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XGreat music in many modes -- northern soul, deep soul, harmony soul, modern soul, and group soul -- plus disco, funk, club, electro, rare groove, and more!



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John Lee HookerJohn Lee Hooker Presents His House Rent Boogie ... CD
Modern/Ace (UK), Late 40s/Early 50s. Used ... $9.99
With music this great, it's hard to imagine John Lee Hooker ever having to throw a rent party – because the sounds here should have made him a superstar right from the start! The package is a wonderful collection of raw, early cuts that Hooker recorded for the Modern label in LA – a number of which are previously unissued, and all of which together capture John at that amazing point when he'd really discovered his sound – that way of melding spare work on electric guitar with his own growling vocals – in a mode that so many others might try to steal in the future, but which is at its early prime here. Some cuts feature small combo backings, which gives a bit of a sophisticated LA R&B vibe to the work – while others are very spare, and mostly just feature Hooker's vocals and great guitar. Some of the bigger songs on the set are presented in rare alternates, with key musical differences – and titles include "I Got Eyes For You", "Blue Bird Blues", "I'm In The Mood", "House Rent Boogie", "Key To The Highway", "Build Myself A Cave", "Hug & Squeeze", "Baby You Ain't No Good", "I'm Ready", "Taxi Driver", "You Receive Me", and "I Tried Hard". (Blues, Soul) CD

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Les McCannAnother Beginning/Hustle To Survive ... CD
Atlantic/Collectables, 1974/1975. Used ... $11.99
Two albums of funky soul from Les McCann! By this point in his career, Les has moved past straight jazz, and is spending a lot of time on vocals – sung in a nice raspy style that makes up for what it lacks in technique with a nice dose of soul! He's also still playing piano, mixed with some extra electric keys – like Fender Rhodes and ARP, which gives the albums a cool 70s sound. Another Beginning has some cuts that have good funky riffs – like the jaunty "Some Day We'll Meet Again", and "The Morning Song", which has an intro that's especially nice. Other tracks include "The Song Of Love", "Maybe You'll Come Back", and "My Soul Lies Deep". Hustle To Survive features mostly vocal numbers arranged by soul maestro Bert DeCoteaux, set of short soul tracks with production by Bert DeCoteaux – and Les also plays electric piano on a number of cuts, including "Us" and "Butterflies". Other tracks include "Well, Cuss My Daddy", "Why Is Now", and "Let Your Learning Be Your Eyes". 17 tracks in all – with a motherlode of great guest players! 2CD set at a nice nice price! (Jazz, Soul) CD

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✨✧ Esther PhillipsHere's Esther – Are You Ready/Good Black Is Hard To Crack ... CD
Mercury/ (UK), 1979/1981. Used ... $17.99
A pair of late albums from Esther Phillips for Mercury – capping off the 70s with Here's Esher – Are You Ready and picking up in '81 with Good Black Is Hard To Crack – back-to-back! Are You Ready is a sweet groover – done in a style that's much more club-oriented than before, but which we find ourselves liking quite a lot! Given that Esther had explored other modes quite thoroughly on other 60s and 70s sessions, the change here is actually a nice one – and the overall presentation is handled with a good sense of class and poise by Harvey Mason, who produced the session, and gives the record a sound that's hip enough to make it work. Esther sound especially great on the album's sweet stepper "Bedtime Stories", but other cuts are nice too – and titles include "Our Day Will Come", "Oo Oop Oo Oop", "Love Makes A Woman", "Mr Melody", and "I'll Close My Eyes". Titles include "Crazy", "Reaching Out For Love With Love", "Cry To Me", "Pull Yourself Together", "We've Got A Good Thing Going On", "Changin'" and more. Good Black Is Hard To Crack is her swan song for Mercury, and features tunes in a number of modes. Material ranges from a laid back early 80s soul reading of "Crazy", to more stripped down clubby soul on par with the previous album, to more modern groovers. Produced by Benny Golson. Other titles include "Reaching Out For Love With Love", "Cry To Me", "Pull Yourself Together", "We've Got A Good Thing Going On", "Changin'" and more. CD

