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Chocolate MilkWe're All In This Together/Milky Way ... CD
RCA/FTG, 1977/1979. Used ... $9.99
A heavy 2-fer – featuring a pair of 70s gems from Chocolate Milk! First up is We're All In This Together – an overlooked funky classic from Chocolate Milk – and a set that still preserves the tight grooves of the group's earliest work! Allan Toussaint is still on hand this time around to help with both production and songwriting – and his touches can definitely be felt on the record – a tight funky undercurrent that's definitely rooted in New Orleans soul, but has some warmer, more contemporary elements too – just like that mid 70s change Toussaint was bringing to his own grooves. Standout cuts include the funky numbers "Grand Theft" and "America" – plus the groover "Girl Callin" – although there's some mellower numbers we like pretty darn well too. Other tracks include "Help Me Find The Road", "Thinking Of You", "That's The Way She Loves", and "Fertility". Milky Way is tight, funky, and plenty groovy – a set that has Chocolate Milk sounding a lot smoother than at their start, but still pretty darn great overall! Allan Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn are still around to help the group on production, but the sound is more LA than New Orleans – a well-crafted set of grooves that almost seems to have the group's Crescent City roots shaking hands with the sunnier sound of California soul in the late 70s. That latter aspect adds in some nice jazzy touches – ala Fantasy Records – and almost gives the record a Wayne Henderson-styled groove at points, especially on some of the mellow steppers and midtempo numbers. Titles include "Milky Way", "You're The One", "Hurry Down Sunset", "Groove City", "Say Won'tcha", and "Paradise". CD

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Lyn CollinsThink (About It) ... CD
People/P-Vine (Japan), 1972. Used ... $9.99
The funkiest album ever recorded by Lyn Collins – a stone solid set that really lives up to the legacy of her funky 45s! Like those gems, this one has Collins working with James Brown on production and the JBs in the background – creating a razor-sharp groove that's probably the closest any female singer ever came in the 70s to matching The Godfather's groove! The album's got Lyn shifting between heavy funk numbers and mellower soul cuts – really pushing things to the max with an incredibly deep take on a few older favorites, plus some killer new numbers – all produced to funky perfection, with just the right sort of balance between the rough and the tight. Titles include her great version of "Think", a funky sample cut that never gets old – plus the cuts "Things Got To Get Better", "Women's Lib", "Never Gonna Give You Up", "Just Won't Do Right", "Wheels Of Life", and the funkiest version ever of "Fly Me To The Moon". CD
Also available
Think (About It) ... LP 9.99
Think (About It) (with bonus poster & 7-inch single) ... LP 26.99

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✨✧ Ronnie DysonRonnie Dyson – His All Time Golden Classics ... CD
Columbia/Collectables, Early 70s. Used ... $7.99
Excellent 70s soul from the great Ronnie Dyson – first famous as a singer in the original cast of Hair, but later a soul star in his own right, with a few massive hits that brought him big fame! The arrangements here are by Thom Bell, who gives Ronnie's vocals a fragile quality that works wonders, and by Jimmy Wisner, who hits a little bit more of a deep approach with Ronnie – and the tunes on the set are a strong example of the more sophisticated styles of east coast production during the 70s. Includes Ronnie's big hit "One Man Band", plus "I Don't Wanna Cry", "When You Get Right Down To It", "A Wednesday In Your Garden", "The Love Of A Woman", "Girl Don't Come", "Don't Be Afraid", "Fever", "Make It With You", "(If You Let Me Make Love To You Then) Why Can't I Touch You", "Give In To Love", "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely", and "A Touch Of Baby". CD

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First CircleBoys Night Out (with bonus tracks) ... CD
EMI/FTG, 1987. Used ... $4.99
An overlooked killer from First Circle – the only album ever cut by this obscure Brooklyn group, and a sweet set of 80s groove all the way through! There's a tight bounce to the whole record – thanks in part to production from Randy Muller, who gives the set the same focus and energy as his work at the time with Brass Construction – but minus the brass, of course! Randy plays keyboards on the record, and those keys really dominate the overall groove – stepping tightly over bassy bottoms, with a rhythmic focus that almost outweighs the vocals – making lots of these cuts perfect for mixing and dropping on an 80s-styled dancefloor. Titles include "Workin Up A Sweat", "Miracle Worker", "Can't Find A Love", "In The Name Of Love", "Boys' Night Out", and "You're On My Mind". CD features 4 bonus tracks – all 12" mixes of cuts off the album. CD
(Out of print.)

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Eddie HoranI'm Gonna Speak Out ... CD
HDH, 1979. Used ... $8.99
A surprising moment of greatness from Eddie Horan – a set recorded at the end of the 70s, but with the same feel as mainstream funk work from the middle part of the decade! The bass is definitely leading the tunes on most numbers, but there's also a more complicated vibe going on at times, too – especially when Eddie gets a bit more socially conscious – another element that gives the album more of a mid 70s vibe overall. Arrangements are by James Carmichael and Ray Jackson – both of whom keep things tight, but without ever getting too commercial – and the songs have a fresh feel that works perfect for Eddie's vocals. Titles include "I'm Gonna Speak Out", "The Ups & Downs Of A Love Affair", "Losing You", "City Life", "Twice As Nice", and "Who's Slipping Who Out The Back Door". CD

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Debbie JacobsUndercover Lover ... CD
MCA/Get Disconnected, 1979. Used ... $11.99
The debut album from singer Debbie Jacobs – a soulful vocalist who flourished briefly during the late disco years! Debbie's working here alongside production help from Paul Sabu – who gives the album a tightly focused groove that's great for Debbie's really belting vocal style – a mix of small combo rhythms and larger strings, all wrapped around some fiercely snapping rhythms that augment the catchier hooks of the album's best tunes. Titles include the single "Don't You Want My Love", plus "Undercover Lover", "Burnin Desire", "All The Way", and "Think I'm Fallin In Love". CD
(Out of print.)

