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Paris Pop Galaxy

LP (Item 64158) Pulp Flavor (France), 1970s/2002 — Condition: New Copy
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Great music – made even better! You've probably heard us rave about the work of Janko Nilovic – the Paris-based composer who did some incredible work in the 70s – a mad blend of beats, grooves, voices, and odd instrumental touches. And while we love Janko's work on its own, it sound extra-great in this remix set by Eric Caspar – which pulls out all the best sounds in Janko's older recordings, and offers them up in new versions that still have a lot of the mad spirit of the original. As a whole, we never seem to like remix projects as much as the originals, but in this case, we really think the tracks are as good – and in some cases even better – than Janko's normal recordings! Titles include remixed versions of "Batucada Pop", "Paris Le Bourget", "Disco Tonic", "Paris Safari", "Super Weekend", "Vibraphone Interlude", and "Boulmich Bossa".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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