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Patrice RushenSignature ... CD
Warner/Discovery, 1997. Used ... $6.99
A later session from Patrice Rushen, but still plenty darn great – and a wonderful extension of the soulful fusion grooves she first started hitting way back at the end of the 70s! The album's a bit smooth, but never too commercial – and Patrice mixes in a fair bit of acoustic piano with the keyboards, which gives the album a warm, jazz-based grounding, and sometimes even more sensitivity than in years past. Players include Paul Jackson Jr on guitar, Ndugu Chancler on drums, and Kirk Whalum and Gerald Albright on saxes – and titles include a great cover of "The Sweetest Taboo", plus "Sneaky Pete", "Softly", "Hurry Up This Way Again", "Almost Home", "Wise Ol Souls", and "Oneness". CD
(Out of print. Booklet has a gold promotional stamp on the front.)

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Sam SalterIt's On Tonight ... CD
LaFace, 1997. Used ... $1.99
Slow slinking soul from Sam Salter – a mainstream set, but a pretty nice one too – thanks to a no-apologies approach to the ballads and mellow tracks that keeps the record firmly in check whenever it might falter! Sam's not the kind of singer who's going to change the world, but he does a pretty great job of what he does – and this album's a good reminder that there was some decent soul laying around at the bottom of the mainstream in the pre-Neo Soul years. Titles include "After 12 Before 6", in both regular and Ghetto Fabulous remixes – plus "It's On Tonight", "I Love You Both", "Give Me My Baby", "Thinkin & Trippin", "It Took A Song", "On My Heart", "Show You That I Care", and "Every Time A Car Drives By". CD
(Out of print.)

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Allen ToussaintSouthern Nights ... CD
Reprise/Water, 1975. Used ... $11.99
Damn great work from Allen Toussaint – a record that was cut at a time when he'd really made his way into the mainstream of American music, yet could still come across with a hard New Orleans groove! The title cut, "Southern Nights", is a perfect illustration of this fact – as it was written by Toussaint, but became a big hit for Glen Campbell, who recorded a very soppy version of the number. Yet here, Allen turns it into a weird trippy tune – produced with great Sansu production, and backing by New Orleans legends like Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, and Art Neville – all of whom help the tune bristle with new energy, and a really sinister groove. The rest of the record continues in a similar vein – with a spacey LA mellow sound that actually works great for Toussaint's vocals, and gives them a wild flanged-out sound that's pretty amazing – and downright spooky at points! Titles include "Southern Nights", "Basic Lady", "Last Train", "Worldwide", "You Will Not Lose", "When The Party's Over", and "What Do You Want The Girl To Do". CD
(Out of print.)

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Bobby WomackUnderstanding ... CD
United Artists, 1972. Used ... $6.99
Killer 70s work from Bobby Womack – reinventing himself here in a great style that keeps all the warmth and soulfulness of his Minit recordings, and gives it a healthy dose of 70s soul production – creating a sweet new groove that pushed Womack into a huge new audience at the time! Bobby strikes a perfect balance here – keeping things hip, but also tightening things up too – yet never by getting too smooth or too commercial. The result is a great batch of tracks that includes classics like "I Can Understand It", "Woman's Gotta Have it", and "Harry Hippy" – as well as a nice version of "Sweet Caroline", and Jimmy Lewis' great "Got To Get You Back". CD
(Out of print.)
Also available Understanding ... LP 14.99

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VariousDave Hamilton's Detroit Soul ... CD
Kent (UK), Late 60s. Used ... $12.99
Rare Detroit soul from the archives of Dave Hamilton – the vast majority from the fertile late 60s period, plus a couple of later cuts – soulful Hamilton productions and featuring wonderful numbers by Bobby Dee, Priscilla Page, The Moderations, Frenchy & The Chessmen, Harry Reid, Charmaine, Sue Ann Jones, Emanuel Taylor, Billy Soul and more! Hamilton may not be one of the best known names in the soul music canon, but his imprint is massive – both as a producer and performer. This great Ace comp of rare singles is a fine document and it's filled with excellent tracks. A treasure trove! 25 tracks in all: "Take Care Of Your Own Business" by Dave Hamilton, "Sweet Thing Part 1" by Bobby Dee, "I'm Pretending" by Priscilla Page, "I'm Begging You" by Chicago Pete, "All Because Of You" by The Moderations, "You Gotta Show Me" by Billy Soul, "Won't You Come On Home by Harry Reid, "Don't You Listen" by Charmain, "Missing You" by Sue Ann Jones and more. CD

