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✨✧ BreakawayBreakaway/Straight On To The Top ... CD
Breakaway/BBE (UK), Late 70s. Used Gatefold ... $10.99
A pair of completely rare albums from Breakaway – a St Louis combo from the late 70s – with a groove that's equal part jazzy club and blue-eyed soul! Breakaway is the group's debut – recorded in 1977 with a surprisingly tight sound – especially given that the group were essentially a local club act who got the chance to record a bit in a local studio! The feel is very much in the best LA mode of the time, but maybe a bit looser too – with emphasis on some funky riffing from the male members of the group, plus sweet lead vocals from singer Kathy Newbry-Taylor – an artist who might have been pop, had she worked on the coasts – but who stretches her style nicely here. The album's been made famous by both On Track and Americana comps on BBE – and titles include "There's A New Group In Town", "Who Was It This Time", "Love My Eyes", "Understudy DJ", "Everything's Been Said About You", and "My Symphony". Right On To The Top is the second set from Breakaway – and the album already shows a great deal of growth – especially in the territory of rhythm! Breakaway have definitely dug some of the best club modes from the New York scene – and work here in a jazzy disco style that's filled with sweet keyboard lines alongside the female lead vocals – all with a vibe that's nicely stripped-down, and still lives up to the indie spirit of the group. The set features some guest work on horns, which nicely expands the sound – and titles include "Straight On To The Top", "You Are Love", "Back & Forth", "There's A New Tree In The Forest", "Work With The Music", and "Breakaway". CD

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Pauli CarmanDial My Number (with bonus track) ... CD
CBS/PTG (Netherlands), 1986. Used ... $6.99
An overlooked set from the 80s soul mainstream – the first solo album from the lead singer from Champaign! Pauli Carman's look on the cover definitely gives away the feel of the album – sweet 80s soul with a nice blend of beats and keyboards in the mix, all with the right sort of emphasis to balance out the vocals! Pauli's got a bit more bite than you'd expect for such a classy look on the cover – but he's also great at sliding into a mellow, or midtempo number – the kind of quiet storm 80s tracks that are often a good balance to the more beat-heavy tracks on a record like this. Titles include "Dial My Number", "Lose Control", "High & Low", "You Impress Me", "Flashback", "Close To The Bone", and "Dangerous". CD features the bonus track "Dial My Number (ext dance version)". CD

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✨✧ CS CrewFunky Pack ... CD
Cultures Of Soul, 1976. Used ... $4.99
A massive set from Nigeria's CS Crew – and a set that definitely lives up to its title! The bass is super-heavy on these grooves – way more so than on other Afro Funk records of the time, and in ways that easily match, if not beat, the early best by Fatback Band and Kool & The Gang – grooves that have amazing dexterity that few others could match, yet which always come through right on the money every time! The bass dips, turns, soars, and drops magically on each number – setting things up strongly for the group's riffing guitar, sweet keyboard lines (including a big of moog!), and few horn moments – which themselves often come across more like an American group than a Nigerian one. Vocals have this rough approach – often part of the rhythm more than anything else – and titles include "Love Is Peace", "Freaky Funkyfied Fix", "Bread Power", "Doin The Good Thing", "I've Found Love", "Last Day", and "Dig In With Time". (Global Grooves, Soul) CD

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Buddy Guy & Junior WellsBuddy Guy & Junior Wells Play The Blues (expanded edition – with unreleased tracks) ... CD
Atco/Friday Music, 1972. Used 2CD ... $17.99
We're not normally ones to rave about electric blues albums, but this one's a lot nicer than you might think – recorded with plenty of deep soul touches, and even a dose of funk in the right places! We hate to admit it, but a big part of the credit here goes to Eric Clapton – who produced most of the record and gives Buddy and Junior a tightness that's missing from some of their other records of the time. There's almost a post-Cream sort of groove to the record – that "hipper than rock" sensibility that colored many of Clapton's old group members' projects for Atlantic in the years after Cream disbanded. But of course, Buddy Guy & Junior Wells are the real stars of the set – and the record's good enough to make even jaded Chicago residents like us appreciate their talents here! Titles include "A Poor Man's Plea", "My Baby She Left Me", "A Man Of Many Words", "I Don't Know", and "This Old Fool". 2CD set features a whopping huge batch of bonus tracks – 13 in all – including "Tears Tears Tears", "Checkin Up On My Baby", "Last Night", "Bad Bad Whiskey (long version)", "You're So Fine (mono rough mix)", "Stone Crazy", "Dirty Mother For You", "D Blues", and "First Time I Met The Blues". (Blues, Soul) CD

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Luther IngramAbsolutely The Best Of Luther Ingram – If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right ... CD
Koko/Fuel 2000, 1970s. Used ... $8.99
Genius work from Luther Ingram – a singer who helped take southern soul to a whole new level during the 70s! This sweet collection of material definitely lives up to its title promise – as it pulls together nearly every important cut by Luther, all produced by Johnny Baylor with this low-burning flame that works beautifully for Ingram's sophisticated vocal approach. Luther's got a great way of balancing personal pain with positive energy – as you'll hear on cuts like "Ain't That Loving You", "Pity For The Lonely", "Love Ain't Gonna Run Me Away", "If Loving You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right", "Missing You", "I'll Love You Until The End", "Let's Steal Away To The Hideaway", and "Do You Love Somebody". CD
(Out of print. CD case has a cutout hole.)

