XGreat music in many modes -- northern soul, deep soul, harmony soul, modern soul, and group soul -- plus disco, funk, club, electro, rare groove, and more!



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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
George BensonIn Your Eyes ... CD
Warner, 1983. Used ... $3.99
Sweetly jazzy soul from George Benson – a key classic from his great run at Warner Brothers Records, and the kind of record that George did better than anyone else at the time! Back in the 60s, we'd never have guessed that Benson's sweetly crackling vocals would dominate popular jazz more than his great guitar work – but hearing George here, it's clear that his soul work could easily outshine his guitar, especially when set up in a package like this! Atlantic soul maestro Arif Mardin produced, and as with his Chaka Khan productions for Warner at the time, he gives Benson a clean, clear modern style that's certainly pop, but also a lot less cluttered and clunky than modes used with other artists at the time. George is mostly on the vocal tip for the set, and Kashif helps out on one track – no surprise, given that Kashif was soon to walk down the path that Benson had started with his first few vocal albums in the 70s. Titles include "Love Will Come Again", "Use Me", "Late At Night", "In Search Of A Dream", "Lady Love Me", "In Your Eyes", and "Never Too Far To Fall". (Jazz, Soul) CD
(Out of print.)
Also available In Your Eyes ... LP 4.99

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James BrownPure Dynamite! ... CD
King/Universal (Japan), 1964. Used ... $14.99
Raw live energy from the great James Brown – and a record that comes hot on the heels of Live At The Apollo! Like that one, this set was supposedly "recorded on the spot" – and it's even harder, faster, and noisier than that classic – with a loud-bursting sound that definitely lives up to the "dynamite" title, and which is far more unbridled than James on his King studio albums. The crowds seem to get equal time in front of the microphones as James – further enforcing the liveness of the record – and titles include "I'll Never Let You Go", "Good Good Lovin", "Shout & Shimmy", "Like A Baby", and "I'm Tired But I'm Clean". Album cover is great too – with a cool gatefold cover that's filled with photos of James, fans, and some lovely ladies! CD
(Includes obi.)
Also available Pure Dynamite! ... LP 19.99

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Gladys KnightGladys Knight (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Columbia/FTG, 1979. Used ... $4.99
A really wonderful solo set by Gladys Knight – a record that has her stepping out strongly on her own, during a brief break from The Pips! The set's arranged by Gene Page – who mixes together strings and soul at a level that supports the classy style that Knight had forged at Buddah Records on previous records with her group – but which also gives her a bit more of a modern soul vibe overall, very much in the increasingly sophisticated style that other female singers were getting at the time. There's a few groovers, and some great mellow cuts – and titles include "You Loved Away The Pain", "It's The Same Old Song", "The Best Thing We Can Do Is Say Goodbye", "My World", and "You Bring Out The Best In Me". CD features bonus tracks that include "Am I Too Late (single)", "It's The Same Old Song (ext single)", "You Bring Out The Best In Me (single)", "You Bring Out The Best In Me (12" version)", "It's Me Again", "For All We Know", "Am I Losing You", "Maybe Maybe Baby (1979 version)", and "A Friend Of Mine (ext version)". CD

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Sam SalterIt's On Tonight ... CD
LaFace, 1997. Used ... $4.99
Slow slinking soul from Sam Salter – a mainstream set, but a pretty nice one too – thanks to a no-apologies approach to the ballads and mellow tracks that keeps the record firmly in check whenever it might falter! Sam's not the kind of singer who's going to change the world, but he does a pretty great job of what he does – and this album's a good reminder that there was some decent soul laying around at the bottom of the mainstream in the pre-Neo Soul years. Titles include "After 12 Before 6", in both regular and Ghetto Fabulous remixes – plus "It's On Tonight", "I Love You Both", "Give Me My Baby", "Thinkin & Trippin", "It Took A Song", "On My Heart", "Show You That I Care", and "Every Time A Car Drives By". CD
(Out of print.)

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Allen ToussaintSouthern Nights ... CD
Reprise/Water, 1975. Used ... $15.99
Damn great work from Allen Toussaint – a record that was cut at a time when he'd really made his way into the mainstream of American music, yet could still come across with a hard New Orleans groove! The title cut, "Southern Nights", is a perfect illustration of this fact – as it was written by Toussaint, but became a big hit for Glen Campbell, who recorded a very soppy version of the number. Yet here, Allen turns it into a weird trippy tune – produced with great Sansu production, and backing by New Orleans legends like Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, and Art Neville – all of whom help the tune bristle with new energy, and a really sinister groove. The rest of the record continues in a similar vein – with a spacey LA mellow sound that actually works great for Toussaint's vocals, and gives them a wild flanged-out sound that's pretty amazing – and downright spooky at points! Titles include "Southern Nights", "Basic Lady", "Last Train", "Worldwide", "You Will Not Lose", "When The Party's Over", and "What Do You Want The Girl To Do". CD
(Out of print.)

