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Maxine BrownEP Collection Plus ... CD
See For Miles (UK), Mid 60s. Used ... $13.99
Incredible work from Maxine Brown – one of the greatest singers of the New York uptown soul scene! Maxine had a fantastic voice – deeply soulful, but handled here with some sweet uptown arrangements that create a wonderful counterpoint between the vocals and backings, one that gives the songs a strangely edgey quality that really makes them sparkle. This 27 track collection brings together all the material issued under her name as British Eps in the 60s – including a number of famous duets with Chuck Jackson – all tracks that originally appeared in the US on the Wand label. The tracks are all classics, presented in a format that offers a different look at some of the covers, but with the same great music! Titles include "My Life", "Think Of Me", "All In My Mind", "Let's Go Get Stoned", "It's Gonna Be Alright", "Oh No Not My Baby", "Little Girl Lost", "Coming Back To You", "It's Torture", "Let It Be Me", "Daddy's Home", and "Yesterday's Kisses". CD
(Out of print.)

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EbonysSing About Life ... CD
Buddah/P&C, 1976. Used ... $6.99
The Ebonys sing about life, and a host of other groovy topics too – in this lost soul treasure from the 70s! The set is one of only two albums ever cut by The Ebonys – a consistently great group from the 70s, as is testified by their constant popularity in our racks! The quartet has a 3 man/1 woman harmony sound that's very hip – often applied to righteous themes worked out in a heavy soul mode, and which sounds just as great on the ballads as it does dancefloor numbers. This second album's got an even sharper edge than their debut – thanks to production and arrangements from Tony Camillo – who gives the album some great undercurrents of funk, and a slightly righteous style that reminds us of some of Norman Whitfield's best studio work of the time. Vocals are wonderful – with really great harmonies that balance out beautifully – in ways that are much more unified than other girl/guy soul groups. Titles include "Neighborhood Gossip", "Mr Me, Mrs You", "One Thing On My Mind", "Sing About Life", and "A Love of Your Own". CD

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Lalah Hathaway & Joe SampleSong Lives On ... CD
GRP, 1999. Used ... $5.99
A wonderful collaboration between vocalist Lalah Hathaway and keyboardist Joe Sample – one of Lalah's few sessions from this under-recorded point in her career – and a set that's quit different than the straighter soul of her earlier music! Sample's warm tones really bring out a lot in Hathaway's vocals – a jazzy color that deepens the record a lot more than you'd expect from Lalah, and which at times almost takes us back to territory of her famous father Donny! Joe plays both acoustic and electric keys on the record, and other players include Kirk Whalum on saxes and Lenny Castro on percussion. Lalah doesn't sing on every track, but with a lineup like that we're also happy to dig the instrumentals – and titles include "One Day I'll Fly Away", "Living In Blue", "Bitter Sweet", "For All We Know", "A Long Way From Home", "Street Life", "Fever", and "The Song Lives On". CD
(Out of print first pressing.)

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Mike James KirklandDoin' It Right ... CD
Luv N' Haight/Ubiquity, Early 70s. Used ... $9.99
Nice one! Although the other Mike James Kirkland LP reissued by Luv N Haight is fairly well known amongst classic soul collectors, this harder-to-find 2nd album is a totally rare gem – and it's great to have it back out again. As with Kirkland's other work, the record has a beautiful deep soul groove, and a sound that's a bit like some of Marvin Gaye's stuff from the mid 70's. Mike's writing is very good, and the production has a nice sparkling edge that gives the material a good righteous feel. Titles include "You Put It On My Mind", "Got To Do It Right", "The Only Change", and "Love Is All We Need". CD
(Out of print. Barcode has a cutout hole.)

