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✨✧ CL BlastI Wanna Get Down ... CD
Cotillion (UK), 1980. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A lost southern soul gem – cut at the end of the 70s, in that rare blend of southern and modern styles that few performers could really carry off well! Frederick Knight produced the album, and it really steps off of his own mellow work of earlier years – taking things even further, thanks to a really wonderful presentation on the vocals by CL, sounding here like the best 70s work by Johnnie Taylor or Tyrone Davis! The album's got a really special feel – and if it was cut for a smaller label, it probably would have gone onto become a rare groove treasure – instead of a slightly-overlooked record on Cotillion. The whole thing's great – and titles include "Our Love Will Last", "I've Got To Make It On My Own", "I Wanna Get Down", "If I Had Loved You More", "Love Don't Feel Like Love No More", and "Let's Do Something Different Tonight". CD
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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
VariousHotlanta Soul Vol 3 – Holding The Losing Hand ... CD
Kent (UK), Early 70s. New Copy ... $10.99 18.99
Smooth southern soul from the 70s – the kind of collection that really opens up our ears, and takes us past deep and hard soul cliches that can overwhelm other sets! The package is tremendous – offering a range of work recorded in Atlanta and Birmingham from the early part of the 70s – tunes that mark a shift towards new sophistication in southern soul at the time – increasingly adult themes served up in a mix of funky rhythms and mellower soul backings – and often a cut above the usual soul records coming out from the south at the time. There's a strength of songwriting here that really makes the tracks stand out – no surprise, as a good portion of work here was written by Sam Dees, with other key tracks by Jimmy Lewis and Frederick Knight that really elevate the work on the set. Most of the tunes are small indie singles and unreleased numbers, but have a quality level that's extremely high – and titles include "Men" by Peggy Scott, "I Know Where You're Coming From" and "Claim Jumpin" by Sam Dees, "Good Times" and "I Got That Will" by King Hannibal, "I Am Free Of Your Love" and "Doing Right Don't Wrong Nobody" by Bill Brandon, "Fools Love" by CL Blast, "Hanna Mae" by Deep Velvet, "A Better Way" by Johnny Smith Congregation, "That's How Long I'll Be Loving You" by Jimmy Lewis, "If It Wasn't For The Children" by Dee Erwin, "I'm So Glad (extended)" by Phase Four, "Early Morning Love" and "A Woman's Way" by Rozetta Johnson, and "Beautiful Day" by Delia Gartell. CD

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✨✧ VariousHotlanta Soul Vol 2 – Full Time Groovers ... CD
Hotlanta/Kent (UK), 1970s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
An excellent set of southern soul from the 70s! The compilation digs into the vaults of the Hotlanta/GRC imprints – and features some incredibly sophisticated soul tracks recorded in Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama. Although the Hotlanta label moved into the disco market heavily in the mid 70s, most of the work on this package is from earlier years – when the label had a fantastic talent for cutting soul records that were head and shoulders above work coming out of other southern sources, like Memphis or Miami. The Hotlanta sound relied heavily on strong songwriting and quality interpretation, and the work from the label's artists was way more than the shouting, storming, bragging, cheating, and crying cliches that were tending to drown the output of other soul labels at the time. Much of this stuff's in the best mode of talents like Sam Dees or Jimmy Lewis, both of whom appear on the set – and titles include "Someone To Run To" by Alpaca Phase III, "Let's Get It Back Together Again" by Bill Brandon, "I'll Be Around" by Ron Henderson & Choice Of Color, "Here We Go, Loving Again" by Dillard & Johnson, "Three Into Two Won't Go" by Jimmy Lewis, "Anything Is Fair In Love & War" by Sam Dees, "Hanna's Love" by Joe Hinton, "You're Messing UP A Good Thing" by John Edwards, "Husband In Law" by CL Blast, and "How Could You Run Away" by Danny Johnson. Great stuff – and much of the material is previously unissued! CD
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VariousBay Area Funk – Funk & Soul Essentials From San Francisco, Oakland, & The Bay Area 1967-1976 ... CD
Luv N' Haight, Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $12.99 16.98
A killer! As revolutionary as the music and political climate was in the Bay Area in the late 60s and early 70s, it's damn near criminal that there haven't been more representative collections of the music – enter Luv N Haight Records, who are here with the first ever comprehensive compilation of Bay Area funk and hard soul! The kind of funky music that came out of the Bay in the period differs a bit from a lot of mirror sounds from the other coast, the midwest and the south –artists and groups like Sugar Pie Desanto, P-I-R Square, Marvin Holmes and the Uptights, San Francisco T.K.O and others work with short, tight, hard-clapping blasts of 45 funk. Where the funk of other scenes was designed to bounce you along an elastic groove, the Cali school for the most part specialized in short, sweaty, scratchy numbers that were designed to get you on your feet, than knock you straight on your arse! Truly amazing stuff – all funky 45 numbers, many of which are available for the first time on CD! 16 treasures: "Git Back" by Sugar Pie Desanto, "Foxy Girls In Oakland" by Rodger Collins, "Pickin' Cotton" by Johnny Talbot, "Find Yourself" by Marvin Holmes, "Check Me Out" by Kittie Denise, "Trippin' On The Sound" by Jeannie Tracie, "The Trip" by Eugene Blacknell, "Fantasy" by P-I-R Square, "Oomph" by Marvin Holmes, "Herm" by San Francisco T.K.O.'s and lots more – plus great foldout notes with details on each track. A great sounding, long overdue document of a great scene! (Funky Compilations, Soul) CD

