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VariousIt Came From The Garage – Nuggets From Southern California ... CD
Big Beat (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
It came from the garage – and came on with a hell of a lot of power, too – thanks to the raw raw sound of the legendary Downey Records! Downey was one of the coolest indies on the Cali coast in the mid 60s – an imprint that maybe had a bit more of an edge than some of the surf imprints, and a great ear for the kind of raunchy psych that was starting to come from the Texas scene too – a great legacy that's never fully gotten its due until this wonderful collection! The package brings together rare tracks from the Downey vaults – impossible to find singles, and even some unreleased tracks too – in a in a batch of garagey gems that even hits a pre-punk feel at times. The set's got a whopping 24 tracks in all – presented with the usual stunning Ace Records sound and notes – with tracks that include "Edge Of Nowhere" by Sunday Group, "Hang Out To Dry" by Bud & Kathy, "Be Billy" by Pat & The Californians, "What I Want You To Say" by The Barracudas, "Oh My Baby" by Kicks, "Drifty" by Craig & Michael, "Hey Did A Da Da" by The Rumblers, "Bad" by Pat & The Californians, "Penicillin" by Johnny McRae, "Clap Hands" by The Rumblers "Sleepy Hollow" by The Last Word, and "A Fool In Love" by The Bel Cantos with Barry White. CD

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✨✧ VariousWarner Pop Rock Nuggets Vol 3 – California Sun ... CD
Warner (Japan), Early 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Totally great tracks from a magical moment in pop music – that special period when rock had already gotten going, mainstream pop wasn't as soppy as the decade before, and soul music was starting to have a strong influence in the way both singers and groups delivered their vocals! All those qualities and more come into play here – in a fantastic series of cuts that come from deep in the Warner Brothers vaults – not just music from the main label, but also all the indies they've come to absorb over the years – labels like Colpix, Del-Fi, Gone, Mustang, Jubilee, and others who were an even greater force for music like this! The "nuggets" in the title is one way to see these cuts – material that came out in the generation right before the harder-edged material featured in the Nuggets series – but every bit as inventive and great in its own way. Volume 3 features 25 cuts that include "Every Little Prayer" by The Ashes, "Let Me Go" by Pat & Andre, "The Magic Touch" by Bobby Fuller Four, "My First Day Alone" by The Cascades, "Sweets For My Sweets" by The Drifters, "Love You So" by Ron Holden & The Thunderbirds, "Nothing Can Go Wrong" by The Domineers, "California Sun" by Joe Jones, "Rip Van Winkle" by The Devotions, "Never Say Goodbye" by Jimmy Beaumont, and "No Lies" by The Kokomos. CD
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Beau BrummelsTriangle/Bradley's Barn ... CD
Warner/Real Gone, 1967/1968. New Copy ... $16.99 18.98
Genius work from The Beau Brummels – two albums that no fan of underground 60s rock should be without! First up is Triangle – a tremendous album from The Beau Brummels – one of the lesser-remembered groups from the late 60s Warner hipster heyday! At some level, the group's a folk-rock outfit – with the left-of-center feel of some of Fred Neil's best work for Capitol, and a similar blend of east coast honesty and west coast mind expansion. The format here is remarkably simple, but handled with some nice touches by producer Lenny Waronker, who really brings a lot more out of the band than on their earlier indie recordings. Titles include "Are You Happy", "The Wolf Of Velvet Fortune", "The Keeper Of Time", "Only Dreaming Now", "Magic Hollow", "Painter Of Women", and "Triangle". Bradley's Barn is a crucial album in the sound of late 60s Warner – recorded by west coasters The Beau Brummels in the heart of Tennessee, at the legendary studios of country producer Owen Bradley! This meeting of west and country is fantastic – a really incredible extension of earlier folksy rock styles forged by Dylan, Fred Neil, Tim Buckley, and others – handled with incredible care, and a style that's equally honest and ironic – but coming together with a sound that's unlike anything else we can think of – one of those rare few albums that somehow draws from a wealth of inspiration, but manages to make something completely standout in the process – almost a Feelies/Good Earth for its own generation! Tremendous stuff – and titles include "Jessica", "Bless You California", "I'm A Sleeper", "Little Bird", "Turn Around", and "An Added Attraction". CD