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Boobie Knight & The Universal LadyBoobie Knight & The Universal Lady ... CD
Brunswick (Japan), 1974. Used ... $18.99
Crazy funk from a crazy-costumed geezer with an equally crazy name – one of those lost rare funky nuggets that's every bit as great as you might guess from the cover and title! Boobie Knight's a killer here – and works in a groove that's somewhere between Sly & The Family Stone and The Jimmy Castor Bunch – with all the freaky, fuzzy touches that reference might imply! His group has a definite guitar-heavy sound that's a bit blunted, and a bit trippy at times – but which also has a nice soulful edge at it's best moments – a sense of focus that gives the record more of a groove than other records of this nature from the period. The band here includes vocals by Al Johnson (who may well be the same Al Johnson who went onto later mellow soul fame) – and titles include the crazy "Earth Creature", plus "The Lovomaniacs", "Power Greater Than Man", "Feeling My Cheerios", and "Woman Will Make You Love". CD
(Out of print. Includes obi.)

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Barbara MasonLove's The Thing (Japanese pressing) ... CD
Buddah/Soul Brother (Japan), 1975. Used ... $14.99
A really great step forward for Barbara Mason – a record that's got her working in a more mature mode than before, and a deeper soul style as well! One of the bigger developments of Barbara Mason's career was her participation in the "answer song" cycle that circulated around Shirley Brown's hit song "Woman To Woman". On this southern-tinged album, Barbara answer's Shirley's hit with the cut "From His Woman To You" – in which "the other woman" calls back the snooping wife, and tells her how much control she's really got over her husband! The cut was one of Barbara's biggest from the time, and the whole album's got a similar feel – almost Stax-like in quality, with production by Don Davis. Plus, a fair bit of the songs even seem to contribute to the "other woman/his woman" theme – including "Shackin Up", "So He's Yours Now", "(He Wants) The Two of Us", and "(There's) One Man Between Us". All this makes for a great album – one with a sophisticated approach to loving and living – content that gives Barbara one of her best albums ever! CD
(Includes obi.)

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Natural FourNatural Four/Heaven Right Here On Earth (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Curtom/Soul Brother (UK), 1974/1975/1976. Used ... $9.99
Amazing harmony soul – two massive albums, plus bonus cuts too! Natural Four's first self-titled album on the Curtom label has an amazing "rough with the smooth" quality that really sets them apart from east coast groups of the time! Part of the strength of the set has to do with Leroy Hutson – who arranged and produced the whole album, and gives it a superdope quality that makes it stand proudly with the best work on Curtom Records of the time. The sound is full and polished, yet also honest, earnest, and personal – in that great mix of moods that Hutson and Curtis Mayfield could bring to their own work of the time. The whole set's a classic, and titles include "Try Love Again", "You Bring Out The Best In Me", "Can This Be Real?", "This is What's Happening Now", and "Things Will Be Better Tomorrow". Heaven Right Here On Earth features stellar production by Leroy Hutson and Rich Tufo, and Hutson wrote a lot of the tracks. One of the best records ever to come out of the Curtom studios, and (dare we say it!) even better than the group's first one. In a market that was dominated by east coast falsetto groups, the Natural Four emerged with kind of a super-dope style that was part Curtom righteousness, part Brunswick vocal harmony, and righteous 70s soul songwriting. And as proof of this style, the album's got loads of great tracks like "While You're Away", "Count on Me", "Heaven Right Here On Earth", and "Love's So Wonderful". CD also features 4 bonus tracks from singles – "Get It Over With", "How Have You Been", "Eddie You Should Know Better", and "I Think I Found The Girl". CD
(Out of print.)

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Paragons & The JestersParagons Meet The Jesters (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Winley, 1959. Used ... $6.99
Harmony soul heaven – a rare double-header from two hip New York groups! Both The Paragons and Jesters have a fantastic approach – heavy on group vocal interplay, in ways that really show the evolution of doo wop in the early soul years! There's a heartbreaking quality to many of the cuts here – really the ground work for tighter harmony soul of the late 60s and early 70s – and the recording quality definitely lives up to the "tuff" look on the cover image. CD is overflowing with bonus material – and includes a whopping 31 numbers in all – titles that include "Florence", "Vows Of Love", "Stick With Me Baby", "Twilight", "So You Will Know", "Doll Baby", "Don't Cry Baby", and "Darling I Love You" by The Paragons – and "Please Let Me Love You", "Uncle Henry's Basement", "Sally Green", "That's How It Goes", "The Plea", "Oh Baby", "Come Let Me Show You", and "The Wind" by The Jesters. CD

