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Flying Dutchman/Boplicity (UK), 1970. New Copy
Wild! Louis hits the Flying Dutchman label, and picks up a little bit of the hipness of the labels' other artists! Louis is working in a mode that's part post-Coltrane soul jazz, part righteous pop jazz, with a groovy late 60s touch. Oliver Nelson conducted the set – and the band here ... CD (Jazz)
Lolita Go Home
Fontana (Japan), 1975. New Copy
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin take Jane's ever-growing trash rock aesthetic into the Euro club world of the 70s – and the result is an insane batch of tracks that are among Birkin's craziest work of the decade! She sings with an incredibly deadpan style – as you'll hear especially ... CD (French)
Don't Blame Me
Sonorama (Germany), New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Don't Blame Me
Sonorama (Germany), New Copy
LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists)
Columbia/Real Gone, New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Columbia/Real Gone, New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Peggy Connelly
Bethlehem/Solid (Japan), 1956. New Copy
An excellent album of vocals that's one of the best vocal jazz sessions ever cut on Bethlehem! It's also one of the rarest, and comes packaged in a cool purple, white, and black cover with Connelly stretched out in a montage of some very Laura Petrie-ish images! The backing's by a hip group led ... CD (Vocalists)
Fontana (Japan), 1970. New Copy
An amazing record – one that we'd never part with! The session is one of Blossom Dearie's greatest records ever – a sublime set of tunes recorded in London, at the end of the 60s, with larger arrangements than usual, and a feel that's almost psychedelic. Backings were arranged and ... CD (Vocalists)
Welcome Matt Dennis
Jubilee/EMI (Japan), Late 50s. New Copy
A lesser-known set from vocalist Matt Dennis – not as well-remembered as his 50s dates for RCA and Kapp, but still pretty darn great nonetheless! Matt's working here with full backings from Sy Oliver – in a set that showcases his talents more as a singer than a songwriter – but ... CD (Vocalists)
High Note, New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Multiplication Rock
Capitol (Japan), 1973. New Copy
Sure, it was silly stuff when we were kids – but once De La Soul sampled "Three Is The Magic Number", this record became one of the most prized in our possession! And thanks to that hip hop reintroduction, we've really fallen in love with the music again over the years – ... CD (Soundtracks)
I Remember When
Motema, New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Rhythm & Blues At The Flamingo
Polydor (Japan), 1964. New Copy
Blistering early work from a young Georgie Fame – a set that definitely lives up to the Rhythm & Blues in the title! The set was recorded live at London's hip Flamingo club – and Georgie and The Blue Flames are very much in command of the crowd – burning with the intensity of ... CD (Vocalists)
CBS/Pure Pleasure (UK), 1968. New Copy (reissue)
A really great little album from Georgie Fame – one that has moving past the swinging Mose Allison-inspired jazz vocal mode of earlier records, into a groovier style that picks up a range of different sounds! Georgie kicks off the album with his version of the ever-popular late 60s "Ball ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists)
Verve (Japan), 1969. New Copy
A lost treasure – and one of the rarest albums in Astrud Gilberto's career! The set's a special Japanese-only session – recorded in 1969, and featuring all new Japanese lyrics to a number of Astrud's biggest hits – plus some wonderful new tracks done especially for the session! ... CD (Brazil)
Verve (Japan), 1967. New Copy
One of the hardest to find Astrud Gilberto records on Verve – and one of the best! Deodato, Don Sebesky, and Pat Williams did the arrangements – and the sound here is a bit different than some of the straighter Gilberto sets of the time – still very bossa-inspired, but also in a ... CD (Brazil)
Look For A Star – 1959 to 1962
El (UK), New Copy
CD (Now Sound)
Joey Heatherton Album
MGM/Universal (Japan), 1972. New Copy
Was there a sexier 70s celebrity than Joey Heatherton? It's hard to think so – and the cover of this one is more than enough proof that she was America's greatest answer to Brigitte Bardot! And while we certainly remember her from countless variety show appearances at the time, it's ... CD (Vocalists)
Blue Note, New Copy
CD (Neo Soul)
Rocket (Finland), New Copy
CD (Jazz)
Afrasia/Pure Pleasure (UK), 2012. New Copy
A wonderful record from Carmen Lundy – filled with original compositions, and recorded with a really solid jazz-based backing! The set's a great reminder of why Lundy is one of our favorite jazz singers ever – one of the few who continue to hold true to their original promise over the ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists)
Reprise/Legacy, 1964. New Copy
Dream With Dean has Dino singing in a smooth easy style – working in a mellow late nite mode that fits more with his late work for Capitol than the bulk of his work for Reprise. Dean sings wonderfully and warmly on a set of standards that includes "I'll Buy That Dream", "I'm ... LP, Vinyl record album (Vocalists)