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Count FivePsychotic Revelation – The Ultimate Count Five ... CD
Double Shot/Big Beat (UK), Late 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
A psych masterpiece – expanded! Count Five only ever recorded one album – the legendary 1966 Psychotic Reaction, an instantly powerful blend of fuzzy guitars, burn-out organ, and urgent rhythms – as important to the sound of Northern California as early Love records were to the sound of LA! The record alone is more than worth revisiting, but this tasty reissue package ups the ante to 24 tracks from the original 12 – including non-LP singles, unissued tracks, and even some early bits and demos. Plus, the whole thing's packaged with a huge booklet of notes on the group – getting way past the myths spread about them by Lester Bangs, and letting the members of the group tell their own short-lived story. Titles include "Double Decker Bus", "Contrast", "You Must Believe Me", "Psychotic Reaction", "The World", "She's Fine", "The Morning After", "Mailman", "Enchanted Flowers", "Revelation In Slow Motion", "Out In The Street", and "People Hear What I Say". CD

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Ned DohenyHard Candy ... CD
Asylum/Sony (Japan), 1976. New Copy ... $13.99
A seminal set from Ned Doheny – a lasting bit of California cool from the 70s, and a record that's every bit as refreshing as its image on the cover! The sound is tight, but never too slick – well-crafted songwriting with equally well-crafted production and studio execution – but somehow in a space that's far from the charts, too – which makes the whole thing a really great discovery in music! Ned Doheny's got a way of hitting an AOR vibe, but holding onto more personal elements too – and the vocals glide along with the music with the same charming vibe we'd find in a vintage Chris Rainbow record. Titles include "Get It Up For Love", "Each Time You Pray", "When Love Hangs In The Balance", "A Love Of Your Own", "On The Swingshift", "Sing To Me", and "If You Should Fall". CD
(Part of the great AOR City series from Japan!)

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✨✧ Terry DolanTerry Dolan (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Warner/High Moon, 1972. New Copy ... $23.99 24.99
A never-issued album, but one that stands with the best creative California work of the early 70s – especially that huge wave of new singer/songwriters that flowed from the studios in Los Angeles and the Bay Area! Terry Dolan hails from the latter, and sounds superb on this set of tracks that was originally intended for release by Warner Brothers in 1972, then scrapped at the last minute – one of those great "why?" moments in the history of a record company, as the set may well have been an instant classic if it was released! Terry's got a bit of a down-home vibe at times, but mixes that quality with some well-balanced production from Nicky Hopkins and Pete Sears – in a way that's never a slavish attempt to copy modes, and maybe more in the Gene Clark territory of really finding something new. Both the lyrics and Dolan's vocals are wonderful – and titles include "Purple An Blonde", "Rainbow", "Inlaws & Outlaws", "See What Your Love Can Do", "Magnolia", and "Burgundy Blues". CD features 6 bonus tracks – all variations and different takes on the album tracks. CD
Also available Terry Dolan ... LP 28.99

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Jack DowningForce That Cannot Be Named – The Jack Downing Anthology ... CD
RPM (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2 CDs ... $3.99
American sounds, but forged in Sweden – a surprisingly great batch of work from expatriate Jack Downing – including some rare singles, previously unreleased tunes, and even some live material too! Downing clearly picks up some of the folk rock styles of the post-Dylan generation – but he's also got this rough, raspy style of singing that's much more garagey at points than any folkies in the US – a weird sort of hybrid that only gets more interesting as the music here moves into the early 70s! The package brings together a full album recorded for RCA in Sweden, singles for Karusell, RCA, and CBS, and some live material recorded for Swedish radio too – 37 tracks that include "No Man's Land", "Out My Light", "Muddy Water", "Queen Jane Approximately", "Branded Man", "Only Dadd That'll Walk The Line", "The Kind Of Words", "Greenback Dollar", and "Going To California". CD

