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Tim Maia (1970)
Polydor/Oficial Arquivos, 1970.
The incredible first album by Tim Maia – Brazil's greatest soul star in the 70s, and for good reason too – given that Tim was one of the few who could match the depth of American soul and funk at the time! Yet the music here is way more than just a Brazilian version of American soul ... CD (Brazil)
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One Der Ful/Secret Stash, Late 60s/Early 70s.
A really unique side of the legendary One-Derful family of Chicago soul music labels – the tiny Halo imprint, where the company issued all of their incredible gospel music! The Halo sound is like a deep soul take on the other One-Derful/Mar-V-Lus material – cut at the same time, in a ... CD (Soul)
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Sisters & Their Sons
Peacock/Playback, 1974.
If you don't love the Loving Sisters already, you'll definitely fall in love with them after hearing this amazingly soulful set of 70s gospel – material that really sets the group apart from most of their contemporaries! At a time when groups like The Emotions or Sweet Inspiration were ... CD (Gospel)
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RM Jazz Legacy
Key Of Life (Japan), 2015.
A totally wonderful jazz ensemble from Japan – one who definitely work in some of the older modes you'd guess from the "legacy" in their name, especially the hippest funky big band styles of the 70s – yet a group who also have a very fresh, individual vibe of their own! These ... CD (Jazz)
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Polydor/Oficial Arquivos, 1971.
One of the funkiest records ever from Brazilian soul legend Tim Maia – and a set that also has him singing a bit of English language lyrics too! The groove here is that classic Maia blend of Brazilian roots with American funk and soul – echoes of forro or samba in some of the rhythms, ... CD (Brazil)
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Be! (Germany), 1970.
CD...$129.99 199.99
A huge document of this incredible year in jazz in Germany – a time when free styles were breaking out all over, alongside some of the groovier styles of the MPS scene as well! This beautiful box documents the 12th German Jazz Festival in three different concerts – amazing music that ... CD (Jazz)
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Strut (UK), Mid 70s. 2LP Gatefold
Amazing music you've probably never heard before – all from the tiny island of Mauritius in the 70s, and served up in a stunning mix of funk, blues, and soul! The grooves here are very offbeat – with rhythms that belie the island's location in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, mixed ... LP, Vinyl record album (Global Grooves)
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Playback, Late 60s/Early 70s. 2 CDs
The complete Back Beat and ABC Records singles of the mighty OV Wright – a hell of a deep soul singer who we'd rank right up there with James Carr, Otis Redding, and other known southern greats of the late 60s! Yet OV never fully got his due, and we're not sure why – as the material on ... CD (Soul)
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Won't It Be Grand
Peacock/Playback, 1974.
One of the deepest records issued on the Peacock label in the 70s – and that's saying a lot, given the soulful sound of the legendary gospel imprint! The Crowns Of Glory work here as a many-voiced unit, but one with a really intimate feel – often set to a spare groove, and with a ... CD (Gospel)
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Sony/Bridge (Japan), Late 60s. Gatefold
A totally wonderful little record that's every bit as sexy as you might guess from the cover – and which also has some of the groovy French elements you might expect from the title! The set's got this slinky, erotic vibe that's almost in Serge Gainsbourg territory – save for the fact ... CD (Vocalists)
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House Party
Jam Jar, 2016.
In case you're wondering, they DO still make 'em like they used to – at least when it comes to classic-styled soul records, like this St Louis effort from Kenny Rice! Kenny comes from a world that might be more blues than soul, but there's definitely a lot of southern soul styles at play on ... CD (Soul)
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Fremeaux & Associates (France), 1966/1972.
A wonderful document of the very special sound of biguine – that beautiful blend of jazz, Latin, and other elements that flourished only in Guadeloupe, and hit an especially strong sound in the 60s – presented here in a collection of work by two different excellent groups! The bulk of ... CD (Global Grooves)
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Sony (Japan), 1970s.
One of the coolest records we've ever heard from DJ Muro – and that's saying a hell of a lot, given how much we love his other projects! This totally wonderful set has Muro mixing it up with snippets of songs from Japanese animated work of the 60s, 70s, and 80s – very cool, very groovy ... CD (Funky Compilations)
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Crying Won't Help
Peacock/Playback, 1975.
Funky soulful gospel – and one of the greatest albums ever recorded by the Pilgrim Jubilees! The album's got a heavy soulful sound that would make groups like The Dells or The Dramatics proud – really righteous, with full-on production that's in the best mode of 70s secular funky soul ... CD (Gospel)
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Astral Spirits, 1979.
Never-heard music from the mighty Joe McPhee – an extended tenor solo, recorded in Zurich in 1979 – issued here for the first time ever! The music is mezmerising – that incredible approach to solo performance that McPhee was bringing to his Hat Hut records in the late 70s, ... LP, Vinyl record album (Jazz)
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Playback, Late 60s/Early 70s/2003.
A killer collection of work from the great Howard Tate – a stunning soul singer who recorded mostly during an initial decade in the studio, then briefly returned to fame in the few short years before his death – always with a depth and vibrancy that set him apart right from the start! ... CD (Soul)
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Unit (Switzerland), 2016.
Pianist Benny Lackner hits a groove here that's really unique – funky, but not jazz funk at all – and instead kind of a spacious, flowing sound on his keyboard that carves out its own special feel through careful timing and well-defined sense of attack! The drums and bass in the group ... CD (Jazz)
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Ace (UK), Mid 60s.
Saint Etienne have brought us a number of wonderful compilations over the years – both in this format for Ace Records, and their work on their own great Croydon Municipal label – yet as much as we've loved all those others, we may well love this one the best – as it's a sublime ... CD (Funky Compilations)
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Stax/Kent (UK), Mid 60s.
Stax Records turned out plenty of hits in the 60s – but the Memphis label was also a non-stop powerhouse of recording, and cut countless sides that were every bit as great as their hits, but never fully got their due! This collection brings together a huge amount of those gems – 24 ... CD (Funky Compilations)
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Schema (Italy), 1974. Gatefold
A legendary sound library set from the 70s Italian scene – exactly the kind of record that got so many folks digging for sound library funk so many years ago! The record's a masterpiece of funky rhythms, jazzy instrumentation, and warmer touches – served up with plenty of Fender Rhodes ... CD (Sound Library)

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