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Great music in many modes -- northern soul, deep soul, harmony soul, modern soul, and group soul -- plus disco, funk, club, electro, rare groove, and more!


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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Cold FireToo Cold ... LP
Capitol/EMI, 1981. Very Good ... $12.99
The one and only album from Cold Fire – a Northern California funk ensemble with a really sweet feel! The group had been jamming for years in the small club and indie record scene of the late 70s, so by the time of this 1981 debut, they emerged as a fully-polished act – with a warm sound that shared some of the best later Earth Wind & Fire funk elements! There's a proud-stepping feel to most of the best tracks – tightly fused, and very much into their own bag, with a sound that must have been quite a sight to see live. Titles include "HFRS (Hustling Freaking Rocking Streaking)", "Time To Leave", "Daydreaming", "Pressure", "Ride", and "Whispering". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)

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Fela KutiBlack President ... LP
EMI, 1984. Very Good+ ... $49.99
A great one from Fela – tight and outtasite, with one of our favorite tracks ever by him – "ITT", also known as "International Thief Thief"! The record's got a clean and simple approach to the groove that's right up there with the best of the Afrika 70 era – lots of snapping beats at the bottom, and snaking horns that really make the tracks cook! Titles include "ITT", "Sorrow Tears & Blood", and "Colonial Mentality". (Global Grooves, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album
(Green label US Capitol pressing. Cover has a promo stamp & some light wear.)

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✨✧ NajeeNajee's Theme ... LP
EMI, 1986. Very Good+ ... $1.99
Titles include "Feel So Good To Me", "For The Love Of You", "Can't Hide Love", "We Are Family", "Sweet Love", "Betcha Don't Know", and "Mysterious". (Jazz, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Jimmy ReedBest Of Jimmy Reed Vol 2 (Japanese pressing) ... LP
Vee Jay/EMI (Japan), Early 60s. Near Mint- ... $14.99
Classic Jimmy Reed material for Vee Jay – presented here in a Japanese album that has a different track list than the original Vee Jay "best of" album. Titles include "Roll & Rhumba", "High & Lonesome", "I Told You Baby", "Oh John", "Shame Shame Shame", "Bright Lights Big City", "Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth", "Close Together", "Good Lovers", and "Jimmy's Boogie". (Blues, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album
(Includes obi! Bottom cover seam has a slight split, but rest is great.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Labi SiffreCrying, Laughing, Loving, Lying (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
EMI/Edsel (UK), 1972. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $26.99
Spare genius from the legendary Labi Siffre – a record without categorization, and one that sits beautifully between soul, folk, and singer-songwriter styles of the early 70s! The record balances perfectly between simple tunes that just feature voice and guitar, and more complicated ones that use subtle strings, electric keys, and other orchestrations behind Labi's vocals – never too much, but just enough to give the tunes a hipper, sometimes slightly more grooving feel – in a mode that's somewhere in the territory of Terry Callier from the time, but very much its own sound altogether! This one's incredibly hard to peg – but well worth seeking out, and a tremendous bit of work from an artist who's unfortunately mostly remember these days for just a few famous break tracks – and not his sublime sense of songwriting! Titles include "Love Oh Love Oh Love", "Crying Laughing Loving Lying", "My Song", "Hotel Room Song", "Blue Lady", "Gimme Some More", and "It Must Be Love". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying (with bonus tracks) ... CD 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Labi SiffreFor The Children (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
EMI/Edsel (UK), 1973. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $14.99
A really wonderful album from singer/songwriter Labi Siffre – a set that has him exploring a few more righteous themes than before, but still mostly stepping along in that more compressed pop of his earliest albums! The tunes are catchy, compelling, and done in that great blend of acoustic guitar and flanged-out vocals that made Siffre's 70s work so great – a sound that's slightly aligned with the groove of Gilbert O'Sullivan, but a bit more soul based overall. There's a subdued sense of drama here on the best tunes – one that puts them over earnestly without going too far over the top – and slight electric touches spice things up a bit, and point towards funkier work to come. Titles include "Someday", "Children Of Children", "Entertainment Value", "Somesay", "Odds & Ends", "Let's Pretend", and "If You Have Faith". LP, Vinyl record album
Also available For The Children (with bonus track) ... CD 9.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Labi SiffreRemember My Song ... LP
EMI/Mr Bongo (UK), 1975. New Copy (reissue)... $23.99 24.98
Easily the best-remembered album by Labi Siffre – thanks to some well-used sample tracks over the years! But over and above the fame of the funky tunes "The Vulture" and "I Got The", the record's a key part of Siffre's 70s catalog – a record that's as great for its complex songwriting and deeply personal lyrics as it is for its Fender Rhodes lines, and tight musical backings from the combo of Big Jim Sullivan. All titles here are originals, and even when the groove slows down there's a depth that clearly marks Labi as one of the best singer/songwriters of the 70s – a talent who's been finally rediscovered in recent years, although sometimes only remembered for a few jazzy hooks from these tunes, and not the strength of the whole magilla! Here's your chance to dip into the Siffre sound at its fullest – on tracks that include "The Vulture", "I Got The", "Another Year", "Down", "Old Time Song", "Sadie & The Devil", "Remember My Song", and "Turn On Your Love". LP, Vinyl record album
(Nice heavy-cover vinyl reissue!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Labi SiffreSinger & The Song (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
EMI/Edsel (UK), 1971. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... $26.99
An incredible record from Labi Siffre – spare, simple, and totally beautiful – in a space beyond category! The album is the sort that should have been a real standout in the 70s – early work by one of the freshest songwriters to hit the British scene, sung in a style that's a bit jazzy, a bit soulful – with playful inflections that never get in the way of the beautiful lyrics at all. Labi's got a unique blend of modes here that ranks with a rare few in music – Terry Callier, Joni Mitchell, and a few other beyond-category artists from the same generation. The whole thing's extremely beautiful – and Labi's voice and guitar are backed by some subtle arrangements that shade in the bottom with electric keys, a bit of bass, spare strings – and sometimes nothing at all! Titles include "Thank You Lucky Star", "Bless The Telephone", "There's Nothing In The World Like Love", "You're Lovely", "A Number Of Words", "Who Do You See", "Not So Long Ago", "Relax", and "Interlude". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousWhat's Happening Stateside ... LP
Stateside/EMI (UK), 1960s/1970s. Very Good+ ... $9.99
A hip little collection of soul tracks, plus a few 70s funk numbers – pulled from the related EMI labels that operated under the Stateside imprint in the UK during the 60s and 70s. The package is a bit all over the map, but it does include a wonderfully groovy selection of material – such as "Testify" by The Memphis Soul Band, "Beatmaker" by Doris, "So Is The Sun" by World Column, "Discotheque USA" by Jimmy McGriff, "Who's That Lady" by The Isley Brothers, "For What It's Worth" by Lou Rawls, "The In Crowd" by Billy Preston, "Condition Red" by Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band, "Black Water Gold" by The Sunshine Band, "As Long As I Have You" by Garnett Mimms, "Man Ain't Nothing Without A Woman" by Jimmy Holiday, "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" by Ike & Tina Turner, "The Edge" by David McCallum, and "Hold On" by The O'Jays. LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ D'AngeloLive At The Jazz Cafe, London – The Complete Show ... LP
EMI, 2000. New Copy 2LP Gatefold (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The first-ever full length presentation of a legendary live set from D'Angelo – recorded early in his career, and working through a host of classic tunes that really add in a nice layer to his own great music! D'Angelo's caught here in the legendary temple of groove – London's Jazz Cafe, home to some of the best funk and soul shows in Europe over the past few decades – and a perfect setting for the singer to really break past his more hitbound material, and relaxed in an old school format with a tight funky combo on the stage. The crowd is extremely enthusiastic, and the whole thing falls together beautifully – with a hard raw soul vibe that's similar to, but edgier than, D'Angelo's studio albums – much funkier overall, and more in a 70s soul mode. Instrumentation is very heavy on Fender Rhodes – and titles include "Sh*t, Damn, Motherf*cker", "Me & Those Dreamin Eyes Of Mine", "Brown Sugar", and "Cruisin" – plus great covers of 70s soul hits "Fencewalk", "Can't Hide Love" and "Sweet Sticky Thing". 2LP set features titles never issued before – including a 9 minute long take on "Lady". (Neo Soul, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album
Also available Live At The Jazz Cafe, London – The Complete Show ... CD 13.99

