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Fabio FrizziZombi 2/Un Gatto Nel Cervello ... CD
Beat (Italy), 1979/1990. New Copy ... $15.99
A pair of weird soundtracks from Italian soundtrack heavy Fabio Fizzi – the stylistically sprawling music for Zombi 2 (released in America as Zombie) and some later compositions for Un Gatto Nel Cervello! The Zombi grooves are wildly unpredictable – from neo Carribbean inflections, to electronics reminiscent of John Carpenter, to African percussion. Wild stuff for a movie about Zombie carnage – and yes, that's the movie with the zombie-shark faceoff! Un Gatto Nel Cervello finds Frizzi working in a more classically soundtracky style – but it's done on synthesizers, which gives it seedy undercurrent! Both soundtracks on a single CD – with each consisting of multiple title theme sequences – and featuring 23 tracks in all. CD
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Simon Fisher TurnerCaravaggio 1610 (with bonus tracks) ... CD
El (UK), 1986. New Copy ... $3.99
A really amazing little soundtrack – darkly subtle, and better almost than the Derek Jarman film for which it was penned! Simon Fischer Turner's been many things over the years – a boy pop idol in 70s England, the King Of Luxembourg in the 80s El Records roster – but he's never sounded more beautiful than here – working in a blend of sound snippets, colors, and tones to illustrate Jarman's moody portrait of the painter Michelangelo Caravaggio. The overall sound of the set is relatively spare – often with just a cello, a piano line, a guitar strum, or some other bit – mixed alongside the chirp of a cricket, the slam of a door, or some other incidental noise – an approach that's wonderfully evocative in its use of space and silence, and which is almost even a further extension of some of the more minimal modes put forward by the Italian scene in the 70s. Titles include "The Hills Of Abruzzi", "Umber Wastes", "In The Still Of The Night", "Michele Of The Shadows", "The Hourglass", and "I Love You More Than My Eyes". CD also features bonus "Easter Week" tracks too! CD

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