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Bob DylanBest Of The Cutting Edge 1965/1966 – Bootleg Series Vol 12 ... CD
Columbia, Mid 60s. New Copy 2CD ... $18.99 19.98
Pinch yourself – you've gotta be dreaming – because Columbia Records just unlocked the vaults, and unearthed a treasure trove of never-heard recordings from the sessions from some of Bob Dylan's greatest records – Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde On Blonde! Each record is a masterpiece in its own right – the product of countless creative moments by Dylan in the studio, only some of which made it on record – leaving a lot more to be rediscovered all these many years later, and finally offered up to paint a vivid picture of Dylan's genius in 1965 and 1966! Some tracks are quite different – demos, acoustic versions, piano versions, and even a few rehearsals – and if you dig Bob Dylan at all, you'll find plenty here to love. 2CD set features 36 tracks in all – with unreleased unusual versions of "Tombstone Blues", "Positively 4th Street", "Love Minus Zero/No Limit", "California", "You Don't Have To Do That", "Like A Rolling Stone", "Medicine Sunday", "Desolation Row", "Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence", "Just Like a Woman", "Lunatic Princess", "I'll Keep It With Mine", and lots more! CD

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Bob DylanCutting Edge 1965/1966 – Bootleg Series Vol 12 (deluxe 6CD box set with hardcover book) ... CD
Columbia, Mid 60s. New Copy 6CD & book ... $99.99 149.98
Pinch yourself – you've gotta be dreaming – because Columbia Records just unlocked the vaults, and unearthed a treasure trove of never-heard recordings from the sessions from some of Bob Dylan's greatest records – Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde On Blonde! Each record is a masterpiece in its own right – the product of countless creative moments by Dylan in the studio, only some of which made it on record – leaving a lot more to be rediscovered all these many years later, and finally offered up to paint a vivid picture of Dylan's genius in 1965 and 1966! Some tracks are quite different – demos, acoustic versions, piano versions, and even a few rehearsals – and if you dig Bob Dylan at all, you'll find plenty here to love. Massive 6CD set comes with a big 120 page hardcover book with rare photos and memorabilia, and features over 100 songs in all – with unreleased unusual versions of "Tombstone Blues", "Positively 4th Street", "Love Minus Zero/No Limit", "California", "You Don't Have To Do That", "Like A Rolling Stone", "Medicine Sunday", "Desolation Row", "Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence", "Just Like a Woman", "Lunatic Princess", "I'll Keep It With Mine", and lots more! Also includes the complete session for the song "Like A Rolling Stone". CD

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Yoon Youn SunWing Of Peace ... CD
World Psychedelia (Korea), 1972. New Copy ... $8.99
Sultry post folk psychedelia from Korea's Yoon Youn Sun – with sweet female vocals and a fairly moody overall groove! Wing Of Peace is really melodic take on the post folk and psychedelic singer/songwriter sound of the early 70s – a set that recalls both the warmth of the California scene as well as the dreamy pop late 60s pop of other climes – especially the lovely ladies of the French scene. There are lovely female vocals at the forefront of the songs, and stripped down backing of the drums, guitar, bass and Farfisa! 12 tracks in all: Korean titles that we can't translate, but love to listen! CD

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VariousElemental Instrumentals – Raw Primitive Instrumental Rock From Cuca Records Of Wisconsin 1959 to 1965 ... CD
Cuca/Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Searing instrumentals from the legendary Wisconsin-based Cuca label – one of the coolest indies of the 60s! Although Cuca was working out of tiny Sauk City in the dairy state, the company had an ear for a groove that matched the better known imprints of the west coast scene – and managed to record a heck of a lot of great local groups with a heavy guitar-based groove! Forget any thoughts you may have of California or the Northwest 60s scenes as the only true bastions of rocking guitar instrumentals – because this CD more than gives the Midwest its due, and serves up 28 smoking tracks that are also supported by some great notes on Cuca. Titles include "Scalping Party" by The Tornados, "Wasted" by The Zakons, "Spin Out" by Teen's Men, "Side Winder" by Vibratones, "This Way Out" by The Furys, "Rock Casual" by The Stagemen, "The Voodoo Walk" by The Voodoos, "Cyclone" by The Nocturnes, "Rotation" by Six Shooters, "Rewind" by Grind Prix's, "War Party" by The Catalinas, and "Hades" by Frank Gay & The Gayblades. CD

