina Turner, Ben Webster, Grover Washington Jr, Donald Byrd, Muhammad Ali, Average White Band, James Coburn, John Coltrane, Bill Cosby, Paul Desmond, Angie Dickenson, Eugene McDaniels, Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Smith, Pops Staples, Wilson Pickett, Lou Rawls, Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, Redd Foxx, Duke Ellington, Dexter Gordon, Dizzy Gillespie, and dozens more. 200 pages, hardcover, oversized, and filled with black and white images! Book

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Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree Book 4 – 1984-1985 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2016. New Copy ... $19.99 27.99
The incredible fourth book in the Hip Hop Family Tree series – artist Ed Piskor's madly brilliant, super fun take on hip hop history, in the style of classic comic books – and the wild styles and huge personalities of '84 & '85 provide the most fertile material of the series to date! It was a pretty amazing couple years in the rap history, storytelling idioms aside. Hip hop culture was busting out of the confines of the inner cities and making its way into the hearts and minds of kids in the country and cornfields of America – all over the world, actually – spreading like wildfire thanks to radio, TV and movies. Piskor's comic panel adventures of the real life characters behind it is wonderful, and a lot of fun – looking at the rise of Def Jam, Dr. Dre laying the pre-NWA foundation, the Hollywood rapsploitation flicks Breakin', Beat Street and Krush Groove, introductions to heroes and heroines Rakim, Salt-N-Pepa (the worthy cover faces), Biz Markie and so many more! It's all the fresher in the oversized format, too, with 112 pages in all. Book

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Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree Vols 3 & 4 (gift box with slipcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2016. New Copy ... $43.99 49.99
The fantastic third & fourth volumes of classic comics-enamored/classic rap-reared artist Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree series – which really gets better and better with each new book as it goes deeper into early hip hop history! Books 3 & 4 hone in on the years 1983-1985, a time when New York acts were breaking big nationally, local labels were shaking hands with majors, and hip hop itself suddenly reached far past the streets and clubs into the suburbs and subdivisions! Piskor's approach is great – comic-style in an oversized book that's like some old Marvel Giant-Size edition from the 70s – with newsprint pages in lurid color, telling the tale of Whodini, The Fat Boys, Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, Rick Rubin, LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys,the rise of Def Jam Records, Dr. Dre laying the pre-NWA foundation, the Hollywood rapsploitation flicks Breakin', Beat Street and Krush Groove, and more heroes & heroines like Rakim, Salt-N-Pepa , Biz Markie and so many more giants who emerged during these years – with a graphic sensibility that even blows away the previous volumes. The 2 volumes are 110 pages and 112 pages, full color, and all the fresher in the oversized format – even better the 2 volume box set, in a beautiful, sturdy slipcover with dozens more classic players illustrated in a giant line-up on both sides! Book

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Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree Monthly #11 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2016. New Copy ... $2.99 3.99
The history of hip hop – as anthologized in one of the coolest comic series of the new millennium! Hip Hop Family Tree #11's cover hero is a fuzzy young Rick Rubin – not the latter day music industry Zen Master Rick Rubin we know today, but the hungry, young Beastie Boys producer era – and it also chronicles some early adventures of Doug E Fresh & MC Ricky D, The Fat Boys, the Graffiti Rock show, Whodini, a Hip Hop Family Tree pin-up portrait of Ol' Dirty Bastard and much more! Book

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Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree Monthly #7 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2016. New Copy ... $2.99 3.99
The comic series that tells the tale of the early days of hip hop – but presents the story in the style of a Marvel Comics tabloid from the 70s! Ed Piskor's approach to the material is really unique – and he extrapolates historical details into an extended narrative of the scenes with colorful comic-style images. The monthly series anthologizes the stories in a way that's even truer to Piskor's comic book influences than the graphic novel collections. Amazing! Issue #7 goes in the the west coast pop lockin' roots of NWA – the story of the Dr Dre, Grandmaster Lonzo and DJ Yella's World Class Wreckin' Cru! Book

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Marc Sobel & Kristy ValentiLove & Rockets Companion – 30 Years (& Counting) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy ... $8.99 29.99
A totally wonderful look at one of the coolest comics ever – the legendary Love & Rockets, a joint project by Hernandez Brothers Gilbert and Jaime – and one that opened up countless new paths for the American underground! The first half of the huge book features very detailed interviews, mixed with images from the comics – a conversation between the brothers and Neil Gaiman, another between the brothers and Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth, one more with the brothers and Marc Sobel, and a final discussion between Groth and Sobel. The huge second half of the book features very detailed timelines for both the Locas and Palomar storylines by Jaime and Gilbert – plus longer character listings too – all pretty helpful, given that the stories have been going for over 30 years. There's also a listing of the brothers favorite comics, some key letters from old issues, and even a massive checklist – which is quite helpful, given all the different Love & Rockets publications over the years. 366 pages, softcover, with lots of black and white images. Book

