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Best Of Miles Davis & John Coltrane ... CD

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Columbia/Legacy, Late 50s/Early 60s. Used 6CD & Book
Time Out
Columbia, 1959. Used
Easily the crowning moment of genius for the legendary Dave Brubeck Quartet – the moment when all things came together magically, and the group somehow elevated themselves to a whole new level in jazz! At the time of the set, Brubeck, Paul Desmond, and the rest had already been making plenty ... CD
Columbia/Legacy, 1965. Used 8 CDs
This stunning live set has been hailed by many as one of the finest moments of Miles' mid 60s career – music played with a frenetic energy that even blows away the famous studio sessions of the time! The group here is a landmark lineup – young modernists Wayne Shorter on tenor, Herbie ... CD
Columbia/Sony, 1997. Used
Columbia, 1976. Used
Great post-Mahavishnu work from guitarist John McLaughlin – the debut of his excellent Shakti combo, a group who mixed Indian music with some tighter fusion moments! The style here is a lot leaner than some of McLaughlin's previous experiments – a small group lineup with violin from L ... CD
Apple Juice
Columbia (Japan), 1981. Used
Tom Scott gets his apple juiced in this sweet live set – a concert performance from the early 80s, and a record that's got a sharper edge than some of Scott's studio work of the time! The group's nice and tight, with funky energy that really brings out the most soulful tones of Tom's sax ... CD
Vestry Lamento
Double Moon (Germany), 2014. Used
Newk's Time
Blue Note, 1958. Used
One of Sonny Rollins' classic sides for Blue Note from the 50s – all of which are excellent! For the set, Sonny's working in a relatively free quartet format, with Wynton Kelly on piano, and rhythm from the team of Doug Watkins and Philly Joe Jones. Overall, the session's got a bit more of ... CD
Blue Note, 1963. Used
An incredible record – the kind of album that only Blue Note could put out, and an instant classic that will sound wonderful forever! The album's truly one of the great ones – one of those Blue Notes that still makes you stop and pause when you hear it, even though you've heard it a ... CD