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Percuplusions/Gynorythmies 1

CD (Item 611220) Neuilly/Omni (Australia), 1969 — Condition: New Copy
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Two amazing albums from sound library maestro Patrice Sciortino – experimental, but also pretty darn groovy too! Percuplusions features tunes that often mix odd rhythms and weird keyboard parts – sometimes electric harpsichord, sometimes an instrument that may well be prepared piano – used in a way that's every bit as rhythmic as the percussion! There's a core rootsy feel to the music that's almost like some of Moondog's 50s recordings – although the overall approach has more of a French avant style as well – like some of the late 60s records coming out on Philips, issued here on the Limelight electronic series. Titles include "Isogones", "Natcos", "Wood Wood", "Cryptile", "Ronces", and "Matic". Next is Gynorhymies 1 – a record that sounds like it's got sort of a dirty title, but which was actually composed for dance excercises – although exercises of a very offbeat nature! The music is a nice blend of acoustic percussion and some electric touches – the latter of which are usually used sparely, mostly on keyboard, and folded into the percussion – so that the music is very rhythmic throughout! The CD features all the short tracks from the original album – plus some bonus tracks as well – 44 titles in all, and almost 80 minutes of very unusual sounds!  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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