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Amazing Record Cleaning Machine! (115 Volt Version)

Misc (Item 15363) VPI, 2004 — Condition: New Copy
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Ever wonder how we get our records so clean at Dusty Groove? Well, it's because we've been using this amazing machine for years, and we'll swear by it always as the best way to clean up those old albums you find while diggin' through the crates. The long-tested VPI system is in place with record dealers, collectors, and audiophiles everywhere – and it's even used by the Smithsonian Institute for the albums they have in their archive! The process is simple, but extremely effective: the record is bathed in a special fluid, scrubbed by a special brush to loosen all dirt and debris, and then the whole thing's vacuumed up to remove the fluid dirt and all! We know the machine's a bit pricey, and we balked a bit when we bought our first one. Now, though, we own 3 of them, and we think every penny was very well spent. We can't recommend the machine highly enough, and if you ever need a demonstration, just look at one of the very clean records you've bought from us! (The shipping price will be a bit more than usual, and we'll give you a quote when you order, but at least you won't have to pay sales tax on the whole thing.) (Please Note: unlike other items we carry, this one is not actually in stock. We need to special order it for you, but we usually get them in a month.)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.