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Everybody's Own

LP (Item 637733) Golden Pavilion (Portugal), 1972 — Condition: New Copy
Gatefold (reissue)
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LP, Vinyl record album

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A Swiss group, but one with a sweet 70s sound that's more Cali than anything else – kind of a post-Sunshine Pop album with lots of warm touches and some slight folksy undertones! Instrumentation is often acoustic, but relatively full as well – recorded with some sweet studio production that really works well with the vocals – tight and compressed, yet never in a too slick way – kind of that perfect moment before AOR got too over the top and mainstream. The tunes are pretty darn haunting, sometimes with a darkness that you wouldn't expect – especially as the set moves on, and begins to show a slightly twisted side. Titles include "Autumn Calling", "Seven Sad Sisters", "I Drive", "Who", "Shifting Lead", "Chubby's Song", and "Time Will Change Your Season". (Limted to 500 copies – with bonus insert too!)  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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