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AfroreggaeNova Cara ... CD
Universal (Brazil), 2000. Used ... $2.99
(Out of print.)

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Bnegao & Seletores De FrequenciaSintoniza La ... CD
Coqueiro Verde (Brazil), 2012. Used ... $6.99
A brilliant mix of live funk and lead MC work from Bnegao – and just the sort of unique criss-crossing of styles we'd never see up here in the US! The album's not really a hip hop record – despite the lead raps of Bnegao – and instead, it's kind of a funk record with spoken lyrics over the top – loads of tight drums, heavy horns, and riffing guitar – all topped with lyrics that are almost called/shouted over the top – a bit like Soil & Pimp Sessions from Japan, but with a distinctly Brazilian vibe overall. There's a great sort of warmth to the record, and the production really does a lot with the live instrumentation – giving it even more spark than you might expect. Titles include "Recao", "Vamoi", "Essa E Pra Tocar No Baile", "Subconsciente", "Bass Do Tambo", "Sintoniza La", "O Mundo", and "Proceder/Caminhar". CD
(Out of print.)

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Luiz BonfaIntrospection ... CD
BMG (Brazil), 1972. Used ... $24.99
A pretty unique record from this famous Brazilian guitarist! Luiz recorded this set in New York – and it's a superb solo guitar session that has him playing the instrument as a "miniature orchestra", shading in a rich array of colors, tones, and harmonic spaces through his expert manipulation of the strings. There's still a bit of his earlier bossa phrasing in the record – but it mostly shows Bonfa as a richly talented individual on his instrument, moving past simple instrumental modes into virtuoso territory! Titles include "Adventure In Space", "Reflections", "Enchanted Mirror", "Concerto For Guitar", and "Rain". CD
(Out of print.)

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Carlinhos BrownAlfagamabetizado ... CD
Metro Blue, 1996. Used ... $3.99
A surprisingly successful mix of styles, and the kind of cross-culturally pollinated work that's been getting Carlinhos Brown a lot of attention over the past few years. This was Brown's first solo album – recorded after his work with Timbalada, with production by Wally Badarou and Arto Lindsay, and the usual requisite guest appearances by Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethania, and Marisa Monte (why is it that albums by US artists – apart from rappers – are never filled with so many guest appearances?) Brown works through a range of styles in this musical blend – from modern funk grooves to string-laden ballads – and the production by Lindsay and Badarou ties things nicely together. Titles include "Covered Saints", "Comunidade-Lobos", "O Bode", "Bog La Bag", "Angel's Robot List", and "Zanza". CD
(Out of print. Booklet has a promo sticker. CD has a promo stamp.)

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Carlinhos BrownBahia Do Mundo – Mito E Verdade ... CD
EMI (Brazil), 2001. Used ... $4.99
Great work from the always compelling Carlinhos Brown – working here on a wide-ranging set of tracks that harness an equally compelling range of influences. Brown produced and arranged the album himself, and the record's one of his most sophisticated to date – running from rootsy tracks with a heavy groove, to mellower ones that feature complicated backings behind Brown's smooth vocals. Despite all these shifts, though, the record's got a surprisingly unified sound – proof again of Brown's strength as an artist. Titles include "Cavalo Da Simpatia", "Shalom", "Mil Veroes", "Lagoinha", "Mess In The Freeway", "Crendice", "Horario De Verao", and "Vai Rolar". CD
(Out of print.)

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