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✨✧ Alphonso JohnsonMoonshadows/Yesterday's Dreams/Spellbound ... CD
Epic/BGO (UK), 1976/1977. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A great run of records from Alphonso Johnson – the best of his career, wrapped up here in one sweet set! First up is Moonshadows – one of the earliest of bassist Alphonso Johnson's funky fusion albums for Epic! Moonshadows is a nice little set of choppy grooves that recalls the best Herbie Hancock moments of the early 70s, plus some of the side projects of the Headhunters. Warmly funky, but with a nice edge – with a more jazz funk rooted sound than the later, slightly heavier Spellbound! The great group of players includes Patrice Rushen is on keyboards, Benny Maupin on reeds, Lee Ritenour on guitars, Airto Moriera on percussion, Gary Bartz on sax, plus Narada Michael Walden and Ndugu Chancler on drums. Tracks include "Stump", "Cosmoba Place", "Involuntary Bliss", "On The Case", "Amarteifio", "Pandora's Box" and the breezy "Up From The Cellar", which features vocals by Flora Purim! Yesterday's Dreams is a killer all-star session of funky fusion tracks – with a nice tight sound produced by Skip Drinkwater! Yesterday's Dreams differs a little from Alphonso's other strong mid 70s efforts in that it's not as spacey as a whole – but the rubbery, cleanly funky grooves are just as strong – and the record as a whole makes for more of a showcase for his excellent group of players! Bassist Johnson leads the session, but there's a huge amount of guests, such as Grover Washington, Patrice Rushen, Mike Clark, and Sheila Escovedo. Plus, Jon Lucien, Diane Reeves, Flora Purim, and Phillip Bailey all sing on the record! Titles include "One To One", "As Little As You", "Scapegoat", "Show Us The Way", "Tales Of Barcelona", and the future soul classic "Love's The Way I Feel 'Bout Cha". Spellbound is a soulfully spacey fusion set from Alphonso Johnson – with a really catchy sound! The maestro is working in an eclectic mode that's part Earth, Wind, & Fire, part Return To Forever, and part Alphonze Mouzon/Tommy Bolin jamming. The best moments on the record are the more straight ahead ones – which really flirt with chunky rock sounds on the other side of the rubbery fusion funkiness! Mouzon's working on all kinds of electric sounds on this one – a bunch of custom bass effects, steel drums and more – with Clyde Criner working with a long list of keys and synthesizers, Kevin Shireve on guitar and David Igelfeld on drums and percussion. Titles include "Face Blaster", "Summer Solstice", "Bahama Mama", "Nomads", and Moonlight Conversation" "Feelings Are. . .The Hardest Words To Say" and "Earthtales Suite". (Jazz, Soul) CD

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✨✧ Thomas Buck NastyBlast O Funk ... CD
RCA/Funkstone (Italy), 1980. New Copy ... About March 1, 2017
A bass-heavy set of tracks with as much pumped up funk as you could imagine from a guy named Buck Nasty! T Life produced the set, arranged the rhythm tracks, and wrote a number of the tunes – and titles include "That's What I'm Hoping Now", "Locket In The Pocket", "Blast O Funk", "Turn It Loose", "Flashback", and "Does This Mean Our Love Is Over". CD

