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Outside sounds in many styles -- musique concrete, electro-acoustic, minimalism, and many other experimental and avant modes!


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Daniela CasaArte Moderna ... LP
Flipper/Cacophonic (UK), 1972. New Copy ... $22.99
Modern art, but of the sonic variety – served up here by composer Daniela Casa on a rare sound library album, but with a free-thinking quality that rivals the best of the avant garde at the time! Unlike some more staid, academic record, there's no overarching concept here – no detailed notes that you need to read to "get" the music. Instead, Casa creates these short, dark little passages of sound – sometimes very abstract, occasionally tuneful – with elements that move between free jazz, atonal piano and woodwinds, offbeat strings, and even a bit of Fender Rhodes! The whole thing's a great reminder of just how much genius was bubbling up in Italy during the 70s – so much so that a record like this, which would have been worthy of release by Columbia or Deutsche Grammophon in bigger scenes, was only pressed up in small quantities by the Flipper music label. Titles include "Concetto Informale", "Dimensione Umana", "Prima Maniera", "Ricerca Della Materia", "Visione Surreale", and "Ricerca Cromatica". (Sound Library, Out Sound) LP, Vinyl record album

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Max Eastley, Derek Bailey, Coum, & OthersAnother Evening At Logos – 1974/1979/1981 ... LP
Sub Rosa (Belgium), 1974/1979/1981. New Copy 2LP Gatefold ... $13.99
An incredible document of the European scene of the 70s – music that shows just how much criss-crossing there was between improvised music and other avant styles that would break free into other scenes in the post-punk years! The record acts as a snapshot of this under-recorded time – and features four different performances, with heavy input from the London scene – all extended improvisations, with a side each of work by Derek Bailey on solo guitar; the Feminist Improvising Group with Georgie Born, Lindsay Cooper, Maggie Nichols, Sally Potter, and Irene Schweizer; the percussive Logos Ensemble with Max Eastly; and the pre-Throbbing Gristle Coum, with Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti, working with the Logos Ensemble, which also includes Luc Houtkamp! There's not much in the way of notes – but the music speaks volumes by itself. (Jazz, Out Sound) LP, Vinyl record album

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Eric FeremansAntwerp Killer ... LP
Finders Keepers (UK), 1983. New Copy (reissue)... $22.99
A very cool electronic soundtrack for this obscure early 80s slasher film – music that's a lot more complex and sensitive than the usual sounds used for slashers – with a style that reminds us of some of the hippest late 70s music on the Sky Records label! Eric Feremens comes from a relatively similar place – working here on self-built synthesizers, tailored specially to produced these wonderful sounds and tones – not tinny commercial keyboards, but much more thoughtful electronic elements that make the music way more appealing than just its use in a film. In fact, this is one of the few soundtracks of its type that could stand alone as a batch of spacey electronics – far from the schlocky images on the screen. Titles include "Harbour Fight", "Persecution", "Lady", "Hippy Song", and "Beat". (Soundtracks, Out Sound) LP, Vinyl record album

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From ScratchFive Rhythm Works ... LP
EM (Japan), 1970s/Early 80s. New Copy ... $23.99
Fantastic percussion pieces from this ultra-cool New Zealand ensemble of the 70s – a group who take their name and inspiration from the Scratch Orchestra of Cornelius Cardew – but who also work in a more intimate setting, with lots of instruments of their own creation – with a vibe that sometimes reminds us of the music of Harry Party! Given the smallness of the NZ scene at the time, these guys were less of a high art ensemble, than the kind of creative criss-crossing of big ideas and grass roots expression – similar to that moment when the art and punk worlds worked together so strongly in late 70s New York. And the sound here would be right at home alongside some of the more creative artists from the Kitchen scene – as the group play, drum, and blow themselves through a wonderful array of rhythmic sounds! Titles include 'Out In Part", "Passage", "Drumwheel (part 2)", and passages from "Gung Ho". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Five Rhythm Works ... CD 23.99

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Ariel KalmaMusique Pour Le Reve Et L'Amour ... LP
Black Sweat (Italy), 1981. New Copy 2 LPs (reissue)... $36.99
Music for dreams and love – served up here in a stunning double-length set from Ariel Kalma – who works through the whole thing in one long performance of keyboards and electronics – with no overdubs or other tricks at all! The music has a stretched-out electronic vibe that reminds us of early Tangerine Dream at their spacious best – a way of creating these sounds in a live environment, without the need for later layering – as Kalma handles all keyboards, other instruments, and recording himself! The long work is divided into four sections – one for each side of the record – and appears here on vinyl for the first time ever, as it was originally a cassette-only release. LP, Vinyl record album

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Manuel GottschingInventions For Electric Guitar ... LP
OMM/MG Art (Germany), 1975. New Copy (reissue)... About May 27, 2016 (delayed)
A wonderful electronic classic from Ash Ra Tempel founder Manuel Goettsching – a record that features nothing but his own guitar experiments, filtered through a variety of effects – but at a level that feels a lot more like a keyboard or analogue electronics workout overall! In fact, the record's maybe a wonderful distillation of the role that guitar played in so many of these great electronic sets from the German scene of the 70s – use of the instrument in ways that are completely different from American or British guitar, and with a great ear towards the more sensitive, longform aspects of the instrument – especially when combined with additional processing – yet all with a style that's a lot more subtle than Frippertronics. "Echo Waves" is a 17+ minute, uber-hypnotic piece that's another case of material living up to the title, one that reminds us a bit of some of Tangerine Dream's soundtrack work of a decade later. "Quasarsphere" is atmospheric and spacey, a shorter piece. "Pluralis" is the 20+ minute epic closer, very much akin to "Echo Waves". (Rock, Out Sound) LP, Vinyl record album

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