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End Of The World ... LP, Vinyl record album

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Lonely Girl
Liberty, 1956. Very Good
Looking like she does on the cover, it's hard to imagine Julie London being a lonely girl – as she's very seductively posed, with that slinky bare shoulders look that no doubt helped many of her early Liberty sides sell so well! But apart from the cheesecake, the record's one of Julie's ... LP, Vinyl record album
Cool Heat
Liberty, Early 60s. Very Good
An album of straight jazz vocals from Hawaiian singer Ethel Azama – an artist who's perhaps better known for her more exotic Liberty album with Martin Denny, but who's working here in a much straighter mode with backings from the great Marty Paich! Paich is at the height of his powers here ... LP, Vinyl record album
Mmmmm Myrna
Liberty, Late 50s. Very Good+
Backings by Monty Kelly – with titles that include "Majorca", "It Used To Be", "It's Love", "Don't Introduce Me", and "Love Is Coming My Way". ... LP, Vinyl record album
AMR, Early 60s. Near Mint-
A beautiful groover from Chicago singer Oscar Lindsay – a deep-voiced vocalist who's clearly inspired by Billy Eckstine, but who also opens up here in a hipper small combo mode! Oscar's vocals are great – rich, but never sleepy – and with enough range to rate the "sophisticat ... LP, Vinyl record album
Jennie (Dot)
Dot, 1964. Near Mint-
A pretty great record from singer Jennie Smith – not just for her own vocals, but for the unusual batch of tunes on the set! Jennie sang regularly on the Steve Allen show – and Steve penned every tune on the set – giving Smith a batch of music that goes way past overdone ... LP, Vinyl record album
Cadet, Late 60s. Very Good
One of McDuff's fantastic Cadet LPs, and one that features the funky funky organist in a set of crazy arrangements written by him and Richard Evans. An amazing mix of McDuff's soul jazz organ sound with the genius that was the Chess/Cadet studio system of the late 60's – and one that yields ... LP, Vinyl record album