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Fela & Africa 70Fear Not For Men (180 gram pressing) ... LP
Knitting Factory, 1977. New Copy (reissue)... $17.99 19.99
An incredible record from Fela – a set that's maybe even darker and more moody than some of his other records from the time – but still pretty darn funky overall! Side one features the tremendous title cut "Fear Not For Man" – a strong message, especially given Fela's struggles at the time – set to these wicked drums from Tony Allen, which have strong breakbeat quality, but this darker current too – that oddly offbeat vibe that Allen would explore later on his own. There's also an excellent keyboard solo – snakey and spooky – over a brooding bassline that introduces all the other great elements on horns, played with a raw, raspy sensibility that reminds us that although so many others may copy this mode in recent years – there's still nothing like a classic Fela album! "Palm Wine Sound" is on the flipside – a cool instrumental that begins with a moody guitar passage, but then blasts open brilliantly with an amazing sax solo! (Global Grooves, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album
(Great heavy vinyl – with bonus insert too!)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ Weldon IrvineSpirit Man ... LP
RCA, 1975. New Copy (reissue)... $11.99
Massively funky work from the mighty Weldon Irvine – sublimely cosmic and filled with soul throughout! The vibe here is a bit more focused than on some of Weldon's earlier albums – a moody blend of electric keys, heavy percussion, and some slight bits of jazzy solo work by trumpeters Charles Sullivan and Everett Blood Hollins, and saxophonist Sonny Fortune – both players who really help the album find some soulful structure! The album's all-instrumental, and has Weldon really taking off on the keyboards – not just using them for main solos, but also dropping in cool noisy bits and analogue effects that really sound great – almost out-Herbieing Herbie Hcock for the record, and turning in some of his biggest classics on wax! Titles include the massive sample cut "We Gettin' Down", plus "Jungle Juice", "Blast Off", "Softly", "Power & The Glory", "Yasmin", and "Pogo Stick". (Jazz, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album

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VariousCoxone's Music – First Recordings Of Sir Coxone The Downbeat 1960 to 1963 (3CD set) ... CD
Soul Jazz (UK), Early 60s. New Copy 3 CDs ... $16.99
An incredible set of music – the roots of so many sounds to come in Jamaica, all pulled from the early pre-Studio One recordings of the legendary Clement Dodd! The music here is much more strongly tied to American styles – and in fact, some cuts could easily pass for soul and R&B – but other cuts show a very strong island influence early on, with roots of some other West Indian sounds filtering down to groove that's already coalescing into the classic sound of Kingston! We've loved Dodd's productions for many years – but this set is still a real ear-opener for us, given the range of material that we'd never heard before – and the richly detailed notes from Soul Jazz, which tell the tale of the brilliant birth of Jamaican music that would shape the rest of the world for generations to come. 3CD set is overflowing with music – 46 tracks that include "Over The River" by Jiving Juniors, "Answer Me" by Derrick Harriott, "Do You Know" by Owen & Millie, "What A World" by Busty & Cool, "Counter Punch" by Roland Alphonso, "Pine Juice" by Clue J & His Blues Blasters, "Oceans 11" by City Slickers, "Serenade In Sound" by Workshop Musicians, "Best Twist" by Owen Gray, "Dew Drops" by Don Drummond, "Independence Blues" by Basil Gabbidon, "Searching" by Simms & Robinson, "Romantic Shuffle" by The Shinners, and "I Do" by Neville Esson. (Reggae, Soul) CD
Also available Coxone's Music – First Recordings Of Sir Coxone The Downbeat 1960 to 1963 – Part 1 ... LP 18.99

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✨✧ First LoveDon't Say Goodnight/Love Me Today ... 12-inch
Dakar, 1980. Used ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
A great funky old school groove from the prime Brunswick 12" years – just the kind of indie club cut that kept the label going near the end! "Don't Say Goodnight" has a great rollerskating rhythm on the bottom and a blast of horns on the top – all to service some female vocals that slide back and forth nicely with a fair bit of force! "Love Me Today" is great too – more Salsoul club overall, but in a really great way – especially on the vocals! 12-inch, Vinyl record
(White label promo. Labels have pen.)