A&M (Japan), 1967. New Copy
The second album by Sergio and crew – and a real push forward for the group! The basic format of two-female harmony leads is still in place – but for some reason, this album gives a bit more of a nod to Brazilian roots than before, and really spices things up with an even more ... CD (Brazil)
A&M (Japan), 1971. New Copy
A real classic from Sergio Mendes – probably most famous for its funky bits! The record pushes past the formula of the earlier Brasil 66 albums, and goes for a more sophisticated approach that adds in some sweet electric moments, more complicated grooves, and an overall sound that's even ... CD (Brazil)
Capitol/Gold Legion, 1963. New Copy
We love Marian Montgomery – and she's a heck of a great singer with a really unusual sound! In an early 60s work of sultry vixens, Marian's got a harder-swinging groove that's almost in a Ray Charles mode – clearly inspired by 50s R&B, but done with enough of a jazz flourish to ... CD (Vocalists)
Comet Come To Me
Naive (France), New Copy
CD (Neo Soul)
Comet Come To Me
Naive (France), New Copy
LP, Vinyl record album (Neo Soul)
Five, Four, Three
Polskie Nagrania/GAD (Poland), 1974. New Copy
One of the hippest albums ever from this fab Polish vocal group – and all of their albums are pretty darn hip! This set has the Novi Singers working in a freer, more open-ended mode than on some of their earlier records – hitting some territory that verges on the Karin Krog mode of the ... CD (Vocalists)
Hoob (Sweden), New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Kudu/Soulmusic.com (UK), 1971. New Copy
One of our favorite-ever albums from Esther Phillips – an album that really helped her transform her sound for the 70s! The approach here is a lot more jazzy than before – served up with a good dose of funk, thanks to arrangements from Pee Wee Ellis – fresh from his work with ... CD (Soul)
Ace (UK), New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Don't Let Go
MCA/Blue Thumb (Japan), 1974. New Copy
Tight funky jazz from vocalist Ben Sidran – still very much in his best early mode, and playing with a really raw sound overall! Ben's vocals are in that down-home Mose Allison mode, but the real charm is the music – which features funky drums by Clyde Stubblefield, the man responsible ... CD (Vocalists)
Feel Your Groove
Capitol (Japan), 1971. New Copy
A rare Capitol Records outing from Ben Sidran – and one of his best from the early years! The album's a quirky batch of tracks that also gets nice and funky at times – and some of the best cuts have a tightly snapping feel with plenty of breaks – so much so that the album's been ... CD (Vocalists)
I Lead A Life
MCA/Blue Thumb (Japan), 1972. New Copy
Wonderful early work from Ben Sidran! The album's got a hip jazzy vocal style – similar to some of the best late 60s work by Bob Dorough or Dave Frishberg, but also with New Orleans touches – as in the work of Mose Allison or Dr John! Sidran brings in a smoother, groovier feel than ... CD (Vocalists)
Where Am I Going
Philips (Japan), 1967. New Copy
One of the greatest of all Dusty Springfield albums – a gem of a record that mixes British pop, soul, and some very groovy orchestrations! The whole session has that kind of strident bounce that Dusty had on her best records – but which was possibly never done nearly as well as on this ... CD (Vocalists)
Smilin Memories
Universal (Japan), New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Life Force Jazz, New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Flying Dutchman/BGP (UK), 1972. New Copy
One of the hardest to find of the original Leon Thomas albums – and one of the best! Includes the excellent cut "China Doll", which, despite it's slightly offensive racial tone, is a sweet groover with a nice Eastern feel to it. Other tracks include "Boom Boom Boom", ... CD (Vocalists)
Samba '68
Verve (Japan), 1968. New Copy
One of the grooviest Verve albums of all time – a rare American session from Brazilian legend Marcos Valle – and his only US album to feature vocals! The album's even dreamier than Valle's early bossa sides from Brazil – and the setting has some nice Verve-like touches from ... CD (Brazil)
This Mother's Daughter
Capitol (Japan), 1976. New Copy
One of Nancy Wilson's hippest albums from the 70s – a great record of smooth mellow tracks produced by Eugene McDaniels, handled with some nice jazzy flourishes, and a warm soulful sound that brings out the best in Nancy's vocals! If you've dug her vocals on the Life, Love, & Harmony ... CD (Vocalists)
Strata East/Shout (Japan), 1974. New Copy Gatefold
One of the stranger albums on Strata East, and a real home-grown effort that features arrangements by Bill Lee (Spike's dad!) Winston's a vocalist with a slightly spiritual kind of sound, and some of the tracks on the record are nice light little ditties with piano by Stanley Cowell, drums by ... CD (Vocalists)
Motema, New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Ace (UK), New Copy
CD (Rock)
Cherry Red/Croydon Municipal (UK), New Copy
CD (Vocalists)
Croydon Municipal (UK), New Copy
CD (Vocalists)