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Voices Of Packaged Souls

LP (Item 614393) Finders Keepers/Dead Cert (UK), 1970 — Condition: New Copy
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One of the first-ever albums to feature the music of Suzanne Ciani – and one of the wildest, too! The set was originally pressed up in a tiny 50 copy run – as part of an art exhibit in Brussels to feature a sound sculpture collaboration between Ciani and another artist – filled with loads of weird, wild, offbeat electronics by Suzanne – including some cool processed vocal passages, and loads of spare, stark sounds that work together as a beautiful collage – moving from noise to notes to noise and back again! The sound is very dark throughout – quite different than the new age sounds that Ciani would record a few decades later. (Limited pressing – with bonus insert too!)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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