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✨✧ VariousHotlanta Soul – Good Guys Don't Always Win ... CD
Kent (UK), Early 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A great batch of southern soul material – from a scene that hardly ever gets its due! Although other southern cities like Memphis and New Orleans had the "first jump" on soul music, Atlanta managed to turn out some excellent soulful sides during the early 70s – many of which are on this great CD! The set features 21 stunners from the Hotlanta studios – including work by more famous artists like Loleatta Holloway and Sam Dees, plus other lesser known stuff that will knock your socks off. The sound is fantastic, with a much more sophisticated approach to arranging than was being put down in other southern cities – and the result is a beautiful batch of mellow tracks that have deep deep vocals, with tight studio production. Titles include "Love Is Gone" by Choice Of Colors, "Streets Got My Lady" by Bill Brandon, "Left Over Love" by C.L.Blast, "Since We Said Goodbye" by The Counts, "There's Got To Be Rain In Your Life" by Dorothy Norwood, "Who You Gonna Love (Your Woman Or Your Wife)" by Rozetta Johnson, and "Love is Good" by Dee Irwin. Lots lots more, and the usual great set of notes from ACE! CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ VariousJamaica – Rhythm & Blues 1956 to 1961 – Greetings From Jamaica ... CD
Fremeaux & Associates (France), Late 50s/Early 60s. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
A huge selection of work from the pre-reggae years in Jamaica – formative material that really runs the gamut – from jump blues, to R&B, to jazz, blues, and a whole lot more! It's a well-known fact that the rise of Jamaican music in the 60s was inspired by American radio broadcasts that were bringing the island lots of new sounds in the 50s – and while many of those sounds were interwoven into ska, rocksteady, and even reggae – the music here represents a much straighter take on American forms, with what seems to be an especially strong influence from New Orleans! The track selection is great – with early work from formative stars of the 60s, and some other under-circulated tracks that further illuminate this period – all in a collection that features 44 tracks, and notes in English and French. Titles include "Duck Soup" by Drumbago All Stars, "Bloodshot Eyes" by Denzil Laing & The Wrigglers, "Parapinto Boogie" by Lloyd Clark, "Cutest Little Woman" by Owen Gray, "Oh Carolina" by The Folks Brothers, "Boogie Rock" by Laurel Aitken, "Forty Four" by Roy Panton, "Lonely Robin" by Lascelles Perkins, "Hip Rub" by The Jiving Juniors, "Another Moses" by The Mellow Cats, "Down Beat Special" by The Blues Blasters, and "Leave Earth" by Derrick Morgan. (Reggae, Soul) CD

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Jimmy McCracklinBlues Blastin' – The Modern Recordings Vol 2 ... CD
Modern/Ace (UK), Mid 50s. New Copy ... $8.99 18.99
Heavy blues from Jimmy McCracklin – a set of tracks recorded for the Modern label in the mid 50s, with a sound that's much rawer and raunchier than his 60s soul sides! The quality of the set is excellent – with wonderful restoration that makes the tunes crackle with even more raw energy than the original 78s – and added to the later Modern/Crown hits by Jimmy are a number of unissued bonus cuts, fleshing out the package to 24 tracks in all, and including some tunes recorded with Johnny Parker, Jerry Thomas, and Baby Pee Wee Parham. Titles include "Tired Of Everybody", "Gonna Tell Your Mother", "I Got Eyes For You", "My Mother Said", "Give My Heart A Break", "Please Forgive Me Baby", "Rockin All Day", "Deceivin Blues", and "Hamburger Joint". CD

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Bill DoggettHonky Tonk Popcorn ... LP
King, 1969. Very Good ... $69.99
Funky funky Hammond – a rare late 60s album from organist Bill Doggett, done with some help from James Brown – and a set that's unlike anything Doggett ever recorded before – or since! There's a blasting groove to the record right from the start – thanks to help from The James Brown Band on the leadoff cut – but even when they drop out, and Doggett's combo goes out on their own, the sound is still amazing – tight, soulful, and very much in a funky 45 style all the way through! Drums are hard, the organ is nice and fluid, and the sound is prime late 60s instrumental funk – a groove that Doggett never managed to reach again, which makes this record a real standout treasure. The album includes the legendary funky break cuts "Honky Tonk" and "Honky Tonk Popcorn", plus lots of other nice groovers, like "A Doozy", "Mad", "Slippin In", and "Corner Pocket". (Jazz, Soul) LP, Vinyl record album
(Original blue label pressing. Vinyl has some sleeve residue. Cover has a cutout hole, seam splitting, and marker on both sides.)