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Kid Creole & The CoconutsDoppelganger ... CD
Sire/Wounded Bird, 1983. Used ... $14.99
The expansive musical mind of August Darnell stretches on in this fourth album from Kid Creole & The Coconuts – a blend of dancefloor rhythms and unusual tunes with a B-Movie approach to pop! Darnell's jazzy influences are still running strong on the set – eclipsed slightly by some more modern production, in a way that gives the album a bit more of a crossover feel than previous albums, but still not in a way that mutes the genius underneath. Titles include "Bongo Eddie's Lament", "The Lifeboat Party", "Underachiever", "If You Wanna Be Happy", "Distractions", "Survivors", "Call Me The Entertainer", and "The Seven Year Itch". CD
(Out of print.)

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Patti LabelleI'm In Love Again (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Philadelphia International/FTG, 1983. Used ... $4.99
A seminal album from the great Patti Labelle – a set that allowed the singer to mature strongly and find her own voice away from the funky, rockish style of Labelle – this sophisticated style that marked a whole new level of the singer's career! The Philly International label turned out to be a perfect setting for Patti – as they too were also growing past some of their earlier styles – moving past the chart soul of the 70s, and some of their bigger disco hits – and finding just the right place to allow their artists to keep on growing strongly over the years. The album's an all-adult affair – no clunky commercial moments at all, and instead this great blend of jazzy currents and sophisticated soul – all handled with the excellent second generation Philly International approach! Titles include "I'm In Love Again", "Love Lives", "Love Need & Want You", "I'll Never Never Give You Up", "If Only You Knew", "Body Language", and "When Am I Gonna Find True Love". CD features bonus tracks – 7" versions of "I'm In Love Again", "If Only You Knew", "I'll Never Never Give You Up", and "If You Only Knew". CD

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Patti LabelleSpirit's In It/I'm In Love Again/Patti ... CD
Philadelphia International/West Side (UK), Early 80s. Used 2 CDs ... $10.99
A 2 CD set that brings together 3 of Patti's post-Labelle albums for Philly International! The albums show Patti moving into a smoother soul sound than her rawer work with Labelle – emerging as a sophisticated soul diva, with a sound that would earn her a wide new audience for years to come. The tracks are a mix of modern soul, smooth disco, and jazzy vocals – and titles include "I'm In Love Again", "Love Lives", "Boats Against The Current", "Over The Rainbow", "Love Symphony", "Living Double", "I Can't Forget You", "When Am I Gonna Find True Love", and "Body Language". 25 cuts in all – a whopping package! CD
(Out of print.)

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Pat LundyOnly Love Spoken Here ... CD
RCA/P&C, 1973. Used ... $7.99
A great little album from Pat Lundy – an enigmatic talent who crops up a number of times over the years – but always on different record labels, and always with a slightly different sound and style! This album's one of Pat's best – and has her working in a sophisticated soul style that's a lot like Marlena Shaw, with but some deep soul undercurrents too – a really great blend that was way ahead of its time when first issued back in 1973 – and a set that's still unlike most other records we can think of! Burt Keyes handles the arrangements, and he gives the whole thing a great sense of class right from the start – but also knows how to hit some funkier moments too, which really let Lundy unlock the bolder side of her vocals. Titles include "Only Love Spoken Here", "What Is Love", "Friend Of Mine", "Love Child", "He's The Father Of My Children", "No More Tears To Cry", and "I've Never Been A Woman Before". CD