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VariousHillbillies In Hell – Country Music's Tormented Testament – 1952 to 1974 ... CD
Omni (Australia), 1950s/1960s/Early 70s. New Copy ... $16.99 19.99
A hell of a cool little set – one that begins with obscure country songs about drug use, then moves onto a whole host of songs with themes of suicide, insanity, damnation, and redemption! The music is every bit as great as you'd guess from the title and cover – and the folks at Omni, who already do an amazing job with obscure country reissues, really knock it out of the park with this one – by pulling together two decades' worth of unusual tracks from the indie underground – all supported by great notes as well. The package is a heady journey through the underbelly of country – sounds you'd never hear on the charts – and titles include "Suicide" by Louie Innis, "Satan's Chauffeur" by Jimmy Minor, "Marijuana The Devil Flower" by Johnny Price, "LSD" by Wendell Austin, "The Needle" by Harry Snyder, "California Hippie Murders" by Red River Dave, "Demon Of Jealousy" by Jesse Bruce, "The Devil Was Laughing At Me" by Jimmy Newman, "Psycho" by Eddie Noack, "Hell Train" by Billy Strange, "Race With The Devil" by Johnny David, and "Fourteen Stories Down" by Don Bailey. (Folk/Country, Rock) CD

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VariousIntoxica! – Strange & Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The SoCal Suburbs ... CD
Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
Smoking instrumentals from the California scene of the early 60s – tracks that nicely bridge the space between surf guitar, R&B, and exotica – served up with plenty of sax, organ, and searing guitar! Most of the work here came from the studios of tiny Downey Records – done in a rough-edged, garagey style that's simple, but extremely effective – and a really nice contrast to mainstream California instrumentals of the time. The groups vary throughout, but most of the tunes are linked with a shared production technique that uses heavy echo, straightforward performance, and the occasional spare added element to spice up the music – a really great sound that has plenty of dark edges! Titles include "Migrane" and "Eight Ball" by The Hustlers, "Blockade" and "Here Comes The Bug" by The Rumblers, "Intoxica" and "Comanche" by The Revels, "Space Battle" by Stories In Sound, "Water Wheel" by Chuck Higgins, "Here Comes The Sun" by The Rumblers, "Rosemary's Baby" by Ed Burkey, "Ghost Of Mary Meade (part 2)" by Little Caesar & The Ark Angels, A Week From Tuesday" by The Pastel Six, and "Theme Of Etiquette" by The Hindus. CD

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VariousIt Came From The Suburbs – Rare Teen Rock From The Kennedy Era ... CD
Downey/Ace (UK), Early 60s. New Copy ... $11.99 18.99
A motherlode of pre-British Invasion rock and roll from the Southern California scene of the early 60s – all of it taken from the vaults of the tiny Downey Records label! The set is a vocal counterpart to the Intoxica collection that featured instrumental work from Downey – and like that previous collection, the tunes here are in a variety of styles – from hard searing rock, to sweeter pop, to some great R&B styled tracks as well! Ace have done a great job of resurrecting this near-lost label – and the booklet here features a wealth of notes, photos, and information on the company and artists from the time – alongside a set list that features 27 tunes, some previously unissued – with titles that include "Richard's Bounce" by The Pastel Six, "Astro Romeo" by Johnny MacRae, "Oh It Hurts" by The Karols, "Purty Baby" by Mickey Bowman, "Jay Walkin" by Paul Clifton, "Thump De Dum Dum" by Ernie Baptiste, "Laura" by The Debonaires, "Understanding" by Jessie Hill, "Joe Cool" by Jimmy Hombs, "The Dragon" by Zane Ashton, "Bwana" by Johny MacRae, "Nellie" by The Invictas, and "Yea Yea Yea" by Joe Maniscalco. CD

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✨✧ Chocolate WatchbandMelts In Your Brain Not On Your Wrist – The Complete Recordings 1965 to 1967 ... CD
Big Beat (UK), Mid 60s. New Copy 2 CDs ... Out Of Stock
Throw away all of your other 60s psychedelic albums – because with this massive 2CD set, you'll hardly need them! The Chocolate Watchband were one of the key groups of the California scene of the 60s – a hard-rocking outfit that emerged in the garagey psyche years, and worked in the same south bay scene as Count Five and Syndicate Of Sound. Yet unlike either of those bands, Chocolate Watchband never scored as big on the charts – and also had a harder, rougher, edgier sound that showed what a young group could really do when given the space. There's a Stones-like sense of power here – especially on the rougher, blusier numbers – but also a Love-like sense of tightness and desire to hone the power of the guitar into a key force for the youth of the 60s. And although the group's discography has been slightly mysterious for years, this 2CD set more than corrects any problems – by offering up the full scope of the group's work – including singles on the Uptown and Hanna Barbera labels, material from their Tower LPs, later unissued cuts – and full notes on everything, including those studio sessions that didn't always feature all the members of the group. 43 tracks in all – with amazing notes, photos, and details on the music! CD