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
FatbackHot Box ... CD
Spring/Southbound (UK), 1980. New Copy ... $8.99 14.99
Man, it must have been something to hear this record blasting out of a boombox back in the old days – especially if it was the magenta-hued one on the cover! The groove here is strong and loud – plenty of bass and beats at the bottom, and even a few surprising early electro touches that really stand out and make the album something special. And as with other records from this time, Fatback also show their ballad skills on one number – "Come & Get the Love" – but it's the more jamming tracks we really love, and they include "Street Band", "Hot Box", "Love Spell", "Gotta Get My Hands On Some Money", and the fat 80s jam "Backstrokin". CD

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
Kay-GeesKeep On Bumpin' & Masterplan (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Gang/Octave (Japan), 1974. New Copy ... About March 22, 2017
The Kay-Gees' greatest LP – and far and away better than anything else they ever did! Grabbing up this one is like finding a lost Kool & The Gang LP from the early years –which is no surprise, since Ronald Bell of the group produced it and wrote a lot of the songs with the group. The band are incredibly tight instrumentally – with lots of hard drums, choppy guitar, and the rolling party feel that made Kool & The Gang so great during their best years. There's some great horns that blast in and out, sounding very off-beat at the best moments – like the classic "Who's the Man With the Master Plan", sampled by YZ many years ago – or other funky cuts like "Ain't No Time", "Get Down", and "You've Got to Keep on Bumpin". CD

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✨✧ African Music MachineBlack Water Gold ... LP
Soul Power, 1972/1974. New Copy Gatefold (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
Incredible work from the obscure African Music Machine – a southern funk combo led by bassist Louis Villery – a legendary batch of funky singles, finally brought together as a full album! The band has a very unique sound that involves a lot of rolling bubbling basslines, spacey organ grooves, tight choppy guitar riffs, and punchy horn blasts – almost with the African elements promised in the title, but served up with a deeper funk sound all the way through! In a way, the group's a bit like Cymande or some of the other 70s hybrid ensembles – yet they've got a lot less dub, a much more direct funky groove, and plety of raw southern elements in the mix as well! This is the funky 45 material we first cut our teeth on back in the day – and the original singles are legendary! Includes massive cuts like "Black Water Gold (Pearl)", "A Girl In France", "Never Name A Baby (Before It's Born), "Making Nassau Fruit Drink", "Camel Time", "The Dapp", "Tropical", and "Mr. Brown". LP, Vinyl record album

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CD, LP, Vinyl record album cover art
✨✧ James BrownDiggin' James Brown – Mixed By DJ Muro ... CD
Universal (Japan), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy ... Temporarily Out Of Stock
DJ Muro's digging James Brown – and we're digging the massive way he mixes together the music! The set's way more than another James Brown compilation – and instead, it feels more like a love letter to The Godfather – served up in music made by James himself, and some of his key sidemen too – all mixed together by Muro in these short blasts of funk and soul that bristle with energy throughout! The whole thing's got way more care than the usual mixtape – as Muro's been training his ears on JB nuggets for years, so knows just the right makes to cut and make a change – managing to get through bits of 43 tracks in just the course of 73 minutes. Includes work from "The Boss", "Down & Out In New York City", "Baby Here I Come", "Blues & Pants", "Nose Job", "A Talk With The News", "Funky Drummer", "Hot Pants Road", "Can Mind", "I Got Ants In My Pants", "The Drunk", "Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose", and "Funky President". CD

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✨✧ Kay-GeesKeep On Bumpin' & Masterplan ... LP
Gang, 1974. New Copy (reissue)... Temporarily Out Of Stock
The Kay-Gees' greatest LP – and far and away better than anything else they ever did! Grabbing up this one is like finding a lost Kool & The Gang LP from the early years –which is no surprise, since Ronald Bell of the group produced it and wrote a lot of the songs with the group. The band are incredibly tight instrumentally – with lots of hard drums, choppy guitar, and the rolling party feel that made Kool & The Gang so great during their best years. There's some great horns that blast in and out, sounding very off-beat at the best moments – like the classic "Who's the Man With the Master Plan", sampled by YZ many years ago – or other funky cuts like "Ain't No Time", "Get Down", and "You've Got to Keep on Bumpin". LP, Vinyl record album