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✨✧ Steve DitkoStrange Suspense – The Steve Ditko Archives Vol 1 ... Book
Fantagraphics, Early 50s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The earliest work of comic legend Steve Ditko – compiled here in a book that features a wealth of material that you'll never see otherwise! Ditko's best known as the co-creator of Spider-Man in the 60s – but the work here is from a decade before, and features amazing sci-fi and horror stories by the young Steve – already a hell of an artist at this point in his career, with an incredible eye for shapes, colors, and unusual images! There's a nicely unbridled feel to some of this work – especially the material from the pre-code years of comics – and the whole thing is a wonderful tribute to Ditko's early genius. 238 pages, full color, softcover. Book

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✨✧ Bill GriffithLost & Found – Comics 1969 to 2003 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s/Early 2000s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A beautiful overview of the work of Bill Griffith – the San Francisco comix artist who was part of the same underground as Robert Crumb, and rose to national popularity with his Zippy The Pinhead comic strip in papers! The book is amazing – and features hundreds of pages of non-Zippy material – much of which we've never seen reprinted – pulled from underground papers, rare comix, and long-gone magazines – all brought together in a book that's a non-stop read from start to finish! There's not much in the way of other notes – just a huge amount of comix, in both black and white, and color – and (we should warn you) some of Griffith's more pornographic material. 364 pages, softcover. Book

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✨✧ Gilbert, Jaime, & Mario HernandezLove & Rockets – The Covers (hardcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Iconic images from the Hernandez Brothers – the team of California cartoonists who forever changed the world with their Love & Rockets comic! This beautiful oversize book presents the first 50 covers of Love & Rockets – plus some graphic novel covers as well – all with the core image as it originally appeared, without any title, price, or other text on the front – on big pages that are full color, and could almost be pulled out and turned into posters, or mounted in frames! Most of the images are by Gilbert and Jaime, who took over the book pretty quickly – but there's also some early images from Mario – and the book even includes the first cover of the trio's self-published comic. 144 pages, hardcover, full color. Book

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✨✧ Bernard KrigsteinMessage In A Bottle – Comic Book Stories By Bernard Krigstein ... Book
Fantagraphics, Late 40s/Early 50s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Stunning work from one of the greatest artists to ever hit the comic book page – the mighty Bernard Krigstein, an artist who was decades ahead of his time – and had a huge influence on other artists for decades to come! The book was published in conjunction with the huge Fantagraphics art book on Krigstein's work – and it provides full stories throughout, all in vivid color – and all as jaw-droppingly beautiful today as they were when first published back in mid-century! The book features a few of Krigstein's famous stories for EC Comics, but also includes lots more for other publishers – a wealth of material that was never reprinted over the years. The book features dozens of stories, and is 258 pages, softcover, and full color throughout. Book

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✨✧ Gary GrothCatalogue No 439 – Burlesque Paraphernalia & Side Degree Specialties & Costumes ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2010. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Dig the ads for practical jokes and weird gimmicks in old comic books? Then you'll find plenty to love here – in a beautiful recreation of a catalog for gag items and weird machines from the early part of the 20th Century! The book presents an original catalog in its entirety – complete with strange drawings and wonderful descriptions of gimmicks like the exploding pie table, bucking couch, roller pathway, sliding stairs, and dozens of other weird devices that were mostly pitched at fraternal societies and men's clubs – but which almost appear like some sort of modern torture instruments! There's also lots of weird costumes and plenty of oddball electrical items – some of which might have been pretty dangerous – and the book also includes text and introductory material which puts the whole amazing contents in context. 170 pages, softcover, with black and white and color images throughout. Book

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✨✧ Gene DeitchCat On A Hot Thin Groove – 78rpm Artwork From Record Changer Magazine (softcover) ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2013. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An amazing collection of 40s and 50s jazz drawings by Gene Deitch – the complete anthology of his work for legendary jazz magazine Record Changer! Gene was an amazing artist and cartoonist, whose work helped solidify the legacies of some of the most famous cartoon characters in the American pop culture canon – from Popeye, to Tom & Jerry and beyond – but we're especially in love with his jazz-centric Record Changer era! Gene adored jazz and his love for it really shows! Cat On A Hot Thin Groove includes all of his magazine covers, cartoon panels and other bits from Record Changer – versatile work that ranges from fun, cartoon-y panels of "Jazz Cat" characters, to more elaborate and abstract illustrations. Wonderful, vital stuff – and it's very nicely anthologized here by Fantagraphics! Coffee-table scale paperback – 160+ pages of prime Deitch jazzy drawings with text accompaniment. Book

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✨✧ Ed PiskorHip Hop Family Tree Book 2 – 1981-1983 ... Book
Fantagraphics, 2014. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
The fantastic second volume of the Hip Hop Family Tree – a beautiful graphic telling of the growth of hip hop on the New York scene – done in the style of some oversized Marvel Comics special edition from the 70s! The presentation is wonderful – and surprisingly really does the history justice – giving a visual flair to the kinds of information we've learned from Jeff Chang and others, with a similar way of linking things together so that the individual stories become part of a larger cultural development! The paper stock is great – pre-aged, like some vintage comic – but the cover is nice and strong, and really gives the book some heft – a mighty sweet oversized edition, with 112 full color pages! Book

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