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Labi SiffreHappy ... LP
EMI (UK), 1975. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has some small stains.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Neville BrothersUptown ... LP
EMI/Rounder, 1987. Used ... Out Of Stock
LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Labi SiffreLabi Siffre (180 gram colored vinyl pressing) ... LP
EMI/Edsel (UK), 1970. New Copy (reissue)... Out Of Stock
The first ever album from Labi Siffre – and the brilliant start of a short but great run of excellent records from the early 70s! Siffre's got a sound that's unlike anyone else we can think of – partly the compressed, clever modes of more popular singer-songwriters of his era – but also here a much more personal style, and one that's often got a fair bit of jazzy inflections in the vocals. You might be tempted to call the work "folksy soul", given some of its ties to the acid folk years in the UK, but there's a much more personally grounded style in Siffre's work than most of his contemporaries – a positive, progressive approach to the music that goes beyond genre in its expression of a personal vision. Tracks here are a bit shorter than some of Siffre's other records, but sometimes sound even better in their simplicity – and most numbers also feature a bit of light arrangements by Ian Green alongside Labi's acoustic guitar and vocals. Titles include "You & I Should Be Together", "I Don't Know What's Happened To The Kids Today", "I Love You", "A Little More Line", "River", "Love Song For Someone", and "Too Late". LP, Vinyl record album
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Fela & Africa 70Afrodisiac (180 gram pressing – with download) ... LP
Knitting Factory, Early 70s. New Copy (reissue)... $17.99 19.98
A stunner from Fela – a record that really leaps right into the groove right from the very first note – then never lets up at all! Igo Chiko provides some fantastic tenor sax solos on the tunes – and both Tunde Williams and Eddie Faychum serve up some killer trumpet – while the rest of the group moves at amazing speed, driven on by the legendary drums of Tony Allen! Fela handles a bit of keyboards, with a really cool, moody sound alongside the groove – and the whole thing was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, which might have been a surprising change from some of the more staid material in the halls of EMI. Titles include "Alu Jon Jonki Jon", "Jeu Ko Ku", and "Eko Ile". (Global Grooves, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Fela & Africa 70Fela's London Scene (180 gram pressing – with download) ... LP
Knitting Factory, 1971. New Copy (reissue)... $17.99 19.98
A great batch of rare tracks from the legendary Fela Kuti – unreleased for many years after their recording – which was done in London in 1971, when EMI sent Fela to the UK for a special session at their Abbey Road studios! The set benefits from the great production values of that historic place – and the band grooves tightly in tracks that are a little bit shorter than usual, but which still burn with all the intensity of the later African recordings – almost a more focused approach that draws a bit more link between American funk before some of the freewheeling jams of the side-long Afro Funk tracks! Titles include "J'ehin J'ehin", "Egbe Mi O", "Who're You", "Buy Africa", and "Fight To Finish". (Global Grooves, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album

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