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✨✧ VariousAOR Global Sounds 1977 to 1982 ... CD
Favorite (France), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
AOR sounds from around the globe – proof that sweet, smooth 70s grooves didn't just come from studios in California and New York! The records here are all relatively obscure – mostly non-American acts, but working with a wonderfully groovy, wonderfully laidback style – nicely polished, but never too slick or commercial – and very much in that special spirit that's been lauded of late by the growing waves of AOR collectors around the globe! Most numbers come across with a nicely soulful vibe, and a fair bit of jazzy inflections – and although the pace is usually somewhat slow-stepping, there's definitely a groove in place on all these tracks! Titles include "Je Suis En Amour" by Diane Tell, "Rio Sinal Verde" by Junior Mendes, "Got To Be Lovin You" by Erik Tagg, "Peppermint Park" by Paul Hart, "Space Lady" by Ulla, "In Alto Mare" by Loredana Berte, "Neon" by Placa Luminosa, and "Lihue" by Nohelani Cypriano. (Funky Compilations, Rock) CD

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✨✧ VariousSoft Sounds For Gentle People Vol 3 ... CD
Pet Records, Late 60s. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
Dreamy dreamy pop from the late 60s underground – a wonderful assortment of rare singles and LP tracks, all hand-picked by the genius crew at Pet Records! The set seems to even top their previous excellent volumes – going beyond even the lesser-known, to come up with 24 tracks that we'd never heard before – but which easily rank with our favorite Sunshine Pop records ever! The package features a great set of notes that gives you details on each track, and really helps put the music into perspective. Loads of great harmonies, catchy tunes, and sweet California production – perfectly summing up the huge amount of untapped genius in the post-Pet Sounds era! Titles include "Where Is The Door" by West Coast Branch, "January Girl" by The Pipe Dream, "My Imagination" by PK Limited, "A Scene In Between" by The Stained Glass, "October Rain" by The Cinnamon Ship, "Floating Downstream On An Inflatable Rubber Raft" by The Second Helping, and "Lovin Day" by The Status Cymbal. CD

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✨✧ JD SoutherBlack Rose (with bonus tracks) ... CD
Elektra/Omnivore, 1976. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
One of the sweetest singer-songwriter records of the mid 70s country rock era – beloved by fans, but largely unknown to the masses after all these years! Black Rose is JD Souther's second record, and it's a thing a beauty – produced by Peter Asher and featuring a who's who Souther's famous friends and lot of the great California session musicians of the time, but it's really about the intimate songcraft and the warmth of Souther's voice. Really beautiful stuff and it sounds as great as ever! Includes "Banging My Head Against The Moon", "If You Have Crying Eyes", "Your Turn Now", "Faithless Love", "Baby Come Home", "Silver Blue", "Midnight Prowl", "Doors Swing Open", "Black Rose" and more. This great Omnivore version, on the cusp of the album's 40th anniversary includes 7 bonus tracks: "Faithless Love (Live)", demos of "Can Almost Seet It" and "Border Town", "Texas Nights And Mexican Moons" and more. CD

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✨✧ Bobby WhitlockOne Of A Kind ... CD
Capricorn/Universal (Japan), 1975. New Copy ... Out Of Stock
A killer from Bobby Whitlock – an artist who's definitely one of a kind, as few folks could ever hope to cut a record this great! Whitlock recorded previously for ABC/Dunhill, but he's right at home here in a Capricorn Records setting – which turns out to be the perfect format for Whitlock's well-crafted blend of roots rock and southern currents – already great enough at first listen, but even more amazing when you flip to the notes and realize that Bobby's handling most of the guitar parts, piano, and organ on the record – as well as using overdub to provide his own backup vocals too! Whitlock's one of that rare breed – maybe like Tony Joe White – who can do most of the work himself, but all without ever being too big for his britches, and coming across really fresh, personal, and vibrant throughout. Titles include "Free & Easy", "Going To California", "Movin On", "Have You Ever Felt Like Leavin", "We Made It To The Moon", and "Be Honest With Yourself". CD
(SHM-CD pressing!)

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