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Ray Goodman & BrownMood For Lovin ... CD
Manhattan, 1988. Used ... $14.99
A different groove than before for Ray, Goodman, & Brown – partly because the trio's working without Al Goodman, and instead has the younger Greg Willis in place as a mighty strong lead! Some tracks have Greg really taking center stage – with only smaller harmony support from Harry Ray and Billy Brown – while others have more of a fuller group feel, shifting things a bit throughout the album. Production is in a late 80s mode that has full beats on the bottom, which gives the mellower cuts a sweet stepping sound – and titles include "Where Did You Get That Body Baby", "Mood For Lovin", "Where Are You Now", "Next Time I'll Know", "Electrified", and "Don't Make Me Wait", which is a duet between Harry Ray and Sarah Dash. CD
(Out of print.)

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Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesHi, We're The Miracles ... CD
Motown (Japan), 1960. Used ... $9.99
Incredible work from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – a set that's not only one of the first great records on Motown, but a set that also really links the label to the vocal scene in the rest of the country too! Although the record features a few hits, the overall presentation is nicely free of the Motown mode that would later become quite standard – and many tracks have this very relaxed, unadorned approach that's a lot more like the group soul coming from small labels in New York, Philly, and Chicago! The group harmonize with even more soul and feeling than any of their Motown contemporaries – and the presence of Claudette Rogers gives the group a high tenor voice that really creates some amazing vocal interplay. The whole thing's stunning – a record that will really revise any simple thoughts you might have about Smokey and the group – and titles include "Shop Around", "Cause I Love You", "Don't Leave Me", "Your Love", "Depend On Me", and "Heart Like Mine". CD
(Includes obi.)

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ShalamarComplete Solar Hit Singles Collection ... CD
Solar/Sanctuary (UK), Late 70s/1980s. Used 2CD ... $14.99
A massive package of grooves from Shalamar – a set that takes the trio from their early dancefloor fame in the 70s, through a range of great tracks from the decade beyond! The collection more than lives up to its promise, by offering up all the best singles of the group – some of which are presented here in different mixes, and all of which really make the best of Shalamar's great blend of vocals. Titles include the extended "Uptown Festival Medley" – plus "My Girl Loves Me (12" mix)", "Ooh Baby Baby", "I Owe You One", "Right In The Socket", "Take That To The Bank", "Second Time Around", "Sweeter As The Days Go By", "Night To Remember (UK single)", "Full Of Fire (ext mix)", "Dead Giveaway", "Friends (UK single)", "There It Is", "Amnesia", "Games", "Circumstantial Evidence", and "Over & Over (12" edit)". CD

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Bunny SiglerLet Me Party With You (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Gold Mind/Octave (Japan), 1977. Used ... $12.99
One of the best of Bunny Sigler's disco albums – a classic pairing with a the group Instant Funk, and a record that helped define the second generation of the Philly groove! Bunny's still got some of the sweeter touches of earlier years, but he also comes across with a much fuller vocal range – stepping up to the grooves with a voice that's deep in soul, and which unfolds nicely across the album's longer uptempo tracks! The Instant Funk backing is mighty nice too – and really gives the album a sharp edge that sets it apart from other Sigler efforts of the period. Titles include "Let Me Party With You", "Your Love Is So Good", "Don't Even Try", and "I Got What You Need". CD features two bonus tracks – "I Got What You Need (original single), and "Only You", a duet with Loleatta Holloway! CD
(Out of print. Includes obi.)

