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Evening Shadow Road

LP (Item 636908) Nero's Neptune, Early 2000s — Condition: New Copy
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LP, Vinyl record album

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A batch of late recordings by proto rock shackshacker Hasil Adkins – and one of the sweetest vinyl releases yet on Nero's Neptune – who are proving to be one more important labels out there championing obscure, rural guitar heroes! Hasil strived to top Elvis in the late 50s and early 60s with an inimitable style of primitivist rock, but he actually ended up inspiring thousands of garage rockers, punks and rockabillies instead, thanks to ramshackle home recordings and wild-eyed lyricism. He was still making some wild music later in life, but the later stuff is also oddly sweet. Near the end, Hasil found love, and these recordings were inspired by just that – and it includes a 24-page color illustration booklet by Amy Krueger – who loved Hasil back, and inspired these songs. It's quite faithful in sound and style to his killer early recordings – but he ain't aiming to start dance crazes about chickens anymore! If you dig any of his earlier work, we can't recommend this one highly enough! Titles include "Got A Girl In Minnesota", "Endlessly", "I'm Lonely Tonight Little Amy", "Evening Shadow Road", "Play Pretty", "I Dreamt About Amy Last Night", "Bacon & Eggs" and "How Much I Love You".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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