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Coogan's Bluff

CD (Item 638596) Universal/Intrada, 1968 — Condition: New Copy
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One of the more evocative Lalo Schifrin soundtracks of the 60s – music scored for a Clint Eastwood western, but handled in a mix of modes that goes way beyond the usual! About half the tracks are more familiar western fare – with the kinds of bold themes and action-filled elements that you'd hear from other composers – but others bring in some warmer, lyrical elements – and a few others turn the guitar from country twang to jazzified riffing – in ways that hit the kind of Schifrin groove we really love! This deluxe CD edition features a whopping 24 tracks from the film – plus 8 more bonus tracks, including some unusued numbers and radio spots too! Titles include "Green Worms", "Get Out", "Arizona Desert", "Coogan's Wild Ride", "Song To Julie", "Five Minutes", "Where's Ringerman", "Looking For Jimbo", and "Capture The Chief".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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