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Walk Don't Run Vol 2 ... CD

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Columbia/Sundazed, 1966. New Copy
A slightly headier sound than before from Chad & Jeremy – music that's still in a great mix of Brit Invasion and Sunshine Pop, but which also shows a somewhat deeper sensibility too – a desire to reach past the simpler pop modes that first got the pair going here in the US! Chad ... CD
Soul Jazz (UK), Late 70s/Early 80s. New Copy
An amazing second foray into the world of punk rock 45s – and the British chapter to the previous American volume from Soul Jazz! Like the first set, the track selection here is superb – no overdone punk "oldies" or overplayed classics – and instead a great range of ... CD
Spark/Grapefruit (UK), Late 60s. New Copy
Rare gems from the late 60s UK Spark label – a small imprint founded by the Southern Music publishing company, as their own outlet for some of the cool compositions in their catalog! Many of these tracks were recorded in the basement of the company's London offices – often by the same ... CD
RPM (UK), Mid 70s. New Copy
Our first-ever look at the unique pop scene in mid 70s Iceland – a batch of work that hardly ever got any global exposure at the time – but which really stands alongside some of the grooviest bits from other European nations in the decade! Lots of these cuts offer up a cool, compressed ... CD
RPM (UK), Late 60s/1970s. New Copy
A wonderful overview of the career of singer/songwriter Biff Rose – a true American genius we'd place in a category that few others can match! Rose has a style that's folksy, yet far hipper than folk – a biting, laugh-at-itself sort of approach that's never silly, but relaxedly poetic ... CD
Rev-Ola (UK), 1979. New Copy
Glorious power pop from South London – driving work from the Exits! The spectre of early Elvis Costello hovers over The Exits, particularly in the vocal department – but the uber catchy hooks and buzzing guitars have more of an all purpose sheen. Strong stuff from the power pop ... CD
Columbia/Rev-Ola (UK), 1969. New Copy
Great work from The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – even tighter and more groove-happy than previous records – with a very hip blend of mod soul influences underneath their Sunshine Pop sound! There's a lot of Hammond bubbling up in the rhythms here, and the drums are nicely forceful too ... CD
Stiff/RPM (UK), Late 70s. New Copy 2 CDs
A great anthology of Rachel Sweet's entire Stiff Records output – including the complete Fool Around and Protect The Innocent LPs – plus tracks from rare 45s and hard-to-find compilations! We're surprised Rachel didn't breakout in a bigger way. Like fellow Stiff-ers Devo, she's ... CD
Ginger Baker's Air Force
Atco/Lemon (UK), 1970. New Copy
Out of the wreckage of Cream came some very hip grooves! Ginger Baker was the hippest of the group's 3 members – and although he's often credited by soul fans for his work with Fela, he should also get a hats off for his work with the group Air Force – essentially a 10-piece (which ... CD
Grapefruit (UK), 1960s. New Copy
One Track Mind, perhaps, but 30 hard grooving numbers from The Knickerbockers – uncommonly tuneful garage rockers with a Brit Invasion fix! The group is best known for "Lies" that masterfully hooky Beatles knockoff that became the group's big hit – but the tore off dozens of ... CD
Warner/Now Sounds (UK), Late 60s/Early 70s. New Copy 2CD
Mindblowing music from The Association – a heady double-length package that features every single the group ever cut for the Valiant and Warner Brothers label – which together make for an amazing evolution in sound! Although best remembered for their few soft rock hits, The Association ... CD
ABC/ (UK), 1977. New Copy
A killer set from Lenny Williams – done in a smoothly jazzy mode that echoes with a real Fantasy Records groove! Lenny's clearly drawing some great inspiration here from the East Bay scene – working with older Motown producer Frank Wilson on a set of warmly modern numbers that really ... CD