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Pat LundyOnly Love Spoken Here ... CD
RCA/P&C, 1973. Used ... $6.99
A great little album from Pat Lundy – an enigmatic talent who crops up a number of times over the years – but always on different record labels, and always with a slightly different sound and style! This album's one of Pat's best – and has her working in a sophisticated soul style that's a lot like Marlena Shaw, with but some deep soul undercurrents too – a really great blend that was way ahead of its time when first issued back in 1973 – and a set that's still unlike most other records we can think of! Burt Keyes handles the arrangements, and he gives the whole thing a great sense of class right from the start – but also knows how to hit some funkier moments too, which really let Lundy unlock the bolder side of her vocals. Titles include "Only Love Spoken Here", "What Is Love", "Friend Of Mine", "Love Child", "He's The Father Of My Children", "No More Tears To Cry", and "I've Never Been A Woman Before". CD

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Patty & The EmblemsGolden Classics ... CD
Collectables, Mid 60s. Used ... $5.99
Sweet female soul from Philly – 60s work by Patty & The Emblems, a group in the tradition of Gladys Knight & The Pips, or more specifically, Brenda & The Tabulations, in that the quartet is fronted by a female singer, with a trio of guys doing backup harmony. Patty's got a great voice – a little raw, which makes for a nice counterpoint next to the smoother sounds of the guys – and the Ben/Lee production on the tracks gives most of the tunes a strong mid 60s romping Northern groove. The CD features 20 tracks in all – with titles that include "Mixed Up Shook Up Girl", "You Took Advantage Of A Good Thing", "I'm Gonna Love You A Long Time", "My Heart's So Full Of You", "What's The Use", "Showdown", "You Can't Get Away", "Don't Put Me Down", "I'm So Confused", and "He Brought Sunshine In My Life". CD

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Swamp DoggRat On! ... CD
Elektra/Alive, 1971. Used ... $7.99
Swamp Dogg's on the cover, riding a giant rat out of the ghetto – an image that definitely hints at some of the politics on the record! The album's one of Swamp's key classics from the early 70s – recorded at a time when he was still super-sharp – and when the character was a great focus of all the indie soul energy that Jerry Williams had forged on the scene in the 60s! In fact, the record's so great, they made it twice – recorded once down at the TK studios in Miami, then scrapped – and re-recorded here at Muscle Shoals, with some wicked Quinvy touches that really hold the whole thing together. The Muscle Shoals approach works beautifully for the Swamp Dogg aesthetic – and really gives it the right sort of southern soul punch to send home the tunes – as you'll hear on "Creeping Away", "Predicament #2", "Do You Believe", "Got To Get A Message To You", "I Kissed Your Face", and "Do Our Thing Together". CD

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Mary WellsComplete 20th Century Recordings (Mary Wells/Love Songs To The Beatles) ... CD
20th Century/ (UK), 1965. Used 2CD ... $11.99
A pair of lost classics – back to back in a single set, with bonus tracks too! First up is the self-titled Mary Wells album – non-Motown magic from Wells – a killer 60s album that really lives up to her previous promise! The scope is a bit wider here than before – and Mary's wonderful throughout, sticking closely in that classic blend of class and soul that made her one of the first standout stars of Motown – moving in equally great company here with studio help from Carl Davis, Riley Hampton, and Andre Williams! The tunes have a sweet midtempo groove – almost a bit of early Detroit into Chicago mid 60s soul – and titles include "Never Never Leave Me", "Use Your Head", "My Mind's Made Up", "Why Don't You Let Yourself Go", and "We're Just Two Of A Kind". Love Songs To The Beatles is even more compelling – the best of the 60s genre! Sure, Esther Phillips and a few other 60s soul singers were recording Beatles tracks – but Mary Wells was the real deal, as she even had the support of the group itself, who made it known that she was one of their favorite American soul artists. This nice album on 20th Century features an all-Beatles set of tracks – with titles like "I Should Have Known Better", "Do You Want To Know A Secret", "Yesterday", "And I Love Him", and "Ticket To Ride". The arrangements are all uptown soul, and give the songs a more sophisticated sound than the original recordings. A record we don't see that often, and a nice lost gem! Bonus tracks include "Jive Guy", "I'm Learnin", "I'm Sorry", "Say What You Gotta Say", and "Memories Are Creepin Up On Me". CD

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Bobby WomackUnderstanding ... CD
United Artists, 1972. Used ... $4.99
Killer 70s work from Bobby Womack – reinventing himself here in a great style that keeps all the warmth and soulfulness of his Minit recordings, and gives it a healthy dose of 70s soul production – creating a sweet new groove that pushed Womack into a huge new audience at the time! Bobby strikes a perfect balance here – keeping things hip, but also tightening things up too – yet never by getting too smooth or too commercial. The result is a great batch of tracks that includes classics like "I Can Understand It", "Woman's Gotta Have it", and "Harry Hippy" – as well as a nice version of "Sweet Caroline", and Jimmy Lewis' great "Got To Get You Back". CD

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