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Philadelphia International/Big Break (UK), Late 70s. 2CD
Five years of amazing sounds from Dexter Wansel – a keyboardist who could be as far out as his fiercest fusion contemporaries of the 70s, yet also groove with enough soulful styles to be a key part of the Philadelphia International explosion of the 70s! This massive collection really gets at ... CD (Soul)
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Prestige/BGP (UK), Early 70s.
Spiritual sounds from the source – a host of incredible tracks from a time when jazz was really opening up into new dimensions – as players stepped forward in a wave of strong post-Coltrane energy to really push the music into the skies! The music here can be seen as a blueprint for ... CD (Funky Compilations)
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Arista/Big Break (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. 2CD
A great little package that offers up a long-overdue look at the full talents of the legendary GQ – not just the group's big hits during their club classic years, but also their early roots as the excellent Rhythm Makers funk ensemble! This overstuffed package offers up plenty from both eras ... CD (Soul)
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Kent (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s.
The first-ever full length collection of work from Jeanette Jones – a San Francisco singer who's only been slowly discovered over the years, thanks to the efforts of the folks at Kent Records! Back in the day, Jones got one single on the market – the excellent "Darling I'm ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul)
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Roulette/Warner (Japan), 1959.
An overlooked gem from the Duke Ellington catalog – an unusual live session led by his longtime arranger Billy Strayhorn – with a vibe that's right up there with all the hippest of Duke's own albums from the time! The set's presented in true Roulette Records fashion – without ... CD (Jazz)
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Gretsch Drum Night At Birdland Vol 2
Roulette/Warner (Japan), 1960.
An amazing second chapter of the legendary Gretsch Drum Night At Birdland – and one that might even have more percussive power than the first! As before, the lineup features four key talents on the drum kit for the time – Art Blakey, Charlie Persip, Elvin Jones, and Philly Joe Jones ... CD (Jazz)
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In The Vernacular
Roulette/Warner (Japan), 1959.
Early genius from the great saxophonist John Handy – working here at a time when he was fresh from some key experience with Charles Mingus, and ready to try out some of his own great ideas as a leader on his own! The album's a stunner right from the start – a record of subtle power and ... CD (Jazz)
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Ace (UK), Late 50s/Early 60s.
Soulful sounds from New Orleans west into Texas – that swampy space in Louisiana where the music gets mixed up, cooked down, and turned out into something new entirely – with a raw vibe that's still completely amazing all these many years later! The set's far more than the usual ... CD (Soul)
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Trying To Become A Millionaire
Loadstone/Manufactured, 1976.
Stunning funky soul by California Playboys – a heck of a record that should have made the Playboys a huge combo at the time! It's a shame the group didn't become millionaires – but the obscurity of the record is maybe also one of its charms – the kind of small label set that ... CD (Soul)
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Eye For An Eye
Climax/Favorite (France), 1981.
One of the smoothest sets to ever come from the Muscle Shoals scene – an early 80s gem that's as much an AOR charmer as it is a modern soul groover! Vocals are by Robert Byrne, with close help from Brandon Barnes – working here with hip production from Clayton Ivey and Terry Woodford, ... CD (Rock)
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Strata East/Manufactured, 1975. (reissue)
Rare spiritual jazz by reed player Milton Marsh – one of the harder-to-find albums on Strata East – and one of just a couple incredible records to Marsh's name! Obscurity aside, this is prime Strata East – with some sprawling moments in a larger band formation that go just far ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz)
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Music Life
Favorite (France), Early 80s. (reissue)
Cool Caribbean soul from back in the day – a set that owes plenty to American modern and AOR styles of the time, but which also has its own sort of special vibe as well! The production is tight, but never too slick – and the tunes have this extended, open flow that makes for some ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves)
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Folksy Nina
Colpix/Warner (Japan), 1963.
Nina's folsky, but she's also jazzy too – and the album's from a key time in which she was finding a very special way to bring the two modes together! Simone could have been a straight jazz singer if she wanted – but as records like this always remind us, she was always striving for ... CD (Vocalists)
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Roulette/Warner (Japan), 1964.
One of the most obscure albums ever from the groovy vocal team of Jackie Cain and Roy Kral – and one of the most compelling, too! The duo take on songs from two older musicals for the set – but completely transform them with their playful, inventive approach to arrangements – a ... CD (Vocalists)
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EMI/Warner (Japan), 1969.
A real treat – one of the few small group sessions ever recorded by Slide Hampton during the 60s! The session was cut in Paris, where Hampton had taken up residence at the end of the decade – and was done with an all-star group that features Joachim Kuhn on piano, Niels-Henning Orsted-P ... CD (Jazz)
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But Beautiful
Jubilee/Warner (Japan), 1956.
One of the hipper albums ever cut by singer Monica Lewis – an artist who's maybe as remembered for her cheescake image as she is for her vocals! Yet make no mistake, the lady's definitely got some jazz chops here – working in a nicely stripped-down setting led by pianist Jack Kelly, ... CD (Vocalists)
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Sonorama (Germany), 1959/1960.
Bop, ballads, and lots more too – played by reedman Lucky Thompson at a time when he was really picking up some new ideas on the European scene! As with contemporaries like Sonny Criss or Benny Bailey, Thompson was great before he hit the continent – but then came back from Europe a ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz)
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Come Swing With Me
Roost/Warner (Japan), 1956.
Early work by singer Beverly Kenny – a great 50s jazz vocalist who never got her due, but who managed to make some pretty fine records at the time! This album's one of them, and features backings from Ralph Burns – not as dark and moody as some of his other work of the 50s, and in a ... CD (Vocalists)
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Fantagraphics, 2016.
The incredible fourth book in the Hip Hop Family Tree series – artist Ed Piskor's madly brilliant, super fun take on hip hop history, in the style of classic comic books – and the wild styles and huge personalities of '84 & '85 provide the most fertile material of the series to date! ... Book (Books)
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Presents Variations IV
Everest/Modern Harmonic, 1965. (reissue)
A very cool album that presents Cage at the height of his "chance" composition stage – featuring him with David Tudor weaving an eclectic mix sounds on a sound system – recorded live at the Feigen-Palmer Gallery in LA! The work is the kind of stuff you always hear about with ... LP, Vinyl record album (Out Sound)

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