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✨✧ Michael JacksonDangerous ... CD
Epic, 1991. Used ... Just Sold Out!
One of those records that we remember dismissing at the time – but honestly, it really lives up to repeated listenings in later years! Sure, Michael Jackson's no longer working with Quincy Jones – and instead goes for Teddy Riley and some other (then) contemporary producers – but that all makes for a very solid 90s crossover vibe – perfect for radio play a the time, not to mention heavy video rotation too – and definitely still another jewel in the crown of the King of Pop! Titles include "Remember The Time", "Why You Wanna Trip On Me", "In The Closet", "Jam", "Dangerous", "Gone Too Soon", "Will You Be There", "Black Or White", "She Drives Me Wild", and "Can't Let Her Get Away". CD
(Out of print original pressing.)

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Patti LabelleIt's Alright With Me/Released ... CD
West Side (UK), 1979. Used 2 CDs ... Just Sold Out!
2 albums on 2 CDs – both big ones from Patti's classic solo years! It's Alright By Me was recorded at the height of the disco years, Patti's really shining on the mellower cuts – hitting a serious soulful side that shows that her move to a solo act really let her move into more sophisticated material. There are definitely some dance tracks like "Music Is My Life" but the real highlights are mellow tunes like "What'cha Doing To Me" and "You & Me". Other titles include "It's Alright With Me", "Love & Learn", "My Best Was Good Enough", and "Deliver The Funk".Released has Patti working with Allen Toussaint, who arranged and produced the record, and who gives it a hip sound that's a perfect way to deal with Patti's style in the flagging years of disco. Patti's quite over the top, vocal-wise, but the New Orleans production keeps things fairly real. Titles include "Find The Love", "Get Ready", "Give It Up", "Release", "I Don't Go Shopping", "Ain't That Enough", and "Don't Make Your Angel Cry". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Sly & The Family StoneHigher (4CD box set) ... CD
Columbia, Late 60s/Early 70s. Used ... Just Sold Out!
Your Sly & The Family Stone collection just got a whole lot bigger – thanks to this amazing package that's filled with rare recordings, live tracks, unusual mixes, and 17 previously unreleased tracks! Even if you own all of Sly's incredible records from the late 60s and early 70s, this box is completely essential – a batch of music that really blows us away with its depth and quality – not a single clunker in the set, and lots and lots of genius gems that even further open our eyes to the wonder of Sly! The package is wonderful – with a massive 104 page book that's filled with rare images from archives, press, publicity, and a whole host of rare items from the group's key years – amazing posters, photos, labels, tickets, documents, ads, and more – complete with new essay material, track by track notes, and a timeline of Sly Stone's career. Previously unissued titles include "Silent Communication", "I Remember", "My Woman's Head (inst)", "Fortune & Fame", "What's That Got To Do With Me", "I Know What You Came To Say", "Love City", "Dynamite", "I Get High On You (version 2)", "Wonderful World Of Color (inst)", "Feathers (inst)", "Dance To The Music (live", "Music Lover/I Want To Take You Higher/Music Lover (live)", "High", and "You're The One (live)". Other tracks include the mono numbers "Scat Swim", "I Just Learned To Swim", "Buttermilk (part 1)", "Higher", "Underdog", "Bad Risk", "Advice", and "I Cannot Make It" – and the set has a total of 77 tracks in all. CD

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✨✧ VariousWestbound Sound Of Detroit – Sensational Motor City Groups 1969-1975 ... CD
Westbound (UK), Early 70s. Used ... Out Of Stock
Sweet sweet soul! Although Detroit's Westbound label will always be best known to the world for heavy-funk releases by artists like Funkadelic and The Counts, the company also manage to put out some great group soul over the years – most of which is collected in this tasty 25 track compilation! A few tracks on here have the heavy soul sound of Westbound's other big stars, The Detroit Emeralds – but there's lots of other more obscure stuff that has a beautiful east coast harmony sound, and nearly all of this material was issued on rare hard-to-find singles, which makes the nicely annotated package even nicer to have! Titels include "My Baby Ain't No Play Thing" by New Holidays, "Lonely In A Crowd" by The Superlatives, "Yes, I'm In Love" by The Unique Blend, "That's All I Got" by The Detroit Emeralds, "I'll Make It Up To You" by The Magictones, and "What Am I Gonna Do" by The Houston Outlaws. CD
(Out of print. Booklet has a cut corner.)

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