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Trying To Become A Millionaire
Loadstone/Manufactured, 1976.
Stunning mid 70s funky soul by California Playboys – a masterful one-and-done record released by San Francisco indie Loadstone Records back in the day before it disappeared to obscurity! It's a real shame this group didn't become millionaires – shoot, at least find a little bit of fame ... CD (Soul)
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LaFace/FTG, 1996. 2 CDs
The second smash hit record in a row by Toni Braxton, and one of biggest and best of the mid 90s – the secret was out by this point to say the least! If the pressure was high to match the sales and creative strengths of the self-titled solo debut, Toni, composer/producer Babyface and ... CD (Soul)
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Strata East/Manufactured, 1975.
Rare spiritual jazz by reed player Milton Marsh – one of the harder-to-find albums on Strata East – and one of just a couple incredible records to Marsh's name! Obscurity aside, this is prime Strata East – with some sprawling moments in a larger band formation that go just far ... CD (Jazz)
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Move Ever Onward
Divine/Manufactured, 1975.
Cosmic righteousness from Brother Ahh – an enigmatic musician who worked briefly with Sun Ra, and continued an exploration of the sonic heavens on his own! This rare 1975 album features Ahh's Sound Awareness ensemble – a 25 piece group that features a host of voices set to percussion, ... CD (Jazz)
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Arista/Big Break (UK), 1979.
Not just disco nights, but some great mellow moments too – a wonderfully well-rounded classic from this great quartet – as tight and groovy as it is cool and classy! By the time of this debut, the group had already had plenty of 70s soul experience as The Rhythm Makers – a ... CD (Soul)
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Key To Nowhere
Manufactured/Divine, 1983.
Cosmic righteousness from Brother Ahh – aka Robert Northern – best known for his work with Sun Ra, but a force behind some wonderfully soulful records of his own! This album's one of Ahh's later works – self-released in 1983, with a conception that's fuller than his earlier works ... CD (Jazz)
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Sound Awareness
Strata East/Manufactured, 1972.
A very trippy album from the enigmatic Brother Ahh – aka Robert Northern, former member of Sun Ra's Arkestra, and also a lecturer on the east coast! This album's his first, originally issued on the Strata East label – and a spacey mixture of other-worldly sounds. The first long track ... CD (Jazz)
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Presents Variations IV
Everest/Modern Harmonic, 1965. (reissue)
A very cool album that presents Cage at the height of his "chance" composition stage – featuring him with David Tudor weaving an eclectic mix sounds on a sound system – recorded live at the Feigen-Palmer Gallery in LA! The work is the kind of stuff you always hear about with ... LP, Vinyl record album (Out Sound)
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Galactic Zoo Dossier, 2016.
The milestone 20 year anniversary issue of cosmic music magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier – #10 overall and the first new issue in 4 years – "a gift from the psychedelic godz" and well worth the wait! Official it'sThe Interview Issue, too, featuring Arthur Brown, Bang, Max Ochs, ... Magazine (Magazines)
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Fantagraphics, 2016.
The incredible fourth book in the Hip Hop Family Tree series – artist Ed Piskor's madly brilliant, super fun take on hip hop history, in the style of classic comic books – and the wild styles and huge personalities of '84-85 years provide the most fertile material of the series to date! ... Book (Books)
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Edison/Modern Harmonic, 1958.
A fantastic bit of lost tribal soundtracky grooves from composer-arranger Tak Shindo – maybe his best ever! Filled with heavy percussion and rhythms, often with great chant vocals, this is way up in the top tier of late 50s to early 60s exotica. It's got a bit of a Les Baxter feel, given the ... CD (Now Sound)
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Far Out (UK), 2016.
Clara Moreno's jazzy samba soul take Jorge Ben's classic Samba Esquema Novo album – much more than a simple tribute record, though – it's some of her warmest grooves in years! The songs ever fresh, of course, but Clara is really doing something special here, adapting the material in a ... CD (Brazil)
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Shine The Light Of Love
Columbia/Favorite (France), 1980. Gatefold (reissue)
Soaring soul from Googie and Tom Coppola – much more of an R&B-inflected album than their earlier rock work in the group Air – sublimely produced with help from Jerry Peters, who brings in a sweet LA groove! Googie's vocals are especially great – with a higher-pitch Minnie ... LP, Vinyl record album (Soul)
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Milestone/Far Out (UK), 1980.
Wicked early work from Azymuth – one of the albums that the group recorded when they were really starting to take off on the global scene – burning strong with a soulful fusion vibe, lots of Brazilian rhythm currents, and always hitting all the right notes in their music! The sound ... CD (Brazil)
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Four Flies (Italy), 1971. (reissue)
The grooviest sound library work we've ever heard from Gerardo Iacoucci – a fabulous mix of playful mod and psych-steeped uptempo jazzy material – equal to, but with a wildly different style than his far out Simbolismo Psichedelico record from around the same time! This one is packed ... LP, Vinyl record album (Sound Library)
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Meltdown/Modern Harmonic, 1986.
A legendary meeting of talents from two different sides of the underground – avant composer John Cage and jazz visionary Sun Ra – both performing together at a special one-night event that took place at Coney Island in 1987! The set doesn't really feature Ra jamming with Cage (as if ... CD (Jazz)
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Song Sentimentale
OTOroku (UK), 2016.
If there's one thing we can expect from this trio of players, it's that they're never going to be too sentimental – as a group like this is always moving forward into the future, opening up new ideas with every moment of their music, and continuing to blow us away after all their many years ... CD (Jazz)
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Good News From Africa
Enja (Germany), 1973.
CD...$9.99 15.99
Beautiful duets between pianist Dollar Brand and legendary bassist/Blue Notes member Johnny Dyani – two great South African jazz musicians who should have recorded more together in a format like this! Brand's open-ended rolling piano lines bring out the best in Dyani's bass – which at ... CD (Jazz)
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Fantagraphics, 2016.
The fantastic third & fourth volumes of classic comics-enamored/classic rap-reared artist Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree series – which really gets better and better with each new book as it goes deeper into early hip hop history! Book 3 & 4 hone in the years 1983-1985, a time ... Book (Books)
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Digitmovies (Italy), 1975.
A sweet electric score from Luicano Michelini – and one that we might almost point to as an early entry in the keyboard sound of Italian horror films! The style's not as proggy or rockish as Goblin – and Luciano borrows maybe a bit of funk from some of the cop/crime scene – yet ... CD (Soundtracks)

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