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Allen ToussaintToussaint – The Real Thing 1970 to 1975 (Toussaint/Life Love & Faith/Southern Nights/bonus tracks) ... CD
Warner/Raven (Australia), Early 70s. Used 2CD ... $14.99
A trio of albums from this legendary New Orleans soul singer – all of them great! First up is Toussaint – a seminal album from Allen Toussaint – his first big move as a solo act, and the start of some great fame that would blossom even more strongly in the 70s! This indie effort has a rougher edge than Allen's later albums at Warner Brothers – a sly, wicked slow funk approach that's a real transformation of the older New Orleans groove for a hipper, more contemporary 70s audience. The instrumentation is relatively lean – with lots of nice organ and piano lines alongside slow-stepping and vamping rhythms – and the set was actually recorded in LA, but still has very strong roots in New Orleans! Titles include the classic "From A Whisper To A Scream", plus "Working In A Coal Mine", "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky", "What Is Success", "Either", "Louie", and "Number Nine" – a few of which are hip piano instrumentals! Life, Love, & Faith is a set that may well be his funkiest album ever! The set features 12 tracks from the early 70s – a time when Toussaint was mixing a bit of funk into the heavy soul mix that he'd had from his early days in the Crescent City scene – coming up with a blend that's even darker, and more powerful than all his famous production and projects of the 60s! And while some of Allen's later work tended towards cliche, this record captures him right at that perfect point when all of this was totally fresh – delivered with a razor-sharp edge, and with great instrumental help from New Orleans legends like Leo Nocentelli, Zig Modeliste, and George Porter Jr – all of whom make the album groove harder than most of the other soul albums on Warner at the time. Titles include "Soul Sister", "Victims Of The Darkness", "Am I Expecting Too Much", "Out Of The City", "Goin Down", "Electricity", "Fingers & Toes", and "On Your Way Down". Southern Nights is damn great work from Allen Toussaint – a record that was cut at a time when he'd really made his way into the mainstream of American music, yet could still come across with a hard New Orleans groove! The title cut, "Southern Nights", is a perfect illustration of this fact – as it was written by Toussaint, but became a big hit for Glen Campbell, who recorded a very soppy version of the number. Yet here, Allen turns it into a weird trippy tune – produced with great Sansu production, and backing by New Orleans legends like Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, and Art Neville – all of whom help the tune bristle with new energy, and a really sinister groove. The rest of the record continues in a similar vein – with a spacey LA mellow sound that actually works great for Toussaint's vocals, and gives them a wild flanged-out sound that's pretty amazing – and downright spooky at points! Titles include "Southern Nights", "Basic Lady", "Last Train", "Worldwide", "You Will Not Lose", "When The Party's Over", and "What Do You Want The Girl To Do". CD also features 2 bonus tracks – "Number Nine" and "Poor Folks". CD

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Richard Popcorn Wylie & OthersPopcorn's Detroit Soul Party ... CD
Goldmine (UK), Late 60s. Used ... $11.99
25 stellar Detroit soul tracks that were either written, produced, or performed by the overlooked soul genius Richard "Popcorn" Wylie. Solid all the way through, with "Hurting" by Eric & The Vikings, "Nothing No Sweeter Than Love" by Carl Carlton, "Arrest Me" by Jamo Thomas, "Mighty Lover" by The Ideals, "Nobody Loves Me Like You" by Barbara Mercer, "I'll Be Your Champion" by Jimmy Soul Clark, "Cool Off" by Detroit Executives, "Spaceland" by Moon & The Planets – plus "Savin All My Lovin For You", "Hanky Panky", "Turn On The Heat", "Sweet Darlin", and "Goin' To A Happenin'", all by Popcorn himself! CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousBest Of Del Val Records Vol 1 – Philly Soul 1965 to 1975 ... CD
Philly Archives, Mid 60s-Mid 70s. Used ... $5.99
Excellent set of group and solo soul tracks from Philly – featuring nice mix of tracks that hits a strong northern soul groove! The sound is hard and raw, and all cuts are pulled from Joe Stevenson's tiny Del-Val label – which ran from the late 60s through the mid 70s. Titles include "You Said Yea" and "The Grit" from The Dynamic Three, "I Bear Witness" by The Del Valians, "Ever Again" and "Next To You" by Bernie Williams, "Calling Your Name" and "You May Not Be A Miss America" by Joe Adams, "I'll Be Glad" and "That's Not Half Bad" by Gene Woodbury, and "Everybody Can't Be Pretty" and "If I Told You" by The Casinos. 26 tracks in all – with the same high quality as the other excellent titles in the Philly Archives series! CD
(Out of print.)

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VariousKeep On Struttin – Imitations, Interpolations, & The Inspiration Of The Meters ... CD
Le Smoke Disque, Late 60s/1970s. Used ... $3.99
A massive tribute to The Meters – one that features rare versions of some of their best funky classics! If you dig The Meters, you'll no doubt recognize most of the tunes – but you've probably never heard them in these versions before – as most of them are pulled from the farthest reaches of the 60s and 70s funky underground! Most numbers change things up a bit in terms of instrumentation – using a guitar where you might normally hear an organ, tipping the rhythm a bit more towards one speed or another – but all of them continue strongly that chunky, gritty approach to instrumental funk the New Orleans combo first forged in the late 60s – a legacy that still lives on in lots of current work, but which sounds even fresher in these rare gems from years back. There's also a few original compositions by some of these artists, but they're all tunes that fall strongly within a classic Meters groove – and titles include "Cissy Strut" by Rod Piazza, "Flight Of The Phoenix" by Dennis The Fox, "Slot Machine" by Duke Of Burlington, "Cissy Strut" by King Herbert & The Knights, "Cardova" by Syd Jones & The Gay Troubadours, "The Cissy's Thang" by The Soul Seven, "Look Ka Py Py" by The Invaders, "Chicken Strut" by King Herbert & The Knights, "Madrox" by Big Band Katouuice, "Cissy Strut" by Sacramento Senior High School, "Big Splash" by Band It, and "Soul Heart Transplant" by Ebony Rhythm Band. (Funky Compilations, Soul) CD

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