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VariousDisco (Not Disco) – Left Field Disco Classics From The New York Underground ... CD
Strut (UK), 2000. Used ... $19.99
The quirky 80s downtown club scene lives again in this chilling post-disco collection from Strut! The set's got a similar feel to the 9 O'Clock Drop set on Nuphonic – and fits in nicely with the rediscovery of groups like ESG and 23 Skidoo. The cuts are extremely hard to pin down – a bit funk, a bit punk, some disco, and a touch of soul – and there's more than a few on here that we never thought we'd hear again after 1985! Titles include "Kiss Me Again" by Dinosaur, "Cavern" by Liquid Liquid, "I Walk" by Don Cherry, "Over & Over" by Material, "Tell You Today (12" mix)" by Loose Joints, "School Bell" by Indian Ocean, "Voices Inside My Head" by Common Sense, "Spasticus Autisticus (version)" by Ian Dury & The Compass Point All Stars, and "Walking On Thin Ice (1981 re-edit)" by Yoko Ono. Wild stuff! (Funky Compilations, Soul) CD
(Out of print, slipcover is not included.)

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✨✧ VariousI Got Soul – Blacksploitation Mood ... CD
Playoff (France), Early 70s. Used ... $8.99
Classic funky soul from the 70s – a set that definitely lives up to the blacksploitation groove promised in the title, thanks to a host of classics from the left field of the funky spectrum! Some of these cuts are well-remembered from back in the day, but most are the kind of underground tracks that have grown in strength over the years – thanks to circulation as hip hop samples, or on rare groove playlists – and in fact, the whole track list here might well read as kind of a dream list to hear on a funky dancefloor! Titles include "I Believe In Miracles" by The Jackson Sisters, "Give Me Your Love" by Sisters Love, "Across 110th Street" by Bobby Womack, "Testify" by Johnnie Taylor, "Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothin" by James Brown, "Love Me Back" by Willie Hutch, "I Cry" by Millie Jackson, "Hang Out & Hustle" by Sweet Charles, "Brother Louie" by Undisputed Truth, "Superfly" by Curtis Mayfield, and "Who Is He & What Is He To You" by Creative Source. (Funky Compilations, Soul) CD

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✨✧ VariousModern Vocal Groups Vol 6 ... CD
Ace (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s. Used ... $11.99
A huge discovery in vocal group material from the 50s – served up in this excellent series of tracks from the vaults of LA's Modern Records label! Most folks associate the early vocal group sounds with the east coast or Chicago scenes of the postwar years – but there was also plenty of harmonizing and doo wop on the west coast, too – although sometimes not as well-exposed as the bigger hits back east! This series really corrects that mistake – and serves up a stunning wealth of work from the early Cali scene – tracks recorded by the Modern Records label, a company with a rich legacy in jump blues, R&B, and other hip postwar styles – all of which they brought to play on their recordings in a vocal group mode. The Modern approach often has some wonderful arrangements that further empower the vocals – a harder swing that gives the singers the same push as some of the label's solo acts – and as usual for Ace Records, this collection moves way past the hits, to include some unreleased tracks, and rare singles from the Modern, RPM, Crown, and Flair labels. Volume 6 moves a bit into the early soul years – and features 24 tracks that include "This Heart Of Mine" by Curley Williams, "B Bomb Baby" by The Jewels, "LFMST Blues" by The Meadowlarks, "Sweet Thing" by The Rams, "Maybe I'm Wrong" by Bobby Sanders, "If Love Was Money" by Tony Allen & The Wanderers, "Love Can Do Most Everything" by The Cadets, "Dear One" by Marvin & Johnny, "One More Kiss" by The Senders, "Always On My Mind" by The A-Rabs, "Crazy Feeling" by Etta James, and "She's A Flirt" by The Jewels. CD

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