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✨✧ Kashmere Stage BandTexas Thunder Soul 1968 to 1974 (deluxe edition) (2CDs & DVD) ... CD
Now Again/Stones Throw, Late 60s/Early 70s. Used 2CDs & DVD ... Out Of Stock
A massive exploration of the music of Kashmere Stage Band – the legendary Texas funk combo whose work has been pushed heavily over the years by Wax Poetics, Stones Throw, and many others! The double-length set goes even deeper than any of the vinyl reissues of work by the group – and features some previously unreleased tracks, alternate takes on their funkiest numbers, and a full 10 extra live tracks never heard before! The Kashmere groove is incredible – blasting horns, scratchy guitars, and funky drums – all wrapped super-tight around a range of original material and some more familiar numbers – all recast here in super-heavy funk mode! Studio tracks (Disc One) include "All Praises", "Thank You", "Scorpio (extended)", "Do Your Thing", "Headwiggle", "Do You Dig It Man", "Getting It Out Of My System", "Zero Point (parts 1 & 2)", "Boss City", "Burning Spear", "Take Five", and "Keep Doing It". Live tracks (Disc Two) include "Zero Point", "Don't Mean A Thing", "Thank You", "Ain't No Sunshine", and "All Praises" and more. – and the set also features a huge amount of detailed notes and photos. This expanded deluxe edition includes a bonus DVD featuring the short films Texas Jewels: The Making of Texas Thunder Soul and Prof and his Band: A Documentary by Charles Porter from 1973 – plus a performance by the Kashmere Stage Band on the 1972 special Jazz: Yesterday, Today, Forever. Also includes updated liner notes in a full color 40 page booklet. CD
(Barcode is blacked out.)

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✨✧ MatataFeelin' Funky ... CD
President (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Hard funky soul with an Afrobeat backbone from Matata – who arrived on the London scene (via Kenya) in the mid 70s! Matata leaned mightily on the JBs for their groove, and laid out a heavy, rock solid variation on JBs funk with an African percussion base of congas and bongos at the core! The horns take a more Afrobeat tack, too, with punchy blasts and solos peppering the numbers – in a really nice way – quite tight, but loose enough to swing, too. Tracks include "I Wanna Do My Thing", "Return To You", "Getting Together", "I Believed Her", "I Don't Have To Worry", "I Want You", "Love Is The Only Way", "Gimme Some Lovin" and more. (Global Grooves, Soul) CD

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✨✧ Soul Train GangDon Cornelius Presents The Soul Train Gang ... LP
Soul Train/RCA, 1975. Used ... Out Of Stock
Although Don Cornelius was at the height of his powers during the mid 70s – what with the Soul Train TV show blasting away regularly on the airwaves – he wasn't nearly as good a record producer as he was a TV emcee. Fortunately, he had a bit of help on this record, which features a quintet of weak-ass singers, fake-souling their way through a number of tracks that might have been better performed by some of RCA's bigger stars. Stevie Wonder and Gene Page handle the arrangements on a number of tracks, though, so although the vocals leave a lot to be desired, the instrumentation's not too bad. Titles include "Music On My Mind", "Spectrum", "Garbage Can", "Baby Open The Door", and "Soul Train '75". LP, Vinyl record album
(Cover has light wear.)

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✨✧ VariousSonny Hopson – Original 1969 Philly AM Radio Broadcast ... CD
Philly Archives, 1969. Used ... Out Of Stock
Totally cool! This CD contains a full original AM radio show from 1969 – broadcast by Sonny Hopson, aka "The Mighty Burner", one of the greatest east coast soul DJs of the 60s! Sonny's got a really wild style, and the show's a non-stop blaring blast of funky tunes, groovy commercials, and great hipster patter from Sonny. There's some great production work, and the whole thing rolls together in that great sort of total energy way that's missing from today's airwaves. Even better, though, is the chance the CD gives you to hear funky classics in their original setting – as the CD contains songs by Eddie Bo, Dyke & The Blazers, and many others. Plus, the commercials are extra-cool – as they're mostly funked up announcements for great shows and nightclubs we'd love to be able to visit. This cuts down on the actual music a bit – but the whole thing's still a totally solid record of the great years of soul, and it's a real treat to have! CD

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