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✨✧ Lenny White with TwennynineOriginal Album Series (Streamline/Adventures Of Astral Pirates/Best Of Friends/Twennynine With Lenny White/Just Like Dreamin')(5CD set) ... CD
Warner, 1978/1979/1980/1981. Used ... $11.99
Five classic albums from Lenny White – packaged together as tiny LP-styled editions! First up is Streamline – a record with a lean, clean groove that's mighty nice, and plenty darn soulful! Plus, Lenny's working here with a pretty soulful fusion group that includes Don Blackman on keyboards and Marcus Miller on bass, both of whom give the record a similar feel to the GRP funk that would come out a few years later from Blackman, Bernard Wright, and others – showing White yet again ahead of the pack! A few tracks have vocals, and titles include "Struttin", "Earthlings", "Spazmo Strikes Again", "Pooh Bear", "Lockie's Inspiration", "I'll See You Soon", and "Night Games". Astral Pirates is a hard heavy batch of funky fusion tunes – with lots of hard drums by Lenny, and spacey spacey keyboards by the great Don Blackman! Patrick Gleeson had a hand in some of the synthesizer work, and he gives the album a similar astral sound to the work he did on the Mercury label at the same time. There's a lot of guitars in the lead, but they sound pretty nice next to Lenny's heavy drums – and titles include "Heavy Metal Monster", "Assault", "Climax", "Universal Love", "The Great Pyramid", and "Remembering". Best Of Friends was recorded with the Twennynine combo – a group that features some especially great keyboards from the great Don Blackman! The style here's a bit like some of Blackman's own work – rooted in fusion, but focused towards soul – with vocals on all tracks, but lots of tightly crafted riffs and grooves underneath! Keyboards and guitars are in the forefront on top of Lenny White's drums – but tunes also feature some EWF horn work, and an occasional vocal chorus arranged by Blackman, and featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater and Googie Coppola! Tracks include the classic 80s groover "Peanut Butter", plus "Tropical Nights", "Best Of Friends", "Take Me Or Leave Me", "Citi Dancin", and "Betta". Twennynine With Lenny White is way at the front of the pack of a lot of the 80s groove elements to follow in its wake – with popping basslines, heavy bass pedals, compressed guitar riffs and a really insistent overall groove! The record's got a pretty straight R&B feel, but thanks to White's nice production, there's a lot of good fusion elements in the mix – which raises the album a step above, and makes it groove nicely. The group features keyboards by Skip Anderson, doing a great job stepping in for Don Blackman, with lead vocals by Tanya Willoughby, synths by Larry Dunn, percussion by Paulinho De Costa, guitar by Eddie Martinez, bass by Barry Johnson and others. Titles include "My Melody", "Kid Stuff", "Fancy Dancer", "Slip Away", "We Had To Break Away", and "Love & Be Loved". Just Like Dreamin is sublime jazzy soul from Twennynine – a combo that's headed by drummer Lenny White, but which is a really solid group affair overall! Twennynine have a perfect sense of poise throughout – that great mix of jazzy elements and more straightforward soul that characterized some of the best groups of the early 80s – served up with a bit of polish, but still plenty of nice sharp edges on the grooves. Keyboards slide along nicely with the basslines and drums – and although lead vocals are by Barry Johnson, most of the group members manage to sing a bit throughout the set – fleshing out the grooves wonderfully with some really warm chorus parts. Titles include "Movin On", "Rhythm", "Twennynine (The Rap)", "Just Like Dreamin", "Don't Look Back", "Need You", "Find A Love", and "All I Want". (Jazz, Soul) CD

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VariousBest Of Melron Records – The Early Philly Sound ... CD
Philly Archives, Early 60s. Used ... $5.99
Great early soul from Philly! The set takes a look at the rare Merlon Records label – home to many strong groups who mixed doo wop and an early harmony group soul sound. There's a total of 25 cuts in all – most of which have an excellent raw harmony soul feel that really sends us! Titles include "Big Butters (parts 1 & 2)" by Bobby Eli & The Del Rios, "May I Have The Next Dance" by Colly Williams, "One Kiss" by The Pheasants, "All Because Of Us" by Essau, "Den Of Love" by Emerson Brown & The Del Rios, "Coming Home To You" by The Philadelphians, "Earthquake" by Lori Ann, "Bells Should Be Ringing" by Hoard Churchill & The Radars, and "Too Young" by The Sweethearts. Nice raw early 60s group soul! CD
(Out of print.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousDynamite Group Sounds Volume 19 ... CD
Dynamite (Germany), 1950s/Early 60s. Used ... $6.99
Includes tracks by The Earthquakes, The Twilighters, Jive Tones, The Ravens, The Hi-Fives, The Versatiles, The Lavenders, The Mighty Jupiters, and The Five Crowns. CD
(Out of print.)

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