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Rumblin' & Rare – 24 More Boss Nuggets From Downey

CD (Item 621830) Ace (UK), Early 60s — Condition: New Copy
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Raucous R&B-flavored rock instrumentals by The Rumblers – the second great compilation of their early-to-mid 60s material put together by Ace UK – and a superior one! It's got more of their great Downey singles from the period, along with previously unreleased gems. The rhythms rumble, alright – and they're nice and raw, too – but even more appealing is the way the sax and guitars play off of each other so brilliantly! The tracks on Rumblin' & Rare seems to have a bit more of a focused vibe than on the previous comp – we're guessing because the group really found and honed in on their sound, come '63 or so – but whatever the reason, it's incredible stuff! 24 tracks in all – many of of which were previously unreleased! Includes "Boss Drums", "Poor Boy", "Wockytok", "Slippin'", "Rumblin' & Stumblin'", "Saxwax", "Walkin' With The Boss", "Till Always", "Wedgee", "Charger", "The Nervous Set", "Lost Weekend", "Sweet Potato" and more.  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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